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  1. Saw a few new WW2 games on steam this weekend. Every single one said in reviews there was a lack of player base in the actual game. Time to look for new types of games?
  2. You know apart of the problem is this community can't tell when I am serious and when trolling. I don't dispute that there is alot of hackers on soviet side who get away with it, no doubt. I suggest you go look at my other thread and assume I was serious and then maybe you will not have to go on these anti-troll rants.
  3. Only way to find out what you can do in this game and what you can't sometimes is to take some risks. I thought it would be fun fighting against TIO because I know the people in that clan. BIG difference between me and the clan you speak of that has been known to pop battles and afk / leave battle. Whenever my groups pop a battle we play to win. Sometimes even getting complaints from the opposing clan in TS that I should "adjust my skill" more. lol But since my three day ban I stopped doing it. Shame tho, it was really fun. But I never run out of ideas for this game.
  4. Pretty much. But you see the essence of any PVP game is having fun at someone else's expense. It's a fundamental fact you can't get away from. Over skilled bullies kill you over and over and for the average noob this gets pretty annoying so they normally have two options: 1. Get some cheats. 2. Quit the game. I propose a third option that is viable in this environment from my first post. Of course I have also turned the fundamentals of PVP dynamics on it's head and actually can achieve some win / win situations such as playing alts in the same game, in the same TS as against your own clan - this makes a really fun game where all parties enjoy the action even in times of poor performance. But alas if you do that the Reto play style police come after you.
  5. They could seriously implement this with the soviet bathtub tank! Don't just make it float, make it a submersible!
  6. So Reto is looking at bunkers? Could it be some forts are planned for the game?
  7. LOL I think I remember that battle. My team was so salty. I am terrible pilot and even more so since I stopped using "very honorable" tactics because I am afraid Reto might ban me for "wasting planes" - even though I get more kills than ever using this bombing method. So I adopted straight, level flight bombings. Because Reto has not provided bomb sights, I accidentally massacred my own squad with some ill-timed bombs.
  8. New colors would be nice. Reto been having problems with your revenue streams lately? Might I suggest monetizing the forums by selling get out of moderator warning cards for like 200 gold each.
  9. Someone make this man a tinfoil had avatar.
  10. It seems my advice in another thread is applicable to this topic:
  11. Update turns high performance machines into potatoes. I won't ever turn graphics all the way up ever again almost melted my video card last time.
  12. Let's hope Croatia makes games better than Denmark.
  13. Ok well this is what happens when I post seriously it ends up being Troll.
  14. Ok sorry man if anyone didn't believe that I can't see shirt in this game this should prove that... corrected post.