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  1. gruntmajor

    My issues with the game

    When the thirty left... will for sure be the next book I write (even though I really don't write literature)!
  2. The memories, the nightmares, the... Oh Gawd...
  3. gruntmajor

    T-Post sight

    Only if I get a scope on top of the scoped scope of my Tiger II tank Then I can one-shot Pershings right when they come out of the assembly line in the U.S....
  4. gruntmajor


    +1, when it comes in about 10 years....
  5. gruntmajor

    Custom Tanker/ Characters

    this is why I have left pretty much...
  6. gruntmajor

    Custom Tanker/ Characters

    gonna have to come find me in another game's forum, I think I have overstayed in these forums...
  7. gruntmajor

    Custom Tanker/ Characters

    I leave to go join the HLL community, come back to these forums and this is what it has come to, eh? shirt-posting at it's finest...
  8. +1 to this... Also good point about the WT damage model, but I suppose they try to keep it a little more arcade-like to keep players playing... Oh, wow, I thought this was all a rumor, to be honest! O_o There might be more to this Armor Update than I originally thought...
  9. Did you pay for anything during the Kickstarter and/or the Paypal campaign? Though it could be an AP shell... seeing how the round caused a cone of spall rather than an explosion ball...
  10. I would love to have an increase of more battlefield debris, trees, and bushes... at the same time I strongly believe that this game first needs a to have an overhaul to its engine and game's optimization and performance, so the game can run all of these assents, still have good running speeds (FPS I am referring to), and look its best.
  11. gruntmajor

    New stronk german Armor/heavy set

    What about a new camouflage combat badge as well, this time making us invisible beyond invisible? (change the current camouflage badge to silver and add this for gold)
  12. gruntmajor

    Anti-mines vehicles [Updated]

    These don't really look like minesweepers though... I mean I guess maybe they are, not that I care to really do my research into it (because it looks pointless). But why tho?... even for this game... Also, I'd rather have this for the U.S for minesweeping and not look stupid out on the battlefield
  13. gruntmajor

    Tank Camos

    Well seeing how there is a butt load of tank camos already in the Heroes and Generals live folder, I'm guessing they will be releasing them soon-ish... Granted, they have been in their for a loooooong time now.
  14. gruntmajor

    Anyone else noticed this?

    Yeah, now its just talk about the old backpacks and shovels Can I get you anything to drink, like a nice cold glass of RETO.Please, while your here?
  15. gruntmajor

    Anyone else noticed this?

    Yeah I already found out... your late to the party