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  1. Let's talk about Battlefield V

    Why so much hate for "casual game play" ? What exactly does that mean anyway cuz some people say H&G is casual game play!
  2. 95th Rifles Recruiting

    Good luck making clan in player base decline.
  3. Old Gamer syndrome

    Perhaps some of my criticisms (and others) of this game is due to OGS, Old Gamer Syndrome. Article: Discuss...
  4. Perhaps Reto's nosy anti-cheat software is looking to see if you have a video card that gives you an advantage. Tho this is beyond the reach of their TOS, all hardware options should be permitted.
  5. ATs Worth Deploying?

    To sum it up it's all an AR marathon or seal clubbing hackers / over skilled bullies stomping randoms (or possibly alt accounts) all over the map and wars rarely last a week long. Also WF earning bugs have not been addressed. The game is on the verge of total collapse and I'm like the band of the Titanic that keeps playing as the ship sinks...
  6. I heard Reto is nerfing AT weapons prior to the tanks 2.0 patch.
  7. Theory on why Axis loses.

    Reto uses Alts??? Naw....
  8. Let's talk about Battlefield V

    At least this game has build it yourself camper spots that don't block your shots. Like windows and other shirt does in H&G.
  9. I need some to squad with.

    What time zone you in? I can play as GaiusGermanis and make XP from repairing you.
  10. Defenders suffer from movement penalties too because they spawn so damn far away from CP. look I can provide pictures and proof to my claims but I can't do that at work. Look for a more in depth post about this later.
  11. I disagree. Camping (except for spawn camping) is punished in this game. how many window edges interfere with gun fire that clearly would have a clear shot? how many walls have you seen where one can crouch and still fire over the wall? How about how nade spam tends to kill people through walls? cone fire? Sway? Parkinsons? (all aspects that favor CQC). Defenders get distracted by side lines while attackers don't have to close out lines. How about for how long defending XP was not even awarded? Could there be a reason why the FAST CAPPING meta has taken over this game? Must be because moving targets are harder to hit in this game and there's no REAL camping positions anywhere to be found. Did I mention cap zones being 50 miles wide?
  12. Nothing Wrong with Game : Change my Mind

    Reto has already done this and I paraphrase: "WF inflation is a problem so we need to keep the WF sinks in the game."
  13. I've had tryhards kill me 50+ times and I kept spamming. Little did they know they were only helping me achieve my ends.
  14. Reward the try hards all you like. I will still play like a Troll.