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  1. JTarsicio


    @Reto.Hades you talked about some changes on the lmg handling in the other post. Are those changes mensioned somewhere, or it will some kind of ninja hotfix?
  2. JTarsicio

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    I would like to use this stream as a way to push the conversation foward into the next dev stream. I think we saw an issue in this stream, and with this last update, which is texting new stuff. I think it would be nice to try to give options to tackle this problem. I think reto could "hire" people to use the prototype server, and what do i mean with hire? Give some rewards to those that go into the prototype and text things. make some testing sessions, where the testing team could orientate the players into some tests. You have the discord channel that you could use to communicate during these tests. In terms of rewards it could be like a week of veteran, or some credits, or whatever, just something that would get people interested. I think these could be a better way to test than the current system, where you open the prototype and create a thread to discuss, i think if we players could interact directly with the test team, or even the devs, the updates could come out a bit more bug free.
  3. JTarsicio

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Guys, guys, lets not lose focused of the issues at hand. Sound Rts Other than this 2 topics, and the stream becomes of topic. I want to discuss new content once this 2 issues are fixed, we all know how the Devs can go off raills in these streams. I will be taking an exam, so i cant be live with the stream, but ffs, keep the stream focusing in the core issues.
  4. JTarsicio

    great update(Im not being sarcastic)

    If this game was age of empires, i couldnt care less with the sound, but we need to face it, the sound is one, if not the core mechanic in this kind of games. When that is completely shread to pieces, you cant claim this as a good update. All the ideas they try to implement are in the right path, but 2 days since the release of the update and no reajustment on the production numbers in rts, as the queue just keeps getting higher and higher, is just not acceptable. And they cant argue that it takes time to change this, this is the kind of tweaks that are done in an hour.
  5. JTarsicio

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    Dude i can agree with you that the overhall idea with the resources is nice, but what is just stupid from their part is the way in which was implemented. The way they should have taken was not change in the stockpile production numbers, and if with the addiction resources captured in battles the stockpile gotten to a too bigger number, then they could reajust. The way they did made the stockpile to clog and leaving a queue of 7000+ infantry (in US side at least). And its been 2 days since the release of the update and now reajustment has arrived.
  6. JTarsicio

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    i'm not playing with the sound in the current mess it is. And i cant play the rts because of the clog on the stockpile. GG RETO
  7. JTarsicio

    APC - terrain + Spawn as a driver +sound

    You already can lock by pressing 4, that way, only your squad members can use the machine gun. if the squad mates keep using the mg in a wrong way, then kick them out.
  8. JTarsicio


    dude of all that came down with this update this video actually put a smile on my face. well done But as i point out, at some point this release must be seen, in a corporal level, as Q&A failure that comes to the core issue with reto. The problem with the game are not the existing core issues, is that the Q&A fails every time in preventing that new issues get to see the light of day when new features/updates hits the live server. I seriously would like to hear what the CEO thinks of what happen today.
  9. JTarsicio


    I think the way reto makes things is kind of autistic, sorry to say. If you are going to tweak, wouldnt been better if you left the production values as they were, and if with the resources we capture from battles would create some inbalance, then tweak it? Instead you clog the stockpile, and create a 3000 queue in infantry, that only makes a person that only has a few assault team simply not even trying to deploy. I usually am not a person that rips on RETO, but this update shows a level of incompetence that cannot be justifiable. The Q&A of this company simply sucks, there is no argumment that can prove otherwise. Every update has to be followed by a hotfix to resolve core problems that make the game unplayable. Guys if you need to fill the prototype test server, why not give 1 or 2 days of veteran membership to those that join some test sessions? Give something to fill the servers to really test how the changes on the game really affect the live servers.
  10. JTarsicio

    Loading Screen

    You can. Press space
  11. JTarsicio


    The game has been having some core issues since the armor 2.0 update that need to be quickly solved. for starters the sound is still way off, then we have the connectivity issues that come and go with the release of the updates. And the fps could get more stable, i mean, every update we lose some fps, why is so difficult to release the update fully optmize on this aspect, i thought we had a team of bug hunters, maybe you need to enhance that team so you could test the updates in a 20v20 situation, because i think you only test the maps with a hand full of testers, which dont give a proper view of how the new content reacts with a fully filled match.
  12. JTarsicio

    Pergunte aos Veteranos

    boas. olha eu nao tenho a certeza mas acho que nao vais ter sorte. eu penso que não é possivel alterar os nicknames.
  13. @FTG_Bayonetta thank god you still push some new threads from time to time, so i can make some pop corn and enjoy the tears of a tanker, that complains when a rambo needs to place like 6 H3 to get your tank. Maybe some day you can all these threads into a nobel winning worthy novel.
  14. JTarsicio


    @Reto.Hades are you guys planning creating a light vs light armor only in the tank map? because from a starter player stand point, i think it would be the way to help these guys to unlock other tanks, instead of getting rapped by mediums/heavies.
  15. Ok dude,lets get real for a second. For starters i dont play AT rambo when i get killed by as a tanker, by a better tanker, and the battle that made you come here to rant about AT equipment was a battle where the other side had no tanks to counter, so on that battle your enemy had to be AT rambos, not by choice, but by necessity. You might dont like it, but it is how it is. You will only understand the struggle of getting HE spam 24/7 in a battle by playing as infantry, not by claimming that it is easy to deal with tanks without playing AT rambo. From pre-armor 2.0 update, to this day you went from 2 H3's in a medium tank to 5 or 6, so you cant claim that it is unbalanced right now, they need to use more ammo, which means higher expenses, meaning less profit, and in most cases, AT rambos go negative at the end of a match, so its not the gold mine it use to be. In conclusion, people are not playing as AT rambo because they like it, or because its profitable, as it was in the past, they do it because its the only way to get you moron HE spammer tankers out of the way so we can play the f-ing objetive.