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  1. starkdog

    GaiusBaltar won the game

    Gaiusbaltar? no wait this is shultz!
  2. russian farmer with a sack of ammunition shared by all factions.
  3. starkdog

    The Dirty Dozen

    can i apply? i can do a justifiable vernon pinkley!
  4. starkdog

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    update 1.13 looks nice, thanks reto, new tanks. new maps, cool, lets try it out!
  5. this reto love thing is beginning to worry me!
  6. or have a random soldier generator button, then everyone will have a surprise! adding to drhoops suggestion in regards to the mm. i think i said what he said.
  7. starkdog

    i am amazed

    the closer the game gets to realism is ruin. bodies shooting 200 feet in the air from a single landmine or grenade then falling down from the sky to bounce off a pavement several times was hilarious. those little things were worth paying for. after playing the old maps and then being confined to the newer maps was a sense of freedom lost. those dramatic changes to vehicles, tanks, squads, weapons and what have you, may take time to adapt. but after playing the old h n g, it is just a bum trip. the older versions of h n g contained some real cool ideas that went to the shredder. rolf_mutzelburg, boldin and giausbalter are by far the most funniest i have seen in these forums with good remarks. just would make sense that reto would have listened to your advice by now. h n g ww2 fantasy
  8. starkdog

    i am amazed

    all the art work, animation, computer programming, online servers and everything else that makes this a playable game for the players is great, but it has some stupid ideas and flaws. and it's fkn free.........i liked the armor to thick days!
  9. starkdog

    Tankers with H3s

    i have two su tankers. the first su tanker can use h3s or any type of anti tank weapon because i got him long ago as an infantry. this one has career options. the second su tanker cannot use any anti tank. this one can only become a general. and yes, that happens to me most the time. infantry interferes with tank battle.
  10. after battle starts skirmishes/para blocks auto resolve in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. encounters auto resolve in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. give or take a few seconds depending upon the server. i hope this info is helpful.
  11. starkdog

    How To Christmas

    merry ho ho ho
  12. starkdog

    Asset burn off will begin.

    burn it all down!
  13. starkdog

    Alt accounts abusing

    hi houndz! where the hell are you these days? i mean how the hell are ya? and i did notice some uh........... strange characters too!
  14. starkdog

    Immersive as Hell... Wow!!

    funny stories! the mountain map. su vs ge an su 85 was approaching 01 from e3 and stopped. a german ran up and placed two land mines on the side of the tank and here came another german soldier in a jeep and ran over both the mines. they all died. i was traveling in a su jeep from e2 to e3 and proceeded to follow a german cargo truck. i accidentally ran over the german that jumped out of the cargo truck. his name was luckydude.
  15. starkdog

    Press E to pay respect ...