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  1. The war has and will always be a complete cluster. There's no changing that, ever. I'm sorry to say it but Reto isn't capable or willing to do it. This has been demonstrated over years and years. Creative solutions have been offered in the past. The WF bonus was added for a reason, but naturally somebody is always gonna feel butthurt about anything they don't get. Reason doesn't win in the modern world, only outrage and entitlement. We're in the Age of Outrage unfortunately. The only way to get attention is to scream as loudly and as often as possible.
  2. The Worst Decision Ever Made

    Here we are, years after the fact, still complaining about the same broken things that never get fixed. I only quoted this paragraph but @Flint74's entire post is pure gold. Reto's mentality, attitude, and approach killed the game more than pretty much any other combination of factors.
  3. No more UD was a bad idea

    Anyone else willing to admit that the "strategy game" has always been, and will always be, broken?
  4. Generals 1% rich and wealthy

    Proof that Reto are nothing more than bourgeois and petty bourgeois, exploiting the workers and players and offering baseball returns on warbonds! We need a permanent revolution!
  5. Here's what Reto did with the star polling. They ignored instances where 5/win, 1/lose altogether, they were solely looking for battles which both sides rated either low or high. No problem so far right? Enter Reto-logic. They then took it among themselves to "guess" why these battles were rated the way they were. A drop down list would have given them more accurate information sooner, and limited the amount of Reto-logic creeping its way into the game. Basically they concluded that players like longer battles. That's it. They must really be scratching their heads nowadays because the last 6 times I've tried playing this game the battles lasted effectively less than 5 minutes.
  6. We suggesting this endlessly when the star rating "feature" was first implemented. It was rejected of course, on the grounds that it simply made too much sense to be included in a reto-made game. But seriously, the actual reason given at the time wasn't much better. RedBjarn said they wanted to be able to "draw their own conclusions" based on the ratings, instead of having the conclusions simply handed to them for free. Yet another facepalm moment in Reto's infamous history.
  7. PTRD is compensation for our tanks being complete rubbish.
  8. The real problem with the game is NOT the list of problems with the game. It's the mentality, attitude, and level of competence that brought the list about in the first place. While Operation Glastnost is a commendable initiative, it's at least two years too late. Much like the western economies of the world, collapse is inevitable unless drastic changes are made, and much like in the western economies, those changes wont be made for lack of political will.
  9. Staged has sucked for quite a while, but war has pretty much always sucked. At this point I'm thinking the concept of giving players AT's to be responsible for maybe wasn't the way to go. Too late now though.
  10. Token deploy system poll

    My biggest fear is that if this new system sucks, we're stuck with it. When Reto puts bad things in the game they don't go away. So we'd better love it once it comes out because we're stuck with it permanently regardless.
  11. Soviet tanks were amazing when they were first released. They were a lot of fun! Along came a Reto and ruined all fun, as usual. Now they're defeated by cabbages. I stopped playing them a long time ago.
  12. How would you suggest they limit them? Only allow recons to use them perhaps? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. A good changelog for HnG *imo*

    As I've always said, any changelog that is detailed and accurate would be nice. In the past they were more just advertisements than actual changelogs. Reto's response to this was hilarious btw, "we can't keep track of what we do to the game!" lol..... Mixed reviews.
  14. UNDERDOG BONUS is flawed

    Here are the things that nobody here may have been around to witness but should be kept in mind. Once upon a time, there were two factions, lets call them Germany and USA. Germany was full of leet pros with teamwork and communication, and the USA was a sea of noobs with the exception of their clans. Germany always won every war. Along came a Reto, and suddenly introduced the Soviet faction. But the soviet faction was new, it had no players, and the ones it did have had no equipment, clans, warfunds, or tank AT's. All they had were bicycle units, and not a lot of them. Reto's answer was to offer their ridiculously overpriced soviet generals for half off. That's it. Germany roflstomped into Russia and continued to win every war. War became nothing more than a race to Moskva between the GER and US armies. Reto utterly refused to allow people to transfer their soldiers to Russia, so nobody bothered to waste time grinding. The only answer that Reto would accept was the Underdog Bonus. That and a disastrous "Soviet Warfund Fiasco" during Xylander build, which I won't go into detail with here but proves to the world how utterly incompetent and untrustworthy Reto has always been. The warfund bonus was intended to entice people to play soviets, and perhaps even compensate the less played factions for autoresolve losses against the faction with the most ATs, but I can't say for sure. Just know that it's here for "reasons" and if you simply eliminate it, it will have worse consequences than you think it would. Probably most of you are only complaining because the bonus isn't going to you but to other people anyway. There are bigger fish for us to fry in the never-ending war with Reto, and this isn't really the hill you want to die on.
  15. The basic problem with Reto is that making H&G meet its potential was clearly beyond their technical abilities as developers, and once they realized this, they used bad PR in an attempt to hide the fact.