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  1. FTG_Bayonetta


    Yah! so i get to be clubbed by two factions at the same time.. I'll pass. Not deploying.
  2. Tank Rambo's are the lowest common denominator in this game. So yeah it's a scrubby/Try-hard way to play. Proves nothing outside of how much you suck at Tank vs Tank that you gotta resort to cheap butt Rambo to take me out. Again i've proven at that point i'm better if you have to resort to AT Rambo to take me out.
  3. Makes sense. Then i can camp as a tank. And then AT Rambo's can't use the excuse im sitting back HEing infantry as to their reason for shamefully hunting Tanks in the first place. Do I won that argument a long time ago And it makes sense too i think gameplay/balance wise as TDs shouldn't even have HE. They should be hunting Tanks not infantry. So give them something like HEAT? or some kind of other special ammo type that does more damage to tanks than regular AP/APCR ammo type. But without the HE none-sense. Again just to illiterate my point that Tank Rambo's are trolls even if TDs don't have HE and they still continue to Rambo them.
  4. FTG_Bayonetta

    SU Faction gave up?

    That DP28 is too strong. Needs nerfing. Maybe if SU got another Tier 1 gun DP28 could be nerfed a bit. But right now it's acting as a tier 1 and tier 2.
  5. Formed 12 guys up in my clan. Waited for straight two hours couldn't match into a single battle played 1 battle and only one squad got in despite all of us queuing for it. Geesh. And you wonder why this game sucks? You can't even get or make it easy for a full clans/Groups to finds battle in a realistic time-frame without waiting for two hours. Some of us have lives.
  6. Also... To all the Typical and expected Tank Rambo response of Don't be spamming Tanks and HEing infantry and i won't have to be an AT Rambo. Well i've countered that argument already Well Bubba.. I often go my Tank Destroyers vs enemy tanks and I don't have HE on my Tank Destroyers specifically i have AP and APCR cos im trying to kill tanks the correct way.. And yet i still get hunted by these Tank Rambos. Relentlessly. Tank Ramboing is a mental condition of troll behavior and causing grief. Tank Rambo's are the problem Tanks are Shelling HE all the time as it's the only effective way to take them out before they get to you. I've demonstrated That Tanks don't need HE, Tank destroyers specifically shouldn't have HE. They should have access to APCR, AP and maybe some other special Ammo specific to TDs
  7. Somebody has to upset the status quo of how this game plays. Hate me, block me, i don't care. I'm here to stay and i'm always going to be posting these kinds of threads until change does happen for the better. Great thing about it i've been able to draw out of the woodwork all the Flamers, trolls and the General Try-hards in broad daylight who stand against positive change. So now i can post feedback threads like this without having to read their none constructive incoherent crap posts. I've also highlighted several of my points and stood the high ground on this subject. Blocked Several people. And gotten RETOto respond to this issue, and i'll continue to petition this issue with AT Rambos until the the end or until something is done so AT rambo's can't spawn over and over when being killed and constantly pestering tanks. End of the day, you're the salty ones who plays AT Rambo when you get killed as a tanker by a better tanker and switch to AT Rambo to take out the person who killed you because you suck. That's 90% of the people who AT rambo in this game. I know who you are, i've already blocked you and you've already posted in this thread.
  8. FTG_Bayonetta

    Bullets on PzB are confusing.

  9. Why you assume i'm a HE spammer? Welcome to my Blocked list.
  10. Very funny coming from an AT rambo. Again Assuming All Tankers Shell HE, again. Like i said, Insiders trying to defend broken practices.. It's okay. This game's player-base is slowly dying. So cling to broken ways, it won't last forever. You either cling to broken mechanics and stall actual balance. Or you're one of the few that would rather see positive change that can bring about good. I'm one of the few. That time and time again try to suggest positive changes. But the toxicity from the forums and Insiders hamper any meaningful balance in this game. And you wonder why this game's balance is a mess? The Silent majority or bias Insiders and regular Forum goers dictate the balance in this game Anyone who tries to make good suggestions or thinks out of the box such as increasing spawn timers on infantry load outs with AT weapons gets blasted behind a wall of defenders of the AT Rambo's and other broken mechanics or trolls posts. IT's almost impossible to actually suggest change. I've never been more frustrated at suggesting stuff and to see nothing get done than this game. But what can you expect from a a f2p game? Sorry if i'm trying to suggest some sort of meaningful balance. But it's clear RETO doesn't care, and would rather listen to Insiders who wish to dictate the balance based on their own personal gameplay style. Like i said, a cheater is always going to defend a cheat. It's quite pathetic, i expected more from this user-base. But i've apparently set my expectations too realistic for this type of forum. I've already set myself at a higher podium simply after reading your responses, really shows how the forum is terms of user base. Screens-hotting just to rub it in? like you did really good? Actually you did really bad if all you did was hunt tanks to be an butt. Try-hard through and through. Clearly you were just aiming to be on top of scoreboard. Sucks for you bud i actually earned credits. And i made you waste all those credits too so i win that one. And you were the one who fell for it, almost as bad as wasting 50k just to take out panzer 1s. Must be highlight of your game week if a AT rambo wishes to do that.
  11. I will further add That Anti Tank equipment should also be given a longer spawn time to discourage time and time again assaults on a tank without punishment. If you survive a AT Rambo you aren't given enough time to fully repair and bug out before he can come back again with hardly any spawn penalty. Often you're still repairing your tank when he comes back again. which is a big problem. The Game we was in we were assaulting E line, and we needed the Tanks to push through. I sadly couldn't even get to the front lines to assist with our infantry crossing without this AT scrub constantly chasing me on his bike. Which defeated the entire point of us having vehicles to use to get guys across, ironic too when it the the enemy team who were camping on the side with their tanks. Meanwhile we couldn't even get a single tank TO THE FRONT LINES to help assist with the infantry without constantly being chased. It's not a matter of staying in the front lines or too further back. You'll be chased down endlessly, and i was. Meanwhile I was with my two clan mates that entire game and no way was he discouraged by that. The AT Rambo intensively was hunting me that entire game until all our tanks were gone he actually suffered an laughably bad Credit earning and spite that was the sole player who destroyed 12 tanks. If i lose a tank duel to another tank, I often have to wait 4 minutes if i'm in a more expensive tank, if he dies? he can re-spawn in seconds and hunt again. Having a high repair cost is supposed to stop or discourage from reckless behavior like that but it clearly doesn't, I'm suspecting some Bias here on Reto's behalf that they won't even admit AT Ramboing is broken or the fact somebody can carry a zooka and two sets of stickies and ride around on bikes and Rape tanks with little to no effort. Tanks should not have to be babysat the entire game just to prevent a single player from blowing up your entire teams tanks. Having a team-mate or a clan mate in this situation repairing and being the eyes and ears does increase your chances of surviving by a lot. But you're already taking man-power off the front lines, if every tank had to have a infantry man to repair and to watch you're putting more resources into protecting a tank. Each tank needs 2 people just by having 3 tanks you've taken up 6 dedicated slots to protecting something. Which wouldn't be a problem if tanks weren't weak as shirt, and i'm all for tanks being strong and few in number. But right now they're already in a weakened state and require too much coordinating to work well. But RetoHades half assed reply makes it sound like All Tankers are just camping and or being idiots with their tanks. No. You often will get chased the moment you leave spawn area. And even if you kill the Tank Rambo he can spawn close by and come back again Rinse and repeat. A single guy on a bike is effectively shutting down the teams ability-to spawn and move tanks in. It's a differen't situation all together than if it was Planes killing the tanks, those are a good counter, and a good counter when it works should be Mobile AA, not a guy on a bike with wings attached. A tank shouldn't be a metal fortress, nowhere did i suggest that, I don't exactly complain when a tank kills me or a plane does. But a guy on a bike should not have it this easy with killing tanks. These same people also who suck at tankers i've noticed, will always switch to their AT Rambo alt to kill you because they suck that bad at killing you in their tank. To me that screams Try-hard behavior which is what most of the AT Rambos are majority of the time. And the fact RETO refuses to adjust Infantry on Tank balance with some sort of Spawn penalty or delay much in the same way a Recon with a bolt action has a increased spawn timer or a Tanker spawning in a Heavy with a increased Spawn timer, again refutes my point that Either Reto are in on the Tank Rambo shenanigans, or are loving clue-less when it comes to balance. No wonder too this game has slowly lost it's once great player-base, this is probably what happens when they listen to insiders or other members of the community who are in favour of broken practices and mechanics. A cheater is not gonna want to get his cheats fixed after-all. This forum is full of toxicity and flamers and RETO inept ability to balance their game correctly, i'm not a moron nor an barista, and i know a problem where i see one. I was a beta Tester too for a few small scale development projects a while back, and a lot of my suggestions were added into the games and remain as they were and nobody complained about the issues afterwards. RETO would rather ignore the problem than to develop any sort of balance for their game, because so long as their making money why bother? if people are still willing to spend 20$ onto a broken horse why fix the horse? Though RETO's past responses on issues leaves me little hope that things will ever be fixed. Rather than fixing problems they'll just add More planes, more Tanks, More Anti Weapons, without fixing stuff. Planes a problem? Why not buff Mobile AA to actually do damage to planes and to quiet the skies down? instead of constantly being shot out of your Mobile AA truck within minutes? Nope! LOL, Reto Just adds more planes to the mix. It's potato Balance and Potato Logic, but so long as the insiders and trolls keep feeding a false narrative and feeding RETO with half assed shirt that makes RETO simply think everything is fine. Then nothing will be fine. And this glaring Meta of Tank Rambo's spawning in with no spawn delay or issue and constantly killing tanks is always gonna be a loving problem even if no-one admits there's a problem. Honestly it really wouldn't be so bad to Have a longer spawn delay on these equipment, if you're going out with a Zooka and two sets of AT weapons your spawn timer should be on Par of that with a Tiger, because you can take out heavies with no risk, die? okay i'll spawn in again and hunt you again. Meanwhile i die loving once from one of these Try-hards and i have to wait 4 mins. What's the point in even spawning in tanks when infantryman can kill you once. It's a fact that most of my if not all of my deaths in a Tanker comes from AT Rambos more than it does another Tank. Now that is loved up. Best Balance would be simply like i.ve stated already to apply a much longer Spawn Penalty on all of the AT equipment, so you can't spawn over and over again. Because as a tanker it's the most frustrating thing to repair fully move 10 feet and the same guy is back again on your butt, and they won't stop until after you're dead. But at that point i've got to wait 2-3 minutes at a time before i can come back. Meanwhile he's off Ramboing else-where with no fucks given to his credit cost or deaths, All they care about is being a Try-Hard and being skill-less scum in trying to rack up as many Tank kills as possible. AT Rambo's need a much longer Spawn delay than what they currently have now. AT equipment is incredibly powerful and it incurs no real penalty outside of a increased credit repair bill, Which the Try-Hards don't care about right now. That in itself is broken and needs to be looked into for balance purposes. You Punish spam of tanks by having increased spawn delays of up to 4 minutes if you die too much. Same needs to be done about Tank Ramboing and The AT equipment spawn cost itself. Make the Thrown stuff cost 3 instead of 2 points. Make AT more specialized rather than giving it out to everyone. There shouldn't be a jack of all trades guy who can carry assault rifles and full stack of AT stuff without some sort of penalty to spawn timer increase. It's simple loving balance.
  12. All these Tank Rambo's crawling out of woodwork i see to defend Scum tactics.
  13. Because Para dropping on tanks is OP? Tanks are already weak vs everything because nearly everything has AT these days because Reto likes to cater to the lowest common denominators. Para's should be capturing objectives not blowing up tanks.
  14. I win either way. I got 10k from that match. You lose. Assuming Tanks are farming infantry? Lame excuse again from Tank Rambos. i was trying to support infantry and help push the objective yet a single player with Anti Tank Rambo is OP. Anyway i knew you would talk on here. More People to block who support Tank Rambo's Reto can you please undo the nerfs on the tanks and nerf Tank Rambo's.
  15. Suffering such a expensive Repair bill shows Tank Rambos are just trolls. They'd rather hamper the play ability of somebody and ignore the objectives and hunt tanks which ruins the fun of others. It's a mental choice to tank hunt that much, which shows tank hunters are complete asses and do nothing than to troll people who want to tank. Why else would somebody suffer so much credit loss to hunt tanks? other than to troll.