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    BA-11 Vs PuMa?

    Which do you think is the better One?
  2. What's even the point of having all that frontal armor if a hellcat can absorb just as many shots in a direct fight? and not take any critical damage? This thing isn't worth spawning in.
  3. FTG_Bayonetta

    RIP Dominion. 2017-2020

    LZB is still going, even after some traitors tried to ruin it. But as some other successful gaming community leaders told, me, it always happens after a while. I mean it's sad seeing a drop in clan activity, but it's clear RETO wants to keep the Randoms grouping up and spending cash rather than support any meaningful skill increase with clans and tags and linking and all that stuff.
  4. FTG_Bayonetta

    Nerf loving GE already.

    Pretty much.
  5. FTG_Bayonetta

    Nerf loving GE already.

    And you're's is a typical response from somebody who doesn't play GE. Play GE for a while and you'll see that it's no different from the other factions. Some stuff is better, some stuff worse than other two factions.
  6. FTG_Bayonetta

    Nerf loving GE already.

  7. I've always said that instead of following the norm in the FPS industry, RETO do their own thing and screw it all up most of the time.
  8. FTG_Bayonetta

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Hop on Discord and Play then. I'm gonna try to get back actively recruiting again when my new laptop comes.
  9. FTG_Bayonetta

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    The Last Battalion is an Active Gaming Community Who Is Seeking Germany Recruits for our Army! -The Last Battalion- Seeks Active Players who want to be part of a larger community as a whole. Clan is Friendly and Operates a great system of leadership so you can actually Rank Up within the Clan! Do you want to be a part of a Growing Community? and Not only Play HnG? And other games with players? Communication, Coordination & Teamplay will be the goal regardless of your skill or play level! JOIN LZB TODAY! And Let's Bring the battle to the Enemy! TO APPLY PLEASE FILL IN THIS BELOW OR GO TO OUR DISCORD AND APPLY DIRECTLY. Age: Country: Reason For Joining: Time-Zone: Ingame UN: Discord UN: Mic?: Do you Have Assault Teams?: If so how many and what are they: Discord Invite: KK72Q7z Steam-Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/LZBHG# YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1Ji8x01GjkNCPx_KBg2pA?view_as=subscriber --------------------------------------------------------- The Minimum Requirements to become an LZB member are: You need to be at least 16 years or older of age. Mic isn't needed, but recommended, Discord is Required! Having at least one Assault Team is Recommended, but is not required. By applying to Join LZB Gaming, you must be willing to play Germany Must also be willing to change your Squads to -LZB- [LZB] Tags will be given on Discord when Approved. Once Application is accepted, Feel free to call yourself an official member! Easy & Simple! LETS GET GAMING!!
  10. FTG_Bayonetta

    RIP Dominion. 2017-2020

    Clan scene in general is going down the toilet without any meaningful clan Support in the game. Such as that really awesome feature RETO was working on, the Squad Linking.
  11. FTG_Bayonetta

    Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 question?

    Tiger I all the way. I only go Tiger II if i have somebody i know well in discord and we coordinate
  12. FTG_Bayonetta

    Panther inferior to PzIV (Explained)

    PZ4 all the way. Panther isn't worth the spawn time.
  13. FTG_Bayonetta

    Reto Justice

    Suppose the Silent majority took offence of something you said lol.
  14. I can understand censoring of swear words. But we can't use the word barista? What's next? unable to use the words that describe the mental capacity of players who like to wastes Resources in War? Reto.. Are you becoming a Developer of Snowflakes now? Only People who would find that word offensive are the persons in question.. Solution don't be one and instead take advice when people give you it instead of being arrogant Definition of barista a foolish or stupid person Edit" it even censored the dictionary term....Sigh..
  15. FTG_Bayonetta

    So what's up with the censoring of "I-diot"

    Stating a fact? clearly facts hurt snowflakes nowdays. I mean let's just censor the complete Sentence of "You're mentally not understanding the situation" aka you're an id-iot. If anyone is offended by that, then clearly the truth hurts. And at that point the person is correct. I've just never seen any sort of forum for any video game in the past 20 years where barista is censored. it's a whole new level of child like censoring on adults. Then again maybe it speaks for the level of maturity on the forum if they have to censor it to begin with. this topic will probably be locked because instead of taking feedback on the matter of censoring, RETO would rather lock and ignore it.
  16. FTG_Bayonetta

    Which Vehicles are you going to capture?

    Hellcat just so Americans can cry about Germans using it.
  17. FTG_Bayonetta

    War requirements / waste of recourses

    I think after so many hours in Stage matches the training wheels should come off new players. I've seen Faaaarr too many people spawning pazer 1s vs heavies and trying to go head on. You try to tell them other wise and you get the usual "It's just a game stfu" response. Which then forces my hand and i have to recall the entire AT from the battle to prevent 1 barista from wasting shirt. It's a Reto problem with their gameplay mechanics and they need to address it without hampering the players fun. Should new people get to play with stuff? Absolutely! But War is costing me time and effort or money i suppose in some instances. I know myself i'm smart with resources and how i spawn stuff. But i'd say a good majority of new players spawn stuff in or waste stuff or crash planes into trees and have like 0/9 KD or something and utterly destroy what could have been used effectively by another player And i literally can't afford some Noob wasting my ATs and then i'm down 10k because my mediums didn't get to do anything. I know 100 hours is extreme and i used that as an example, but i think instead of a level requirement for war there should be a time requirement for each role.
  18. FTG_Bayonetta

    War requirements / waste of recourses

    Or have playtime requirement Player needs 100 hours in a Tank before he can queue up or use a tanker in War etc. Specialist spam isn't a problem. Heroes & Generals is and should remain a combined arms game It's the people who are using these roles and either just camping 1000m away as a recon with like 2 kills the entire match or tankers being stupid and wasting tanks without doing anything or as the mentioned pilots crashing into planes none stop.
  19. FTG_Bayonetta


    Nothing bad to say about this.
  20. FTG_Bayonetta

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Are you English Speaking? What;s up with your Russian Discord name?
  21. FTG_Bayonetta

    Top soviet tanks worth it?

    I'm always a fan of cheaper tanks.
  22. FTG_Bayonetta

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Who are you on Discord? Over 100 Members! JOIN TODAY! DISCORD INVITE LINK - KK72Q7z
  23. All im encountering now is US players with AVS's and STG's like gee, there's no point even playing another faction when you can literally unlock the best guns belonging to other factions. What were you thinking RETO? And with captured tanks all you're gonna see is everyone using Hellcats, BT-7s and Tiger IIs
  24. Captured weapons are not rare because everyone who is high enough rank and that's like every single vet. It's just ruined the gunplay now that everyone is literally carrying everyone's elses gun.
  25. Eh, maybe you forgot the point? I stated giving each factions best guns i.e the ones that are technically unlocked last and defined as best overall to the other factions is Borked. Games i've played against players, all i've been encountering now is AVS's and STGs from the opposing team. When people requested captured weapons we were talking about finding them in crates to use. Not being able to buy them and role out with them. Like Pick loving Germany at this point. Total hypocrites. all the U.S players that complained about GE are just so happen to be using GE's stuff over their own.