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    HELLCAT-main battle tank of america

    i'm very curious where you find this numbers. Is full of statisticians on this forum
  2. SoimuVictor

    HELLCAT-main battle tank of america

    just spawn a perfectly balanced tiger 2 and kill him, its not that hard
  3. Personally i support this strike, its not only because of the weapons, but the game itself is not fun to play. As you can see 20 people basically carry an entire faction and its the same for the other factions. Maybe its time to start listening this guys, who carry their factions, and decide the fate of the wars, and not all this forum plebs.
  4. just give the option to mode captured weapons, and all this baseball talk will end. Time has shown that asymmetrical balance is not working on this game. The state of the game reflect the state of community and the forum
  5. SoimuVictor


    BAD is not active, you can find some players on ts, but most of them play other games. If you want to have fun on this game find a bigger and active group
  6. SoimuVictor

    How bad is my k/d

    same for me, on my SU altaccount i have 5.7 kd
  7. SoimuVictor

    How bad is my k/d

    its pretty bad, but this is not a reason to not enjoy the game
  8. the vote looks like this because forum warriors are afraid to get raped by their own weapons. The vote would have shown the exact opposite if 1919 had not been nerfed. The truth is on this forum no one wants weapons balance, this is why the game looks like this, is just a bunch of crying "vets" pretending their weapons are bad, hoping reto will throw a bone to them
  9. SoimuVictor

    There must be a good reason to play US at WAR ?

    you need 1 day to unlock every weapon in this game, exept ptrs/shreck they are already doing this, because even unmodded those guns are more relieble than US weapons . On the other hand i dont see many GE/SU vets running with "cqc beast m1/m2" This baseball this baseball about "rebalancing weapons but give me the best gun" is going already for 6 years. Asymmetrical balance is not working, history proved this. The best way to rebalance gunplay is to give all acces to every weapon, or give the weapons the same stats
  10. SoimuVictor

    There must be a good reason to play US at WAR ?

    we just need mods for captured weapons, its not that hard
  11. SoimuVictor

    ST grenade

  12. by play you mean to stack 2k in every town?
  13. why we need a bigger production or stockpile? every town already has 1k troops...
  14. SoimuVictor


    if germans has the best stuff its called balance, this is how this forum works, get used to it
  15. Just let everyone to mod captured weapons so we can finaly have weapon balance
  16. SoimuVictor

    en Screen goes grewhen your are healing / being repaired

    it's the new Chernobyl mode
  17. SoimuVictor

    gotta do something bout the US Reto

    we just need to wait for GE to ask for avs and dt nerf, so they can finally play this game alone against bots
  18. SoimuVictor

    I feel sorry for US faction

    The problem with US right now its that the faction overall is not fun to play. After lmg nerf m1 garand was still a valid choice, but the scope nerf was the last nail in the coffin. Most of the vets plays this game because they have friends and like to play with them, and chat on ts, not because this game is so good... And without vets to push with their ats, generals dont want to send ats to randoms just to lose wfs. This situation creates a vicious circle. By looking at the map, i assume all the clans are dead or just switch to other factions, to reduce the amount of frustration you get from this game
  19. SoimuVictor


    i tested mg13 for couple hours, and i still prefer STG. mg13 it's a good weapon, but its too random for me. The main advantages in my opinion are mag size and reload time, wich makes the weapon non badge dependeble. Hope reto will give STG/AVS recoil pattern to all weapons. This horizontal crap destroyed most of the weapons
  20. SoimuVictor

    Deaths in First encounter battles

    This is what happens when you want to farm kd agaist bots 🤣, get rekt
  21. SoimuVictor

    Should buy?

    m1 garand
  22. SoimuVictor

    Balanced game

    I agree with you, this way reto can balance population too, not just weapons, but its too hard to do this, and i dont think this gonna ever happened
  23. SoimuVictor

    Balanced game

    When it comes to weapons efficiency, you have to keep in mind some parameters : DMG, RPM, recoil pattern, mag size, quality of the sight. If you want balance, all top weapons needs to be equal How to do that?? I have some suggestions. For automatic weapons the easiest way is to change submachine guns. Thompson, mp40 and pps43 has comparable sight, almost the same mag size. Give them same dmg (3hk hsg), same rpm (800 rpm), same recoil pattern, and make reload time per bullet to balance mag difference. The second option is to balance assault rifles. The problem here is US, because m1m2 is too different from STG and AVS (the sight is garbage and cannot be changed). The smart move is to make BAR the main assault rifle for US. (BAR sight beeing the shitiest compared to STG and AVS but still better than m1m2). Give STG, AVS and BAR same damage (3hk hsg), the same RPM (600, 700 RPM), same recoil pattern, and reload time per bullet to balanced mag size. The problem here is that AVS and STG can use the scope and BAR not. So, to balance sopes, make the scope unusable with max dmg and max rpm, to force people to reduce dmg and rpm if the want to hit something with scope. For SA rifles need to apply same principles and give them the same scope zoom. Now some forum plebs will say “we don't want red vs blue gameplay, we want variety”. This is baseball. No one is using pz4 for variety when he has panther, no one is using ppd for variety, and everyone is using fw190 because is the best plane and don’t want variety. And the list is long. Sure there are some exception, but their number is so low, they are not statistically significant. Every veteran tend to use the best weapon on his faction, the best plane, the best tank, they are not looking for variety. Asymmetrical balance is not working, and the proof are the all the past years. Now some forum plebs will say “in counter strike asymmetrical balance is working”. In counter strike asymmetrical balance is working because every team is forced to play both sides. In this game most of the vets are playing one faction. So, for a fair gameplay and end this forum baseball about nerfing enemy stuff and buffing my stuff, the best SA, best automatic weapons needs to respect this principles. Variety will come with mods for low rpm and low dmg for better handling. For tanks and planes it's even easier, just give them the same stats for the class. Give US and SU apc better driver protection, and open windows for GE recon cars and and give them same stats. Give bazooka, shreck and pirate cannon same stats, and add an anti tank rifle for us. @tmoe @Jmj191 @=Vortex= @hectorhfm @Neznan @IdleCleese @d|ng @Trollfaktor @GromesV
  24. SoimuVictor

    Balanced game

    Cmon dude, do i have to remember what weapons did you used when we palyed? There were not variety at all. When was the last time you played sherman m4a1? I doubt you have this tank, because its a shirt tank and no one is using it. And no one cares about this tank because you have e8. How many mg34 were used before mg42/m1m2 big nerf, for variety?? None. Thats why reto needs to balanced all the top weapons in every category, no need to balanced every weapon in this game, just the best ones. Who the love cares if pz3 is balanced with M3 lee? I never saw a topic like that on the forum We just need balanced betwen e8/panther and tiger2/pershing. And this is applied to every category