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  1. I was keeping this ideas on a text file for some time, i just found them today so better leave them here to take electronic dust than in a private folder in my pc. ______________________________________________ Problem: Leaderboards are currently a waste of data, being updated with the data of each soldier individually once a month detracts the fact H&G is designed to be played with more than 1 character Quick fix: The achievements(number of kills, etc) must be per faction or per account like it was before. Also, give a small statistic at the end of the battle with more useful data, like most tank kills in the match, most captures, most defense kills, etc. ______________________________________________ Problem: Lack of meaning to achieve rank 12 specialist on any vehicle ribbon. Quick fix: Add some permanent upgrades to be unlocked when reaching rank 12 on a vehicle, those can be like the already mentione additional MG´s, or ACE decals, or ACE camos or in the meantime some reduced/increased effects like the one badges gives like more of fire rate, speed or small armor tickness increase, stuff like that. ______________________________________________ Problem: Lack of infantry gameplay movement options, prone still jerky at times as example. Quick fix: Add a new movement for infantry a run+curching move to be able to run and avoid from incoming fire in a more realistic way than bunny jumping, to balance it camera will be shaky and you are unable to shot while doing it, but it can save your life because your head is down! In the long run a vault mechanic will add more WW2 atmosphere to the game and it will look better in the middle of a battle, it may take a lot of work but anything that replace the bunny syndrome will be seen as an improvement. ______________________________________________ Problem: Unbalance in the way AP mines work, SU one is the only one that is placed like its designed, US and GE are placed above the ground sticking out horribly and making them less effective against smart players. Quick fix: Make US and GE AP mine be place a X ammount of centimenters below the currently placing position, so only a part from the top will be visible, must not be so hard to change that value rigth? ______________________________________________ Problem: Tank movement is too quick to keep pace with foot infantry, so they got behind or crushed by the tank. Quick fix: Add a "special gear speed" that equals the speed of foot infantry, that way they can walk along with the tank and make more realistic attack movement while also giving cover one to another. ______________________________________________
  2. Do you work at Reto rigth? lol This is also a problem, first we have to determine whats a "bad" rts battle, lack of vehicles can´t be alone, same as the number of lines for attack at the start, of ifts a defense. In the years im playing some of the most "fun" battles were the ones against the odds, many looked those as "bad" and "not balanced", but making war equal to stage is another dumbification of the game on my view. I agree risk and reward must be looked first, but the endgame of H&G is play battles not equal and every live being backed by a real player, at least thats the thing that keeps me here.
  3. Your idea is good, but it may open the path for a much more complex and fun iteration, custom size AT´s. All the XP an AT earns can be translated into something like you said, but the kind of vehicles available to spawn will be a choice made for the general, so they stay relevant on the kind of resourses a battle can have. This way its generals decision if they want to invest in more cars than bikes and drop some APcs on the mix keeping the strategie alive in the rts, im not fan of making things equal and more balanced for everyone, the differences are the thing that make war battles something special. This will also open the possibility of a smaller but more cost-effective Tank and Plane AT
  4. Vudu_guy

    Repricing assault teams

    Its not a bad idea, maybe replacing the increased costs for spawn time (per account based not soldier, so people cant just exit the game to avoid timers or span, then undeploy and use another soldier while the timer get refilled) Also infantry vehicles are not the problem but tanks and planes, making them cost a lot in wf or credits is not a complete solution, their numbers must be lowered and i dont mean the stockpile but the size of the AT itself, will be more fun if people are still able to DEPLOY their special units but reinforcing them will be harder as they are low priority on resourse queue and also their small size, so generals MUST use them more wisely not as they are being used now, so people are allowed to still play them BUT CHOOSE NOT to spam them in every fricking battle just because its possible. Also remeber the time when REto increased again the price of tanks and planes sometime after rommel, the forum filled with complains of those resourses become wf black holes as people jus t wate them not caring how much they worth.
  5. Vudu_guy

    que pasa con las guerras

    Primero deberías moderar tu lenguaje y no llamar así a los jugadores de ninguna facción, pues si no te has dado cuenta aún de "esos" que dejan un montón de tropas en una ciudad hay en todas y si ese es tu mayor argumento se nota que aún te faltan situaciones por conocer.
  6. Vudu_guy

    que pasa con las guerras

    Tu acaso despliegas tropas? Por que yo sí, y alemania no pierde por que siempre defienda, pierde por que los 18 jugadores no ganan, ni atacando ni defendiendo, a la final lo único que cuenta es que pasa cuando es 18vs18 en una partida. Tampoco es por los recursos, por q en la época q mucha gente dejo de desplegar y alemania tenia vehiculos disponibles 24/7 hasta el final de la guerra pasaba exactamente lo mismo, la gente pierde los juegos, de nada sirve la sobrepoblación si el mayor porcentaje de esta es formada por gente que no tiene la más remota idea de como jugar y siempre esperan que sean otros los que los arrastren a la victoria.
  7. Vudu_guy

    Prototype test: Specialists only!

    As i see it at least will give new players an idea of what items are "better" than others and which things define a specialization for a specific role, all of us made that conclusions by seeying older players using stuff we dont even know how to unlock until we have to ask others and hope they will be nice and help us, so i think it could help by the lack of tutorials and to avoid a little our toxic ommunity in the game chat in a small way. Also many achievement hunters will buy everything in those screens too, so its good for the $$$
  8. Vudu_guy

    Prototype test: Specialists only!

    If someone play that mode that already means they are not playing tanks in the others, so even if a few those are a few LESS in other modes, its also just 1 map and its not perfect, why would you play light tanks against heavy tanks and heavy destroyers? its crazy and a suicide so those go to the normal modes. Its still better than nothing, its more faith and hope it will help in some degree than being just naive. Sorry too if i offended you in any form.
  9. Vudu_guy

    Prototype test: Specialists only!

    BTW seems no one noted this option is also included in the proto test, it´s the thing that was talked on one of the last devstreams, the "soldier specialization" i think to guide new players in which things they need grind and aquire to become more effective while filling certain specific roles. As it is on proto i think its ok to give feedback about that rigth? 1) As a new player will be nice to have the option to see all other soldiers with a menu here, so we can see how far or close are they to a specific role without having to exit this screen. 2) I found you are able to buy items from this window, like vehicles or weapons already unlocked, but with not completed ribbons clicking on them to buy the progress don´t work. This new "speialization window" need a better acceess in the normal soldiers screen, now its "hidden" inside the progression tab. Completing those "bronze, silver and gold" specializations levels may give the players some credits/warfund reward? if its intended to give new players a clearer vision on what things to grind finally reaching them will not be worthy of a small credit/wf price like the player levels?
  10. Vudu_guy

    Prototype test: Specialists only!

    Well im sure you already know how many people that just like to play specialist keep ruining other games modes by taking valuable infantry slots, so why in the world giving them an exclusive mode to keep them there is bad? oh i forgot its because it´s the way this game community behave.
  11. Vudu_guy

    Prototype test: Specialists only!

    Just tried the recon vs recon and as other already said the map is simply not designed for them. No ammo crates on map. No clear line of sigth to the objective (cover intended for tanks NOT sniping) No high structures to climb and cover more area Not enough difference terrain elevation in the range of recon scopes (its made for tank range) Not enough players at the same time Objective filled with literrally aimboting bots is a suicide on foot or in a vehicle. Not fun to use with recon vehicles, too few structures around to be able to hide and seek with them. Recon vs recon sadly needs an exclusive designed map, more in the line of those seen in the Sniper Elite series, dont make it about killing bots make it about killing a certain number of enemy player driven recons. Plane vs plane The first mistake is again mixing recon planes with meds and heavys, thats its already proven to simply not work. Objective too small and covered in all kind of stuff and buildings thats its too hard to see it and make a bomb deal their full effect, lack of real flat areas for landing and repair, same problems that in live with normal maps, hit a small bump while landing or taking off = instant explode Planes can´t really stop the capture of an objective that was also proven many times and every day in live server when half of the team switch to pilot, planes need hard big targets to bomb and flying with HE for ground targets while enemy planes use apcr against you is simply not an option. Make the plane vs plane be based on a team defending a series of big targets that require multiple bombings to be destroyed, no AI infantry bots capping just make them figth other bots aorund to only part of the WW2 gun figth sounds. Also make much more plane spawns around all the map and if possible make them random or in a small time frame everyone will know where to camp the other team planes as in normal maps. Sadly seems both specialists classes need serious particular adjustments to the map to be a working and fun new mode for those, using the exact same tank vs tank map just spawning recons and planes instead of tanks don´t work.
  12. Vudu_guy


    Im not talking about him, im talking about the community as a whole. We are professional whiners, even when things are given for free.
  13. Vudu_guy


    Reto: lets give the community something for free, for all and not faction related just because we can. Community:
  14. Sadly that only represent the average player in the game, its hard to understand but people can be that dumb and a little extra sometimes, but well we all know at least that one people in RL that will match that behaviour.😞
  15. ONe thing is to let everyone deploy something...but what about the ones that already deploy but still lose all to encirclements? and im not talking about stuff that is deloyed overnigth next to a capital but overstaked citys in the middle of the map, they will ever learn to spread their stuff?