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  1. GaiusBaltar

    Get rid of underdog bonus

    You guys need to relax, quit taking the game seriously. Play with knives.
  2. GaiusBaltar

    Anyone notice infantry depletes sooner?

    Been seeing many games where the squad is kicked to spectator when infantry tickets run out alot more often lately, perhaps too many HE clickers and planes?
  3. GaiusBaltar


    ^^ Yes I agree. Should be able to play RTS and pop battles at will. Only take one person to pop battles would make alt accounts obsolete. Bread is good.
  4. GaiusBaltar

    Shovel or Knife & wrench squad with Gaius.

    LOL sounds like a good troll plan. Maybe I will see you, but I have narrow time frame to play game, also I will be gone for four days on a short vacation. In some of the battles the mass amount of airplanes has been a problems, turning the game into pure cancer when there's like 10 planes camping spawn. I may resurrect my Tree Fairy AA method to counter them. Nice thing about it is with the current meta one hit to a plane and they crash later awards you a kill. It's great - you sit in the forest and shrubs safe from being spotted by planes and annoy the shirt out of them. Look:
  5. GaiusBaltar

    question for reto.hades

    Hades is from the Disney cartoon confirmed.
  6. I would like to start a psychotherapy session on this if I may. So tell me how does this realization feel? How long did it take for you to start feeling this way?
  7. GaiusBaltar

    Who is the dark knight of H&G?

    Beware the ides of March.
  8. GaiusBaltar

    Who is the dark knight of H&G?

    You must be my new stalker, so many of you peeps. Even the mods stalk me sometimes. Feels good to have a cult following.
  9. GaiusBaltar

    exploding planes

    Often times when I land to cap the CP (a troll move) the plane explodes when the wing touches a tree at low speeds. I would like to also report this as a bug as well.
  10. Hmm perhaps @-[Houndz]- can do better he does not play H&G at all any more. Claims his life is much better as a result.
  11. GaiusBaltar

    Who is the dark knight of H&G?

    Am I the Joker? For some reason I seem to see a connection with a line from this movie to H&G. "Either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Discuss..
  12. GaiusBaltar

    Was ist das ?

    Those are how the Nazi's made it to the moon.
  13. GaiusBaltar

    HE spammers (both tanks and planes)

    Wut? But this is what I do in other ways not with HE and over skilled bullies ways.... anyway....
  14. A little rusty on my German, don't have many opportunities to use it in USA, but yes Flak 88 would be historical and I think it should OHK any plane period. Allies can get the 40mm Bofors - perhaps a three hit kill.
  15. Reto there's been plenty of games with HE clickers and and now HE cannon spamming planes. In the new fortress map your making you have a ton of AA guns around the main spawn. We need this in the existing maps, MORE AA guns - perhaps one at each CP zone. Too many plane cancer matches.