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  1. We are not most hated faction any longer

    We all hate SU for the ridiculously short wars that bump us big whales to the back of que all over again. Reto please take measures to make sure wars last at least a full week!
  2. How to balance problem weapons

    haha another weapon nerf thread! Just make all guns lazer guns, why nerf when you can buff!
  3. What macros do people use on their P-38?

    What about the macro no recoil mode for MG42?
  4. Great Update

    Can we haz mine camos next? that one would actually be cool.
  5. No New Interesting Threads

    The politically correct nonsense always has disturbed me, thank god for Trump!
  6. No New Interesting Threads

    it's also called that when people practice a natural in-group preference that is necessary for survival in a competitive world. nothing wrong with it at all people should just get over it.
  7. No New Interesting Threads

    I'm with you on that, alot of stereotypes are exactly what they are because they ARE truth, however if they offend someone, then it's "racism" and thread gets locked.
  8. No New Interesting Threads

    I'm referring to people in that thread calling the OP racist. give my salt thread a try
  9. No New Interesting Threads

    Yup I saw that one coming all it takes is someone accusing some "racism" and everyone's like OMG it's so toxic.
  10. Are you tired of loosing battles ?

    Well technically they are SALT accounts meaning when you find yourself losing all the time you figure, well may as well loose on the opposition then if I am a bad player and then your team gives you salt for it, it's how you turn losing into winning.
  11. Are you tired of loosing battles ?

    such try hard strategy. just get alt account and switch sides then losing = winning.
  12. Reto MatchMaker - Needs fix.

    It's what staged players want.
  13. Either that or just make shooting them down easier, buff AA gun damage. in the new AA guns coming out the 37mm better be a 2 to 3 hit kill!
  14. No New Interesting Threads

    Well you see the "silent majority" disagrees with us forum goers and long time H&G vets so after being ignored for so long people up and left.