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  1. Buff STG 44

    Chew through noobs faster? The STG already 3hk's noobs. This buff will only help us deal with HSG and HSS. If you're still getting wiped, and you've gotten to the point of having HSG, then that's on you, not the STG. This will help the STG where it's the weakest: against more seasoned foes.
  2. Buff STG 44

    Oh sure, make my MG 42 a OHK while you're at it, let's see you cry. I'm looking for sensible realism from a gameplay perspective. As in, making things as real as possible as long as it benefits the gameplay. At the moment the STG is far from a good representation of its real performance. And in-game, it reflects that. It's justn ot much to write how about, and it essentially bring the same playstyle as an MP 40 or MG. Unfortunately our dear acquaintance @Paciencia095 can't seem to grasp my proposal without knee-jerking into two contradictory opinions: "STG ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE AN MG" and "I WANT MG ROF ON AN STG". Look, I don't give two fucks about the STG's rate of fire. The STG's stock ROF is more than enough for what it was built to do. If the STG in-game didn't do pea-shooter damage and have the accuracy of a potato gun, 500-600 is fine. I want the STG to actually have a niche. Enough range, damage, and precision to serve as a 3hk SA when necessary, and enough ROF to stand enough of a chance in CQC. I don't want a damn machine gun or a G43.
  3. Buff STG 44

    I made reference to the Johnson to show how weak your argument regarding "STG isn't an MG" is. As I said, the Johnson isn't an MG gameplay-wise either, yet it has 3hk. And given how you want to up the STG's ROF to machine-gun rates, it seems the only one who wants the STG to be a machine gun is you. I just want the STG to be more effective as a rifle, hence I'd rather keep the stg to 600 RPM max and a 3hk, to emphasis semi-auto usage. You're a waste of my time.
  4. Buff STG 44

    The Johnson is a machine gun in name only in H&G. It isn't burdened by the same movement restrictions, nor does it cost 7 equipment points.
  5. Buff STG 44

    Who says? Look, in this case the STG would basically be a more agile MG 34 with less ammo and less range. That's fine. If you think 3hk isn't balanced, then you'd support 4hk Johnson, right? The STG isn't a peashooter, and frankly I'm tired of using it as an MP40 + range. That's not anywhere close to how it performed.
  6. Buff the PPD-40

    Not a bad name... my pepesha is named "Lead Suppository". It's OK stock, good balance of control and RPM, with field trigger it's a little better, and marks trigger is my favorite.
  7. Buff the PPD-40

    As someone who just suffered with that thing to get the PPSh, 550 is adequate if the gun is precise, such as the MP-40. The PPD can't hit shirt, so either you get an RNG headshot or play the awkward CQC dance until you slowly score enough body shots or die.
  8. How fun does sitting on the ground for a minute or two sound to you? Landing should be enough, it takes them out of the fight. Frail in a sensible way. No more random HE cocksuckery. Sure, but AA is free. Rewards for easy shirt should be removed. Empty jeeps worth 100XP? Plz no.
  9. Making stamina management important

    This doesn't even physically makes sense. A huge butt round isn't going to impact your lung capacity. The fact that it isn't even getting hit that sets this off is what sounds even worse. I guess...? Not really "management", just sounds like a cheesy way to make melee viable? Also another thing which you can't determine by looking at a player. Considering people sprint around half the time due to "running" being unbearably slow, I see this being another RNGesus system where every other enemy is a OHK. This isn't how to do suppression. Suppression should make you want to wait out the barrage and pop up later. This just makes it easier to screw people who are in a bad way to begin with. An enemy in an open field is already easy pickings, so I don't think we need a system to literally glue them in place, relatively speaking, to gun them down. Also, the argument is "SMGs have RNGesus, so why not RNGesus for melee?", then?
  10. MP34 and CQC

    I prefer field trigger myself. The ironically named "marksman" trigger makes the MP 40 inaccurate as all hell.
  11. Premium soldier

    Sounds like P2W. A one-off "premium" payment in return for a substantial amount of credits? You do realize that having a nearly limitless supply of credits is P2W, right? No need to budget use of equipment. I completely disagree, horrible idea.
  12. Have you ever heard of paragraphs?
  13. M1919 sights

    Reto.Splixxen's latest stream.
  14. Captured weapons

    I didn't see any US boobs running around with Mosin-nagants in the history books... Captured weapons historically speaking were highly specific to region and circumstances. As Heroes and Generals basically disregards historical significance, I'd say it'd be better to not implement captured weapons. Additionally, as others have said: If you want to play with X faction's weapons, then play as X faction.
  15. New Tier Rifle Suggestions

    Not by the US. Only thing I can think of is the "Pacific Coast Militia Rangers" formed in british columbia. Funnily enough, the soviets used more lever-actions, although most were sent to the Spanish republicans. Either way, it's stupid. Sure, adds variety, isn't just a reskin. But now we have the issue of the rest of them... Basically the 1934 in rifle form, but without the 1 equipment point vs 2 gimmick. Would this be unique in any way? The G43 was an overall upgrade Pointless, weak POS. If it had a one-equipment point reduction compared to the mosin, then it's not a bad idea. But would it OHK? And if it couldn't, who would even use it? Was not used in the main theatre of combat. Used exclusively in Finland.