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  1. Been seeing more NA DB guys lately, pretty solid team being built
  2. Added current most used loadouts
  3. GE: TX,TIO, and SBV ( @DerAlchemist 's german clan not ZBV) and zBv, if they were active US: DB, the few UDR guys that still play, and a few in AAA. Haven't actually ever played against DUSD but they seem to be liked SU: HPL
  4. Well you said they are back, back to Germany
  5. zBv never left the game, just germany
  6. Unrelated: TwoTapes when he fights veteran players
  7. jk <3 u Another Rick and Morty gif for you @anerian1
  8. Out headshotting @vengeice
  9. Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying, can't take pride in rofl stomping with blatantly OP weapons. Old MG42 was OP for sure , and I played for US the entire time it was OP I'm saying that going 50-5 with a Johnson doesn't merit the same respect as doing the same with a Tommy or Garand
  10. Not at all, just diminishes the character and respect for the players using them
  11. And video added
  12. I use em when we have em, hardly have em though
  13. Shoutout to @Jmj191 for being a good sport about it, <3 u