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  1. Mein gott how did I not find this thread earlier its beautiful.
  2. What I mean is all factions already have tier three weapons, Tier 3 LMG Johnson for US, Tier 3 Pistol P38 Walther for GE, and Tier 3 SMG PPS-43 for SU. Another tier for US is all well and good but then GE and SU should be getting a Tier 3 something else. And that too.
  3. You do get experience for infantry assault from ARs, just a helluva lot more from bolties.
  4. Run a Kar98K speed build and a fully modded G43 (No scope on either). Bolties get you more xp for infantry assault so use your speed bolt most of the time and switch to the G43 when you have to panic. Make sure you use the ribbon boosters too. Also hunt snipers and use their rifles, very effective and doesn't cost you any money. By using that build, three infantry assault boosters, and sniper hunting I got the 94k experience for the last two ribbons for my second STG the other day. Needless to say veteran membership helps.
  5. I presume then GE and SU would get another tier three weapon?
  6. not anymore
  7. East isn't all that bad, I've had some NA Soviets pop battles agaisnt the 14th, made over 100k warfunds in one night of fighting too.
  8. It's playing allies with the 5th Guard of course
  9. This is back in my Allied days with Devils Brigade, arguably the best clan to ever grace this game.
  10. That moment when the exiled German TAW is more powerful than the mainstream TAW group.
  11. @Rolf_Mützelburg has a brilliant idea to change up the RTS in a drastic new way, it should be coming out relatively soon.
  12. Great idea, but it ends there as an idea. Yes theoretically a blitzkrieg to the East and West would yield victory, however our lack of resources and enemy clans would smother this push in an hour or so.
  13. Most definitely, I remember many battles when I was a noob (or more than a noob than now) and in DB where we used Pershing's to bust through Echo and Delta crossings on town.
  14. The real advantage of tanks is their weakness, AT rambos. Shoving a tank on a hill across a river or fortified position will get all sorts of rambos hunting it down, rambos that wont be defending a point,