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    The game has been having some core issues since the armor 2.0 update that need to be quickly solved. for starters the sound is still way off, then we have the connectivity issues that come and go with the release of the updates. And the fps could get more stable, i mean, every update we lose some fps, why is so difficult to release the update fully optmize on this aspect, i thought we had a team of bug hunters, maybe you need to enhance that team so you could test the updates in a 20v20 situation, because i think you only test the maps with a hand full of testers, which dont give a proper view of how the new content reacts with a fully filled match.
  2. JTarsicio

    Pergunte aos Veteranos

    boas. olha eu nao tenho a certeza mas acho que nao vais ter sorte. eu penso que não é possivel alterar os nicknames.
  3. @FTG_Bayonetta thank god you still push some new threads from time to time, so i can make some pop corn and enjoy the tears of a tanker, that complains when a rambo needs to place like 6 H3 to get your tank. Maybe some day you can all these threads into a nobel winning worthy novel.
  4. JTarsicio


    @Reto.Hades are you guys planning creating a light vs light armor only in the tank map? because from a starter player stand point, i think it would be the way to help these guys to unlock other tanks, instead of getting rapped by mediums/heavies.
  5. Ok dude,lets get real for a second. For starters i dont play AT rambo when i get killed by as a tanker, by a better tanker, and the battle that made you come here to rant about AT equipment was a battle where the other side had no tanks to counter, so on that battle your enemy had to be AT rambos, not by choice, but by necessity. You might dont like it, but it is how it is. You will only understand the struggle of getting HE spam 24/7 in a battle by playing as infantry, not by claimming that it is easy to deal with tanks without playing AT rambo. From pre-armor 2.0 update, to this day you went from 2 H3's in a medium tank to 5 or 6, so you cant claim that it is unbalanced right now, they need to use more ammo, which means higher expenses, meaning less profit, and in most cases, AT rambos go negative at the end of a match, so its not the gold mine it use to be. In conclusion, people are not playing as AT rambo because they like it, or because its profitable, as it was in the past, they do it because its the only way to get you moron HE spammer tankers out of the way so we can play the f-ing objetive.
  6. JTarsicio

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    I will give my feedback on the new update. I kind of like the new design on the matchmaker, even tho i would like to be able to choose which maps i want to play. On the map, i dont like the new spawn system, i think it doesnt make much sense the change, i think the old system was more easy to manage, on this, if i dont press SPACE in time i spawn in a way that i dont want, in a spawn i dont want to spawn. For me the major thing that we need to change here is to revert the new spawn system to the system pre-update, no reason for this change. As for the rest, we should be able to choose the maps we want to play, but i can live with that. On a side note, please update the TRELLO so we can see wants coming, and in which state it is.
  7. I just want to drop by to say this is one of the most salt filled threads in a very long time in this forum. Congrats to the founders of this
  8. JTarsicio

    A gota d'água

    eu oriento-me bem. tmbm sou PT, se fores BR eu nao sei bem como é Mas experimenta, se quiseres jogares de forma mais competitiva é melhor. Vais tmbm encontrar batalhas complicadas, com muitos tanks, mas é mil vezes melhor do que um jogo em staged
  9. JTarsicio

    FPS. Give a solution

    maybe if we had less planes in the sky we would have better fps performance.
  10. JTarsicio

    A gota d'água

    A minha sugestão é deixem de jogar staged e vão para war, ai voces nao têm esses problemas
  11. JTarsicio

    Making tanks weak as shirt is bad.

    I love to see tears of a tanker crying about losing its precious tiger to a jeep troll boss. The tiger cant get killed by anything else so i dont think that was unbalanced, just the way tigers have to get killed. in the ww2 instead of jeeps coming over and over again was sherman, but in H&G if you do that you are just feeding the tiger tanker with credits, so....
  12. But we could at least have hard caps until those new maps and battle mods comes to live? Because specially the planes vs planes battles will take a long time to appear, as it is difficult to implement them in the war map. I really cant get why we need to play with a broken feature until we wait for the solution you guys think might solve the problem. I would expect this in a game in beta staged, but this game is supposedly launched, so this kind of situation shouldnt exist anymore.
  13. Easy solution. Go to settings and turn them off
  14. JTarsicio

    Tank spam

    the problem is that i dont think you could. As soon as you start shooting at one, probably in a about a second you would have 4 tiger guns aimming at you, and the hellcat would not survive for long to tell the story
  15. On the subject of discussion of class limitation, i know reto is against any kind of hard caps, but one can argue that the issue does not have, as only reason, the balance in the match. I feel that the number of tanks and planes have a huge impact in game performance. The same way you dont have more than 20vs20 players in the map playing, i think that you can hardly get a nice game experience with 10vs10 planes or 10vs10 tanks deployed at once. I would like to hear from reto if they have any intel on the game performance when this situations happens, in what way it affects fps and other issues, because i for one have less fps when playing in this kind of situations, and i think i'm not the only one
  16. JTarsicio

    -Removido- dando TK sempre

    teria sido melhor teres uma batalha inteira para perceber o contexto completo da situaçao, mas tmbm tens a cena de carregar f1 sempre que isso acontece. se ele tiver sido reportado 10 vezes (acho eu) ele é kickado da batalha
  17. JTarsicio

    US staged team ; home for people with learning disability

    I've been wondering for quite some time if the team members on the US staged teams are just bots that the game deploy to fill the matches, seeing that no one ever answers or interact in chat
  18. JTarsicio

    US staged team ; home for people with learning disability

    I know you can find this kind of situations more often than you would hope, but i have found that recently US in war is "more playable" than in staged. The problem is that most of the time you play in attack battles, if you join an assault in D line town, when the enemy has tanks, you are in for a cancerous battle. I often leave these battles if i dont have apcs to use to try to flank the line. At these moment the best suggestion is to join a clan, or to start to play with friends in US, because the randoms are just too randoms in the us faction. And the problem is not just the players, but you find in staged a ton of guys playing as tanks, para, pilots, and that creates a problem with balance that makes you lose the match from the get go.
  19. JTarsicio

    US staged team ; home for people with learning disability

    This is the spirit to have when you go to play as US staged. If you want to be in a more competetive game, go play war. At least there every one tries to play to win. In staged just go to farm credits or ribbon xp.
  20. JTarsicio

    New fortress map confirm (what did you expect ?)

    I dont think he is comparing this map with the foward airfield. He is saying that the foward airfield was released in 2014.
  21. I dont like the river crosses either, but this will allways be a easier map for the defending side, because its a fortress.
  22. JTarsicio

    Trello is finally updated :D

    You are asking for the impossible, but new year might come with new atitude to the community
  23. JTarsicio


    I would like some clarification just so we can get on the same page. You have "Visuals: New faces for soldiers DONE / on hold" - if they are done, what is the reason for being on hold. You have move the bipods from ON HOLD to IN DEVELOPMENT - can you clarify the community on what staged it is, this being, have you made any progress on it or are you simply getting back into the staged it was before? Can you gives us any intel on what is going on with the map development. You move a map from development into hold, i would like to know what is the reason for that.
  24. JTarsicio

    Development Overview- Updated 2019!

    Pretty much we will continue in the same path than before, more content, instead of creating new maps, fixing core problems. Its getting difficult to deny the downfall of this game.
  25. I dont want to go off topic, but this topic will be kind of pointless. This threads will not change a bit the way reto is conducting the development. Since launch, the basic thing they did was filling the gaps in the tanks, planes, vehicles, weapons, instead of new maps, better rts system. I know that the devs that work new content are not the sames that work on this core issues, but maybe if they had more one or two guys developing maps, maybe this game could have more people. But hey, from a company stand point, new content is what generates revenue. I'm sad that its been so long since an assault map has been haded. I pretty much know every corner where to search for enemies in the CP's, every sniper spot, its become a bit boring. Right now i love the new encounter, and this mode is the only one i play as infantry, because i dont have to waste time with plane bombing, HE spam. The only problem i find is the grenade spam, but that is a noob problem, nothing reto can do.