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  1. FTG_Bayonetta

    Why did everyone hate armor plates?

    My two cents about the issue was if Noob vs vet is unbalanced due to heavy set then why not simply remove heavyset? or just rework it to it's easier to get and provides 5 less damage but only be one rank similar to Freefall. Problem is, even if heavyset was removed and armour plates added in, Most vets who have two badge slots are just gonna switch to Hoarder Gold + whateverbadge So Vets would still be carrying the best guns + the addition of armour plates. Big difference though is the newbie has less income + has to buy all the stuff. The Vet already has everything and thus can afford the repair cost based on his increased salary. Then there's the historical accuracy issue too. I dont think armor plates have any place in this game. It's just a waste of development resources altogether, Reto could simply just buff the earlier guns too so newer unlocks aren't upgrades but instead sidegrades. There's a lot of ways to increase a noobs chances of survival without resorting to bandaids or handicaps. I'm in favour of just simply removing heavyset or just nerf it to like 5% damage reduction and keep it at bronze only Then it's just simply a small perk. Then gunplay can flow more naturally without this passive damage reduction that most people have. Why not just make it so it decreases time before health regeneration starts?
  2. FTG_Bayonetta


    It's good that you're working on updating/streamlining code to update and implement new stuff with much more ease.
  3. FTG_Bayonetta

    Today I tried scoped STG...

    I just run Scope + Bullets.
  4. FTG_Bayonetta

    Reduce sway across the board

    HnG is like the only game i know of that has that weapon sway and cone fire spread.
  5. FTG_Bayonetta


    It's the fact they get destroyed in 1-2 hits from a zooka or stickies which makes them useless, and their armor values make no difference to the amount of damage they take. They are supposed to have stronger armor, yet it doesn't do anything at all.
  6. FTG_Bayonetta

    AT gear spam

    Well you can place H3s or whatever on a front of a tiger and somehow you'll damage components nowhere near where you placed them. Armor 2.0 was pretty good when it launched, but RETO caved in and now it's like the poor man's version of WarThunders mechanics of armor and module damage. We're back to killing tanks in 3 H3s again now. They nerfed the armor and HP Waaaaaay too much. Armor actually needs to do something especially against rockets and stickies. Right now 180mm of armor makes no difference to 20mm to stickies.
  7. FTG_Bayonetta


    Honestly they should be pumping more Gold only skins or Camo for vehicles or even Premium Tanks that aren't OP but different from the other variants Like Germany should get a custom T-34/76(r) Complete with unique camo. Soviets could get T28(E) or the T26-E, slap on a free weeks worth of veteran and a few boosters for like 6$ and maybe people would buy into it. Instead of charging like 4100g for like one German Camo That's like 40 bucks lol I can buy a whole game + DLC for that. But. This is Reto so if they did do that they'd charge like 20$ What you get for this game vs what you pay for is really bad. I used to wait for the Credit/Gold Sales to buy veteran using Gold. And then pass the savings onto the vehicles using my credits. Can't do that anymore. So what's the point in even playing now? I just bought a premium tank off War Thunder for 6$, yes it's a virtual item, but i feel like its worth it because i gain more RP and Credits while using it. And i got a week's worth of Membership and a bunch of boosters included all for like 6$ in addition to the tank. RETO's way of making money in this game is asswards.
  8. FTG_Bayonetta


    According to the stats the player base actually took a nosedive during the Gold Sale. #BringBackCreditSales
  9. FTG_Bayonetta


    Clearly lol
  10. FTG_Bayonetta


    Yeah, "maybe these sales wouldn't have to be gold only if the game was profitable two years ago."
  11. FTG_Bayonetta


    Gonna see with the steam charts if this sale actually increased or brought anybody back once it's updated for this month.
  12. FTG_Bayonetta


    How about make a good game first? and then people would want to spend money on the game? By doing this Gold only, i've just ignored the sale and spent instead a couple of bucks on War Thunder and played that for the past week. Kinda counter-productive dont you think on Reto? The whole Gold only sales. makes the game disgusting and removes the only saving grace for a f2p game this had. Imagine if steam had summer sales where the only sales were by buying Steam Credits for buying games? I used to buy Veteran when not on sale or when it was on sale, and then save credits up until theres a sale, you've just destroyed that. Those who cling onto this game be it Clan players or solo players are gonna see that this game isn't gonna exist by the of the year. RETO is losing money, that's a fact, and this sale proves it by their statement of they need money so no more credit sales. They let a bunch of people go and are outsourcing their development from India or somewhere. (when is this ever good) Their investors forced them to release all this stuff this year because of money issues. A gold only sale tells me one thing "love you give me Moneyz" basically
  13. FTG_Bayonetta


    The only saving grace i use to like was how the game wasn't a p2w economy with the sales on credits + gold, but now they have said they are stopping doing credit sales, i really have no reason to play and save credits up. And it's not about being a freebie user, i've spent a lot of actual money on gold to buy things when on Credit sales. But since they are stopping that, there's virtually no reason to support this game. How can a game go so backwards on it's goals?
  14. FTG_Bayonetta


    Why can't you do a like a 10% Sale using Credits and then give the big Savings on Gold? like the current 50% off one? Least then the free users aren't getting screwed over for the Summer sale. Heck i'd even settle for a 5% sale on credit purchases.
  15. Decrease in playerbase is due to AT Rambo's being Broken AF still even after armor 2.0 and after the tanks were nerfed over and over because people seem to think infantry need to be gods vs everything in this game. Edit: The IS-3 should be in this game, any vehicle that was in production before 1945 should be in the game Pre-war/Mid War/Late War should be included such as the T-44 and IS-3, Both were designed during WW2 for combat during WW2 and there go should be in the game.