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  1. I hope i remember it wrong
  2. As i said, i really don't care as i have never even tried making macros. You can go and watch all the devstreams yourself. Got to love the salt babe
  3. Oh they changed their mind? I remember them specifically saying (in a devstream) hardware macros are OK. I really don't care tbh. Maybe you could provide us with some quotes from them?
  4. I remember them saying mouse macros are allowed if its hardware macro? But cant use software or smth like that. Have no idea if people are using them.
  5. My game crashes in the rts/ui all the time and on top of that, i crash when im going in the battle and the timer goes 0. I have to restart the action game to prevent it. It just freezes at 0. Also have experienced many ingame crashes lately. Action game just freezes all of a sudden. No problems with other games.
  6. Gekk0420

    Random paratrooper sound

    Yeah hear it all the time. Stop sprinting and it goes away. kinda annoying
  7. Everyday multiple crashes. Has been like this always with multiple setups. They have to know, but just dont know how to fix it.
  8. Gekk0420

    Medic supply crates disappearing from jeep

    Still same thing happening. It's mostly gone
  9. Few games yesterday and today i spawned a jeep with no crate. They are selected and i re-selected them a few times between games but still bug persists. Sometimes the crate is there, other times it isnt. Used same character. Was not a stolen jeep as i spawned it.
  10. Gekk0420

    Help crush a bug and win!

    Even thogh you didn't make changes to sounds? It's unplayable for me at this point. Makes my head hurt.
  11. Gekk0420

    Update 1.12 - Sound feedback

    At this point i can't play the game. Cars make such a big noise when driving them. Then again when enemy shoots i have no clue where/at what distance he is shooting from. Enemy shots/probably friendly shots still not registering (get shot and dont hear anything and just die) Even if he is right next to you. Can't make out at what distance the vehicles are coming. It's a big pile of mess for me, at least. Random explosions can be heard when picking a spawn point etc. This sound system actually makes my head hurt. I hope you can fix this.
  12. Gekk0420

    Update 1.12 - Sound feedback

    Can hear stuff from very far away, f.ex. can hear tanks spawn/drive off spawn areas. Feels like im playing in a box, tho hearing stuff from 300m+. Sounds are too loud from a distance, and its very hard to pinpoint where they are coming from. Previous sound mechanics were way better. EDIT No idea how far is the tank/vehicle driving. Very disorientating
  13. Gekk0420

    Update 1.12 - Sound feedback

    Sound occlusion not working AT ALL. Can hear stuff from 300m f.ex. can hear a tank spawn as im repairing my own. Shooting guns feels weird, somehow faster. But the biggest problem by far is the sound. Cant tell where anyone is. Please revert back to the old sound mechanic. You effed up here big time.
  14. Gekk0420

    Update 1.12 - Sound feedback

    Please revert back to the old soundsystem. Can hear stuff from 300m f.ex can hear enemy tanks spawn as i repair my own tank. All gun sounds very weird. Weapons seems somehow faster.
  15. Gekk0420

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    you turn it off just now? battles wont start anymore, cant load in EDIT seems to work again