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  1. SoimuVictor

    HELLCAT-main battle tank of america

    i'm very curious where you find this numbers. Is full of statisticians on this forum
  2. SoimuVictor

    HELLCAT-main battle tank of america

    just spawn a perfectly balanced tiger 2 and kill him, its not that hard
  3. Personally i support this strike, its not only because of the weapons, but the game itself is not fun to play. As you can see 20 people basically carry an entire faction and its the same for the other factions. Maybe its time to start listening this guys, who carry their factions, and decide the fate of the wars, and not all this forum plebs.
  4. just give the option to mode captured weapons, and all this baseball talk will end. Time has shown that asymmetrical balance is not working on this game. The state of the game reflect the state of community and the forum
  5. SoimuVictor


    BAD is not active, you can find some players on ts, but most of them play other games. If you want to have fun on this game find a bigger and active group
  6. SoimuVictor

    How bad is my k/d

    same for me, on my SU altaccount i have 5.7 kd
  7. SoimuVictor

    How bad is my k/d

    its pretty bad, but this is not a reason to not enjoy the game
  8. the vote looks like this because forum warriors are afraid to get raped by their own weapons. The vote would have shown the exact opposite if 1919 had not been nerfed. The truth is on this forum no one wants weapons balance, this is why the game looks like this, is just a bunch of crying "vets" pretending their weapons are bad, hoping reto will throw a bone to them
  9. SoimuVictor

    There must be a good reason to play US at WAR ?

    you need 1 day to unlock every weapon in this game, exept ptrs/shreck they are already doing this, because even unmodded those guns are more relieble than US weapons . On the other hand i dont see many GE/SU vets running with "cqc beast m1/m2" This baseball this baseball about "rebalancing weapons but give me the best gun" is going already for 6 years. Asymmetrical balance is not working, history proved this. The best way to rebalance gunplay is to give all acces to every weapon, or give the weapons the same stats
  10. SoimuVictor

    There must be a good reason to play US at WAR ?

    we just need mods for captured weapons, its not that hard
  11. SoimuVictor

    ST grenade

  12. by play you mean to stack 2k in every town?
  13. why we need a bigger production or stockpile? every town already has 1k troops...
  14. SoimuVictor


    if germans has the best stuff its called balance, this is how this forum works, get used to it