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  1. Next map should be...

    Reto was even more ambitious than this ... 16 city connected maps, maps to represent different parts of larger cities?? Where are those guys, please? Bring them back Check this out, from 1:56.
  2. Hay bales removed at forward airfield

    Noticed that tree also in the middle of the water crossing b4, almost went full speed with my motor into it. Also noticed the numerous FPS crashes that I never had before this update. Strange that there are no forum threads about this, I guess it's not that important or we got used to the crashes from the RTS and now find the FPS crashes normal
  3. new update causing game to eat cpu

    Same problem for me. The game is freezing often and it is unplayable now.
  4. FPS Drop hard lag

    Played a battle yesterday after a 5 months break, and I had the same issue as you describe: drops from 130 to 20 fps, game freezing often. I did no changes since I last played. I also use AMD, and believe you may have a point that this could cause the issue. This game was never AMD friendly Ryzen 7 1800x / AMD Fury x
  5. Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #10

    So I guess no one is bothered by the tens of crashes we experience on the RTS map, during a few hours of play? I never see posts or Q&A questions about this. Are you telling me it is normal to crash so many times, and we just go on playing the game like nothing is wrong?
  6. Huge fps drop

    @ hummer108 Try using only one monitor. One of my friends had the same issue.
  7. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #9

    Are you aware of the numerous game crashes the players are facing while playing the game? If so, when are they going to be fixed?
  8. To anyone who tried this and know how it works (no guessing please): What plane will an US pilot get, if it is changed from infantry soldier that can change career (old soldier)? Will it get the Owl or the P38? Or it doesn't get any plane? Thanks!
  9. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    Gargamel pulls up the sign: SARCASM!
  10. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    I don't think the players abuse anything. Reto gave the free deploy which paralyzed the RTS, without thinking of the consequences. You cannot abuse the RTS, without the free deploy. You cannot make a "gift" like free deploy, and then ban ppl for it. We thank you for the warfunds Reto, and accept your apology for the server issues.
  11. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    No protest. Waiting patiently for the free deploy to be over, so I can actually play the RTS.
  12. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    Yeah, I heard that those para attacks on Dublin are imminent.
  13. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    1. People work and don't have time to move ATs. It's Reto's fault they removed the Mobile Command, and I am still puzzled that they don't understand how important that was for the game. 2. Since when do we have to justify how we use the ATs? Are we the one that gave free deploys and totally messed up the war with the existing queues? 3. I tried using my ATs at the start of the war and was using them around Bord. Got in a battle that lasted 30 min, and when I was out of battle all my ATs were surrounded and 4-5 cities behind me were soft caped. That is the state of war on the US side, with these free deploys. 4. Defending Dublin is a valid tactic I like it.
  14. Taking into consideration the number of friends that abandoned the game, after each issue, here is the ranking: 1. Squad 2.0 2. Scoped infantry 3. Spawn System, that was introduced after the rework of the existing maps 4. RTS - to name a few issues: 4.1 Autoresolve; 4.2. can't join a specific AT, so you can't play for your own ATs 4.3 really hard to make a WF profit, by using the ATs 5. The russian server, for players that are not based in Russia (or Scandinavia???) - playing on this server is horribly laggy and it gives the russian players an unfair advantage. I hope this issue gets solved soon, because I and my friends always curse this server, and find ourselves on this server in maybe 80% of the battles (yeap, lots of russians playing this game, on all factions). I just have to add another one: - lack of maps
  15. When you are going to fix the game crashing that occurs on the war map? Explanation: While playing for let's say 2 hours, the game will crash at least 2 times for me, while on the war map. Sometimes it happens just when I want to move an AT and block the enemy, so you can imagine the frustration. This issue probably occurs for all the players; at least all the friends that I play with complain about this. What do I mean by crashing: the game freezes and I can see the (Not Responding) on top right of the window. I have to close the game, otherwise it will remain stuck like this.