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  1. He looks like a nice guy, can I be his friend? Hopefully we can have a trip together to destroy tanks!
  2. BluFl4re


    Sad to see so many leave, we don't know what it will result in, but hopefully something positive. I really hope the game improves with this decision, especially on this major update in December, and all the best for the ones leaving.
  3. BluFl4re

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    Having no AR has been great because cities can't be captured by having troops spammed in to it. This makes the faction that plays better have better results and possibly win, and not the one that uses the most ats. Of course the game still has it's issues, but it's a big step towards balance and a better game. It also results in more matches being played (which makes people earn more xp and warfunds) and more lasting wars, which is great. Having no AR still needs some adjustments in my opinion, for example giving more priority to skirmishes and encounters on the war map to prevent having troops trapped for extended periods of time. Of course, if the game had more people playing it would help as well, but that can be achieved over time.
  4. Probably never because the probability of reto removing a weapon (Ptrd) is very low or zero. In addition, they are already making new ones for the germans, you can see them here: https://trello.com/b/Zcq44t2R/heroes-generals-development-overview In my opinion, they should add a Anti-tank rifle for each faction and make them only usable when you are prone. It doesn't even need the bipod system, if you're lying on the ground, you can shoot, if you're not, you can't shoot. By making it only usable when you're prone, the user will have limited movement, limited reach (won't be able to aim and shoot high up the sky) and will be a easier target. This way, it will only be possible for the rifle user to hit a plane when it is near his altitude. I don't know why they are adding a new bazooka for the US, they should add a AT rifle, just like they are with the germans. You know that saying that won't help you at all, right?
  5. BluFl4re

    Time to change priorities

    I wrote that scopes should be removed entirely from infantry, or have them all have a low magnification (6th section) Yes, I did write that ppsh should get a rof buff. Don't you think it also needs sway removal and better precision? Well, I do think the E8 is a good tank, but I also think it needs a more effective armor and a more straight projectile. IS-2 is ok, but IMO the King Tiger and Pershing are better than him, mainly because of how the IS-2's bullet falls really quickly (and really isn't that fast), so you have to aim much higher than where you want to hit (medium - long ranges), which can result on you hitting a place that you don't want to. If you want historical accuracy, you'll have to change all of the H&G guns in pretty much every aspect. And what should be stg's max rpm? I wrote that it should be 600 and how it should be improved Like I said, i'm not considering the addition of new guns, if you do have ideas for it, post them and show how they should be balanced. The reason why I think DP's accuracy and damage should be increased is because the stock bullet on it doesn't 3HK HSS and is more inaccurate than the 1919 and MG42, and M1919 currently can 3HK even Heavy set Gold with no mods, is more precise and has more rof. Not saying that the DP is bad, I think its great, but it needs some tweaking (imo) Thats why I think 1919's damage should be reduced to 39, which will be able to 3hk hss, but not hsg. Reason why I'm removing the damage barrels is to prevent guns with normal ammo to 3hk hsg, if you want to 3hk hsg, put a higher damaging bullet, but it will bring negative consequences like less stability and more recoil. I wrote down a possible way of balancing the three, which includes both buffs and nerfs to the guns. No, I don't hate them, but I do think its necessary for them to be removed to prevent guns with normal ammo to 3hk hsg. Yes, I know that it was the most broken gun in the past. Do you think its fair that the mg42 needs a badge to work better and the other lmgs doesn't? Do you think M1919 is balanced compared to the other lmgs? Again, I wrote down a possible way of balancing the three, which includes both buffs and nerfs to the guns. I destroy tanks if its needed, if I cant get in a point because of a tank using HE and the MG everywhere, I'll go to it and destroy it. I know there will be modular damage. I wrote stuff regarding it together with how planes are too strong and AAs are little efficient against good pilots with flak jacket gold. I know that AT nades wont kill tanks instantly after armor 2.0. I also wrote information regarding tanks and at equipment.
  6. To begin, I want to say that I really like this game, that is why I want to see it grow and be one of the greatest games out there, HnG has a very great potential for that. Me and others have invested a lot of time in this game, and to see the game dying is very frustrating and sad. Many players are leaving the game due to unsolved problems that has been brought up many times. Beginners are leaving the game after a small time that they started playing for various reasons. Steam shows that 54% of the reviews in the last month were positive, which is not good and it is getting lower as time passes, also the amount of people that are currently playing is very low. Players leaving and potential future players seeing negative reviews will not download the game, so that means that at some point it might die due to lack of players, which can still be fixed. Sure, new content is great, but it should come after the several problems has been fixed. Bring back the players that left by fixing many of the known issues Notice how many current issues can be fixed just with a higher amount of people playing, and for that to happen, other issues must be fixed. In this topic I will write down various ideas of what should be the top 10 priorities (not in any specific order) in my opinion. Please write down your ideas as well. The current priorities must be changed for the game to live on. I truly hope that we can agree on them and make Reto make them the priorities to fix the current game. If you don't agree with something, please write it down on the comments and we can try to get an agreement. This post is mainly for the sake of balance and fixing the game. 1 - Assault x Defense (Map designs and respawns) 2 - RTS (Real Time Strategy) First idea: Second idea: In case none of these ideas look good, many others have already talked about RTS fixes on the forums. Please look at them. 3 - Make new players join and stay 4 - Planes vs Ground targets + Tanks vs Infantry 5 - Matchmaker, squads and classes 6 - Infantry and paratrooper scopes 7 - Paratroopers 8 - War matches and War population 9 - Guns and Vehicles balance 10 - Servers [Extras]
  7. BluFl4re

    STG (Reto's Opinion)

    apparently the 1919's big sight will be removable, I remember reto saying on a past devstream that the 1919's big sight wouldn't be removable (not sure), but even so, they did add the option to not use it. (it may happen) They also changed it a bit, and it actually works now (moves) Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168905510
  8. BluFl4re

    Black screen

    Restart your computer