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    Whatever the love that middle one is.

    Add that adjustable stock AVS for 6 points for Paras only. Boom, done.
  3. M39 Armoured Utility Vehicle

    At least the M3A1 has speed. Frankly, we need a .50 cal buff. The US was to the M2 HMG as the Germans were to the 20mm cannon. They stuck them on everything.
  4. How to balance the STG-44 (For real!!)

    AVS and M1/M2 are honestly great where they're at. The AVS has a clear role in medium range with the ability to do quite well in CQC. Not the best option at that range, but still serviceable. The M1/M2 is the undeniable king of CQC. Combined with only 6 equipment points required and good ammo pool. Certainly not the end all past 20 meters, but it can definitely reach out farther than people would lead you to believe. The STG is the only weapon that has identity issues. Was made into too much of an SMG when we needed a rifle. And this is the faction with the best SMG, all things considered.
  5. Tanks still engage in skirms on the RTS part of the game. So simply removing tanks from skirmishes without putting them elsewhere when they engage on assault lines wouldn't end well. Now, the new tank-only gamemode that's being worked on might fix that. Problem is while tanks are extremely powerful when no AT is present, they're quite powerless when any amount of AT is on the field. It's just too easy to roll up to a tank and fist it into oblivion. Tanks definitely need to be less like snipers and actually more with the infantry to some degree. Frankly, doing that now is suicide, as while infantry might protect you from some enemy attacks, the vast majority of times you can't trust your own teammates to gun down a rambo as he simply rams his bike into the tank's side, gets off, and plonks/throws stuff on the take. The tank itself offers the enemy cover, so unless you have a good angle, he'll be fine, And if he concentrates on AT, he'll probably die, but he'll also be generally successful at blowing the tank up. Tanks should be a quality over quantity resource in Assault mode. Something that acts as a reasonable force multiplier when assaulting an objective. It should take more than one half-assed attack to kill a tank, but it also should require the tank and infantry working in tandem to actually get anything done. A dedicated AT guy should still be able to love a tank up, but not nearly as easily as currently.
  6. stop blaming players for team kills

    Because it gives players the option to not flag the offending player if he judges it to not be worth it.
  7. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    That's a mild understatement. Yeah, 'cuz they'e dying of laughter...
  8. That's sure doing the Me-410 a whole lot of good... /s Speed isn't an advantage in the tiny-butt maps we have to work with. Esp. with nose mounted cannons that are laser accurate to 10000 miles or whatever.
  9. Buy only grenades of the same country

    He's talking AP grenades. We already can't buy foreign AT nades any more.
  10. RETO= " WE dont Know"

    I don't believe removing a weapon from a specific class would fall under reto's "removal policy". The weapon is still in the game. Who would use the STG, MG 42 when you can use an FG-42? No. No more easy to use auto weapons. There's already too damn many.
  11. RETO= " WE dont Know"

    I'm going to advocate just the opposite. The Johnson and FG are statistically no-brainers when it comes to their stats, esp, for a measly 6 equipment points. Just think how Fg 42, or MP 40? It's a no brainer. The FG, Johnson, and Federov should all be exclusively paratrooper weapons, as they're the ones who most benefit from a hard-hitting weapon like that. Infantry already has a varied and effective arsenal. They don't need a para weapon for an OP # of equipment points.
  12. All About Tanks

    How could they nerf HE any further? Right now you practically have to land one right under the guy's feet to kill.
  13. Recon Problem of H&G

    That's not the point at all. The idea is to encourage classes which normally have little involvement in the objectives to support the infantry instead of playing their own little game hundreds of meters away. In the current assault game mode, we can't afford to have recons, tanks, and pilots off doing their own thing.
  14. Old Mountain town

    You guys sure are pressing those nostalgia goggles up against your eyeballs, aren't you? Map was horrible, worse campfest than any currently in-game.
  15. The Answer with 1 word forum game!