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  1. Akir76

    Completely remove the tanks !

    Infantry do not complaints that tanks can’t hold down a point, Tankers can hold down a point, it’s just that for tankers to hold down a point they need numbers. So for Sure 5+ tankers can hold down D4 bridge in town for some time, but against a good inf team they will get killed off at some point, and the other 13 inf guys will have a hard time holding 01 against 18 (20 if they are GE) attacking inf team. The fact that you guys in RETO can’t see any problem whit so many specialist units in war battles are for a lot of us just baffling. And I know I’m beating a dead horse here, since you guys will never change in this aspect. But I still have to say it one more time, just hoping that someone …..yeah whatever.
  2. Akir76

    matchmaker issues

    Just had a nice capture&hold where we (GE) hade 20 ppl and US had 14 ppl, (and yeah, its war battle ofc) and yeah, the "battle" ended after 7 min for an EZ GE win. and the "fun" part was that the other 14 US guys had much better K/D then our 20 ppl we won by sheer numbers! GG RETO!
  3. Well, after we got 6h AR the point of trying to play RTS vent straight out the window. Now it’s the faction whit most ppl (and for the most part) better random player that control the game. So, it doesn’t matter how many AT one or to ppl have in the smaller faction. The only time the smaller faction win wars are when VET player from the bigger faction switch to play one of the smaller factions. Back in alpha when you only had 10 AT per acc, ppl made 6-10 acc so they had a lot of AT to move around. This has been a thing since the start of the game, but hey, if you don’t play the game, I can understand the lack of knowledge around this topic......
  4. But then again, you are really really good at this game. So, let’s not get the noobs hope up too much ok?
  5. Akir76

    PMK Cult

  6. I know off you Mr Starkdog, som will say we at some time played at same faction? You stayde RED I and other then me, not so much :). The voice you brought di matter for us Su noob at the time. If at least 90% of ppl baclk then kept on playing the game we will still keep on wining...
  7. Akir76


    Like, hell.no! I cant understand that ppl llike you S, telll so muche rubish. If they merge US/SU it be great?. ferst what goen happen is: we gone steam role GE and be done in 8 houers. If you dont belive me, thats fine. If you think you are right, then why havent RETO done it all redy?
  8. Hahaha did your here McRoth. You and I are buddy’s
  9. Ofc you have, but have you never asked yourself why you do that? I have in my 20 + years of gaming never felt the need to take screenshots of anything iv posted or documented anything iv sad or done. Since it's for the most part is above bord about what I say/do. But look at you Mr. take screenshot of whatever I do/ to tell my side of every story. Its just sad man, so sad. You know what, I’m sorry, I picked a fight whit you, I didn’t know you where this sad of a person in rl, if I’ve known I would have stopped before this. Good luck and have fun r2gy in this game, and real life!
  10. Wow, agen whit the short stick. Ppl where asking in chat if ptrs was as good as AA guns, and i told them no. they are not, at least not as "good"as the GE aa gun since at the time i was in GE main chat. and then i told the guy that asked that AA gun in general in this game are realy realy realy bad, just like you r2gy....that kept on telling the pore guy that prts was a realy great wepon to kill plane in this game. I for one, dont usually bother to tell ppl lie's. But some do i guess.....
  11. I'm sorry, my bad. Som times i think that ppl typing in chat and telling ppl how to play the game and what not, have some knowledge of the game. Silly me! I at lest have to give you one point r2gy, you are as much a troll in game as you are in the forum, good on you keep up the good work you do.
  12. proov what? that you suck? Dude, for real, i dont have to. you just playing the game, and typing in game chat do that for me...so why bother?
  13. Dude, thanks...you just made my case....
  14. Bah, you loving N.O.O.B. when did i say "GE is best at everything"? plz link that ok? But, how can you still keep on typing so much on this forum, since you are big player in GE faction whit a big caln to leasd and a number of ppl to tell where to play and so on, how can you be so activ on the forum? Dont tell me it's like that you dont play this game at all, and just love to type silly s.h.i.t on the forum as well as in the game chat?. no.no.no dont tell me its true?
  15. So, when you play other faction, it’s helping that faction? And when I play other faction then it’s a boycott? heh strange, so what you are telling me is that what faction I’m playing matter and what faction you playing doesn’t matter at all? is that right? well if that is what you mean I can’t stop you, and I can’t stop you posting on the forum so keep going MR. Warrior!