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  1. GaiusBaltar

    Need less TTK to tanks!

    Yea right. If Reto was making game for random or casual player they would not have module damage like this and just have fixed HP for tanks and give them all protected 3PV.
  2. GaiusBaltar

    Why H&G needs voice chat now!

    Please put this in the game so I can get a sound board and constantly play this tune for wherever I go. The old counter strike had voice for all players and I just played this full blast everywhere I went before too long I was muted by whole team and I got lots of salt for it too!
  3. GaiusBaltar

    Reto stop taking all my salt!

    Yum yum dat salt on the link looks tasty.
  4. GaiusBaltar

    Ramming needs to GO

    Are you kidding? The tank flippy mechanics are the only fun thing left in tanking!
  5. GaiusBaltar

    New Daily Bonus: 50 % extra experience

    ^^ Too late I have at least one account for every faction.
  6. Back when 1.12 had some troll imbalances at least then things were fun in the M2A2 USA troll tank, but Reto has unleashed meta which is kinda makes tanks not even fun to play with the way they operate it makes it hard to get unstuck from trees, turning in place was a necessity in a game where just about everything hangs up your tank. Tank driving seems clumsy and tedious. Then also tanks can ruin infantry play with all the HE clicking in this game with AT Rambos nerfed badly it makes more sense to actually use a tank to deliver AT mines to target, jump out, place mines and shoot the mines - this is probably the only fun thing left to do in tank combat. Reto you should have just taken my advice and left tanks and AT rambos alone and just given tanks a protected 3PV when not shooting - would have been alot easier for you guys to do and would have balanced AT rambos that still had OP weapons.
  7. GaiusBaltar

    1.12 encouraging afk or idle meta

    Even better than that you use my "carpet bombing" meta as soon as you drop bombs F11 and insta deploy and bomb again. Uses up planes fast tho - but that's the part I like about it.
  8. GaiusBaltar

    Petition to turn AR off again

    +1 And in the meantime give this thread a bump by commenting on it and giving thread a like. Turning of AR was supposed to be a temporary solution. Mine is what I think alot of the community here really wants. See here:
  9. They don't want the player base analyzing their game like that. You know we might realize that you know some of the decisions they say are based on data are also suspect as well. This all points back to the "silent majority" to which they claim to know what they want, yet as they say, this group is silent.
  10. GaiusBaltar

    1.12 encouraging afk or idle meta

    true but if your an infantry squad and you spawn pz1 and die like three times in a row it makes you wait 40 sec
  11. Seems like if you like to use planes or tanks and die too many times in a row you end up waiting, but of course you could spawn as infantry with a knife and just bicycle in the forest a while then F11 and spawn planes again. Pretty lame Reto, I did warn you guys about going after my meta games.
  12. GaiusBaltar

    Americans are coming

    shush you uninstalled game. Without you there's no SU to worry about.
  13. GaiusBaltar

    Reto stop taking all my salt!

    Eww that's so gay!
  14. They also seem to have longer MM times as well. It's almost as if Reto wants us all to play infantry so that way when we switch to tanker we get the penalties for using a specialist resource. In war they mostly get shut out as match fills up with infantry.