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  1. Vudu_guy

    Woof Woof

    1st itme i heard them i was like wtf, but after the initial shock in the next battles i cant stop laughting everytime i heard those out of context dogs, cats, seals and dolphins. Seems like the doppler effect on those sounds is the most probable responsible.
  2. Vudu_guy

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    I prefer to use other people resourses for the testing phase
  3. Vudu_guy

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    The 1st war with that layout is about to start, im gona try it with just a minimum force to see how it behave...
  4. Vudu_guy

    tank destroyer ww2 Jagdpanther !!!!!!!!!!

    I dont know...
  5. Vudu_guy

    1.13.1 General Feedback

    Just tried my first 1.13.1 match, -APC seem to need a huge number of hits to die, in this scenario was the US truck taking 3 rockets and 2 h3 before diying. -Tank vs tank damage improved, in this scenario was lights vs lights, i was able to kill a chaffee and a stuart with a pz2 before him by blowing his ammo and fuel while he shot me in non-vital parts, so no more tennis games anymore if you know how to aim. -Rambos are powerful again but not 2 shot gods as it was before 1.12, so its ok tanks are not invincible anymore. -repairing damage parts now brings the destroyed effects back in time (this was the behaviour in 1.12 proto test but changed for release so repairing dont bring back those effects) -Cats, dogs and fart random sounds are funny but very weird, also they have no occlusion and seems to be next to you.
  6. Thats the e8 You are rigth, pilots can do that, but im sick of any more nerfs no matter the class. Yes they can. Yes they can be reloaded mid-magazine.
  7. Vudu_guy

    tank destroyer ww2 Jagdpanther !!!!!!!!!!

    Seems im the one that need a good old google search
  8. I heard the reason behind the lack of the option was to nerf tanks, i also want a RMB mg fire and the chance to reload ammo without switching or wasting it. But i think a limit for the amount of tanks alive at the same time need to be placed first. As the game allowed you to queue and play as specialist since forever everyone is just used to only play those classes all day, i dont know how hard to the player base can be to remove that option and make those classes really "special" and rare, same as the introduction of scopes for all maybe now its just too late to do something about it. 🙄
  9. Vudu_guy

    tank destroyer ww2 Jagdpanther !!!!!!!!!!

    Hetzer is the one with the remote mg not Jagdpanther. And its more like an improved puppet than anything else: And yeah its an inovation from WW2, try a google search and you can learn that and a lot of things.
  10. Vudu_guy

    Remove xp for deflected shots

    They are not the same, as i said inflicting 1xp damage to an enemy is quite handy in some cases.
  11. Vudu_guy

    Remove xp for deflected shots

    Bouncing bullets over an ENEMY tank can be useful, remember a huge number of tankers are lets say "not so smart" and if you shot them in the right moment you can distract them and make them turn to you giving a friendly rambo or tanker the chance to get 2 free shots on him before he knows whats happening. Real problem is friendly fire on armor and getting reported for trying to actually help a teammate, i f i got reported 1 time while saving their butts i dont try to help them anymore.
  12. Vudu_guy

    Remove xp for deflected shots

    I prefer they remove the friendly fire triggering damage when you are just trying to clean a friendly tank from pesky enemy rambo flies with mg fire and you get a f1 as" thank you"
  13. Vudu_guy

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    Hard to test the tweaked armor system, too few players in tank vs tank without a rambo in the middle ruining the test. I only hope killing a tank with another tank is faster and better choice than simply go brainless rambo.
  14. You must try playing the game from another computer, if the problem solves then there is something installed on your system battleye simply dont like.