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  1. Still seeing too many Rambo's going around on bikes 2 shotting tanks in seconds. Not exactly balanced. No other game can you do this apart from HnG, which it goes unchecked on. Player base continues to dwindle. If you're going to take out a tank, go a tank yourself. I've never encountered in any other video game single man armies who can take out 20 tanks a match by himself. Taking down tanks should be a team effort, not a solo man's troll job. Player base will keep dwindling until this is fixed. You can keep killing the guy over and other but he can spawn back quicker than you can repair and bug out. Tank Rambo's need re-spawn timers long as a Tiger II Tank, since u can take out tanks quicker as a infantryman than you can a tank taking out a tank, Great Reto Logic. Let's just see the playerbase still drop Month after month until this problem is addressed.
  2. FTG_Bayonetta

    Air defense for the US

    AT Rifles are only that effective when you can get under the planes, Though i can lead my shots just fine over long distances.
  3. FTG_Bayonetta

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    Plane Nerf good, Tank Nerfs? Not so good.
  4. FTG_Bayonetta

    IS-2 is some kind of buIIsh1t

    Best part is getting engine taken out by a frontal shot lol
  5. My clan is still active.
  6. What's even the point of having all that frontal armor if a hellcat can absorb just as many shots in a direct fight? and not take any critical damage? This thing isn't worth spawning in.
  7. FTG_Bayonetta

    RIP Dominion. 2017-2020

    LZB is still going, even after some traitors tried to ruin it. But as some other successful gaming community leaders told, me, it always happens after a while. I mean it's sad seeing a drop in clan activity, but it's clear RETO wants to keep the Randoms grouping up and spending cash rather than support any meaningful skill increase with clans and tags and linking and all that stuff.
  8. FTG_Bayonetta

    Nerf loving GE already.

    Pretty much.
  9. FTG_Bayonetta

    Nerf loving GE already.

    And you're's is a typical response from somebody who doesn't play GE. Play GE for a while and you'll see that it's no different from the other factions. Some stuff is better, some stuff worse than other two factions.
  10. FTG_Bayonetta

    Nerf loving GE already.

  11. FTG_Bayonetta

    BA-11 Vs PuMa?

    Which do you think is the better One?
  12. I've always said that instead of following the norm in the FPS industry, RETO do their own thing and screw it all up most of the time.
  13. FTG_Bayonetta

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Hop on Discord and Play then. I'm gonna try to get back actively recruiting again when my new laptop comes.
  14. FTG_Bayonetta

    RIP Dominion. 2017-2020

    Clan scene in general is going down the toilet without any meaningful clan Support in the game. Such as that really awesome feature RETO was working on, the Squad Linking.
  15. FTG_Bayonetta

    Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 question?

    Tiger I all the way. I only go Tiger II if i have somebody i know well in discord and we coordinate