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  1. What tool was that to get those stats? Do I smell whale bouquet?šŸ˜‚
  2. Where is the pic of your AtĀ“s brooo? donĀ“t be shy!! show us the only foot infantry you have! šŸ˜…
  3. I wonder how much troops the generals are deploying rn, for a long time i used a variety of AT combinations to maximize profit, but now i just found new fun deploying everything but planes and paras. Can you post a pic of all your deployed AtĀ“s in one empty city?, also dont forget to put the slider all the way to the right side to proof you are the only there, i have seen some cities with 10k+ from players i never hear before, whales are saved from extinction? Here is mine:
  4. Vudu_guy

    Gun sounds

    FG42 needs a new sound or the US ligth tank m2a2, as they share the same sound effect. Current Mg13 sound should also be given to the pz1, as they have the same weapon. Grease gun sound is very weak PPS-43 sound need to be anti-popcorned, too weak currently. BAR of course need a new sound, its just a faster k98 shot. Mp40 could benefit for a more powerful sound, its nothing like the real gun sound. Thompson share the same history as mp40, current sound is weaker and higher than the real thing. All rocket launchers sound need to be louder, its a rocket after all!! SU and GE grenades need a sound boost like the US grenade, that thing sound like a mini nuclear blast.
  5. A resourse by itself its not an advantage if the players using it donĀ“t make a difference with it, same with planes, Heavys are the most powerful tool IF used correctly to clear a bridge with enemy tanks, but in most of the cases people lost them all against the trees and the ground, its the plane fault or the pilots? Adding toys should be risky, sometimes you help win the battle adding recons at the right moment with the right players and most of the time you simply doom your team by adding them at any time.
  6. Where have you been? for sure not here on the forums, as many proposals on how to fix the problem has been posted and discused here many times, we have been told what the devs can and canĀ“t do to fix the problem it will not fix by itself or demanding actions that are not in our control and get mad when they donĀ“t follow our exact desires and instructions on how to fix them, we all have ideas on the exact things we want to solve the annoying random headshot trying to affect the less other parts of the gameplay, but when those are NOT possible the solution become even more easy, rigth now its fix the multipliers or no nothing; yet some people prefer the option of do nothing and keep complaining about the issue not being fixed. Im sorry if you felt offended when i say slow people, i wasnt talking about you or any specific player, its about that mentality that goes nowhere. I donĀ“t have the "habit of insult people that donĀ“t share the same opinion", maybe its your own perception of opinions you donĀ“t like, but donĀ“t worry im sure its because you havent been paying attention on how the issue has been discused here many times, so its easy to rush conclusions on the last thread ignoring all the background of older conversations if those were never read. Feel free to report any of my posts if you feel personally offended, rules apply to EVERYONE with no exceptions, so dont be afraid to do it and be sure its not personal, i still have no idea who are you..šŸ˜˜
  7. ItĀ“s hard to understand this playerbase, seriously. Cry and whine about an issue, some of us propose solutions, the developers look at them and explain what they can actually do, but players get angry and dont want to accept anything different, the result the will issue remain. How slow you need to be to not understand this?, the ONLY viable solution for headshots is to modify the damage multipliers, NO other solution its possible at the moment, so its that or is NOTHING. Maybe later the solution can be refined like we want, but if we donĀ“t want to be killed so often by a random headshot NOW the solution is to ask for a change HERE and NOW on this poll.
  8. Vudu_guy

    No use of para block

    Parablocks are still highly effective and hated, the "issue" you found itĀ“s just people that almost no one can successfully parablock because those individuals are whales that will not look twice to burn 10.000 warfunds retreating and hoping some Ats will end on that line just to prevent it to be it resolved against them. Without looking any name but knowing it was against the soviets i can guess at least 2 or 3 names of people that always will do that. If you ask me the real bug is being able to parablock with so few paras, i mean "freezing" the enemy to retaliate aftera battle should involve more risk for the attacker, way more than 1 para AT should be needed, so it needs multiple generals collaboration or a big investment from 1 alone. Little advice, if you dont have millions of wf to burn, donĀ“t waste paras for blocks, use them for battles already beign played and in need of a way to quickly cross a river, like an attack in town map by only B line for example, that way your troops will be more efficiently used, will give you xp for the AT and for the soldier they belongs and luckily some extra wf if the players that switch to para are good and kill a lot of enemies with your resourses and as bonus they also will start to recognice your name and will be grateful, thats how you make a reputation in the H&G VIP club.
  9. My char is ready for it!
  10. Vudu_guy

    State of the game

    Nahhh you canĀ“t deny all the histories about the true meaning of the "s" when the scout II barrel was added... "s" for Schilli....
  11. And we are talking about the revised version of the pool system, in the first one all resourses were shared by class, so people leeched medium plane kills sending a bunch of recon planes for example, same happened with tanks, the outcry about that was so great Reto fixed it by separate AT earnings by tiers for the specialist AtĀ“s i dont remember the date but im almost sure we have that system running for at least 3 years.
  12. No, for example tanks kills are separated between classes so kills made by ligth tanks are shared only between owners of ligth tanks in that battle, same with mediums, heavys, TD and HTD. Planes are also separated by recon planes, mediums and heavys. But.... and a big BUT, if you send a tank AT with full lives and some bozzo send 4 almost dead tank witn 1 tank each of the same classs as yours in the end he has 4x more chances to get your earnings than you with 1. Infantry lieves are all mixed up, so no matter the tier, thatĀ“s the reason for pool system a guard equals the same as a mecha inf as both are 1 infantry assautl team.
  13. Consecuence of the pool system, as the game canĀ“t recognize anymore individual owners of each AT as it groups all similar resourses to be randomly deducted from any compatible AT, it does the same for the rewards, the only constant is the number of AtĀ“s you have on the battle, so having 2 AtĀ“s is better than having 1 , no matter the tier as you have 2 "chances" or "tickets" for the redistribution count at the end instead of 1, the system canĀ“t also recognize between a full AT vs an almost depleted one, both count as one, also they canĀ“t determine the time in battle so sending a bunch in the last 5 minutes count as the same as having them already there for 5 hours since battle creation plus 2 hours already being played. ThatĀ“s the reason the rewards are randomly awarded between all the AT owners participants in a battle, more AtĀ“s more chances for rnjesus to bless you with some wfs.
  14. I agree with all of that, also the new deploy queue needs more options and also needs to show more precise data like aprox time to deploy based on how many similar troops are above yours in queue. ThatĀ“s really hard to fix, as is players fault on how and when to use the special resourses, there are many reasons people send their toys early, mostly being ignorance and hurry to have them played. I mean the ones of us that already reached rank 17 with specialist really dont care about XP anymore, same with WF, so we often see them as they are: "special" units not intended to be sended to every available battle..... but before we reached that "status" we indeed sended them to every possible battle to leech xp and wf. So the solution will be to fix the reasons to send them so indiscriminately in the first place, like increasing the ammount of xp they deliver to the AT and the soldier their belong (to minimize the time you NEED to send them so much) and then when X amount of xp is earned(tier 3) their deploy cost is increased permanently for example. Indeed the leech of vehicles is annoying, but an easier fix without changing so much the current system could be to give the owner of the ATĀ“s with vehicle spawns more chances to "win" in the end "raffle" for wf at the end, so that way for example sending an At with 30 cars equals in the end to "3" chances or "tickers for the raffle" instead of one, Reducing the size for some specialist AtĀ“s is really needed specially planes, if 5 planes canĀ“t change the result of a battle 24 it just a waste for the owner and a torture for the player in the other end. I will prefer a way for generals to be themselves the ones that chosse the size of their AtĀ“s, but that will require code that is not existant at this time, so reduction in size and increase in costs are the only viable solution in the meantime. A special case are the paras, they canĀ“t be reduced in size or cost without fixing the parablock issue first. And to prevent the many battles in war ruined by too many specialist at the start, they need to make queing for War mode only possible with infantry, leave specilist premade squads to stage. Cost need to be increased for specialist but not too much like already happened in the past and people just stopped deploying them at all, fixing the MM to prevent specialist being present at the start of battles will help more than any increase in cost.
  15. You are correct, its the veteran membership the "thing" that shield some players from bleeding wf and be able to send any toy without fear of going red. Some months ago i tried the experiment of playing with and without vet and a "cheap" army of around 20 foot guards and tracked the results for like 20 wars in a row, i played the same in both situations used every old and new trick under the rug to make wf and no matter what without vet i ended slowly bleeding wf each war. with vet i was able to make profits to build that army in the first place, buying one or two new ATs each war aprox. In the end i found the "only" sustainable army for the true free to play player is around 3 foot atĀ“s total of course supported mostly by your fps earnings. ThatĀ“s one of the reasons the rts is indeed like you said "a vip club" and those inside play mostly without big risks in the moves and the stuff they send (unless encircled but that is another subject), all this things were pointed several times over the years but until the long awaited refactoring is ready sadly we canĀ“t expect any change in the broken economy between free and vet membership rts players. Only advise will be to reduce drastically the number of atĀ“s until you find a sustainable equilibrium with your fps average wf earnings, or only deploy when Reto gives free vet.