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  1. What makes H&G get dull to you?

    RTS has become a punishment to play, too tedious too time consuming. One must wait for hours to move troops into position and one can't leave them on the front lines with any assurances they will get used. Withdrawing can take ages or be costly to do with current mechanics and AR's lasting a whole hour. I simply do not have the time to baby sit my AT's all damn day right now. Reto would do well to change mechanics to allow generals to make offline income by changing AR mechanics to something else. It would be very satisfying to set up defensive lines before bed, wake up, go to work and come back to see how they did, XP and WF earned. But with the way things are doing that almost always ends up giving you a negative balance - forcing generals when they play to babysit their AT's - very tedious and time consuming!!
  2. Fix the AT rambo already!

    No I like AT rambos - provides a good excuse for the number of tanks I use up. Until Reto gives tanks protected 3PV, tanks will remain an easily destroyed resource. Make it easier to avoid AT rambos and I will do so. If not, I will just sit in the middle of fields and spam HE racking up as many kills before the inevitable AT rambo comes.
  3. I must be losing touch with this game have not really paid attention to it nor played it much in the last two months. Making people spawn with low tier gear? I think this will only drive more vets from the game. Reto wants us to play to win, but they keep making that harder, how can they blame people like me for learning how to enjoy and profit from losing then?
  4. warfund theft

    Oh I know, I have been around a while you know. Reto should have never fixed that "bug". But they got greedy and wanted ppl to deploy with gold. Now the player base is gone - that can't be helping their revenue stream now!
  5. KGB one of SU´s best clans

    I agree. KGB is not afraid to use alts - something I wish I could have convinced other clans to do in the way I do it which would be totally legit and not bannable. I pretty much know by now what Reto will ban for and what they won't...
  6. Time we throw reto a bone perhaps?

    No bones till RTS 2.0 and the replace AR with another mechanic that does not punish generals or make RTS so tedious and time consuming.
  7. They never seem to be OP when I fly them - except when I use them as Taxi or a cruise missile. *snickers*
  8. warfund theft

    I suggested a solution for this a while back. Let each first deploy for every war be free. That way if ppl "waste" your stuff, no loss for you. You only take losses if you deploy a 2'nd time in the same war. Deploy AT's get wasted the 1'st time, shame on them. Deploy AT's and get wasted a 2'nd time, shame on me.
  9. Reto Stopping Auto Reslove

    This thread needs a meme. While I am applauding Reto listening to the community on this they must at the very least keep Auto resolve in for ParaTroops. But like GBD said, perhaps this is not the time. With player numbers in decline disabling AR supposes there's players able and willing to play the battles. Also those in the community who are more informed has always suggested AR be replaced with another mechanic. I have written volumes on this, use AR revert back to a "Status Quo" mechanic such so that when the timer runs out the troops are able to move again (assuming noone plays). That means attacking troops are sent back, defenders hold regardless of numbers and maybe even paras fly back to where they came from all with no morale or losses of tickets. This is the most fair way to implement this bar none.
  10. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    ^^ This Sounds like Reto is gonna go hard core play-style police on us now. One by continuing to force people to "play to win" and then make it harder to win on top of that. You know it's gone from some harmless trolling on the part of the devs to a full scale suicidal game policy which is sure to drive the rest of the diminishing player base out of the game.
  11. GG War 516

    Axis won a war?? OMG. Alert the media!
  12. Tanks still UNPLAYABLE by hand-nukes

    What kind of slander is this??? Does not seem like me at all. I would have pounded your tank with a shovel constantly whistling or place AT mines under you to TK... Man I bet someone has hacked my account. lol
  13. looking for fun?

    Why thank you for that. I don't play much these days but when I do it's Tree Fairy AA. I just sit back and shoot at planes with rifles and listen to my team B*tch about me not going for objectives. I'll be damned if I am gonna let Reto tell me how I should play!
  14. PTRD AA clan

    Why not use my Tree Fairy AA method and shoot planes with BA or SA rifles. with four guys doing that it's gonna annoy the Sh*t out of the pilot.
  15. Bring the Summit to Hawaii

    Bring it to vegas and I can drive there. Come one Reto, they already caught the crazy shooter here. No one will be gunning for you guys.