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  1. AW_O'Reillly


    The RNGesus reward system is shirt. The problem predates the free deploy month. The separation of players from their earned/paid for resources is real and troubling. I understand why it was done. We may find that the medicine kills the host as well as the malady though.
  2. AW_O'Reillly

    RTS wishlist

    Links could be weighted so that "owned" links are a '1', gray links are a '10' and "enemy" links are 1000. This would fix it. It's just OSPF.
  3. Headlights? Blackout drive perhaps. .. white light and combat don't happen. Headlights in this game would be both unrealistic and inappropriate.
  4. AW_O'Reillly

    Whales are an issue

    Hit the nail on the head. Designing a game mode that requires "work" like commitment and expecting folks that work for a living who are looking for a little gaming escape to "work"... counter-intuitive don't you think?
  5. AW_O'Reillly

    Germany Wins

    Your disregard for the "PC Culture" is rather insensitive. Perhaps some time in the Berkeley sensitivity reeducation gulag is in order?
  6. AW_O'Reillly

    US Schooled GE on how to RTS

    Baha! The GE High Command should step in and make these changes at once! /sarcasm. Really these sorts of overly simplistic posts make me laugh. The players are individual customers. Most are not in these forums. Most are not in an axis discord. The reto game design provides the framework for over pop and consequential consistent loss. There is NO single entity GE faction - it's a collage of disparate individuals. Reto has actively changed the RTS so that the "defend the passes, get strong, attack" strategy is no longer feasible. It's hillarious that some Reto coddled US RTS players think that they are master strategists. You should remain silent and enjoy your reto designed advantages while they last.
  7. AW_O'Reillly

    It's friday

    I first tried Asian Pears in ROK. Delicious. One of my favorite fruits - very expensive in the states though. My favorite healthy thing of late is Thai food with extra vegies and skip the rice. Thai food is quick to prepare, fresh and delicious.
  8. AW_O'Reillly

    can reto do this event?

    Yeah, recon spam is real on all factions.
  9. AW_O'Reillly

    Rework T-28

    I played it with 3 friends when it came out and had a blast in it. More like gta 5 kinda fun. I'm sure my team wasn't thrilled that 4 of 18 players were derping in a t28. I think that the right path would have been t34 76A, t34 76C, t34 85. Boring perhaps, but far more appropriate. Also, reto's original mobility model for t34 was good, especially considering it's limited depression. It's a bit too sluggish now. When t34 first came out it was VERY fun to play albeit challenging due to limited depression.
  10. AW_O'Reillly

    Rework T-28

    Selection of t28 as med for SU was extremely strange. It's not that it's poorly modeled, it's just a poor tank. If it was vs tanks of its period only it still wouldn't be stellar, but it would fare better. T28 is just reto's latest victim. Production began in 1932... 1932! Is it any wonder that it struggles vs 1945 tanks? If you can get it into a match where there are no enemy tanks or planes and you have 3 friends on TS3 it's a blast though not terribly effective. How often are those conditions met? Never in staged - rarely in war.
  11. AW_O'Reillly

    Why the US isnt OP

    All the US faction needs to do is whisper, "nerf GE and SU darling... pretty please..." in papa Reto's ear as pillow talk. It works every time.
  12. AW_O'Reillly

    SHOVELS - Teraforming for H&G

    Can you expand on this concept? There was a time when Generals were first added and command badges were being considered where there was mention of using battlefield operating systems (BOS) as a framework for leadership badges. One of the BOS is mobility/countermobility (combat engineering). Reto could simple call it combat engineering. A general would have some number of supplies or points to allow for preparation of the defense or "digging in". There could be 3 to five levels of revetment/wire/mines/trenches/tank ditches/etc... This would be a series of layers that would have to be addable to the map - much like the seasonal map system discussed where colomar map might have colomar /colomar winter and each of these might have 3 or so levels of engineer prep to aid the defenders. Prep would take time and resources of course - resources would be finite and produced like all other supplies. This is just a very rough idea and certainly a far in the future kinda thing, but it would be nice and make RTS more interesting/deep.
  13. Are there hard numbers to compare the recoil of the SAs? I see folks talking sway, magazine size, potential magnification... When I routinely played all three factions in staged I seem to recall feeling that the SVT and G43 had much higher recoil than the garand. I would love to see the numbers.
  14. I know right? The nerve of those German players not wanting to play in support of the completely unbiased not total bull-shirt RTS campaign map. Sheesh! Btw, the problem is not the entire GE player population - there is a game design poor decision at the root of the staged migration. It's not like the GE faction has a double-secret TS3 channel and a side-forum where we craft our malevolent plans to ditch the war side of H&G. We are talking about a large population shift in behavior - this is not some vast world wide GE faction conspiracy - this is a game design problem. Whining about seal clubbing GE in staged is silly. Oh, and I've seen plenty of US players in staged doing the same thing and probably for the same reasons - RTS is broke-penis. I believe your premise that player are steering into GE based on early play experiences with GE players in staged is probably on the mark. Expecting those GE players to do the "right thing" in the face of the BS RTS design, resource pooling, RND rewards, resource queues, etc... is naive.
  15. AW_O'Reillly

    The things nobody tells you about !

    Yes, sound direction finding is of paramount importance not just in finding snipers - finding bush faeries in general. This is my major problem with the RETO "We ain't got no sound skillz" book-drop™ SU weapon sounds. They are of such low frequency and low quality that they mask direction. To think that Reto did a major revision of weapon sounds and SU rifles still sound like a dropped text book... Inexplicable.