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  1. Seriously, no excuse. RETRO RED BARNEY in a board room with 5 other RETROS... "HMMMMM How to make the game better?: RETRO #1- Lets make the vehicles get stuck into the ground for no reason, crash into random ghost objects... go slow as mud in regular terrain... thoughts?" RETRO RED BARNEY- "YES! Someone give that man a raise!"
  2. That sweet sweet war victory ribbon....nom nom nom
  3. Deynko


    Primordial soup is all the staged players =D Blob fish approves of his elite tier 69 class, look at that smug expression.
  4. Deynko


  5. Deynko

    War 508 3-Faction event

    I smell glorious battles! I can't see the text down the middle of the map though ><
  6. Deynko

    Golden Days: Up to 50% discount on Gold!

    Told myself I wouldn't drop any more cash until a decent update was dropped. Is a gold discount a good update? Oooo RETO, you cheeky! Ol' Deynko is tew smurt fur dat one!
  7. At best the game is WWII themed. Don't expect any historical accuracy especially when it comes to balancing weapons. From personal experience both play pretty close.
  8. So now he said it will look visually the same, haha. This is simply too confusing for me.
  9. On the last community front line Reto.Circinus said the future of the RTS would be unrecognizable, so is there a point for us to make suggestions on the current state of the RTS? Just looking for honest answer, if we're stuck w/ the RTS we have right now I don't want to make another long post if it will be irrelevant.
  10. Deynko

    The game is gone from my Steam Library

    Free to play games are completely removed from your library if you delete them, try finding the homepage on steam and dl again
  11. lol found my new TS avatar
  12. Deynko

    German Loadout Thread

    lol Dawgfather, make him a loadout he can't refuse!
  13. I wouldn't mind the short time for to react, the problem is the RTS map is so terrible it sometimes takes 10 seconds (depending on how many troops are involved) to even get the RTS to react. Not to mention the fact that the ATs bug out and are unclickable or game crash, both requiring a restart, forget about doing anything meaningful after all the shenanigans you have to go through. I think a grace period after battles for the victor is completely reasonable, until they can sort out the RTS bugs