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  1. GaiusBaltar

    Recon etiquette

    When I was playing recon it was customary for them to teabag and whistle constantly. Oh wait, that was me lol.
  2. GaiusBaltar

    Has RETO Considered Volunteers?

    No wonder much of my game saving advice went unused. I should have been charging them money in consulting fees. Well Reto it's not too late to write me a check.
  3. GaiusBaltar

    Creating second account

    Pro Tip: If you have two PC's capable of running H&G you could, hypothetically, control one with mouse and one with keyboard, each account. This works well with certain armored cars....
  4. GaiusBaltar

    look ma -- ALTs in staged

    ALTS gotta level up as well or how will they be able to waste tanks and planes and the like?
  5. God please do this, I might just come back to the game with soundboard and constantly play offensive music and sounds on the voice chat.
  6. GaiusBaltar

    Rushing ruining the game?

    Because we need forts so even untrained noobs can find it easy to hold off squads of over skilled bullies. It's an old solution I came up with a while ago.
  7. GaiusBaltar

    Hades want to nerf M2 lmao

    LOL they are still playing the nerf / buff ping pong in this game? God forbid they get the setting right and just you know, leave it alone!
  8. GaiusBaltar

    More Fun in H&G

    Spawn too many APC and ppl get salty lol.
  9. GaiusBaltar

    Team Vote Kick

    This is an old problem, I suggested Reto make mines such that it is impossible to explode them, but they said "oh but that will make mines overpowered". And with the current prices to use mines and the drain on your credits....I find this reasoning no longer valid.
  10. GaiusBaltar

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    Try going general and launching attacks with foot infantry then go in them and watch all the tryhard clans boat and complain about lack of jeeps and equipment. I always found that entertaining.
  11. GaiusBaltar

    More Fun in H&G

    Dude this is similar to what I did when more active in the game, only I was shooting for being worst player in the game. This got me in some trouble with Reto since they say "I should be playing to win." But that's totally possible - but only if people played worse than me hahahah.
  12. GaiusBaltar

    The salty welcome back I was looking for.

    I'm having trouble sticking with the game though, trouble is I have just been too busy and plenty of other old single player games I play are really fun. Since I see there is a new Immersion update maybe I'll try again. Reto I have to warn you about going to hard core immersion. I tried to warn Star Citizen about that and it turned into a multi-million dollar cluster frak and the game still is not even out in beta. Of course they banned me from forums as well, but since you didn't perma ban me from your site there may still be hope for your game.
  13. GaiusBaltar

    Resource wasteing in war battles

    Me just playing the game wastes resources, just ask anybody.
  14. GaiusBaltar

    Waiting on MM?

    Yes I forgot to mention most matches I get high ping. Playing from west coast USA timezone.
  15. One of the things preventing me from coming back is the long MM times. Is this due to game pop dropping or because Reto is trying to do skill based MM?