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  1. CapriCorny

    Today's AMA session with Reto.JM (CEO)

    I was looking for a thread regarding the recent AMA with reto.JM, curious about the discussions that took place. And then I found this thread, Posted July 2, 2018, and read the promises made back then. I am not curious anymore, as it apparently doesn't even matter what was discussed or promised
  2. CapriCorny

    Forums dead too?

    The forum is like the elephant cemetery where the vets come after they are done with the game, or are just still "zombie playing the game" (you like that huh?? TM). After a while of raging posts and off topic "what kind of music do you like" posts, after the hope is gone, they will quit the forum also. PS ok, you are right, the forum is also the place where noobies make stupid threads that reto takes into consideration.
  3. @Reto any news on this? Are you even working on this? I hope ppl will keep this thread alive. Or are you guys just used to the crashes and find it normal by now? Does anyone remembers when these started? I remember this issue last year, but it could be even older than one year.
  4. This build with 20k credits? not a good idea
  5. CapriCorny


    You are kidding right? You think they made this decision based on some shirty comments on this forum? :)) and you think this decision was taken in 2-3 weeks time? This process probably started months ago (maybe even when the new CEO joined), and the decision is profit related. I would bet that the skins makers kept their jobs, and other areas like this considered profitable.
  6. CapriCorny


    free veteran .. and sale on gold!!!!! you jokers .. how about you fix the mess that you have done after the last update? not that it was squeaky clean before the update...
  7. CapriCorny

    This game is nothing but frustrating right now

    @DeployableDoggo No, you are not the only one. Most of the issue you are mentioning existed before the "downgrade"1.12 though Many times I was fuming and wondering why I play a game that crashes so often and doesn't let me play it. I finally took action and got over the addiction and stopped playing, after the latest downgrade. Getting physical pain in my ears because of the sound helped with the decision also. Gonna follow this game and hope it will get better, but I won;t be playing a pile of shirt just with that hope. I've already done this for 5 years... yeah, I should have learned by now
  8. CapriCorny

    Driving made fun

    "Driving made fun" - NO, it is exactly the opposite. It is NOT fun anymore. I've been going on foot since this update. And WHY did you have to ruin the bike also? This was one of the most fun vehicles in this game, and one of the big pluses of the game. Just ... not the bike man.. not the bike. Have some respect for the bike. Driving made fun fun
  9. CapriCorny

    Next map should be...

    Reto was even more ambitious than this ... 16 city connected maps, maps to represent different parts of larger cities?? Where are those guys, please? Bring them back Check this out, from 1:56.
  10. CapriCorny

    Hay bales removed at forward airfield

    Noticed that tree also in the middle of the water crossing b4, almost went full speed with my motor into it. Also noticed the numerous FPS crashes that I never had before this update. Strange that there are no forum threads about this, I guess it's not that important or we got used to the crashes from the RTS and now find the FPS crashes normal
  11. CapriCorny

    new update causing game to eat cpu

    Same problem for me. The game is freezing often and it is unplayable now.
  12. CapriCorny

    FPS Drop hard lag

    Played a battle yesterday after a 5 months break, and I had the same issue as you describe: drops from 130 to 20 fps, game freezing often. I did no changes since I last played. I also use AMD, and believe you may have a point that this could cause the issue. This game was never AMD friendly Ryzen 7 1800x / AMD Fury x
  13. CapriCorny

    Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #10

    So I guess no one is bothered by the tens of crashes we experience on the RTS map, during a few hours of play? I never see posts or Q&A questions about this. Are you telling me it is normal to crash so many times, and we just go on playing the game like nothing is wrong?
  14. CapriCorny

    Huge fps drop

    @ hummer108 Try using only one monitor. One of my friends had the same issue.
  15. CapriCorny

    Ask questions for Q&A & Why #9

    Are you aware of the numerous game crashes the players are facing while playing the game? If so, when are they going to be fixed?