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  1. The best casual response for OP- Unfun gameplay.

    This has been the case for the RTS for some time now. Bring back the days when you could leave AT's unattended and still make XP and WF. Us casual players don't have all day to babysit AT's.
  2. win win win

    Too little too late. Back when I suggested USA go to scandi and take it over was when there was a more populace and active player base on our side and yet we were still losing all the time. Now when you try it most whales including myself don't bother to even deploy because we would go bankrupt.
  3. Thanks for the promotion my Axis comrades!

    ahem. Check with AfonsoQQ or Houndz and ask about myself and salt poisoning and ask for the story behind it. It's worth hearing. As you know the Axis are in need of someone who is immune to excesses of salt....
  4. Thanks for the promotion my Axis comrades!

    noo.. i have account for each faction I will send you IM for who to send invite too.
  5. Thanks for the promotion my Axis comrades!

    From now on Axis will be attacking with foot infantry only.
  6. But I wonder what devils brigade will make of this? Problem?
  7. Don't worry GaiusGermanis will be there to reckt your hellcats again with OP Luchs.
  8. Well done / WTF?

    Good to see the alt meta game is alive and well. It's a bit like whack-a-mole isn't it?
  9. I like the effort you put into these posts. I think I suggested a "spy" game mode to give alt accounts a legitimate avenue of gameplay instead of the default incentive meta currently in the game which is a result of Auto Resolve, morale and encirclement. Avoiding these things (or causing them) via alt accounts is the primary motive for using "spy" accounts. Why not redirect that tendency to more productive game mechanics and while we're at it tone down these aforementioned issues such as AR, etc. Sadly I don't see the game going in this direction and Reto's comments on your ideas and the communities ideas at large have mostly been ignored in favor of something completely different.
  10. This bug is really killing my camper methods. Place a mine in attic next to the ladder. ( I use AT mines and shoot them when enemy climbs up ladder) Then if a grenade goes off under the mine on 2'nd floor it detonates it. Seems like the damage causing frags are clipping through the model.
  11. Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    Welp, nice anti-cheat patch. For people upset about the binoculars nerf check my post about the Gaius Scope (TM) It still works and is 100% TOS compliant.
  12. Well done Axis.

    Yea but you will always be part troll. You will want to feed it that's why you'll still team up with me from time to time to go pull some shenanigans. Going from troll to non-troll is easy as flipping a switch that's the same way I have adjustable skill.

    I'm going with the Swiss faction on this one.
  14. Always stay optimistic

    I know a Reto who only made four skins.
  15. 50 planes lost VS infantry in Warmode

    Thanks for that you just made me laugh. consider yourself trolled.