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    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    This so much. I don't know why Reto doesn't follow basic physics' rules to balance weapons. From cartridge caliber to weapon weight and rof, most are completely apart from rl physics, for absolutely no reason. AVS could be a damage beast but uncontrollable in full auto. With 15 bullets it has a hard coded performance ceiling to it anyway. The only AR that can reliably shoot automatically in mid-long range should be the STG with its intermediate rounds. SMGs are all over the place. In game MP-40 is a fictional weapon. Rof and 9mm effective range have nothing to do with the real weapon. PPSh with the high velocity tokarev rounds has less than half the effective range of MP and double the (actual) hits to kill against HSG while Thompson with .45 instead of the highest damage has the highest accuracy(!).
  2. Dimis1987

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    TIL avs is 2hk vs HSG.
  3. 1. Chaffee, T-70, T-34/85 and Panther are almost obsolete after armor 2.0. Armor (t-70 & panther) and damage per shot (chaffee & 85) mean almost nothing (unless you drive a KT). 2. Tank guns are damaged too easily. This feature is a drop of historicity in an ocean of videogamey balance. Make easier mobility kills, ie tracks but not their gun that turns tank fighting in voleyball class in restarted summer camps. 3. Tier 1 TD - SU-76 seems like it has nothing going for it. No turret (m10), no mg (hetz). I think that -since its indirect fire ability is not planned- a significant buff in mobility would be welcomed. 4. Pershing and IS-2 are in a different class compared to KT. Either change the classes (Persh and IS weight is comparable to panther's) or buff the top tier heavies of US/SU to match KT's ability to absorb an insane amount of rockets. 5. US/SU motorbike has serious issues. Unless driven in a straight line, anything can cause comicky jumps and zig-zags. The ease in R75's handling, the ability to transfer 3 and the better protection of the crew is one of the reason that GE bike ATs are way more rewarding in WF compared to US/SU ones. 6. Why is the most widespread AT using vehicles that are unlocked after ~8hours of driving? Either make motorbikes far easier to unlock or reverse the AT availability. I have met countless teams that nobody has unlocked a motorbike.
  4. Dimis1987

    Held off 6.7k Troops with 24 men.

    That is false. Misconceptions from the cold war era that entered the entertainment and edutainment sphere of movies, YouTube "historians" and video games. I can go into every single one of these generalisations and prove them wrong but I don't want to derail this pointless topic from reaching its final destination in the "buff dis/nerf dat" station.
  5. Why do you keep commenting without touching the subject? No, that's the whole point. How is it generals' fault for having more newbs in their playerbase? How is it generals' fault by having motorbike ATs that win less battles thus bringing them back less resources?
  6. --> I am referring to inf earnings. All the other classes have a net loss. Even apcs have a net loss if you don't keep reusing them in battles even without any actual apcs left in the AT.
  7. Dimis1987

    We Have Come a Long Way

    I agree that the gameplay is in a better state than in 2016. Even things outside weapons were annoying and crude like capturing empty lines after the objectives, getting stuck in lines because the unlucky fella for sq.leader could not change, 3 stickies even against cancer, planes farming ants while getting tickled by AA fire, spawn time penalty for apcs and defenders being able to spawn tanks, apcs etc not only in objectives but also to the starting points of secondary lines for double the love against the always in handicap attackers. The last update made me feel more optimistic for the future of the game, since all the weapons’ changes were in the right direction. What the (fps)game still suffers from though is three main things. a) Lack of clan system that throws low rank randoms against clans. Not fun for neither of the sides to fight 6 minutes battles. b) Special spam with hordes of wittmans and zaitsevs against full 18 infantry teams. (Combining a and b is the definition of frustration). c) QoL things. Rocks, barbed wires, windows’ hitboxes.
  8. I am not denying that you can win WF with any faction. You can't deny though, that you can do that more easily when deploying GE.
  9. That is no secret to anyone. SU wins less battles (even when SU was winning wars) and wastes more resources (warfunds per active battle time). One reason for this is the great difference in moto-AT earnings between GE and SU. If you start a battle with only bikes in SU it's going to be a swift loss. Not only the majority of the team hasn't unlocked motorbikes (RETO finds logical for the first available vehicle in ATs to be the second unlockable in FPS), SU bike is also less capable in the fast and safe transferring of troops.
  10. Dimis1987


    It's like that unfortunately since I started playing this game. What I do and helps a bit, is not leaving the RTS tab open when I play fps and not to have moto recons all over the map.
  11. I'm almost certain that you don't drop your weapon when you get tk. Only if you suicide.
  12. Dimis1987

    Can I have a refund?

    I think what OP is asking is if it possible to sell an item rather than getting a refund (as the term is used mostly for rl currency). So, the answer is no. It is not possible to sell an item you have purchased unless you go through the "file a ticket" system which tbh, is not worth it for 50k silver.
  13. Dimis1987

    So new ppsh be like

    PPSh and PPD are the worst performing SMGs in their tier but they will be the only ones to not receive a near damage buff, on the contrary an effective range nerf (I wonder how is possible to reduce zero). The rof buff is welcomed but again.. you have a weapon with the range of a shovel and the damage of a snowball, why not give ppsh 1k+ rpm?
  14. Dimis1987

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    You mean sniper ammo without scout-II barrel?
  15. The wf and xp distribution is not so smart. It is, pretty much, random. Someone can send a light tank AT and you can send a HT one and the RTS will take the tanker from the light AT and the tank (obviously) from yours. That's why we never got an RTS battle report that RB had promised so many times. Because they have nothing to "report". It's random!
  16. Dimis1987

    Specials and MM

    The "what" is given in the text. Again, it is not fun for anyone involved. Players who queue randomly want to have fun. Getting farmed or stay outnumbered in the cap points for the whole duration of the battle is simply not fun. Something so crucial for a game, ie creating fun! battles, cannot be left in the goodwill of the players. The game has to prioritize creating actually fun battles. There is nothing tactical in this "special classes" story. It's a marketing thing to attract players from various genres of games.
  17. @Reto.Hades Can you please tell me how Reto considers this mm to be fun? And I'm not referring only to the present, even when HG had three and four times more players, how did you justify creating battles like that? 11 infantry vs 4? Is the end any surprise to anyone? Are there any plans to fix this situation?
  18. With the way WF are calculated (basically randomly to all the ATs used during the battle), there might be issues distributing the WF in the end. Take for example a HT AT that has only one ticket left. The HT tanker obliterates everything and survives the whole battle, thus - according to your suggestion- returns to the pool. How are WF (and XP) going to be distributed?
  19. Dimis1987

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    @Reto.Hades Is that for real? Is the Garand going to be the only SA to double tap HSG with stock ammo?
  20. Dimis1987


    Do you mod it with 7n1 ammo? The recoil is not bad, even in full rof, unless you mod it with ammo.
  21. Dimis1987

    Specials and MM

    Well, I want to know first if they acknowledge it as a problem. The worst battles for random players are the result of 1. clans stomping bobs and 2. infantry farming Zaitsevs and Wittmans. For 1. there is a vague plan to incorporate a clan system, is there a plan for 2.?
  22. Dimis1987


    For me SVT and M1 are overall the best, but G43 is the only one out of the 3 that can receive green ammo with (almost) no handling penalties (mainly due to its lower base rof). G43 has the easiest handling when scoped but lacks the higher rof for dt in cqc.
  23. Dimis1987

    Почему я покинул игру сразу

    That's a nice glimpse to new players' experience. (Please right in English in this section of the forums)
  24. It baffles me since the early days the way German weapons, vehicles and equipment are described in game. SU and US stuff are given an a more strict, descriptive way, but for the German ones, Reto is balancing between being poetic and wehraboo.
  25. Dimis1987

    Describe me like one of your German equipment

    Regardless if true or not, how does this thing explains the tone in the descriptions?