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  1. Delman

    Is this legit ???

    KGB - do you really need opinions about their members
  2. Delman

    MG42 or M1919

    Ooo thank you mighty Reto
  3. I like the idea...
  4. Delman

    Time to depart

    Good luck!
  5. Delman

    SAS 1st mission success.

    Its looks like I missed all fun there... damn job!!! Good job guys, i am proud on you, keep bringing new standards in this game
  6. Delman

    22nd SAS regiment (Disbanded)

    mamba you are next one
  7. Delman


    Guys as soon as you take it, its better for you. You must understand that we are just colateral damage for Reto, they dont care. This game is focused only for SU players (maybe they are bringing money, who knows). I wish I can ask them, do they still count on us (US and AXIS), becasue if not, they should tell it clearly so we can find another game. Its almost a year while we are playing against game, against all benefits that they gave to SU... Its time to change something RETO,its time...
  8. Delman

    just kicked out of Scandi

    Probably, they are doing that last year. This is something different for them, they dont know how to deal with it
  9. Delman

    just kicked out of Scandi

    After long time we have something different on RTS, thank you Axis And btw you did great job in Scandinavia.
  10. Delman

    SU Doesnt like to swim

    Agree with you, RTS is totally broken. Reto gave benefits to SU at begining, because they were small and they needed help, but i think time is to change something... There is no point to play war battles and rts at this moment.
  11. Delman

    Copenhagen fun!

    ghostdoggo are you writting this,or your alt account :twisted:
  12. Amazing :lol: Gaius for president :twisted:
  13. Delman

    Apology for Spawn Camping Incident

    +1 there is always problem with randoms,but you did a good thing,at least you tried to stop him.
  14. Heroes&Generals SRV @HGserverstatus The database split is still crunching away. It'll be a couple more hours. Sorry for the inconvenience. //Reto.Stenum