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  1. Vudu_guy

    New Daily Bonus: 50 % extra experience

    Good for new players, but what about the old farts that already hit max? Its possible to add a credit/wf bonus for 1st battle of the day at least for each class? so its only one boost per class no matter how many you have of each one to encourage people to log in to play and win something instead of log in just to be able grind with 50% less pain? Or a more in line with the grind bonus with unlockeables like a special skin "i love pain" that need 100 consecutive logins to achieve? you know something for the loyal vocal minority.
  2. Vudu_guy

    where is this weeks hotfix?

    Im pretty sure this is the one.
  3. Vudu_guy

    M2a2 Accuracy

    I know but i still will not waste the oportunity to give an idea to maybe solve a problem in the game if i got the chance.
  4. Vudu_guy

    M2a2 Accuracy

    This problem make me think on a solution, it can be to add some degree of "splash damage" also for AP and APCR rounds when shot point blank, so if the rammer shot you too close he will damage his gun barrel in the process, maybe it an also can destroy his own gun breech as a way to stop or disuade the videogame tactic of ramming other tanks that dont have a turret to face the exploiter @Reto.Millan
  5. Vudu_guy

    750m Tank vs Inf shot with broken barrel

    Bughunters cant access replays, you need a Reto for that @Reto.Millan
  6. Vudu_guy

    Morale restoration bug

    Actually the fact when depleted or defeated ATs does not auto regain their morale back to 100% is the actual bug, the thing you "found" is the workaround and its being working that way for years now.
  7. Vudu_guy

    Americans are coming

    Funny part of that is that even if GE is deploying the minimum and losing every war they are still the most overpopulated faction on the fps. After teasing how rts works without AR many people will simply refused to ever deploy again until that is implemented permanently, until generals on GE and SU get a real reason to deploy again US will win all the wars no matter how many people play in teh fps, they cant do jack shirt in the rts deploy numbers vs US. Switching factions now will do nothing to change a tendency that its with the game since its very first iteration. Only REAL develpment in the rts will start the change into another direction.
  8. Falso. Se puede con todas las facciones, solo quita toda la munición de ambas y contraresta con el badge de munición adicional en nivel oro.
  9. At the start was a little annoying because i dont remember to read about the new effect on the changelog, but after the initial games any ANY decent pilot can adapt and still can bomb their targets just fine from a little higher altitude, it was stupid planes can bomb so close to the ground with no disadvantages. I learned myself to bomb from high altitude when the ptdr was the terror for the sky.
  10. Well its the only sure thing you can farm from all this quick broken wars so take it or leave it its your choice.
  11. Sadly seems like the only way to see any changes or hotfixes in the rts is to help with the current broken meta, so leave the soviets or germans and jump to US Victory ship, deploy everything and keep farming war victory ribbon until Reto is forced to do something.
  12. Vudu_guy

    Updated Development Overview - October

    Well its almost time to publish the development overview for november @Reto.McFly
  13. Vudu_guy

    Buff planes

  14. Vudu_guy

    My AT are stuck in RTS

    Now thats a weird bug, did they enter combat before the mini-maintenance of today?, can you retreat one of them with the retreat icon?