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  1. I don't mean to be an a$$ but i think we need more important stuff than that feature, like a fix for the FPS and lag, BUT if that feature is implemented, them limit the number of planes in a single match to 2 or 3 per team, so they can have an actual benefit to the game, not just fly around the map and drop bombs on spawn points and capture points, killing enemies and teammates at the same time.
  2. Consists of: 6 P38 heavy planes (mostly people who suck at playing anything else, so they play heavy planes since its so easy for them to earn credits that way) - get around 5k xp each if its a long game, no skills needed 4-5 recons that camp around the objective (some noobs, some are experienced) - the better ones get 1k-2k xp, the less experienced guys get around 500-800 8 to 10 infantry (1 or 2 have the m1919 automatic sniper rifle, the rest are new players with m1's and greaceguns) - the couple of guys with good weapons get around 500-600 xp, other barely go over 200 OUTCOME: if they have planes its a sure win, if not, its a sure loss CONCLUSION: US infantry doesn't need to lift a finger when playing since the planes kill everything, and when they dont, US has their "bad" weapons to kill everything in their way, while SU and GE always get destroyed, no matter how hard they try, all because 5-6 guys suck at playing this game so they go easy-mode and play with p38's If RedBjarne ignores the questions about op weapons and vehicles, FPS drops and lag in today's devstream, while claming to be more "transparent" about their plans for this game, more and more people will stop playing this game and just switch to something worth their time and money. I hope for the sake of this game, and for the sake of all the time people spent on it, they AT LEAST revert some of their weapon nerfs so we can have a somewhat balanced game, not a standard "america always wins" shooter. Or fix the FPS drops that come after every update, instead of adding planes that nobody needs. Or just sell the game to somebody who can actually make it work.
  3. Simply, when is their vacation over and when will the drop an update? And please, don't hit me with that "soon(tm)" bomb
  4. People actually want to give more sway to recon scopes? Oh no i have a better idea, lets remove BA rifles from the game so recons have to use slingshots now, that will surely make the game fair! It's not enough that you have to rely on luck to get your sight over a target, and that your rank 12 "academy trained" recon's (that you paid a small fortune for) hands shake like he has Parkison's disease? Instead of getting good and thinking before you run trough the middle of that airfield map you ask Reto for more nerfs so you can play how you want while other people that paid money for this game have to shut up and keep playing. I'm honestly tired of crybabies that want to run and jump around in the middle of an open area instead of moving from cover to cover and then instantly ask for nerfs because somebody sniped them, if you want to run and gun, go play depot encounter, or better yet, take your spoiled butt to call of duty, it has double jumps and wall jumps and all those crappy killstreaks that you ask Reto to bring into this game too, and all kinds of other crap so you can run and gun there, stop ruining this game for people.
  5. wow seeing the experiences of older players reto really did ruin their own game... such a shame.. reto obviously thinks they have Planetside 2 or World of Warships-sized maps so they can support 10+ planes and 12+ tanks at the same time
  6. Probably suggested before, but the amount of planes per match should be limited at a maximum of 2-3 per team and tanks at around 4 per team to avoid spamming, let's be real, the maps in this game are not large enough to support the current number of tanks and planes that are being spawned.
  7. Is it just me being Captain Obvious or does the game run much smoother with an Intel processor rather than an AMD?
  8. is there any way to avoid/help/fix this?
  9. Can anybody tell me why, 1 in every 5 matches, my game goes crazy, starts "slingshoting" when i walk, and I can't control my soldier? And do any of you get the same problem? It happens right when I'm in combat and capturing a point, I literally can't play. Keep in mind that in those games my ping is pretty good (around 50).
  10. lol i don't know when did i say it was an SA rifle
  11. I have an infantry sniper and I got bored of it so I bought an STG44 for that soldier and maxed it and I started playing recon and its pretty fun since I'm really good at it, I have all mods but I was just wondering which scope do the more experienced recons use. Cheers
  12. A simple one here: Fine cross scope, or German#4?
  13. Never in my whole miserable life have i read something more accurate than this post, thank you stranger.
  14. Okay look, i know that there are people who play H&G who actually saw combat and were at risk of getting hurt or worse, and i respect all of you guys. But it's just so funny and sad at the same time when somebody lies how he "served in *insert a recent conflict here*" I think it's really disrespectful to the real soldiers who fought and bled for you that you use such a lie to try and win a stupid argument. The worst thing is that people use this argument when there is a real-life discussion about real military organisations, and only when they are obviously wrong they pull out the "i served in *insert country here" because usually their ideas on military organisation come form video games and movies only so they use this lie to try and convince people that they served in a war and that they know how stuff works in real life. So, again, to the real soldiers, of any country, thank you for your service. And to the people who lie about serving - shame on you.
  15. Just some wishful thinking here, but the assault/defend game mode gets so boring after a while. 1. Team deathmatch could be like a score resolved battle, the team with the highest score after 30-45 minutes is the winner. 2. Also a team deathmatch type of game, the team with the biggest score is the winner, 3. Maybe a wave defence against bots? 4. Defending a bomb, V2 rocket, communications tower, the other team has to stop you before the time runs out. I know there are lots of more important things to adress but these are some ideas i had the other day, shower thoughts if you will. I know we would need a lot of new maps for these game modes, for example. The client would need work too. But still, i wanted to see your ideas too, so post them below!