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  1. GaiusBaltar

    competitive Gaming

    My god that would be great. Game would last 2.5 (max match time) hours and be a specialist BLACK HOLE at the end every plane every tank and Recon AT zeroed out. hahahahaha imagine the generals who keep dumping stuff in there wondering where it's all going to.
  2. GaiusBaltar

    competitive Gaming

    I'm just here to steward all the people to the end just like the show. The end of H&G as we know it. If I could have a troll clan before game dies that would be nice.
  3. GaiusBaltar

    competitive Gaming

    Competitive gaming is just code word for over skilled bullies and tryhards. What would be even more amazing would be a group of bad players getting together and showing how whatever game they join their sides loses. Then could blackmail clans into favors or threaten to play in their games. Sadly though most people allow themselves to be conditioned on what "winning" is and can't tolerate dying over and over or losing alot for a greater purpose, self-discipline is key in being good at this. But the end result would be to turn a weakness into political power within a game.
  4. As someone who used to spend every game all game simply doing this constantly I can tell you it was very fun, and you know low skilled players need fun too. Also it was not really hard to counter the tactics in the old meta, you just got PTRD or bazooka and boom jeep explode instantly. Also RNG head shots would constantly shoot me out of the car despite me going full speed and swerving around - not to mention the jeep spinning out randomly and leaving me open to head shots. Also players were able to "jump" over my car as I went to run them over. Lesson of the story is don't criticize a playstyle unless you tried it yourself and you need fun things to do for lower skilled players to do or they just turn into Toxic trolls like me.
  5. Not really. Only if you can manage to get in a battle AS a specialist. But by design Reto makes us que as infantry to get at specialist resources. Body spamming works as long as infantry guy is minimally equipped. Try getting in as infantry then go aggressive with Recon on cap points, after a few deaths you end up waiting 2 mins. This gets to my later point to reto trying to fight meta gamers and catering too much to so called "skill based mechanics" which in the end only incentivize people to go hide in shrubs until their timer resets. Simply going back to the old spawn system would be a vast improvement all by itself.
  6. As I mentioned in linked post: Tanks were balanced in the wrong way. All Reto had to do was keep the OP tank melting weapons the way they were and just add protected 3PV to tanks which would have increased the fun factor for using tanks and making AT rambos work just a little bit to get some kills. Don't expect Reto to repeal their signature update for the year.
  7. GaiusBaltar

    The Seversky's time to shine

    How about just ramming them? That always works for me. Very Honorabu!
  8. Should any of these issues be addressed many players would come back and flood the game with money, but the damage has been done already. Still here it is: 1. Get rid of spawn timers, let people spawn as fast as they can no matter how many times they died. 2. Balance tanks to AT weapons. Don’t do this by making tanks too hard to kill but by giving them protected 3PV as they are better able to detect Tank melting rambos using 2 to 3 hit kill AT weapons. (nerf tank health, buff AT weapons & add protected 3PV) 3. Make better AA guns or buff existing AA and or just put them in better spots. 4. Replace AR mechanic with a “status quo” mechanic which emphasizes that towns should not change sides with out a player battle but also generals should be able to reclaim their troops quickly and without penalty if no battle occurs. But keep an AR on skirmishes. 5. Allow generals to store up deploying status somehow in the new deploy system. We don’t play this game 24/7 and don’t want to wait in que when we DO have time to play we end up waiting days to get out and then most times we can’t play by then and the AT’s clog up the que. War ends and this process repeats, find a way to break this cycle! 6. Fix the terrain so you can drive without getting flipped or stuck, also jeeps and motorcycles need better handling and speed. This is one area where fun factor should trump attempts at “realism” which are not really playing out as realistic. 7. Deal with spawn campers by placing physical and beneficial barriers against would-be spawn campers such as turrets, walls MG nests, etc. In at least ONE of the spawn points on each line. 8. Reduce repair costs on weapon mods or buff credits earnings from battles. 9. Stop promoting “skill based” game mechanics in a game which you constantly change! “Skill” in a game takes time and practice but when you keep changing things you can’t really develop a skill in this game, especially for part time players. There needs to be other roles like logistics and support where “playing to win” can’t really be an issue, only different levels of success. 10. Stop fighting the meta gamers. In doing so you only end up destroying the game for everyone. In many ways I suspect the changes in this game were put in to stop people from playing in certain ways, while sometimes this is a good idea, other times it’s not. Spawn camping should have been thwarted in a more effective manner while body spammers and people liking to run enemy over in cars should not have. What they do adds to the “fun” for everyone while spawn campers tend to be one sided. Some meta games must be allowed to exist as a “lesser evil” than the symptoms of the “cure”. And whenever possible allow one player’s meta to counter another, this is true balance.
  9. GaiusBaltar

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    You as well. Like I said I think Reto keeps some of us around for laughs and also they know the forums would be dull and boring.
  10. GaiusBaltar

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    Something tells me the moderators would disagree with you. Just click me and look on my profile. Seems Toxic is the worst sort of trolling to do.
  11. GaiusBaltar

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    ^^ This is so true. There was this one time before the new spawn timer system when I was playing USA noobs/randoms vs seal clubbing Axis l33t folks and I was playing with shovel. The Axis clan was just camping a bridge and I told the team to just spam them and bury them in their corpses - this strategy takes no skill you see, I spawned the fastest and over and over something like 50 times I rushed the bridge head on. Died like 60 times in a row and just kept coming, I think the enemy vets were a little bewildered by this behavior because one MG42 guy was trying to reload on the bridge and I rushed him with shovel, he tried to escape by jumping off bridge and ended up suicide lol. Eventually I inspired the team and we capped the bridge and won the game.
  12. GaiusBaltar

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    Reto needs people like us to eat and consume all the Toxic and Salt. I feel like I have let the community down because I stopped playing for the most part and now everyone is dying of toxic or salt poisoning.
  13. GaiusBaltar

    German alt

    Besides no naming and shaming. I don't see any alts there. Believe me I know my own alt's name!! And I was not there! I had thought this disease had died, but seems Gaius Syndrome is still alive and well. (conspiracy theory that I am behind every alt in the game.) But I should know better since not to long ago a moderator thought I used alts on the forums.
  14. GaiusBaltar

    Attention RETO MOTO Devs

    I would be happy to be his wingman. While enemies chase him I can focus on ramming enemy planes. I was getting good at it even one time I actually rammed TWO planes in a row, killing all three of us! Hilarious!
  15. GaiusBaltar

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    I do appreciate that! We got two slots taken and 8 more players to go! Surely we should be able to find 8 more players in this game who are not banned from forums yet! Declare yourselves people!