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  1. The spawn counter should be reset while you're also playing the game. I've died only once for example waaaaaaaaaaay beyond 5 mins for example it requires for Tiger II, but the respawn timer only kicks in after you've died! and not upon spawning in the vehicle, even spawning/queing as that specific role there is virtually no difference. Well you could say keep this system specifically inplace if you queue and switch roles, but if i specifically join as a tanker i still shouldn't have to wait so much to spawn. I've never played any sort of game where you have to wait to spawn back in to something you own. No other "Good" game i play thats similar to this makes you wait 5 mins, that's my alt Tab time basically when im not even doing anything in-game just stuck on the spawn screen just watching youtube. Because that's all the current system of "waiting promotes"
  2. FTG_Bayonetta

    I feel sorry for US faction

    Why would i start all over again on another faction? US is fine Learn to play better. US has been OP for years
  3. FTG_Bayonetta

    MG-13 mods

    I really wouldn't put anything on it apart from the sights and one of the barrels. The gun is a great performer right from the get go.
  4. FTG_Bayonetta

    I feel sorry for US faction

    M1/M2 Carbine is fine. Johnson and M1919 not being laser weapons anymore is a good thing. Just get good instead of relying on a crutch to be good.
  5. FTG_Bayonetta

    It's Becoming Unbearable

    Crouching when firing dramatically increases stability, i always crouch when firing.
  6. FTG_Bayonetta


    Stats like that is why im thankful i switched from SU to GE.
  7. FTG_Bayonetta

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    Yeah and thus the games population continues to decline because of whining on the forums.
  8. FTG_Bayonetta


    So they love up tanks to the point of them being obsolete for tankers, now they love up scopes and make them obsolete on infantry.
  9. Maybe cos my computer hardware sucks? WoT tanks sucks anyhow an WT is great, but i prefer combined arms games, Ala Battlefield with, Planes, Infantry, Tanks etc. But what i don't expect is infantry to dominate tanks like they are doing,
  10. FTG_Bayonetta

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    You Add GE into a WW2 game as playable and do you not expect everyone to flock to GE?
  11. FTG_Bayonetta

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    Ge has always had overpopulation big whoop, GE hardly wins Wars, SU auto resolved to victory and US does too. Posting a screenshot of a population screen proves nothing. Always annoys me when bad players or plebs complain about a gun or something specific because they suck. MG-13 is good, that doesn't make it OP. M1/M2 is OP for example, i could rant off about how much i hate that gun but i dont, i just deal with like any good player should. HnG is bleeding players because RETO keep nerfing stuff into oblivion. Why would i wanna keep playing if a gun i paid for now sucks? i can go play 100 other WW2 fps games and have more fun with the exact same gun. But in those games the same gun performs how i expect it would. here noobs complain about getting wrecked, so they nerf a good gun so pros switch to something else. it's been this cycle for years, hense why you only see AVS/STG/M1/M2 as the meta because everything else sucks.
  12. FTG_Bayonetta

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    Same deal happened with PzB, Soviets cried it was OP cos it was more accurate. If GE ever gets any new gun then SU/US cry nerf. The fact the US's only crutch got nerfed after Bi-pods was funny. When a faction depends on a gun to be good then they clearly suck. Thankfully the MG-13 is perfection that is balance. Switch to GE if you wanna experience the good stuff, instead of crying nerf. It's a well known fact that because GE has better players the guns perform better, so they get nerfed to sub-par average, not my fault if the gun is working as intended and i'm maximizing how good it can be, it's not the gun's fault it's that the player is just skilled.
  13. FTG_Bayonetta

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    Maybe people who use the gun are just good? RETO themselves said GE have the better players.
  14. I stopped spending any sort of significant time in this game once they nerfed Tanks too much. When you're stuck to playing infantry i may as well just play COD.
  15. FTG_Bayonetta


    The sound is awesome!