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  1. Just think they did all this because AT owners whine when people like me use up all the resources. It will only get worse when I feel I can't play this game seriously to enjoy it and things change so much in the game existing skills I have are gone making me play like noob. Reto you should not try to counter this meta as in doing so you'll punish all players in trying to restrict bad players, what you need is a hybrid model between war and staged that has everyone playing war matches. The solution instead is to seperate player performance from AT resources. @Reto.Hades
  2. If you equip a shovel or knife only you can spam those resources more rapidly. I also hear Alt+F4 and re-join works.
  3. GaiusBaltar


    Understandable. Also people wonder why some use alt accounts to pop battles. You get nothing for AR even as a winner this is pure cancer.
  4. GaiusBaltar


    Join me in burning off all your gun mods and stuff then will have good excuse for running around with shovel all the time Also watch your credits pile up.
  5. This faction is already in the game haven't you seen me fly very honorabu?
  6. GaiusBaltar

    My setups for 2018/2019

    Nice assortment there. I hope the game will survive for you to make use of them. That's alot of equipment to break.
  7. GaiusBaltar

    Afonso's Cartoon Corner [H&G Cartoons]

    @AfonsoQQ2.0 should do comics of some of our salting exploits or adventures with @-[Houndz]- It's been a while since we had new art from you.
  8. GaiusBaltar

    Nonsense Weapons Price

    This is the ole bait and switch tactic. Does anyone still don't think game is ran by trolls?
  9. GaiusBaltar


    Please have them contact me. I am well practiced in using ALTS within the TOS.
  10. GaiusBaltar

    Add refund system

    You can make your own refund simply by un-checking the auto repair on gun and all mods.
  11. GaiusBaltar

    Game Dying

    Come by Axis Federation TS, I tend to hang out sometimes with Houndz & Crew.
  12. GaiusBaltar

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    It used to be. Also used to explode jeeps instantly. Reto nerfed it, but now they give GE same kinda gun with lazer accuracy. Now you know why I think Reto are trolls, constantly changing shirt or buff / nerf stuff just when people used to it. It's what -I- would do if I wanted to troll my player base.
  13. GaiusBaltar

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    I think this gun should have HE shells, that way I can hide behind boulder with ammo crate and just lob them every where, could be best troll gun. But right now GE AT gun is more an OP sniper rifle than AT weapon. How could Reto not know this would happen with the past debacle around the PTRD?
  14. GaiusBaltar

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    Yea well if Reto wants a test for AT weapons and people are using them as sniper guns everywhere, well kinda defeats the purpose. I wonder if they are using a Gaius Scope on those AT Rifles. But you know, as usual, GE stuff is OP. Russian stuff is comical, and USA stuff is gimp. The new bazooka still always shoots way over the target, I am always aiming at the tracks to hit the turret. And don't tell me to L2Play, I have little patience for this game any more and if you want to make the claim your making this game for casuals then things should be a bit more intuitive.
  15. GaiusBaltar

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    You know, would be nice if we did not have to buy all these badges to start testing this stuff. Also not many players in matches there would be like 4 on 4 with one team all noobs and other team all overskilled bullies sniping with the GE AT rifle. With this kinda stuff constantly going on there's not much chance to give things a good test. Everyone who plays on test server should play a little less seriously. We will see how it goes on the weekend if it's still up. Oh and I think the russian AT gun looks like a pirate cannon, so when do we get the smelly pirate hookers?