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  1. CapriCorny

    Who is reto nowadays?

    Hello, While I was playing the beautiful game Heroes&Generals, I was wondering who is reto nowadays? Who are the passionate people that still work for Reto? Do they have a sense of direction? What are their goals, what do they want from the game? I remember reto having a CEO, who was all about transparency. So, who is working for reto and what are their roles? Is there a vision for the game, long term goals? Thanks in advance! A loyal and long time player, Capricorny
  2. CapriCorny


    Are the sales for gold or credits?
  3. CapriCorny

    Does the Game need Whales

    This game’s golden days were when the whales didn’t exit. Somehow players were managing without them. Maybe it was the mobile app that was helping a lot. Whales are the result of reto’s greed. In the existing flawed system, based on reto’s greed, they are probably needed though.
  4. CapriCorny


    Is that really the reason why rocks were added and making the life of players who know how to play this game (by flanking “outside of the battle arena” of course!!!) miserable? Just WOW! So what you are saying is that reto added the rocks to make it hard for a few tankers that go in the hills to spam he (which is not even the case as they are slow anyway, armored and can take their time around the rocks or go over them easier because of tracks), and at the same time ruined the driving and tactical assaults for everyone else, including the ones that now try to destroy those tanks? @Reto.Hades this makes sense to you then. I see.
  5. CapriCorny

    No point to deploy...

    As always, what you post makes a lot of sense, my friend
  6. CapriCorny

    Typical US war game

    Why don’t you join the GE vets instead? It is easier. Or maybe you could be my noobie and I could raise you as my own. Give you a fighting chance. Cmmon what do you say? Even though your post is shirt and shows some weak spirit, you did bother to register on the forum so maybe I am wrong.
  7. CapriCorny

    The War Event

    I also thought that the purpose of this event is to experiment an “alliance” (merge) between US and SU. I guess not. So nothing is changed (US/SU can still attack each other) except they give US 50% production bonus, 50% to SU and 100% to GE mind blowing
  8. CapriCorny

    Anything going to be done about the dead weight?

    I am not trying to be toxic, but you are the dead weight.
  9. CapriCorny

    HG Award

    Since it is that time of the year, for the Steam Awards, I would like to give Heroes&Generals the award for "Best game ruined by Devs"
  10. Yes. let's have seasons on the FPS maps. The seasons already exist on the generals map I believe, no? If you could add snow, you probably can add rain also
  11. CapriCorny

    give my weapons back

    He is right, some stuff from my depot is gone now (after last hotfix), like h3 and m2a3
  12. CapriCorny


    After a VERY long time, I actually had some fun in HG. Thanks for the nice event Things like shovels, whistling, bicycles make this game special and fun. Looking forward for a bicycle related event!
  13. Since one month ago I am getting 40-50 FPS with an 1080TI & ryzen 7 1800x & 32 GB RAM. Main reason why I stopped playing and will probably not play again for a while. I just want to play this game in decent conditions, for the PC configuration that I have. In the support ticket that I opened years ago for similar FPS issue, the response I got was not regarding my configuration being weak, or help with settings or whatever that would help, but instead I was instructed to remove the dust from the PC and to close any unused apps.
  14. The numbers he posted are for steam only and they ARE the lowest. Don’t mix the client users in the discussion, as we will never know those numbers. I doubt that suddenly the steam users just changed to client, and that justifies the drop in numbers ... It is the vets that are mostly using the client, and we all know how many of those are still left, no? Most of the new players find out about this game from steam ads, sales etc so they play on steam.
  15. CapriCorny

    Fallen H&G Friends

    this thread is so sad I have so many fallen due to reto's incompetence and ignorance ... I hope that when this game dies (and I fear it will be soon) the person responsible will pay for it somehow this game had such a great community .. formed of mostly older smarter players with such great ideas, attracted by the great FPS+RTS concept and the reto's enthusiasm in the beginning. Look at the community now what is left of it I can't get past this 2:10: Dresden 16 connected maps, Berlin 18 connected maps. What happened to you guys?