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  1. cragensten

    small window and crash? Help!

    Thanks! That seems to have helped.
  2. cragensten

    small window and crash? Help!

    Same here. Really annoying. I run a 2560x1440 monitor with an RTX 2070 if that helps any. Always on the latest drivers. Also, use to play the game through steam, and I had the issue. So I swapped to the discord version, crashing still happens.
  3. cragensten

    Why are Germans and Americans so op?
  4. cragensten

    Why did everyone hate armor plates?

    I was on board with the armor plate idea, up until this argument. Additional credit sink is not needed at all. The armor plates are supposed to help noobs stay alive, not hurt their credit earnings.
  5. I actually think PID control is a great idea. I agree though, ensuring a war doesn't get deadlocked is important.
  6. Well it always seems to make the tanks run away anyway.
  7. With an LMG, I harass light - med? tanks by unloading on their fuel tanks or ammo compartments. It gets them moving pretty fast.
  8. While I appreciate what you're trying to demonstrate, using as a reference point is comparing apples to oranges. Google's DNS (e.g. is anycast'd, meaning they have a highly distributed infrastructure around the globe all advertising the same address space, meaning your ping to will be routed to the nearest Google server. This doesn't even mean one of Google data centers, but most likely servers located within a co-located space at the edge of every major Internet Service Provider or major Internet Exchange point. Having said that, that ping does seem highly erratic, though it could be any number of things out of Reto's control. However, even if it's some ISP issue, Reto should be tracking down to the best of their ability where the issues could be and harassing the ISP's Short of that, moving hosting providers with better upstream networks could be another option, among other potential options.
  9. cragensten


    I've been playing US since I came back to the game, but I admit I've been deploying my SU army for the free WF
  10. cragensten

    Rework of the Game

    Bipods for LMG's will happen ... eventually. The question is when. Never soon enough.
  11. That is great news! Also, I spy a graphical representation of the player's naughty list. Very nice as well.
  12. Agreed. It will make selecting the AT's that you want easier. All from the stacked AT scroll bar.
  13. cragensten

    New 'Bulletin' and UI updates in 1.09

    Soon. Days away.
  14. I like the overall idea. It keeps auto-resolve (which is necessary) while curbing back the ultimate AR power of whales.
  15. When you are sprinting and then jump, you lose a big chunk of stamina from the jumping. Is this a bug? It is not consistent behavior with their changes a while ago regarding jumping and stamina.