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  1. The luchs is equipped with a 20mm autocannon. If you want a classical "single shot" tank, try the 38t.
  2. The T16 wasn't used by the US. It was made for the purposes of Lend Lease, and was primarily used by the Canadians as an artillery tractor.
  3. 20 rounds. I rest my case.
  4. The only light tank the Americans need is the M3 light tank.
  5. Ah, you mean the other sort of Johnson.
  6. You know what else has great burst fire potential? Max ROF 3hk on the 1919. And that's actually controllable. Also, as it happens, far more reliable.
  7. I definitely support the idea behind this thread. I'm sorry, but I must be to differ. It's got horrible recoil. Almost nobody uses this for competitive play for a reason. Just not that useful or worthwhile.
  8. I smell P2W. Seriously, don't venture into that territory.
  9. Compared to the AVS? baseball. Have you actually used the weapon? Hipfire with an MP 40 and then with an STG. "hipfire like an SMG" my arse. You'd hope so, wouldn't you? Exactly. To be fair it is still fairly nasty at extreme shovel range. But arguably the most effective overall. Yes. No, not at all. On whose authority? Slap a scope on that thing and tell me how accurate it is. M3 > STG.
  10. Eh, I'm fairly confident adding Anschusspatrone is worth it. The longer ranged 2hk combined with the better precision (making up for lack of precision sights) adds a lot of value to the weapon.
  11. Reto's representation of the C96 is..poor, at best.
  12. The issue with the X1 point on Mountain town is that 99% of the fighting after one side took an objective would focus on X1. That's not good, considering X1 was extremely claustrophobic and most of all, extremely boring to fight around. So basically, after an attacker took O1 or O2, then there'd be very little fighting elsewhere but those 2-3 houses around X1. For hours, possibly. And then somebody would sneak around with half the team when X1 goes in their favor and caps the objective faster than you can say "APC in depot/train station" and win the game. So maybe 10-15 minutes total on both objectives, and 1-2 hours on X1. That's why it sucked.
  13. No, it wasn't. The Germans didn't issue it. The only ones they'd use were privately purchased. And even then most preferred the P08 or P38.
  14. The MG 42 and 1919 actually had grips which permitted use without the mount. The Spade-grips that the SG has, similarly to the M2 Browning, make it nearly impossible to use w/o a mount.
  15. Guys, guys - you're going about it all wrong! Everybody knows Cesnas are the best for recruiting gimps!