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  1. is there any way to avoid/help/fix this?
  2. Can anybody tell me why, 1 in every 5 matches, my game goes crazy, starts "slingshoting" when i walk, and I can't control my soldier? And do any of you get the same problem? It happens right when I'm in combat and capturing a point, I literally can't play. Keep in mind that in those games my ping is pretty good (around 50).
  3. lol i don't know when did i say it was an SA rifle
  4. I have an infantry sniper and I got bored of it so I bought an STG44 for that soldier and maxed it and I started playing recon and its pretty fun since I'm really good at it, I have all mods but I was just wondering which scope do the more experienced recons use. Cheers
  5. A simple one here: Fine cross scope, or German#4?
  6. Never in my whole miserable life have i read something more accurate than this post, thank you stranger.
  7. Okay look, i know that there are people who play H&G who actually saw combat and were at risk of getting hurt or worse, and i respect all of you guys. But it's just so funny and sad at the same time when somebody lies how he "served in *insert a recent conflict here*" I think it's really disrespectful to the real soldiers who fought and bled for you that you use such a lie to try and win a stupid argument. The worst thing is that people use this argument when there is a real-life discussion about real military organisations, and only when they are obviously wrong they pull out the "i served in *insert country here" because usually their ideas on military organisation come form video games and movies only so they use this lie to try and convince people that they served in a war and that they know how stuff works in real life. So, again, to the real soldiers, of any country, thank you for your service. And to the people who lie about serving - shame on you.
  8. Just some wishful thinking here, but the assault/defend game mode gets so boring after a while. 1. Team deathmatch could be like a score resolved battle, the team with the highest score after 30-45 minutes is the winner. 2. Also a team deathmatch type of game, the team with the biggest score is the winner, 3. Maybe a wave defence against bots? 4. Defending a bomb, V2 rocket, communications tower, the other team has to stop you before the time runs out. I know there are lots of more important things to adress but these are some ideas i had the other day, shower thoughts if you will. I know we would need a lot of new maps for these game modes, for example. The client would need work too. But still, i wanted to see your ideas too, so post them below!
  9. Plane gameplay is so bad it hurts, again, i'm NOT saying the p38 is OP, because all planes feel like you're flying a refrigerator. It's just annoying that there is so much of them.
  10. As the title says, i'm not asking for a nerf, i just find it frustrating that every game against the american faction there is always p 38 spamming, every american pilot instantly got a heavy plane after the update and it's annoying NOT because it's op, but because there is simply too many p38's in every game, while on the other hand almost nobody plays the heavy planes of other factions. I think the heavy plane update was really stupid and a waste of time but hey, reto needs more stuff to distract us from the real issues. Want new maps? Oh cool but look at this new plane though. You want better FPS and stabile client? Well what about this new pistol?
  11. Oh yeah that too, i'm getting tired of seeing my teammates cry "omg report him he's cheating" and when you ask how does he know they don't say anything i know he was trolling, i realised that a couple minutes after i made this post, but this still needed to be said.
  12. "OJ Simpson simluator" i cried
  13. Recently i have seen 2 posts from a single player asking to nerf and even remove (???) some tanks from the game, now maybe it's a troll, i really hope it is, but honestly i don't care, this still needs to be said. It's simple really, if somebody kills you with a tank, or weapon, no matter what faction (german, soviet, american) please think about your skill before you ask somebody to remove or change content from a game just because you are not good enough and can't handle somebody being better than you. And before you hit me with that "i have been playing this game for _____ years" thing, stop, if you have been playing for that long and don't know how to adapt to a challenge or deal with defeat, don't try to ruin the game for other players. Have a nice day guys.
  14. I really did not think that the render engine update will be a success, i thought it would make the game more demanding for my graphics card, but it surprised me, i went from a 40 FPS average on LOW to a 60 FPS average on MEDIUM and around 100 FPS on LOW, so yeah, good job guys.
  15. How does an individual farm a big amount of credits quickly? I would like to buy a recon soldier (wich is insanely expencive) because it's the last one i wanted, i have a lvl 13 tanker, lvl 12 inf, lvl 10 para, and i'm working on leveling up my pilot, so i would like to try the recon also. Thank you all