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  1. Rusted_pipes

    Návrhy do hry

    No hráčů rozhodně nepřibývá, ale naopak ubývá viz steamcharts. A jinak nikdo nepouzivej tanky a letadla pokud nevíš, kdo v daný bitvě hraje. Pokud ty trolly neznas, tak posílej pouze pěchotu bez jeepu a motorek. Jinak, že vývojáři tyhle hry jsou autisti se ví dlouho...
  2. Rusted_pipes

    Hardcore Mode?

    U dont get more health by using a heavyset... And headshot is not a certain death. Dont spread bs mr forum warrior and try playing the actual game so u come to enlightened state of game knowledge - ofc not everyone can achieve that.
  3. They ban based on HW ID, spoofing it is a matter of few clicks - same with IP
  4. Rusted_pipes

    Why things are soo expensive?

    Skins in csgo Are only a cosmetic thing they got even lesser significance than camos in hng. Its just show u can afford it. Meanwhile in hng camo gives u a real advantage... Also if u got a pink ak in csgo u even might be in a disadvantage.
  5. Rusted_pipes

    Meet the players – Tonton

    I nominate @vectorA cuz hes a failure unseen to this world also hes THE RTS genius
  6. Rusted_pipes

    Meet the players – Tonton

  7. Rusted_pipes

    [zbV] Seittu [Highlight clips]

    pls change avatar good sir, me scared
  8. Rusted_pipes

    [zbV] Seittu [Highlight clips]

    gut gemacht! agree on the single kills tho. consecutive BA kills are juicy something like this or this doesnt seem boring
  9. U just used a gamemechnic to your advantage, gg u r slowly learning, keep up the good work!!
  10. Rusted_pipes

    Q&A Mostly Q

    I like to play against soviets. i live by their salty tears!
  11. Rusted_pipes

    My HNG uses 90+ on my processor. Why? [Big problem]

    40fps is lagging as love...
  12. Rusted_pipes

    Soviets main problem.

    How is to be annoyed by yourself?
  13. Rusted_pipes

    The Stupidity of Depot

    Map with the highest fps skill influence. no baseball like tanks, planes and such cancer. No cancer tanks will help you to compensate your lack of skill. Get rekt or easily win, only your choice. Also good for staged noob farming aka weapon leveling.
  14. Rusted_pipes

    Soviets main problem.

    Seen that before exile was even born...
  15. Why are you lying? alt accounts do NOT exist, i repeat do NOT exist!