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  1. FTG_Bayonetta

    Soviet Dog Anti Tanks.

    Just the horrific use of animals really that bothers me the most about it all.
  2. FTG_Bayonetta

    Hit Markers

    I prefer it on. But like any new UI change, always add an option to disable it or allow players to adjust it via options menu. Similar to the Cross hairs when riding on a vehicle with a MG, such as the Kubel of U.S Truck, i prefer the old circle reticle the game used to the current Red Cross hairs. An option to turn it back to legacy would be nice in the same interference options.
  3. FTG_Bayonetta

    Soviet Dog Anti Tanks.

    Something i found up after Searching the doctrine for Soviet warfare is the use of Dogs to blow up tanks. I actually find this horrible in practice. And thankfully It never worked out, due to the dogs generally getting scared and often running back to the soviets. Desperate times call for desperate measures i suppose.
  4. Encouraging people to play war is kinda important, nobody is gonna wanna play war if their faction can't win because of certain features designed to boost other factions. Soviets before capital change, pretty much lost the most battles battles, but often won war Which makes perfect sense, which basically means they're auto-resolving most of the battles and only playing a few. Tweaking auto-resolve is a must. Balancing out the RTS and allowing all 3 factions to change a chance in winning is pretty much mandatory too at this point. no one in their right mind is either gonna deploy, or fight if their faction stands ZERO chance in winning because of shirty game mechanics that are hampering them. the Low production and AR clearly favor soviets Who cant pump their stuff out. Meanwhile German is stuck behind 500 long queues when the faction is busy because everyone is deploying. Starting capitals are trash too right now, it changed for the worse. I'm pretty sure Reto's own statistics can tell them that Germany is getting butt loved hard right now.
  5. Gotta love that 0 day war too. Nobody is hardly playing War lol, everyones sticking to staged. And i wonder why? War is loving pointless if your own faction is incapable of winning it..
  6. Even if it turned into Axis vs Allies (Which it should) Germany would need to get a new faction to join them for Axis, which is a whole lot of development resources.
  7. FTG_Bayonetta

    Is it now enough?

    U.S is given everything. Underdog bonus, Best capital locations. Steamrolling capabilities with no penalty lol.
  8. I mean, damn, what a plentiful state the RTS map has become. WTF happened? i recalled years back Wars lasting weeks, comebacks happened, coordination, Now wars are over faster than a fart in the wind blows. Seriously. It's Broken. No faction should be able to steamroll this easily shameful balance is at play and it shows a lack of sight by RETO to fix it.
  9. I haven't deployed in some time
  10. FTG_Bayonetta

    ☠The Letzte Bataillon☠

    Join us on Discord; Approved.
  11. Yeah i know, this is gonna be locked, but i've reported a game-breaking bug/error on one of my characters on the 5th of Feb with Reto Support Ticket website and i still haven't had a response to a fix. Does Reto have nobody working on Support Tickets anymore? Because two weeks and still no response is kinda nuts. Well the bug i suppose is that i've maxed out SMG Gold according to in-game there is no further XP to be gained on my character for that Ribbon, and my character is still Stuck with Fast Reload Silver. And i'm unable to Get Fast Reload Gold. I've reported this issue on Reto support ticket as it's effecting one of my characters as he's stuck with Silver, and i have no means to increase it to Gold.
  12. FTG_Bayonetta

    ☠The Letzte Bataillon☠

    Reported. You sound Mad bro.
  13. When you're looking at a map, you're treated to an actual first person cockpit view of the plane, which i think is neat. Can we have that? or have it as an third option or something to enable in options?
  14. It makes sense too realistically. As forces, often got re-deployed elsewhere needed where there wasn't anything to do or where the commanders needed them. So naturally retreating from a town that isn't being fought makes sense, so you shouldn't lose moral.