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  1. Looking for bad players and trolls

    Well I don't know about driving in circles, that could be considered "farming" but I will jump in again and again if you charge CP for cap or want to make really LONG flanks to the objectives, that's legit.
  2. They are taking away our warfunds bonus in War

    Don't be alarmed. You guys still have Auto Resolve - for now.
  3. Looking for bad players and trolls

    Doramass, I don't think it's right to compare each other. We're like in totally different worlds. As Afonso said, we are a multi-faction clan but we will tend to play one side or the other in any given session - not necessarily on different wars as the advantage of alt accounts is that I can say hey guys, let's all go play Soviets tonight and we all go play that, etc. Don't think that we will be like your beloved KGB and popping battles just so the other side can all AFK or leave battle - no we will play legit. Maybe like shirt, but legit. Doramass you always told me you wanted bad players and noobs to use your AT's well this is your chance. I was thinking Morse code with the bicycles ringers - no we will use Axis TS, I hear AxeHeadSlam has given Afonso the blessing to create rooms.
  4. Looking for bad players and trolls

    We would not be like KGB who uses hacks and alts to pop battles then leave the battle and play on one side. If we que for battles we will play the side we qued on, alts or not. ^^ This IS a concern for me and my future clan. However there is strength in numbers and many of us have good excuses for really bad performance in game such as color blindness, bad eye sight, poor reflexes and high ping. We won't be running around with shovels - the rule will be the minimum we will use is stock weapons like SVT, M1 or Gewer 43 - to dispel any notion we are not "playing seriously"
  5. Wow alot of thought put into this one. Again I am afraid when you approach Reto with such ideas they will complain about it being too hard to code - especially with the variety of perks you speak of. That said, have you thought about major industrial sectors on the map which are not listed as a capital city? As it is now the only purpose capitals serve as is a metric for deciding who wins the war and where you can deploy. I for one would like to see the #'s of capitals go away and instead go by a % of territory won and each city has an industrial output score which supplies your AT deploy ques. This is pretty much what Reto had promised when they spoke of RTS 2.0.
  6. Looking for bad players and trolls

    I can guarantee this clan will be based around FUN and LuLz! We also would like people who are disgruntled and are thinking of quitting. I can provide some good ways to vent frustration and deal with the psychological stresses that Reto's enforcement of a "play to win" game sets us all up for a zero sum game. The first step in the process is a trial where in a sufficiently long enough match one dies 50 times or more in the course of trying to cap a CP. This can prove that you don't care about "skill" or being a "tryhard". Essentially spam yourself at the CP to try and cap it with reckless abandon.
  7. Looking for bad players and trolls

    Hehe I will be working on a clan charter as soon as I can, good job on the recruitment!
  8. Forming my own clan, need ideas.

    You should join for best entertainment. Clan is a meta-clan so we will take ppl who are in other clans but want to play if there is downtime in clan or noone is on. Membership is meant to be confidential and clan activities will be on a private TS or discord.
  9. Forming my own clan, need ideas.

    ^^ this is good ideas for clan ranks
  10. Forming my own clan, need ideas.

    No I said I would be more active on the holidays and would try to steal Christmas like the Grinch. So I be more like this: But hey "Deluxe Gaius Clan" sounds nice to me, or maybe I should have a slightly political slant to it. Like Alt-Heros or basket of deplorables.
  11. Forming my own clan, need ideas.

    Ahem this thread is not for recruiting people for OTHER clans. Besides AfonsoQQ knows me and we played together in TIO which has now disbanded. @AfonsoQQ why don't we talk in steam chat next time you see me on. If I start a clan make no mistake there will be hard times of low recruitment and opposition to what we're doing. But if we can harness the disgruntled player base of this game and possibly the quitters who have left and give them a new purpose we can help influence the three factions of this game to our desires like I had hoped Houndz would have done with his clan the Illuminati order.
  12. Some well thought out points. To be sure all of these suggestions would improve H&G drastically. However not all points are practical from the standpoint of Reto, you know they would consider coding the changes to "difficult" as we have heard before. I have always expressed my opinions and ideas to improve this game but always dismissed as a "Troll" a title given to me for my sometimes contrarian ideals. Going through your points. 1. Underdog in this game is poorly implemented, quantity does not equal quality so Reto should have never indexed underdog bonuses according to player populations. It should have been results based, IE based on % of wars won / lost in the year and fixing a set percentage on that no matter how many people are on or not. Having underdog bonus applied to specific battles sounds like too much work and besides the side with the most tanks and planes may very well lose all the time against clan tryhards who's gameplay is indistinguishable from cheats. No, an outcome based underdog truly represents what the term means. Underdog needs to be a fixed % based on wars won / lost. 2. Auto resolve needs to be replaced with a "Status Quo" mechanic that allows attacking generals a free withdraw after X amount of time and a mandatory withdraw after X time with no penalties. Essentially no game played, nothing happens. It's been argued that this approach will promote alt accounts. I see no problem with this as even if alts start a battle random MM will toss random players in who will actually play. And besides Reto should be banning alts who just AFK the whole match. If the alts actually play - even horribly - it's fair game and much more preferable to getting NOTHING from an Auto-Resolve. 3. I hear you on the WF riches of the Soviet and US factions. It's a tad biased towards an Axis perspective. I could say well, I'll give up my WF when Axis whales give up their extra command points farmed from the endless victories in the 2013 - 2014 period. However a better approach might be to just remove warfunds altogether and have every 1'st deploy free for everyone. If people want new AT's let them use gold. Keeping the game in this state would force Reto to troubleshoot and resolve the many issues that lead to player ills such as long ques, getting kicked to the back of the que because of short soviet troll wars, etc. I'd say when Reto can have everyone deploy for free with no issues like this THEN they know they are doing their JOB good! Look forward to reading part 2.
  13. US AA disorienting.

    Yup or using very honorable tactics.
  14. Reduce cost of alternative infantry vehicles!

    I'd be happy if these alternative cars would just spawn as fast as the stock equipment. I don't like waiting.
  15. Been seeing alot more AVS and MG42 in the hands of tryhards. In fact whole teams are using them! If anything is a red flag that a weapon is OP - this is it!! I think AVS is like a automatic lazer / sniper gun. Here's a troll poll so we can decide!