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    This game is dying, so...

    M.m.m.m.m.m Player count is still getting lower and balance worse..... Balance... isn't freeeeeee
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    New stupid players

    Lemmi get this out of the way because i can't PM you. But no. It was the art assets used that were created by myself for the clan, and of which i never formally gave ownership of assets or the clan's assets to be used to anyone that "became" the so called clan leader of everything i created. Which were still being used on the ORB after Dumm1 Hijacked it. And even now that's a mute point, since that whole debacle was resolved own my Discord and after talking to the present clan leader for ORB, And for reference sake, I could have created a second ORB Clan using the exact same assets! All to prove my point, and then there would have been 2 clans of the same name!?!!. (Which by using that logic i can still) But i internally discussed this already years ago who ever was running ORB on my discord and we solved this issue after i passed along all the current used assets and formal control of the name etc to whoever was running it at the time. You can't steal or take a clan and it's assets without going to it's original creator. It's called Hijacking at that point. But simply by going by that logic, legally and name wise i can simply just make a forum topic up called ORB/Order of the Red Banner. And nobody can stop me, Since that logic is so bad. But for Reasoning Sake i have no interest into doing that. So there go, you either got told a completely "FAKE butt" Story from a couple of random people. or just got bad word of mouth as to what actually happened, which again highlights this entire communities downfall of not knowing all of the facts before opening your damn mouth. This doesn't make you smart. For Future sake, don't get involved or speak or things that you know nothing about. And yes, this is one of the most toxic communities, because you bringing that shirt up just demonstrates my point that you can't let things go. And it's no wonder this game is failing., i don't know why you'd bring an issue up like this about a topic called new stupid players, i did try to PM you but for your convivence sake you prohibit all messages directed towards you in a PM (No surprise, since it acts as a shield for criticism) Seriously.. Try Again for trolling >_> *Sigh But, okaaay.......! onto the actual subject at hand. hand. Phew, Next comes to all of the technical and logical reasoning behind "New Stupid Players" Biggest reasoning is. The game is technically F2P, so there's going to be a much much bigger selection or pool of random players. So when joining a Game like HnG. That advertises as F2P I wouldn't call new stupid players stupid(I got into this game 2015) I'd technically say they are jumping into the game for the first time and have no idea what to do. Which there will be a learning a curve. Give a few matches the shooting and gameplay becomes apparent. It really all depends on how RETO implement a learning curve. Some sort of training stage, or a Gameplay mode where players can shoot and kill without penalty or some kind of training map. Sure there are plenty of game modes where players can technically practice, but the wait times and the player counts getting lower only eventually keep increasing those times. It would be nice for some sort of UI feature for Clans or groups to organize. Or even training videos of basic gameplay mechanics. Depends on RETOs willingness to do that sort of stuff though. Again depends on budget.
  3. FTG_Bayonetta

    New stupid players

    Just saying, from being a part of two actual clans outside of HnG that took part in Clan battles, Yes! they are incredibly fun if you're in the clan. But then leaving and playing as a solo player it becomes insanely unbalanced. Greatest thing Reto could do is promote clans within the game, without having to make forums and stuff topics to get people. If they adapted the squad system into some kind of clan based system based on names. And allow for in-game voice chat etc, then a Clan system could work. But Randoms vs a organize group of 3-4 players or worst 5-10 players is going to result in a whitewash either way. It's a very delicate system And Reto need to implement a clan system that works for causals to group together in semi organized games as well as clans to flourish
  4. FTG_Bayonetta

    New stupid players

    Because anything this game needs right now is more one sided battles with clans
  5. FTG_Bayonetta

    This game is dying, so...

    Game is dying because it shoe horns everyone into infantry because every other role is redundant when a guy on a bike can pack as much fire power as a 85mm canon and as much utility as any of the other classes, but suffer none of the spawn penalties. Seriously i can role switch between 8 different infantry each with their own guns and purposes and suffer no cost. But switch to a tanker? opps die once and wait 4mins lmao. Yeah, fun. Nobody wants to wait to spawn in any game! Give me the old system where i can spawn in as a tanker over and over, and the punishment should be my wallet! and my earnings into the negative not my loving patience of this game before i uninstall it. that's how you teach players of the value of spawning in vs being effective, especially when using faction resources! Nerf tank Rambo's already and stop making players wait to spawn when using most of the vehicles and whatnot and maybe the game wouldn't be bleeding players. I come back every now and then to see if Rambo's have been nerfed and it's the same crap as always with playing as a tanker or anything other than a infantry, Die once and wait 4mins. You rarely see any of the Recon Tanks, heavy Tanks, planes, cool vehicles or anything other than bikes, jeeps and apcs, because everything else makes you wait minutes at a time before you can use it again.. Love the removal of guns btw on vehicles i've bought and owned on my characters 4+ years OH but Johnny Tank Rambo can keep dying and dying and dying without any spawn penalty.(Which is legit, you can kill the same guy about 6-7 times before the spawn penalty kicks in) Reto needs to make anyone who dies with a zooka suffer the same wait time as a heavy tank considering it's easier to tank out a tank with a Zooka than anything else. loving encourage these people to use tanks! instead of Rambo on a cheap bike and zooka! I was putting money into this game weekly/Monthly Until Reto nerfed Tanks Waaaaaayyy Too much + Everything else with insane respawn times meanwhile didn't even touch Tank Rambos carrying AT weapons (aka lowest common dominator) My feedback shows with my wallet and playtime and even Steamcharts shows this!!! omg!!! Make the game fun again And i'll put money back into the game. Keeping Tank Rambo's as they are and keep every class other than infantry redundant and i wont invest into the product. Player count can't continue at this rate. Granted the shooting is fun at 1440p 120fps. But everything else is dogshite. However there are things i like about the game! coming back after 12months so i like these! + You made the Character faces/skins Free ( i was expecting some some BS prices) + Map updates are actually really good! + You gave nice fair incentives to log in on a daily basis! + The UI is actually really good! And you've added customizable options too for some things, you've improved in this greatly! + Updated sounds and artwork and assets make the game look better, includes guns and whatnot + Able to use binoculars on tanks and other small stuff! Again great feedback! Keep adding stuff like this! + Bug fixes and general other adjustments are nice Then there is the huge list of negatives that still an issue and why you are bleeding players, again loving nerf Tank Rambos! - No new actual War maps - Balance is still loving shite - Matchamaking taking longer than ever (bleeding players) Again can be fixed by nerfing tank rambos and buffing other roles/classes. - Performance is still questionable (Intel core I910900K and it's utilization is 67% meanwhile GPU is at 5%. WTF is the CPU being used on?) - Removing Credit Sales also made me stop investing actual cash into the game. (forces into buying gold) Which i'm against Because make game fun = i'll invest - Bond Removal caused a lot of players to stop palying. - No clan system (Double edged sword) - Lack of actual new maps Again.. i STILL DONT KNOW WHY YOU ARE SO SCARED TO NERF TANK RAMBOS! ARE THEY YOUR BIGGEST WHALES? Just loving nerf them already and promote the use of the other loving roles in the game instead of making the game dependent on a guy on a bike to tank and aircraft hunt. Still wafting for that patch note to say All Anti Tank weapons reduced by 50% and spawn times increase by 50%. Meanwhile i watch player count drip and dwindle away into nothing. Bad Balance is going to kill this game. And it's the exact same message i've been saying for years now. And the player count is still dropping and nothing is being done and my money still isn't going to be given to RETO Until they fixed that.
  6. FTG_Bayonetta

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    The Last Battalion is an Active Gaming Community Who Is Seeking Germany Recruits for our Army! -The Last Battalion- Seeks Active Players who want to be part of a larger community as a whole. Clan is Friendly and Operates a great system of leadership so you can actually Rank Up within the Clan! Do you want to be a part of a Growing Community? and Not only Play HnG? And other games with players? Communication, Coordination & Teamplay will be the goal regardless of your skill or play level! JOIN LZB TODAY! And Let's Bring the battle to the Enemy! TO APPLY PLEASE FILL IN THIS BELOW OR GO TO OUR DISCORD AND APPLY DIRECTLY. Age: Country: Reason For Joining: Time-Zone: Ingame UN: Discord UN: Mic?: Do you Have Assault Teams?: If so how many and what are they: Discord Invite: KK72Q7z Steam-Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/LZBHG# YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1Ji8x01GjkNCPx_KBg2pA?view_as=subscriber --------------------------------------------------------- The Minimum Requirements to become an LZB member are: You need to be at least 16 years or older of age. Mic isn't needed, but recommended, Discord is Required! Having at least one Assault Team is Recommended, but is not required. By applying to Join LZB Gaming, you must be willing to play Germany Must also be willing to change your Squads to -LZB- [LZB] Tags will be given on Discord when Approved. Once Application is accepted, Feel free to call yourself an official member! Easy & Simple! LETS GET GAMING!!
  7. FTG_Bayonetta

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    Just curious. Checked Steam Charts and the game is still bleeding players. I kinda stopped playing some time ago. when i realized i was dying more to tank Rambos than actual Tanks. Even if you killed the Tank Rambo, he can spawn in with no penalty or delay. It's just a cancerous was of playing the game to take out tanks, and it's frustrating that there isn't some sort of balance fix for it. Game just isn't fun when i'm being chased and spawn camped. And when you have no choice but to go infantry because tanks are just useless and everything takes 5mins to spawn in. But not that Tank Rambo! who's packing enough firepower to match a heavy tank 1v1! he can keep spawning within seconds! Heroes & Generals - Steam Charts - for Reference
  8. FTG_Bayonetta

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    You're beating on a dead horse. Moment you make a thread asking for AT Rambo's to be nerfed all of the Stout AT Rambos come out and defend the practice and insist Tanks are OP and HE is OP (Even though HE got nerfed, And Tanks have been nerfed over and over since the Big Armor 2.0 update) And nothing gets done about it. Well Tank vs Tank Gameplay is fun. But you'll never get chance to destroy other tanks because AT Weapons and dudes on bikes are just as effective, and are quicker to deploy and destroy other tanks with. Reto have lost my income long time ago, i was putting in quite a lot of money week after week, but The Rambo's just became too much of a problem. So as a protest i stopped giving them money. I keep making the odd thread every now and then bringing up the issue, and i keep trying the game out, but moment i go into a tank it all comes back to me and i just uninstall and then wait hopefully for the next update that may nerf the AT Rambo once and for all. Game is bleeding it's players slowly, and you have to ask why.
  9. Still seeing too many Rambo's going around on bikes 2 shotting tanks in seconds. Not exactly balanced. No other game can you do this apart from HnG, which it goes unchecked on. Player base continues to dwindle. If you're going to take out a tank, go a tank yourself. I've never encountered in any other video game single man armies who can take out 20 tanks a match by himself. Taking down tanks should be a team effort, not a solo man's troll job. Player base will keep dwindling until this is fixed. You can keep killing the guy over and other but he can spawn back quicker than you can repair and bug out. Tank Rambo's need re-spawn timers long as a Tiger II Tank, since u can take out tanks quicker as a infantryman than you can a tank taking out a tank, Great Reto Logic. Let's just see the playerbase still drop Month after month until this problem is addressed.
  10. FTG_Bayonetta

    Air defense for the US

    AT Rifles are only that effective when you can get under the planes, Though i can lead my shots just fine over long distances.
  11. FTG_Bayonetta

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    Plane Nerf good, Tank Nerfs? Not so good.
  12. FTG_Bayonetta

    IS-2 is some kind of buIIsh1t

    Best part is getting engine taken out by a frontal shot lol
  13. My clan is still active.
  14. FTG_Bayonetta

    BA-11 Vs PuMa?

    Which do you think is the better One?
  15. What's even the point of having all that frontal armor if a hellcat can absorb just as many shots in a direct fight? and not take any critical damage? This thing isn't worth spawning in.
  16. FTG_Bayonetta

    Nerf loving GE already.

    Pretty much.
  17. FTG_Bayonetta

    Nerf loving GE already.

    And you're's is a typical response from somebody who doesn't play GE. Play GE for a while and you'll see that it's no different from the other factions. Some stuff is better, some stuff worse than other two factions.
  18. FTG_Bayonetta

    Nerf loving GE already.

  19. I've always said that instead of following the norm in the FPS industry, RETO do their own thing and screw it all up most of the time.
  20. FTG_Bayonetta

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Hop on Discord and Play then. I'm gonna try to get back actively recruiting again when my new laptop comes.
  21. FTG_Bayonetta

    Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 question?

    Tiger I all the way. I only go Tiger II if i have somebody i know well in discord and we coordinate
  22. FTG_Bayonetta

    Panther inferior to PzIV (Explained)

    PZ4 all the way. Panther isn't worth the spawn time.
  23. FTG_Bayonetta

    Reto Justice

    Suppose the Silent majority took offence of something you said lol.
  24. I can understand censoring of swear words. But we can't use the word barista? What's next? unable to use the words that describe the mental capacity of players who like to wastes Resources in War? Reto.. Are you becoming a Developer of Snowflakes now? Only People who would find that word offensive are the persons in question.. Solution don't be one and instead take advice when people give you it instead of being arrogant Definition of barista a foolish or stupid person Edit" it even censored the dictionary term....Sigh..
  25. FTG_Bayonetta

    So what's up with the censoring of "I-diot"

    Stating a fact? clearly facts hurt snowflakes nowdays. I mean let's just censor the complete Sentence of "You're mentally not understanding the situation" aka you're an id-iot. If anyone is offended by that, then clearly the truth hurts. And at that point the person is correct. I've just never seen any sort of forum for any video game in the past 20 years where barista is censored. it's a whole new level of child like censoring on adults. Then again maybe it speaks for the level of maturity on the forum if they have to censor it to begin with. this topic will probably be locked because instead of taking feedback on the matter of censoring, RETO would rather lock and ignore it.