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  1. Bumb Been extremely active the last week, just keeps on growing.
  2. LFG

    Hey fearmeh, if you are a North American player I reccomend you check out the 14.FJD here: Or PM me If not, then their are plenty of other clans to be found in this teamspeak,
  3. GE Here Flip the damn ladder sight down already on the 1919, might not be a massive nerf to have it up but it don't help anyone. Also make the M1 Garand a little something something to represent its real life awesomeness. Maybe give the AVS to paratroopers for Soviets, as they don't have a nice para weapon.
  4. ya done loved up inb4 rolf rant
  5. Are the camo prices intentionally higher for Germany? If so do the devs consider German camos "OP"?
  6. Thanks! We've been growing exponentially in players and assault teams. Most nights we have 12-14 people in channel which is small compared to some clans that have been here for 4 years however it is good considering we are starting to ramp up on NA primetime.
  7. No i honestly dont know where that came from Im retarded but not that retarded
  8. We need to get @Rolf_Mützelburg on for one of these
  9. Fixed
  10. "loving Bolsheviks"
  11. I came while reading this beauty
  12. Nah fam im rocking that Donald J. Money Trump minority out here in Cali All day ery day
  13. loving africans saying californians cant post. Suck my golden state cock