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  1. JTarsicio

    US staged team ; home for people with learning disability

    I've been wondering for quite some time if the team members on the US staged teams are just bots that the game deploy to fill the matches, seeing that no one ever answers or interact in chat
  2. JTarsicio

    US staged team ; home for people with learning disability

    I know you can find this kind of situations more often than you would hope, but i have found that recently US in war is "more playable" than in staged. The problem is that most of the time you play in attack battles, if you join an assault in D line town, when the enemy has tanks, you are in for a cancerous battle. I often leave these battles if i dont have apcs to use to try to flank the line. At these moment the best suggestion is to join a clan, or to start to play with friends in US, because the randoms are just too randoms in the us faction. And the problem is not just the players, but you find in staged a ton of guys playing as tanks, para, pilots, and that creates a problem with balance that makes you lose the match from the get go.
  3. JTarsicio

    US staged team ; home for people with learning disability

    This is the spirit to have when you go to play as US staged. If you want to be in a more competetive game, go play war. At least there every one tries to play to win. In staged just go to farm credits or ribbon xp.
  4. JTarsicio

    New fortress map confirm (what did you expect ?)

    I dont think he is comparing this map with the foward airfield. He is saying that the foward airfield was released in 2014.
  5. I dont like the river crosses either, but this will allways be a easier map for the defending side, because its a fortress.
  6. JTarsicio

    Trello is finally updated :D

    You are asking for the impossible, but new year might come with new atitude to the community
  7. JTarsicio


    I would like some clarification just so we can get on the same page. You have "Visuals: New faces for soldiers DONE / on hold" - if they are done, what is the reason for being on hold. You have move the bipods from ON HOLD to IN DEVELOPMENT - can you clarify the community on what staged it is, this being, have you made any progress on it or are you simply getting back into the staged it was before? Can you gives us any intel on what is going on with the map development. You move a map from development into hold, i would like to know what is the reason for that.
  8. JTarsicio

    Development Overview- Updated 2019!

    Pretty much we will continue in the same path than before, more content, instead of creating new maps, fixing core problems. Its getting difficult to deny the downfall of this game.
  9. I dont want to go off topic, but this topic will be kind of pointless. This threads will not change a bit the way reto is conducting the development. Since launch, the basic thing they did was filling the gaps in the tanks, planes, vehicles, weapons, instead of new maps, better rts system. I know that the devs that work new content are not the sames that work on this core issues, but maybe if they had more one or two guys developing maps, maybe this game could have more people. But hey, from a company stand point, new content is what generates revenue. I'm sad that its been so long since an assault map has been haded. I pretty much know every corner where to search for enemies in the CP's, every sniper spot, its become a bit boring. Right now i love the new encounter, and this mode is the only one i play as infantry, because i dont have to waste time with plane bombing, HE spam. The only problem i find is the grenade spam, but that is a noob problem, nothing reto can do.
  10. I was thinking the same thing
  11. JTarsicio

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    I will go away from the discussion of new faces and all for a second. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE SERVERS? I've been trying to log in but it keeps giving server connection issues.
  12. teres o pz 4 ou o pz 3 dá jeito, porque nao precisas de esperar para fazer o spawn e conseguem fazer minimamente o seu trabalho, para alem de serem baratos por spawn. O panther é o melhor medium do jogo, por isso da jeito ter, ate porque consegue fazer frente a heavy tanks.
  13. Thats not the point, it needs to be an uneven number so that you can have a team winning. if one team holds 2 points and the other olds the other 2, the match will be stuck in terms of what team is winning the battle. But i like the idea of adding more CP's, i think the new map has a very interesting dynamic because of that.
  14. JTarsicio

    NEw gamemode : Trench war

    I might be mistaken but isnt trenches more of a WWI scenario? I would like to see more encounters, since its the only where i dont have tanks or plane spam. You could create so many different scenarios, and from that, you could create assault maps that compile a much of different assets.
  15. I really doubt you can get any tank with one mine, unless it already is damaged, in that case, its the tankers fault. Second my question still remains: What more nerf would you like to see implemented? Because infantry already needs more mines/stickies to get a single tank. But even then i dont get tankers. you already make a ton of credits/xp since the new update. Tanker is right now the cash cow in terms of credit grind, since you get a ton of credits with very little repair cost (considering that you dont be a noob and play with high tiered tanks for the entire battle). Point being is: tankers, stop complainning so much and keep farming credits, at least there is one class where that is easy to do, without skill