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  2. OK, I do see the concern there? Remember when prone was glitchy as f*ck? Imagine if bipods, which would likely be vital for MGs as proning is for snipers, would be glitchy as prone was? Shitstorm ensues.
  3. Yes, but the current system works fine. And I personally abhor games with medic classes that get their own set of weaponry. Oh the good old "He doesn't have an LMG, Snip0r wiffle, or anything else special? Shotgun or AR, and call it a day!" Please die quickly, for there are better solutions. Personally I prefer Reto's implementation.
  4. 222

    But true, I reckon.
  5. You do realize a hellcat could be torn open by practically every weapon in the game, right?
  6. Lol no, they're not. Russia was known for swarming enemies with huge numbers of cost-effective mediums. That's about it. Iconic? You're suggesting an inferior tank to the IS-2 and a cancelled KV-5. Would you really call an inferior tank and a cancelled tank "iconic"?
  7. Russians won by sheer numbers. They had enough tanks to have the liberty of ramming enemy tanks. On a one-to-one scale, a T-34 is extremely inferior to a panther or tiger. They just had a love ton of T-34s.
  8. Oh, thanks for that, asshat. So you want a better explanation, do you? Or do you still only think the way to make firefights last longer is to make people bulletsponges? Here's the issues with H&G. The issue why firefights are over in seconds. -Headshots are stupidly common due to RNGesus cone fire. Reversing that right there would definitely show improvement. -People get away with stupidity. Nobody in this game has to think in CQC. You just do a little strafe dance, aim at head level or so, and hope for the best. Maybe whip our your sidearm if your SMG fails you. That's about the extent of it. The only mistakes people fall for are being outflanked, f.e. somebody behind them. My solution for this is to remove the extremely physics-defying strafe dance, thus making extremely risky shovel-range engagements less common. People will prefer to then use their auto weapon from cover, say 10 feet away from an enemy, instead of practically hugging them. This will also give rifles more prominence in CQC, possibly encouraging them to engage there more. -In addition, many weapons have ridiculously buffed ROF, and others have ridiculously nerfed ROF. Sure, some weapons are going to be faster than others, but that can be offset by other statistics. -rambo gameplay is encouraged by laser hipfire. This in and of itself likely results in a lot of engagements typically lasting a few seconds at best. People are encouraged to get out there and wreck people left and right due to extremely dependable hipfire. And it gets even more stupid with pointer quick fire.
  9. The reason is quite clear, and they've said so before. Name changes are impossible, as they would conflict with the databases, IIRC.
  10. No, he means returning the infantry spawn to the resource pool, not actually reviving the soldier.
  11. Will do so when I'm better rested. However, take this as an I.O.U. for a better explanation. Capiche?
  12. Imma just go ahead and address your points first. This doesn't make up for the fact that it's completely OP. It has a lot of upsides, with one of the few downsides being cost. Yes. And it's paper tank vs chaffee. And T-70, for that matter. Hellcats are also another example of all the advantages without any of the disadvantages. Oh sure it has shirt armor, but it can still take the same number of shots from most other tanks. Yes, it is. Every other fighter's quirks don't make up for the fact that the P-38 handles a thousand times better. And those quirks don't matter for shirt when it's time to tango. In short, the fact that it turns well makes it stupidly OP. Yes, it does. Because turning is literally 99% of flying. Booming and zooming doesn't matter when a P-38 (or anything else) can light it up and send it to the ground with a burst of 20mm. Correction - panther players who started playing after the panther was added are often trash. They have what I like to call E8/Hellpussy syndrome. People who bought it who had been using StuG/Pz4 Trashtank for years are the ones who took their knowledge of flanking, using the weakspots effectively, etc, and stomp with it, even months and months after the "panther shockwave" is over. IMO Hetzer should get 2hk, but much slower reload. This is grounded in reality as the thing was really, REALLY cramped. In addition, the remote MG should have to be loaded by peeking out the hatch. The StuG needs a gun shield. That's it. It's better overall armor + faster reload will still make it better in some scenarios, but the Hetzer will still be useful. The SU-76 needs a buff as well. I'd rather they just buffed other T1 TDs. 3hk TDs are just pitifully shirt. The MG 42 needs to actually fill its intended role. The M1/M2 needs to be reworked. It's just silly at this point. It needs a set of buffs AND nerfs. The PTRD needs to actually fill its intended role, instead of being a trolly deathstick. So, 3-4hk with shirty accuracy, more smoke than a NASA launch, and meh hipfire is what you think it should do? Dream on, kiddo. M1919 needs to get a bipod as with other LMGs. It also needs a loving stock. Basically a 1919A6. Don't encourage stupidity with OP guns. Needs to be reworked. Are you high? "Is practically like an MP 34" What... what are you smoking? -3hk -handles like an SMG -basically no recoil unless you mod it like a tard. -SMG equipment points. Ah, so what you mean is that it has the handling/equip points of an MP 34, but the stats of a 1919? I see. /s The DP is literally an MG 34. Good god you're horrible. The BF1 sweet spot system is literally cancer. All it does in BF1 is basically punish BA players for even attempting to push the objective. Thus it created a huge sniper problem. WTF is a sniper rifle? Does this guy look like a sniper?: No, ofc he isn't, you tit. This would make BA useless. You think the current bushfairy issue is bad? Dear god your anus will be clenched 24/7 when every single one who decided to work on the point joins them. This is what I agree to. But keep OHK. Don't want to get OHK'd? Then don't get shot. Use cover. Don't be a giant tit.
  13. Yes. You better bet your butt that those fights took ages. And that's with OHK LMGs, rifles, etc. I don't exactly want that in H&G. But I want more of it.
  14. We shall press on. @Reto.Circinus @Reto.Hades FEED US.