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  1. Right now the recon class is literally odd. it was mentioned in the binoculars thread below but i'd like to elaborate on it here i play the class to snipe with 8x, and since scopes were made much less useful for infantry this is what i do even more. the problem is that sometimes the sniper class has it's transport replaced with like, tanks? so actually in those matches, really the recon MUST play tanks or be putting team at disadvantage _______________________ Suggestion: Split recon specialisation into two, one for sniping, and one for playing mechanised infantry in puma and etc.
  2. Avnas

    Binocular Improvements

    honestly binoculars had a use before med kits. there was a time when i'd use them to get better mag on infantry and swap back to my bolt, but since the introduction of med kits it's hard to really use that slot for binocs because there's just better stuff to take. sniper doesn't really have much reason to use binocs at all, theyre an infantry thing. IMO current sniper class needs its vehicles removing, and a new class of soldier for the vehicles.
  3. Avnas

    What a Shame

    also how you get +50% accuracy with a ribbon
  4. i've played a lot with melee in this game, and have a character with 12 melee ribbon, all melee weapons unlocked. since run energy is now unlimited, melee has been generally sidelined -more than it already was- as there is no advantage to taking a lightweight loadout if you intend to melee anymore. it'd be nice if there was a melee ribbon to do with mobility that increases character run speed based on weight and run energy depletion, allowing melee and pistol/lightweight loadouts to move faster. the spade has its place as tier 1. it doesn't perform as well as the knife which is fine, and it's still usable. it'd be nice if the spade could do something like making a mud wall or some other non-combat use the knife is fine, as it's the most effective melee weapon. the baseball bat doesn't really fit into the other melee weapons. it doesn't attack that fast or do that much damage, and all it gets in return is reach, which is hard to judge anyway. most of the best melee kills are just headshots as somebody walks next to your character model anyway. considering it's also two weight points it kind of needs something. it'd be nice if the baseball bat would hit any target in an arc in front of the character, allowing it to do crowd control and hit multiple targets at once. ideally it would knock players back, rather than being a damage-focused weapon.
  5. separate to my other stamina thread; the replacements for the stamina ribbons which previously let you run for a further distance and recover run energy faster respectively, now they both just reduce the time it takes to be accurate after running. keep first blood like that, but imo the one that you still can train to gold rank should increase run speed based on weight, a bit like the old run system. basically a ribbon needs to be as good as heavy set or hoarder for me to bother with it...
  6. separate to my other stamina thread; the replacements for the stamina ribbons which previously let you run for a further distance and recover run energy faster respectively, now they both just reduce the time it takes to be accurate after running. keep first blood like that, but imo the one that you still can train to gold rank should increase run speed based on weight, a bit like the old run system edit: sorry about dupe thread, thought the word "suck" hid this thread
  7. Avnas

    Chauffeur ribbon

    >dev team puts in hours of work to making SDKFZ222 and PUMAs, as well as USA and russia versions of same >its behind 12 hours of chauffeur sniper edition ribbon and also only for sniper fireteam >nobody ever even looks at your bike
  8. I feel like the new way stamina works is kind of bad for gameplay balance, especically within certain ribbons. originally, having 10 points of weight came with other downsides than your accuracy is impaired at a faster rate. it would mean you could run less distance, meaning you're noticeably less mobile. conversely, having only 1-3 points of weight, like carrying a pistol and knife, or other low weight loadout, would allow you to out-maneuver and out-run opponents who had taken any more weight. this has specific implications for viability of melee and close range gameplay, as a part of the gameplay was outrunning the enemy with only a knife. and at the same time, i see no reason to carry only a few items while playing with the knife anymore, since accuracy isn't really going to effect melee. stamina shouldn't remain as it is now. increase run speed based on weight of loadout. for the record i've done 12 melee ribbon
  9. not until i get a sword lol
  10. so stop dying as specialist. solution is to attach a few specialists to each infantry team rather than just have them be their own AT all the time.
  11. Even if you compare T-20 Kosmomolets to the APCs its the best APC because it has 100% frontal armour. the most USA and germans get for a jeep ticket is a totally exposed machinegun which is suicide to use, even in the case of the SDKFZ and the other spawnable APCs which are all total death traps. i get that you were going for asymmetrical balance but it's actually broken for the russians to be able to just spawn 100 of them in a game. every infantryman can just have a tank. also, T20 Kosmomolets is superior to every other APC and jeep in the game even before you factor in it's ridiculously low resource cost, because it has more than 1.9x zoom on infantry at the same time as 1.9x is the highest magnification any other infantry can get. so it's not so much asymmetrical balance as broken
  12. its like you dont even understand what you're typing. i don't see you complaining the anti-aircraft takes up an APC but its the same principal. it's worth way more than a jeep so it shouldn't be in the jeep slot. it can even have its health and armour buffed or something if its put to apc
  13. cool literally don't care about those because they're heavy tanks and planes, not a light tank or apc that thinks its a jeep its literally like if they gave SKDFZ 222 to infantry on germans for a jeep instead of kubel.
  14. see you back in this thread after captured vehicles when you cry for its nerf after germans get it
  15. lol you're the troll. so you get a tank for the cost of a jeep and thats balanced in your opinion?
  16. so you admit its a tankette for a jeep token
  17. yeah, it is. so here's what a jeep token gets germans - a jeep with suicide mg34 or a schwim with no armament. same for USA. here's what a more expensive APC token gets gemrnas - exposed gunner position again, even worse for USA. here's what a jeep gets soviets - 100% frontal coverage from shots balanced game is more russian biased than world of tanks
  18. do you even play this game? and the entire premise of my argument is that the T20 is more valuable than any other APC despite being a jeep, and you can't even loving dispute that
  19. lol it was more like 6 or 12. and how are you supposed to hold the bridge with german MGs when they have kickback of half the screen with any mods vs vehicles with no recoil or russian lmgs which also have no recoil for some reason lucky the match ended when it did, i used 100% of my shreck ammo
  20. another T20 and a sniper were camping that way too, the only way to break the camp was the green path on my diagram. the lower path was worse than going straight to 01 from lower spawn there were 4-6 T20s at once in this game camping specific poorly designed chokepoints with their magnification and 100% accuracy from being vehicles the first time i shot the driver out of one of them, i went to capture it and immediately got shot by the second T20 in the diagram, then the T20 was rammed and blown up by other T20s and all for the cost of 1 totally open kubel the T20 empties of players in 0.5s
  21. they didnt reduce the zoom on the t20 gun in that time so no
  22. the problem is that while sitting in the driver seat you can get 100% protection from small arms fire, and then just park it on top of the panzerfausts. in the gunner seat you fan get 100% frontal protection and be far enough away that the side doesnt matter. also in the gunner seat as infantry you get sniper scope