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  1. DerPanzerLeader

    Sprinting Animation

    I think the sprinting animation in this game looks a little awkward. I think a new sprint animation could defiantly freshen up the game and make it feel more natural. I think the new sprint should be similar to how ww2 soldiers actually sprinted. Refer to photos as a reference, this style not only looks better but it also adds in a very cool animation of bringing the weapon down and back up again.
  2. DerPanzerLeader

    Game feedback

    I think the tank spam will resolve itself. People are excited to play tanks now since they are actually playable. Give it a month or so and the tank numbers will be normal again.
  3. DerPanzerLeader

    AT Imbalance

    Price could defiantly be reduced.
  4. DerPanzerLeader


    Can one change their profile name?
  5. DerPanzerLeader

    New Tank mechanics

    I can never give up my luchs its just too sexy
  6. DerPanzerLeader

    Screw faction bias, I am infantry biased now

    Tankers complained for years because any body with 2-3 AT nades could knock out any tank in the game with seconds. Tanks are far more balanced then they ever been. Yes its a tank and yes you are a infantry. Should a tank vs a infantry be a fair fight? No it is a TANK. Now team work is the best way to knock out tanks.
  7. Stg, Mg42, and kar 98ks make up 50% of the german guns (not including pistols) so yes they will be common.
  8. DerPanzerLeader

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Age: 19 Country: America Reason for Joining: Want to kill more Bolshelviks In-game UN: DerPanzerLeader Mic?: Yes Do you have Assault teams? Yes If so how many? 6
  9. DerPanzerLeader

    Team speak inside the game.

    I totally agree.Being able to talk in game would be alot easier then texting in all caps at the infantry snipers who are literally a waste of space.
  10. DerPanzerLeader

    🐺 Wolverines 🐺 (Recruiting)

    With a name like Wolverine you can't go wrong
  11. DerPanzerLeader

    M2A2 is too powerful

    It does if you do not know what you are doing. Aim for components. If you keep shooting the same spot and nothing is happening common sense should tell you to try something different.
  12. DerPanzerLeader

    Panzer Division clan?

    Are there any German Panzer division clans that use discord?
  13. Isn't this the same show that said Hitler was a alien?
  14. After getting back into the game recently after a several year break I noticed how dead paratroopers are. After 3 days of playing nothing but war I only saw paras a handful of times and once I started playing as my para again I realized why no one plays as Paratroopers now. I think a list of advantages vs disadvantages would be the the best way to show why no one plays paras. Advantages You can spawn anywhere and para and land on any objective you want 😁😁😁 Disadvantages You only have 6 equipment points (fair) 😐 If the enemy has airplanes para planes are death traps and you cannot use them as they can be and do get shot down in a matter of seconds🙁 Spawn time is very long. You have to wait several minutes to spawn with a parachute and then have to wait even more for the paraplane to get over the objective ☹️ In the end the only advantage isn't worth all the disadvantages. I am glad reto has at least allowed para to spawn on the ground if they have no para planes left but you are still a poorly equip infantry and would be smarted to just become a normal infantry at that point. Possible Solutions Add a mg to para planes to give them a small chance of defending themselves Give para planes more health so they can not be shot down immediately after they spawn Make para planes invincible and invisible until they enter the map like how all the other units work Reduce spawn time for paratroopers. A parachute should not have the same spawn time as a tank