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  1. They should implement a similar system for grenades as well...
  2. Ok, step one in making ARs great again is stop treating the AVS and M1/M2 as ARs. The only AR in this game is the StG. The AVS needs to be a rifle again. The M1 needs to be an M1, possibly with a full-auto mod. Reference @BroskyBro's M1 Carbine threads. This please. I don't think a price will make any difference. IMO making all inf scopes T-post scopes would help. Assault rifles should ditch scopes completely, otherwise severely limit them. The M1 Carbine could not equip a scope, period. The ZF-4 on the StG was useless, and the AVS had a somewhat unsuccessful sniper variant with a PEM scope (not the PU scope seen in-game). Yeah, gun smoke is stupid ATM. Dear god please! Yeah, repair costs are pretty bad on some weapons.
  3. These are both legitimate, IMO. The MG 42 is just unfun and hard to use. The queues are too long. While I know there's a lot of rumors about stuff like this, that's a pretty big claim you're pushing there. I know there is a lot of sentiment about that, but really.
  4. You're fighting against Russian Germans. Do you really think they'll play any nicer than altspam [KGB]?
  5. Russia has damn near as many weapons as the other factions. It's not march 2015 any more, you have plenty of variety. Why? It'd just be a redundant AVS. And? Care to elaborate? It was used in the winter war, that's it. Wasn't used against Germany. Sure, fair enough. The 1919 is a medium MG. It's not an M2HB. Lol fuk no. Again, lol fuk no. The M22 Locust WAS NOT USED BY THE US. GET THAT INTO YOUR THICK SKULL. FOR THE LAST TIME. WAS NOT USED. The Chaffee is fine where it is, it just needs balancing.
  6. It's a .22. Just stop right there.
  7. IMO bolt actions should be the rule, not the exception, when it comes to starter weapons. The US should be the exception with a starter SA. And yes, it's possible to balance SA vs BA. Several games have done it.
  8. I remember playing that. 3rd person camp fest. Those helicopters were fun though.
  9. The 38t was adopted by the Germans on a large scale. All the UD used were a few boys rifles to knock out Japanese floatplanes in the Pacific. A much better choice would be the M18 Recoilless Rifle.
  10. The Vulksturmgewehr and similar weapons weren't issued to regular troops. And seriously, what idiots want that trash? They sucked, were meant to suck, and performed as such.
  11. I'd rather see: Luger, P38, M712.
  12. This. The cutts compensator definitely would have helped the recoil as well.
  13. +1, this was the only function they had.
  14. I concur. Hell, I'm all for preserving scopes on SA. They aren't the issue.
  15. The Thompson M1A1 and Thompson M1928A1 are very different.