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  1. 5. Infanterie Division

  2. 5. Infanterie Division

    Little harsh there eh?
  3. We are no longer Germany

    We are Byzantines!
  4. TotalAxis Phoenix Division

    No specifics really, hop in and play with somebody TX guys (we are the first clan you see) and it just goes from there. Hope to see you around !
  5. Essentially the game is so broken by trying to unbreak it we break it even more, so if we try to break the broken game we unbreak it
  6. Who pisses you off?

  7. RTS Masterclass for (aspiring) German generals

    @anerian1 your youth divisions are needed!
  8. So that's makes it best gun in game yeah? Cuz you don't be think TTK matters?
  9. Embrace the Chaos - Conor McGregor

    He didn't throw a punch or try to block for a minute in Round 10, he was done
  10. Rather than give FG to inf why not just buff the STG and MG42... you know, the INFANTRY WEAPONS
  11. [4UM GAME] Am i known on the forums?

    Known for being an Sj fanboy
  12. War 508 3-Faction event

    Working on a solution to the SU problem
  13. [4UM GAME] Am i known on the forums?

    Known for being triggered by Gaius and Rolf PS no salt