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  1. CapriCorny

    Holyshit this game turned bad!

    It seems that Reto does not want to build a community and doesn't care much about the long time players. We are probably a bother to them. The development since a few years backs looks to have a clear direction: attract new players that will get caught in the grind and will throw some money.
  2. CapriCorny

    First Deploy

    good idea +1
  3. CapriCorny

    @Reto, please aknowledge the war battle bug

    Hi @Reto.Hades Do you have an update for us, on this, please?
  4. CapriCorny


    The stuff thrown in the game without testing, all the fluff and camos, frequent sales on gold and vet ... I am worried.
  5. CapriCorny


    Sale on Vet, sale on Gold .. and we had another sale on gold not long ago. What does this mean???
  6. CapriCorny

    New Camouflage for Added Fighters

    Yeah, I wonder why
  7. CapriCorny

    Equipment Depot

    1. No. You first need to unlock the equipment (ribbon grind) on your new soldier. Afterwards, you can transfer it. Note that you will not be able to transfer other faction weapons and vehicles 2. You can use the extra weapons modifications, only after you unlock them (ribbon grind) with the new soldier.
  8. CapriCorny

    @Reto, please aknowledge the war battle bug

    Thanks, can you keep us updated on this please? In case you need help from the players also, let us know
  9. @Reto.Hades Please acknowledge that you know about the war battle bug, that keeps us trapped in the battle for around 10 minutes. This happens very often after the last update. Because of this bug we are losing: - time (10 min per bugged battle) - ribbon booster time - veteran membership time - wf, if our ATs get trapped in these battles and are blocked afterwards - wf and map advantage, if our "strategic" parablocks fail because the battle is bugged and the para block gets AR Other can fill in the rest, as I bet you are screwing us in other many ways because of this bug. @Reto.Hades Please acknowledge the bug, let us know that reto is working on it, and give us a time estimate on when this will be fixed. Regards, A still amazingly calm player at this hour, after the 4-5 bugs this Friday evening (yes, I wasted 50 minutes because of Reto 5 X 10 min)
  10. CapriCorny


    Should we expect other sales after? and if so, any hints?
  11. CapriCorny

    auto resolve

  12. Hi, Please see below what I believe to be the real and most game breaking issues in this game. These issues bring shame to developers, especially the issues that are going on for years, and a bad gaming experience for the players: 1. Bugs: they seem to be introduced with each update, and the latest one is the war battle bug where you get stuck in a battle after it is over, and can't to anything for 10 minutes. 2. The bad audio in the game 3. The war map crashes 4. The low FPS in action game, even with high end computers. 5. The russian servers: magic happens on these servers. Where are my bullets, reto? Anything else I can live with: the grind (I actually enjoy that part), the unbalanced wars, the tank sponges, playing the same maps over and over. We can handle it in game, with enough practice or grouping up in teams, or zookas or whatever. But dear @Reto, for the issues above, we can't do anything about it and they sometimes literally not allow us to play your game (like getting kicked out of the game or waiting for 10 minutes for a bug). Any self respecting developers would fix such huge issues, that are only tolerated in HG by the players and used as an excuse by the Developers "because it is a free game". @Reto - I do hope that you will start working on these game ruining issues, and tone down the development direction (obvious for some years now) which is clearly to make some money out of everything you do. Regards, A long time player of your game, that financially supported you some time ago, and that actually stupidly changed a few times his PC configuration because of this game (still the FPS are not ok)
  13. CapriCorny

    Thoughts/use for PzB 39?

    Yes, you kill infantry with it in stage, and then make videos showing how cool and good you are.
  14. CapriCorny

    Vehicle Spawn Price Sheet

    thanks man!
  15. CapriCorny

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    yeah, the Factory terrain is fked ... looks like a kid played with it and had some fun