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  1. No more GERMAN substantial war faction left

    You could all avoid this problem by simply avoiding the bogus "war mode" altogether, like I did years ago.

    Retos are immune to psychology, both forward and reverse. They will point to this thread and tell us that the game is fine and gets mostly positive feedback.
  3. Captured weapons

    This is true. Forum feedback on captured weapons was decisively negative. You can't say Reto doesn't listen.
  4. Why they don't just go back to what they were doing years ago when the game was still fun?!? Jeez every single thing about squad 2.0 really still is mad-disappointing!
  5. Captured weapons

    I honestly don't give a love either way. Captured weapons or no captured weapons, I still won't be playing this crazy game! It kinda makes me want to see if my German still has his PPSH or not. That would probably confuse the hell out of people these days. Too bad the weapon kinda sucks now.
  6. Anti German bias even in camo

    German camos have the "cool" factor, also when camos were first released it was the German faction spending tonnes of gold.
  7. Feedback on the Q/A Stream

    I think everyone would be amazed if Reto had done something from the very beginning like research why successful things are successful. Instead they gave us Rommel update. Followed by all the rest.

    I think there are several possible explanations. 1. The devs crushed our spirits and so we crushed theirs to satisfy our need for vengeance. 2. The devs have finally realized that the Titanic will, in fact, sink, and that they are the ones who drove it into the iceberg. 3. The devs are aware that nothing they say will be believed anymore. "Fool me once.... ect." 4. The devs have realized that H&G has already peaked in terms of what they are capable of doing to the game itself. 5. They're tired of our shirt. This list could go on, those are just what stands out to me as being plausible.
  9. Yes, he has many famous sayings, things like "AVS is the best weapon in the game," among other hits. Alright @magic_mushy, I've about had enough of your pleasant Aussie congeniality, this is the "Age of Outrage" after all!
  10. Upcomming Tank Map "Crossroads" (Work in Progress)

    I would actually like to veto any change in height or depth of the terrain period. Perfectly flat is what I want to see. I would link to my "Soviet Tanks: Death by Cabbage" thread in order to justify this opinion but after using the search function to locate that thread, I find that it's actually missing the original post, making any linking pointless. #retoconspiracy
  11. Yes, apparently we're arguing over labels in the game credits now as well.
  12. Some Twitch Stream Questions Answered by Ice_King

    I think that's actually what we tried to do lol. Unfortunately we used all the good glue on the tanks and trees!
  13. My bad, I didn't realize that this thread was concerning a tanks-only mode.