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  1. He means the battle search icon in the bottom right covers a portion of ATs listed in a town. Inteligent design by Reto.Moto
  2. Sounds amazing! I have a few questions and comments. First off are pathfinders only able to drop onto airfields or is their scouting ability only useful on airfields? Second, I presume within this suggestion the parameters of AR and such will be changed so a General won't have to flood the back line with pathfinders just to do one simple mission. Third, you will be able to play as a mech recon or pathfinder in partisan battles correct? Fourth, Recon will need a buff in equipment variety and equipment points in order to not be glorified snipers. In my mind they need be more of light infantry. Fith, will infiltrators be able to have missions and such to interfere with enemy battlelines? S'all for now, hope I was of help.
  3. BTW astrolite this is a legit suggestion, arcade game deserves arcade randomness
  4. Yeah the STG isn't the best gun by any means, but you can still do some damage if you take the time to learn it right and mod it good.
  5. I can add to this, toxic chat is also a result of people needing to make their own fun out of the game. Germany is so ducked people go off into chat and duck around out of boredom. Yes anatur puts some really loving stupid commie/EU BS into German Army Chat, does that give us queues? Does that nerf the MG42? Does that kill our clans?
  6. Again I never said you are biased learn to read. I said you haven't earned the write to critique our faction due to your lack of recent play time.
  7. It's quite simple, you are an outsider. Mayeb you rotate but to your schedule you haven't played GE in over two years. You come in here saying you are unbias (I have yet to determine my take on that) while having been out of touch with our plight for years. And then after that you accuse all of us who have had to toil through this shirt storm as being the problem. Well I think YOU are the problem. YOU come in here and rile the small portion of the Axis community up. By what right do YOU have to accuse us of being the problem?
  8. Cantstumpthetrump For real though no one wants to get rid of AT , just adjust it realistically
  9. Reto needs to copy the War Thunder damage system and values in my opinion, while keeping HnGs play model. War Thunder has a wonderful system for vehicles and vehicular combat, however fitting infantry into that system would be a sloppy undertaking (or at least I believe it would) HnG already has combined arms with infantry, however their arms suck cok. If they copy the vehicular model of war thunders vehicles then this game would improve ten fold over night. Its a matter of implementing a concept coined by another game, not turning HnG into war thunder.
  10. Its more of the fact that the historic, symbolic axis clans are not here anymore. Axis faction history is just that, history. We peaked early as a faction and reto simply doesn't care about the playerbase that hurtled this game all the way through beta. (Not to say only Axis was the major community, I mean that Reto doesn't care about clans and vets)
  11. More like DEUS SULT For real though this clan is legit AF