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  1. Vudu_guy

    Battle Queueing and Abuse

    I readed the fix for that is coming next week.
  2. I agree on this way as the better one to add sub-factions, they dont need to make all the stuff for a new faction, so introducing a british soldier with some of their signature weapons and be added to the US will make some people change faction to use them in war, bring people long gone back and those soldiers can be selled at the start by only gold and then later being available for credits so Reto can profit of the players that "must have all now" without forgetting the "i dont pay nothing with real cash" player base.
  3. Vudu_guy

    buggy and weird things happen

    blast radious is huge, even if on the "limit" area of it you almost take no damage but the "warn X for friendly fire" message pops out and most people report rigth away "just in case" The time to report an f1 is active at least 1 second after the message vanished, so a plane that just bomb you can be 100 away and you still can f1 him, its a good way to prevent the pilot from blaming you as he dont know who he wounded, there is also the random f1 while you are 1 minute out of the combat area flying away, that must be indeed a bug. Weird, maybe its related with a stolen tank? those can be buggy if the driver is out before the thing to explode so it become an "ally" tank in the last second but still explode... That can be lag and delay on collision detection, or try to reproduce it again to identify if there is an invisible tree. Devs are still working on sound issues, they are not 100% fixed. If you take in count the war battle, yeah. but its not as buggy as it was sometimes in the past (at least for my personal experience) .
  4. Maybe here relying a little on the suggestion of Sjf0212 can be a good "mix" solution to give access points and objective points different capture/neutralize timers(slower) than between points.
  5. Its easy to guess making a german an soviet specific wrench to have the exact same functionality is not a high priority, maybe when major things get fixed they can add those, you can agree its not in any way game breaking.
  6. When i started to play was very slow if alone , 1 guy solo capping was rare. Then maybe 2 years ago they speed up the process but just too much, after mass complains it was hotfixed but in the end is still much faster than in 2014. Its actually good after that last change, if the team dont care to defend the point they deserve to lose it, there is nothing more humiliating than find you are losing an objective and when you jump inside find it was only 1 guy, that way you know your team sucks.
  7. They put that option to help new players, but yeah will be nice if it dissapeared after certain xp, so when you are no longer considered "new" you cant enable it again.
  8. Each soldier is independent of each other even on the same faction, they cant change faction and weapons are not tradeable between them, the only option to change weapons from a soldier to another is when it becomes a general, then him can inherit his stuff to others, but the one who receives them has to unlock the ribbons to be able to use the inherited weapon or item(uniforms, vehicles).
  9. I would prefer they fix the reasons vehicles flip so easily by the terrain while driving alone but keep the flip vehicle as its a way to disable an enemy vehicle if the speed, angle and odds are on your side without the introduction of a magic "overturn" key.
  10. Thanks for taking time to answer Christiano, i hope one of those higher priority task you´re working is that shiny Puma, i also expect awesome sounds for it!
  11. Vudu_guy

    Black screen bug

    I have been seen this bug sporadically since 1.13, while in the game the screen suddently frezzes, then the monitor blackouts, sounds of the game are still played, then the screen returns, but action game window cant be joined, its not showing the game anymore is just grey only alt+f4 to close the process and joining the game with the countdown bring back to the match. No messages of display controller being recovered or anything like that. Seen this already 5-6 times since the release, as i know support dont deal with these issues and bug hunter cant replay game IDs, @Reto.Hades can you please send this info to Q&A so they can check what is happening? /M 8783376117546286250 /P 274268285255805662 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 6024100609519772867 /V 157428 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=6024100609519772867::LKXKXF0ikuuWFn+/IKWWbCg3X74" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" The back screen bug happened when o1 (airfield) was being taken by the enemy.
  12. Time to pawn the car to buy a boat!
  13. Vudu_guy

    This STG skin?

    I f i remember correctly the adler skin was removed for being related to some double S stuff? im sure i readed something like that as a reason a few years ago.