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  1. RETO= " WE dont Know"

    I'm going to advocate just the opposite. The Johnson and FG are statistically no-brainers when it comes to their stats, esp, for a measly 6 equipment points. Just think how Fg 42, or MP 40? It's a no brainer. The FG, Johnson, and Federov should all be exclusively paratrooper weapons, as they're the ones who most benefit from a hard-hitting weapon like that. Infantry already has a varied and effective arsenal. They don't need a para weapon for an OP # of equipment points.
  2. All About Tanks

    How could they nerf HE any further? Right now you practically have to land one right under the guy's feet to kill.
  3. Recon Problem of H&G

    That's not the point at all. The idea is to encourage classes which normally have little involvement in the objectives to support the infantry instead of playing their own little game hundreds of meters away. In the current assault game mode, we can't afford to have recons, tanks, and pilots off doing their own thing.
  4. Old Mountain town

    You guys sure are pressing those nostalgia goggles up against your eyeballs, aren't you? Map was horrible, worse campfest than any currently in-game.
  5. Are you tired of loosing battles ?

    I tries.
  6. Are you tired of loosing battles ?

    Well that would be a mighty fine idear there.
  7. Pls. Reto Allow Med and Heavy Planes in Staged

    Aye, and I use my StuG and shoot the fuel drums on IS-2. Not like it has a fun time penning much else with APCR. Good fun. /s
  8. PTRD Fixs.

    Guy almost gets knocked on his butt every shot. Also, I'd love to see how that looked down the sights. At least a few inches of error.
  9. The new "you're vet if" thread

    US Version: You're a vet if you remember only playing against stugs and ocasional dumbf*ck with a panzer 4. You're a vet if you remember arguing about G43 vs M1 Garand.
  10. So I found some old h&g screens

    Nice to know I'm loved. u 2 bb I'm fall of 2014, so not much better myself.
  11. Recon Problem of H&G

    This map will be OK for light tanks. But for mediums and heavies, longer ranges would be much appreciated. Think of Airfield map ranges. 500+ meters where the performance of each gun might be tested. This map is a good start, but tankers want ranges where their armor actually matters. @Reto.Desji, any comment would be greatly appreciated regarding this.
  12. M1919 BAR

    BAR leads to Johnson and 1919. 1919 is a smooth ride, easy to use, just has shirty sights (will be changed soon(tm), reto is working in new sights for it), while the johnson is more mobile, iffy sights, but nice still. M1/M2 is nice, but expensive if you want to mod it and a CQC deadend.
  13. Recon Problem of H&G

    Problem is that playing like that detracts from the rest of the team. Even a dogshit newbie infantryman who manages to stick his fat butt on a point is more useful that a K/D focused recon who sits 300 meters away taking potshots... Ironically their only true use is war is their viewrange, which is completely pointless at this point. Which is, in my opinion, quite the opposite of what we need. This game needs some restrictions. Problem is that reto seems to only restrict the things that don't need restrictions (squad 2.0, f.e.) without limiting what actually needs limiting. They're definitely trying to do it softly, with the new gamemodes coming out for specific classes, but we'll see how that works out. Frankly, I see the new tank-only maps being popular, although I think they need to be larger. Assault map ranges are needed for it to be fun, as the current 100 meter slugfest is just boring for tanks. But a mode w.o anti tank rambos and plenty of tanks to fight will surely draw people. If this is done with every class then assault will (hopefully) be relived of the glut of specialists.
  14. There won't be a fix until there is a major fix directed toward weapons. In general, it's time for (in)accuracy to stop being such a determining feature. While nerfing headshot mult from 5x to 4x definitely helps with random headshots, it punishes aimed headshots. Weapons like the carbines, pistols, etc, when aimed, are punished a lot.