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  1. SoimuVictor

    us won war 762

    let's wait for "fairplay" germans to beg reto to end the war cuz US won, and not queuing for the last capital and let US win
  2. SoimuVictor

    King Tiger

    Its a german weapon, so its balanced
  3. SoimuVictor

    How Germany has won last war?

    reto gave them the victory with 12 capitals
  4. SoimuVictor

    Where is US? :O

    yes, SU and GE are OP, US needs buff
  5. SoimuVictor

    auto resolve

    Its funny how most of the players vote vor 6h AR and now everyone is agaist 6h AR :)) this forum is a joke
  6. SoimuVictor

    Cheaters or very good?

    definitely a cheater
  7. SoimuVictor


    @Reto.Hades how about rotating towns? because right now, if you push from east you always attack on A line
  8. a picture is worth a thousand words
  9. SoimuVictor

    German bias and Soviet feebleness

    Dear Reto, as you can see in this topic the truth was in front of you all the time. We have a lot of skillful players in this topic, with so many hours in clan fights, with tons of ats begging you to ners GE and US and buff SU, cuz this is the only way to fix the game and you dont listening them... shame Reto, you should stop listening plebs like jmj, haiw, snaps, keksi, and other plebs talking about rts. RTS is not a problem, we all know FPS is the reason people are leaving the game. As you can see in 99% on the topics about weapons, every subjective opinion is right. How you know it is right? its simple, if he doesnt have any proof but he call himself a veterant, than he must be right. Stop listening RTS plebs talking about poping battels, and how germans cant get in with more than 1 squad. Game knows Germans are so OP and want to prevent SU getting raped by OP mg42 and op STG. Thats why germans cant pop battles agaist SU or US. We all know that nerfing GE and US will fix population problems. 2 year ago you nerfed mg42 and m1m2, and we all saw how good this nerf was, and how balanced was the population after. Nerfing US and GE weapons is the solution to fix RTS. Couple months ago everyone was complaining about johnson, We all knew that johnson is the reason why US was winning the wars, and we all saw how they stop winning after the nerf, and how balanced was underdog bonus. See?? you have the truth, nerfing GE weapons will fix game problems. Give them only rocks and wood sticks, im sure its the best way to fix this OP Germans SU weapons are garbage. SU are forced to play against OP mg42, OP stg, OP johnson, OP m1919, OP m1919, with totaly NOT OP avs and UP dp28, and perfectly balanced PMK. RETO PLS NERF GE WEAPONS Ty Teeri for posting that link. you can see another proof that all the weapons are OP, and all weapons should be nerf, because we all know that nerfing weapons will fix the real RTS problems
  10. SoimuVictor

    German bias and Soviet feebleness

    Every faction has competitive weapons, if you cant be good its because your a pleb, its not weapons fault
  11. SoimuVictor

    I am seriously tired of the Germ bias.

    What are you talking about?? SU has the best infantry arsenal in the game. -snip-
  12. SoimuVictor

    Stopping Deploying

    if you don't have proof, you are just a lying piece of shirt, like your SU friends who got banned