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  1. I'm actually fine with the current economic status in the game. It rewards comon sense, and using your resources currectly, not the usual grenade spamer, our idiotic AT rambo. I have a AT character, but i only bring him if i'm in a situation where i cant avoid facing a tank, or theres an apc that needs to be cleared out. My advise to you is learn the economics of the game (because judging your wallet you are in a bit of trouble), and adjust your game to it, rather than start a rant thread with printscreens.
  2. JTarsicio

    German tank spam

    To me there should not be more than 3 tanks and 3 planes per team, per battle. I think its the right cut of special classes to the number of soldiers (20) per team. If you create infantry specialist, you could hard cap AT infantry up to 5, but this number could be subtracted to the number of tanks on the team, meaning, if you have 3 tankers in your team you could only spawn 2 AT infantry, if you have 0 tankers, you could spawn 5, and so on.
  3. JTarsicio

    Pergunte aos Veteranos

    True, mas eu não costumo jogar com outros tugas, e tmbm não tenho jogado no últimos tempos, devido a alguma insatisfação que tenho tido com a forma como o jogo tem evoluído
  4. JTarsicio

    Reto Hades intergrity call

    Ok some parts of squad 2.0 are still there, but i think if nothing else there is now a squad 3.0 with the timers and everything.
  5. JTarsicio

    Is the game dead?

    Even though the chart dont have all numbers, it gives a indicator of how things are going. Because the people that use the stand alone client are dropping too probably.
  6. JTarsicio

    Generals map

    What are you talking about dude? This is still in the game. Map rotation still exists.
  7. JTarsicio

    Is the game dead?

    Yup, and yet they insist in not putting hard cap on special classes. If they dont solve core issues until the end of the year, i believe Heroes and Generals will not reach 2021
  8. They need to re-work the bikes and jeeps production values, as we can capture infantry and apc resources but no bikes neither jeeps, and with the new system these vehicles dont have a production value high enough
  9. The post is about using voice chat to improve the games tactics and help comunication between new and old players, which it absolutelly does. I have to say its hard to argument with some one that claims that text chat is better to new players than voice chat, this is the first time i see someone to say that. I wonder why do you use teamspeak, if the text chat is so good. You can comunicate with your friends by text chat in the game, so why do you need voice chat then? You suggestion of a mission is something this game had a couple of years ago, i dont know if you remember or even played back then. On that mission you learn how to do the basic stuff in battle. I myself didnt think that was much of a help to learn about the game tactics, the flow of the battle, those kind of things cannot be learn in tutorial missions, only by playing the game or by hearing it from older players. Its much more easy and faster to explain something using voice chat than text chat, no one can argue the other thing around. You say text chat is more cancer free, but it depends on the type of community you have. If you use the GTA voice chat as an example of a bad chat, with a lot of kids screaming and making the chat a cancerous place, i would say you are right. But every ww2 game i found that has voice chat does not have even a fraction of the cancer those type of games have. I would suggest you to try the HLL to see how they implemented their voice chat (which is in my opinion the template this game should use to implement voice chat), or even to watch some videos to see how the voice chat works in giving new players a better way to learn about the game, as well to improve game comunication.
  10. Again, not the most effective. most of the time you dont even have an answer in the game chat, unless the army chat. How often i play with and i see myself being the only one using the text chat to call out enemy tanks or apcs. The reason voice chat is a good thing is the same team speak exist, which is to improve the flow of communication. If you see a tank, an apc, an enemy, its easier to voice chat that information to the people around you than stop what you are doing and write that. Often i see people getting close to a tank near me, if i get killed by him and try to warn the tanker, by the time i write that there is an enemy close by, he is dead by stickies. You and i and every one uses teamspeak for that reason, it improves comunication. Voice chat improves, not only the experience to new players, but the entire flow of the game. I play hell let loose and i dont have problems with it, sometimes, if a find the voice chat a bit annoying i just turn off the chat entirelly. In regards to harassement, a simple report could take care of that, as it does when some barista writes something offensive in the chat in a battle gets imediatelly a report by me. I continue to argue that voice chat would be a huge step foward to this game, never a step back. The game will probably die before ever seeing voice chat but non the less, it would be a huge way to stick new players in the game, because you could explain them a lot quicker how to procced in the game, not only in terms of what to do in the battle, but what steps would be good for them to take to improve their experience.
  11. But you cant argue that the most effective way to involve new players into the existing comunity of a game is voice chat. Again, we could have a turn off voice chat button on the general settings of the game so the people that dont want to use turn off the chat, but saying no just because it would a be a inconvenient is just shooting down an argument in a dumb way.
  12. So lets just dissect your argumment. You say you dont want to waste a SECOND to mute the players, fine i guess a second per game is just too much for you. You can, as in HLL, turn off the chat, as you can turn off the music in game, and you would never need to waste time mutting players. But then i cant get your next point which is: "If they want veterans to help the new people then make it more easier for us to get to them. TF2 has a coach system that lets people coach new players, although its unused and broken". So by your own words, the system you suggest is broken, but most of all, UNUSED, which means that it would be a waste of time and resources to implement such a system. In-game voice chat is, and allways was, the best tool a new player can have to learn more about the game, and to improve teamplay. Those that use TeamSpeak is fine, i use it myself, but i'm absolutelly foward the implementation of voice chat, because this game lacks teamplay, and the solution for that is not having 4 or 5 guys per battle using TS or discord. Yes, its probably enough to win battles, but is not the solution that improves teamplay all together. We really need to stop being against something just because i'm used too something different. Voice chat would be a step foward in this game, never a step back.
  13. JTarsicio


    No need to wonder dude, it was worth it. How could a gold only sale not be worth it to the company? With the credits sales, people didnt need to buy gold to get acess to the discount, so it already is worth it to have gold only sales. We cant complain with this game, everything you can buy with gold you can get with credits. You will have to grind hard, but you can go without buying gold and still have a chance against gold users, so this game cannot be adressed as being p2w. And if you grinded a lot hopping for a sale, you still have credits to use in new soldiers, weapons, vehicles, so you cant still use the credits you save, just will not have the chance to buy as much crap as you were hopping
  14. it does sense. the gun is heavy and long, so the accuracy of the gun should not be great while ads. you cant see the ptrs as a moisin, the barrel is just too long to be able to control well the ads. When mounted you have the problem with the long barrel solved, so its not just RETO logic, is actually just logic.
  15. This is kind of argumment that leads nowhere. Voice chat should be something that reto should invest in for sure. Its the best way for new players to learn the game, to meet new players and to involve new and vets all together. Right now you have battles with the vets and new players playing in 2 different paces, and voice chat could definetly resolve it. If you have the mute button, why would you still be against? just because you have to spent 2 seconds muting a player? that is not a reason good enough for that. I for one defend the implementation the system similar to the system of HLL, which is proximity chat, with players only be able to talk the ones around them, and with the squad members, and with squad leaders being able to talk to each other. In that system, if you dont like the chat, you can reduce the sound or even mute the entire chat all together. This system provides a good cooperative tool to the ones that enjoy actually playing as a team, and gives a chance to those that dont like the chat to mute the system. But then again, the worst thing this game has is its community, sadlly