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  1. starkdog

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    the old, underdog bonus was given to soviets only. it's gone, years gone. the new, the under population bonus is given to soviets, the usa and at times given to the german faction. all depends on how many players are playing and on which faction.
  2. and make sure alts get that daily reward!
  3. starkdog

    Assault Teams

    if I'm recon in a battle i usually stand on top of a rock, jump up and down and whistle.
  4. starkdog

    Logged out due to inactivity bug

    it happens players like
  5. starkdog

    Assault Teams

    recon ats are not good warriors but provide a light for infantry warriors. without a recon to guide the way the good infantry warriors go in to a battle blindly. recon ats can watch the war map from a safe distance, gather information and never have to fight. so they do more good than harm when used correctly.
  6. starkdog

    Assault Teams

    recon ats are a must for me. i try to stay clear of a battle, using recon only for getting a better view. i could play without a recon nearby but that is to risky. logistics gold on a motorcycle named Nina.
  7. starkdog

    Assault Teams

    server will shut down any moment! i just sent some ats
  8. starkdog

    Assault Teams

    first of all, ats require baby sitting. don't send them to an already stacked battle, if they get used you will get nothing but a bill from reto. i reinforce after every battle, it's a check and balance situation. tanks, planes and recon usually don't make you much even if the battle is won. the most profit that can be made right now is sending jeeps, then motorcycles and last walkers. always remember to deploy what you can afford to lose, don't over do it. apcs are difficult to have, leave that to the pros. depends on your intentions on how far you want to advance, so start with around 10 to 12 ats work them to rank 3. retire your ats to a safe place far from front lines before taking off your boots.
  9. starkdog

    Game crashing when loading the FPS tab

    stockholm or akersburg will not load players.
  10. starkdog

    Give a teammate please