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  1. Red_Soldier

    No New Interesting Threads

    Hahah. This is why they don't hire more developers. Keep up with your hopes bud. They have $5M in their pockets yet they lack developers. See where the problem is?
  2. Red_Soldier

    No New Interesting Threads

    You realize out of everything you've said (except for helmet paints) are just future updates that have not happened? Just like the new map they promised. Sure, they're working on it. But come on, taking more than 1 year to finish a skirmish map? Armor 2.0 has been talked about for more than 2 years. Same for the new game engine. We still don't know what the Token system brings. They'll probably be done by 2022, who knows. Development is extremely slow and lazy.
  3. Red_Soldier

    No New Interesting Threads

    Not sure about other people but from my side I've completely given up on the so-called 'feedback'. Feedback and Reto don't mix. The game itself is failing 'in my eyes' and new ones are coming out. The off-topic section is the best part of H&G at the moment. I'm actually glad that more people realized they're just wasting time trying to suggest things or give proper feedback that's falling on deaf ears.
  4. Red_Soldier

    Your favorite foods thread

    Shish Tawook Chicken Souvlaki Beef and Chicken Shawarmas
  5. Red_Soldier

    New WW2 Game

    Looks like a massive camping simulator, much more than H&G.
  6. Yes, year of 1 skirmish map. Come back in 2020 for more maps (if any)!
  7. Red_Soldier

    Post made via hellcat horn

  8. Red_Soldier

    Is explosion damage linear?

    Note that the German grenades have a big disadvantage you'll notice: Less throw range.
  9. Red_Soldier

    Is explosion damage linear?

    This post from 2015 answers your question + more info you need: In short, the best grenade in the game is the RGD-33 no doubt. Scroll down and see the graph provided by BlaineUK (RIP soldier). EDIT: It may look linear but Reto is actually not providing an accurate info. In reality, it's not linear and the RGD-33 has been proven to be the best in terms of damage radius combined with range.
  10. Heheh. Never possible unless they change the entire game engine which means they have to start from scratch. Knowing Reto, that will never happen.
  11. Red_Soldier

    Random sucking

  12. Was suggested TOO MANY TIMES when the Soviets came out in 2015. Did Reto do anything? No. They simply said it won't happen because of a problem that might occur and they're afraid to make the change in case it breaks a player's profile forever. Anyways, they'd rather keep things broken than to find a solution.
  13. You're totally right, no objection here. But that's not where most of us disagree with. It's just that there are way too many bushes and forests AND there's no other proper infantry cover. I also have the same concerns as you but we need better and more realistic infantry cover PLUS a little bit of forests wouldn't hurt. The current map design is extremely lazy and boring.
  14. Many of us vets are aware of this and Reto's incompetence is a know fact since ~2015. The reason this game is still alive is because all the WWII games released last year and before that have been trash. Only a good WWII can put an end to H&G. Otherwise, Reto will remain lazy and incompetent due to the fact that there's no competition around. This year will bring some good WWII games (in the spoiler).