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  1. @Reto.Hades @Reto.RedBjarne @Reto.JM @Reto.Splixxen do you have an update on this or do you even acknowledge this is a problem? Noticed that it was not discussed in the recent dev stream .. apparently it didn't make the list with top issues to discuss The players had to invent a concept called 'per-emptive game restart', as workaround, so the squad doesn't crash when queuing on some important battles. Haven't heard of this in any other game. How does this make you feel?
  2. Reto tests their updates live lately. For them it is fine to let us struggle with the BS for 1-2-3 weeks/months until they "gather data" and bother to release a fix (or not). There a players that play every day for many hours, and keep their game alive, and face the shirt until it is fixed (or not). I have a question for reto: don't you have any shame or pride as developers, to release updates in these states? Why do we have to test your updates live every time? And how the hell are you messing up code that seems unrelated to what you released? Just how do you mess up the audio every time? And your testers have hearing problems?
  3. CapriCorny

    WTF have done with the sound

    fix the sound
  4. CapriCorny


    Then buy a ribbon booster and grind the normal way .... They are giving a sale for faster ribbon progress with gold.. what is the problem here? Thy are actually helping the "impatient" ones that don't want to spend the time on the grind. Either spend the money or spend the time!
  5. CapriCorny

    Battle of Dunkirk 2019! War log

    "The Germans had no time to prepare themselves for what was coming. Our parachutes darkened the skies as we dropped on the city of Copenhagen. The enemy had good equipment, but they were no match for our might. Today was a good day, and we managed to push all our enemies on all fronts. But what will tomorrow bring? This battle is far from over." bahahahahha
  6. CapriCorny


    Is it equal though? If one side adds to the skirmish tanks and APCs for example, and the other side just foot soldiers, than by your logic above we will have a battle with foot soldiers. How is this fair, that the side that added tanks and APCs cannot use them? The description from Trello has nothing to do with the the title "Staged Missions are part of the war". Looks like they want to introduce a new concept "General Strength???". It is not clear what Reto wants with this, and I suggest that maybe Reto takes one hour of they very busy schedule a do a DEVSTREAM for us, and explain what this means? Because it looks like a huge change to me.
  7. CapriCorny

    How to bring the fun back.

    hard to build a clan when loving game crashes after every battle!!! and they also reduced the squad size do 4 since you left donni. the only way to play this game nowadays is to matchmake, not touch the map, not change soldier, not even breath. just select one soldier, and MM. then MAYBE you won;t crash
  8. CapriCorny

    (UPDATE) fix found for high cpu/low gpu utilization?

    Sometimes, in a big pile of shirt you can find a diamond, like this thread. @cellbuilder2 @HobosAndGerbils you guys are great. I hope we can be friends. Please add me in game – same nickname as in the forum.
  9. I don't understand how little support this thread has. Does this issue really not bother you guys? If we don't speak up, they will not do anything about it. They are not even acknowledging there is an issue. And and now we have a Rejoin bug on top of it ... the cherry on top of the shirt pile Check the below 1:30 to 1:50 and GET MAD!
  10. 1. Game crashes 2. Bugs - newest is the Rejoin bug, which along with the often crashes provide a great gaming experience 3. Audio Core game issues that apparently not many care about, and can live with them.
  11. CapriCorny

    Battle of Berlin: Aftermath

    @Reto.Hades do you have a statistic for how many game crashes occurred during the event?
  12. @Reto.Hades say something.
  13. I will request an update on this daily, and hope that you will not ignore me. This is a serious problem that is affecting everyone and it seems to be ignored by reto so far. I hope I am not getting to annoying, but when I will stop asking for something so normal as a game that does not crash, it means that I gave up all hope, and we go our separate ways.
  14. @Reto.Hadescan you give us a response, please?
  15. I probably need a break also. But I will keep posting in this thread, until we get acknowledgement from Reto on this very serious issue.