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  1. or maybe war battles should be called experimental and staged the real deal. reto gets rid of prototype and applies all new things to come, to war.
  2. starkdog

    Remove Staged Battles

    i am going to force myself to play staged from now on. may the force be with me.
  3. 6h auto resolve and armor update response
  4. waiting for the 6 hour auto resolve timer to kick in!
  5. starkdog

    War Victory badge

    reto announced to change the auto resolve timer to 6 hours. if you want to call that fixing the game then so be it. it is really fixed now! your six hours are up!
  6. an all auto resolve clan for hire. report in 6h to this town.
  7. starkdog

    War Victory badge

    reto won't fix it so it is up to all to play accordingly. just because the american faction is winning all wars doesn't mean i need to join them and that is that! i am not asking for americans to join su or ge, they have a choice but intent to farm a war victory ribbon in my opinion is an exploit. i send my ats to be played. i send them against thousands of american troops. the auto resolve mechanic shows me no mercy unless they get played. all said and done, america will continue to win all wars because their armies grow bigger and stronger with each war. enough said for now.
  8. starkdog

    War Victory badge

    there was a time when it was fun to send to ge without being smothered by the americans.
  9. starkdog

    War Victory badge

    when commanders/generals overstack a battle that is played, all their ats will most likely not get played. war victory ribbon is self explanatory. xp points can only be acquired by ats actually being played in a battle. war victory ribbon xp goes towards the general or commander in charge of the ats. so yeah drhoops just maybe the american faction someday will max out on their war victory ribbon, buy new generals and start over again. soon if not now the american army will be to large to defeat, then it's retos chance to intervene and this won't happen. as i mentioned before it is the players responsibility to not exploit the game. i will not feed my ats to the american army, so i remain in the non deployed department until some changes have been made to war mode. my suggestions and opinions do not count and i am just wasting my time typing these words and that is that! but i have a spark of hope!
  10. starkdog

    Radical RTS changes NOW

    change auto resolve timer to 48 hours. this includes soft cap. war will last at least 48 hours. have server maintenance every day.
  11. starkdog

    tree vs rock

    hole in ground always wins
  12. what boris would like to do to reto