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  1. Problem is that content as simple as bipods should have been something released in the goddamn alpha. There are many problems plaguing this game on the FPS side alone, what with ancient maps which don't really support the current gameplay even with multiple overhauls, and weapon handling being so out of line with what's actually needed. And reto's infatuation with releasing things to fill gaps which don't exist. They could have added an M1 carbine to fill a mid-range role which hadn't been filled yet, but they added the m1/m2 which basically does the Thompson's job. Like really, what's the point of having a huge arsenal if they overlap each other to the point of hilarity? Add to that weapons just not doing their "intended" jobs all that well. What's the point of an STG or M1/M2 with a scope when they're essentially glorified SMGs, for example?
  2. The G41 sucked, the G43 was introduced to remedy issues with the G41.
  3. So how much time do you enjoy looking down at the ground? Seriously, if there's a sad stat for H&G, it's "Hours spent falling by parachute". Para's job is to insert quickly and rape anything near a cap zone to make it easier to get into said cap zone. Beauty of free fall is you can pop open your chute whenever you want! If I think I have to glide a bit farther, I'll pop it say 50 meters up and glide. That beats slowly floating to the ground for what feels like half an hour every single time.
  4. How much of a choice is it if you get shot out of the air 9/10 jumps as a para while waiting to land? Free fall is a choice in the same way that complying with an armed robber is a choice.
  5. I agree, implementing rewards like this would very likely encourage more cooperative and desirous playstyles. Similar implementation could easily encourage some players to defend, or provide assistance, etc, instead of kill whoring and farming.
  6. Arsnicthegreat

    merge plane asap or buff ME-410?

    Reto has a love affair with Spanish civil war vehicles screwing with 1945.
  7. Arsnicthegreat

    Mountain Town 2

    Well yeah, pretty much "spawn on point unless it's under attack, in which case spawn on a random shack 100 meters away or something" Now it's "spawn on some area squeezed into maps not designed for this system at a distance away from the nearest objective that is just far enough away to make walking uncomfortable but driving a waste".
  8. Arsnicthegreat

    How to kill a T-28 Model 1934 101

    Don't even need to lower them, not hard at all to shoot the guy between the flaps.
  9. Arsnicthegreat

    "Take and Hold" - Gamemode Idea

    Could have multiple objectives per stage of the advance. Both would have to be captured to move on. A-<B/C>-D-<E/F>-G or such. This would require the team to cooperate effectively at objs. such as A, D, and G, which would act as chokepoints, while B/C and E/F would require smaller unit tactics and proper distribution of players to tackle, while allowing flexibility to take certain objectives first, depending on the situation and what is deemed most attainable.
  10. Arsnicthegreat

    Anti-Aircraft Soldier

    We've already got every other infantry with a handful of stickies up his rectum, tho...
  11. Arsnicthegreat

    "Take and Hold" - Gamemode Idea

    Yeah, instead of splitting up a team into small groups per line. Assault at the moment still feels like a low-intensity skirmish unless you're down to one line or two next to each other. Also so much wasted space on the other lines.
  12. Arsnicthegreat

    Kar98k for starting weapon

    Idk, maybe a good incentive for newbies to play US and SU.
  13. Arsnicthegreat

    Mines are disgusting

    That, and the ones in-game were buried en-masse to discourage tank and personnel from advancing, not as lone troll devices designed to catch free kills around objectives...
  14. Because hordes of G-43s historically littered battlefields from Normandy to Stalingrad...
  15. Arsnicthegreat

    T-60 model 1942, light tank for SU

    From what I've heard it performs worse, but has large capacity.