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  1. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    hope see u soon in ts
  2. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    where you at? bud
  3. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    Since US Army TS is down, we are now using DB ts :
  4. RETO Insider Summit – Fall 2017: Meeting Minutes

    we do have the same common, but I rethink about how that could easily get cut off.
  5. US TeamSpeak down for 24 hours

    Hacked, Confirm.
  6. Failed to connect to server, server is down since yesterday, please reset asap
  7. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    There is the time period when no AR and no moral system. I believe Reto still make money. (GE win every single war)...
  8. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    why we cant just set time for those who are not pushing AT to front, reset back HQ, aka faction resource, or pushing AT to fount by AI if they are "AFK".
  9. Letter from the CEO #2

    We have to buy more gold then...
  10. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    Join ts:
  11. too mach

    too much.
  12. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    Where is harmless harry? @harmlessharry #Whereintheworldisharmlessharry
  13. M1/M2 for mid and long range

    plan A: M84*(T-POST) Field Trigger Job United Defence "Jackal" plan B: M84*(T-POST) Field Trigger Job
  14. Johnson 1941 lmg mods?

    plan A: Lightened Spring, Field Trigger JOB, Field Adjusted Sights, Chrome Lined Barrel plan B: Field Trigger JOB, Field Adjusted Sights, Chrome Lined Barrel
  15. if you see red scare squad

    alts scare