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  1. ever plan on getting rid of it? was meant to populate the russians so they can win... its been 5 yrs since it came into play...they have won almost twice and many wars for 3 years than german or US... they grow and grow with victories ...its not fair for the community...5 years is too long for ...its part of your problem holding population...fairness
  2. GeneralDecker

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    it was meant to populate soviets enough they can hold their own..which they can and have for years...there are a few other ways to address it as i have mentioned in other posts like faction rewards for staying on factions for long times .. i have other ideas but we need to start somewhere fresh and make it fair for the work we all do... thanks have some nice points not asking for them to screw over people that already have had the benefits of the bonus...its just not relevant for new players that weren't here the times in 2015
  3. GeneralDecker

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    thanks so got me lol...not jealous at all..its not about me now kid...its about fun for the new guys... but i got ya...ill come US ok and ill still lobby for it to be gone..fair?
  4. GeneralDecker

    Latest War= SU out of infantry.

    its a matter of time they ruin their queue due to underdog bonus for 5 yrs growing x8 faster than other factions.... to be expected... the queue rates havent been adjusted due to inflation for over 3 yrs ... its a rigged game in favor of russians atm...the queue came into play because germans had too many players... and we have lost 10's of 1000's of players since it came to be
  5. GeneralDecker

    Rework generals on all factions

    1. no 2. no 3. players determine your exp from the AT.. play staged make more exp in longer fights... not 5 min war fights... no one makes exp or money in war...war is meant to fight not farm xp or creds the reason people make lots of soldiers is for multiple loadouts with different guns...AT just happens to be part of it..210 command points with soldiers is more than enough for your 1 hr daily player... you only need generals to make a large army...and with that comes cost and not for everyone... you can lvl up to lvl22 as a soldier hence why more soldiers is better... when you cant have more soldiers thats when you get a general (or when they are on sale) the generals are fine the way they are minus the reto changes to logistics badges which is a cheap shot on their part... ill never buy another general so you can blame the idiots that push for 5 min fights to surround units for nothing...thats who robs your exp and wf for their daily 50%+ bonus win or loss
  6. GeneralDecker

    ATS/RTS interface and AFK

    Christiano does the models not rts...good worker nice guy best to mind your own business and tend to your own units...leave the griping to the generals nothing wrong with saving units for later in the week with such a terrible queue rate this has been going on for years ..the stacks at capitals die anyway later when the capitals are taken will catch up to them that dont babysit or pay attention when you have over 1000 units lets see how you stack cities and provide troops to your people later when the others have wasted and lost theirs stacked in frontline cities good luck
  7. GeneralDecker

    Rank 1 Max XP

    no worries...recurring bug over the years...relog helps some... also no xp shows up after battles... i would assume the system still records your exp and will be there when it gets a hotfix for it im sure reto knows about it and looking into it ...expect a server downtime for a fix later today. weve been waiting for changelogs too
  8. GeneralDecker

    Happy 1000th war all

    we made it this far guys...thanks reto for making this day a special one right
  9. GeneralDecker

    Клан за СССР "Red Scare"

    5 min para push fight = 0 exp and wf and credits for all 30 mins fight...people make exp and money they are only digging their own graves.. gg red scare...ruin the game more ...and learn to change with the play old ways one likes to play you when you are idiots...cheaters suck no one wants to waste time... and you guys waste alot of peoples time...they leave the game because of YOU play fair..or we go home...simple concept...dont be dumb
  10. GeneralDecker

    why do they want to screw us?

    UPDATE 1.18.1 – COMBAT REBALANCE Reduced Rate of Fire on STG44, AVS36, M2 Carbine, MG13, Johnson <----- Increased Rate of Fire on BAR and MG34 <----- mg34 has a terrible recoil unless you pod it as noted next Increased Machinegun Machinegun sway when bipods aren’t deployed Adjusted Damage Modifier and Range Tweaks for weapons (Particularly an increase for M1/M2 Carbine family and PPD-40 and PPSh-41) <--- compensates for the ammo change during the time of your post there were groups of people moving around the factions and still are, the "good players" go where its easy due to the population shift...germans have been going through it for a while...yould be surpised how many vet germans play for US since german started getting screwed over..quite a few US on germans too ..these days everyone is getting the shaft thats why poeple leave the game...its only us diehards that stick around through the bs because we have other projects within the game there is always staged fights... alot less stress
  11. GeneralDecker

    Give WF bonus for generals

    among other things too such as queue for AT would sky rocket also reto makes money when/if people buy gold to deploy or to convert to i cant see them wanting to give up a savings in return for killing off some income maybe if they release the queue but the game is such a mess at the 100% agree with no ... i know a solution but reto has to pay me for that
  12. GeneralDecker

    Final new capital city vote

    I admire the effort to fix the game but.... The map isnt the issue nor positioning It's the player-base either alting and "not playing to win"... many daily complaints of people camping and sitting around when other forces just roll through (the map wont fix that) finishing the fight in less than ten minutes. The underdog bonus (still) draws players away from Germany due to no bonus until these past couple weeks, since skilled players are lured to other factions (you've had it in for way too long) Instead of a bonus, put a faction loyalty program in (i have more details of the concept..this is a rough idea of it) when a player plays a faction for a year they get a lump sum of gold for the hours they played on the faction ...if you leave the faction you forfeit that gold and have to start over on the other faction.... its obvious that the "overpopulation" is not a factor anymore. It wont deal with alts but it will help to keep people from swapping factions constantly with events or whatever. The alts are a serious issue when people start fights then leave and its 5 vs 15 and then someone loses $20 of AT... now ones gonna keep feeding a bottomless pit like that. The way its set up now with 10 min battles the soviet and US get a bonus so they make exp in those fights... germans get no bonus so very little exp in that 10 mins... its not fair nor fun and a waste of time... germans can make more exp in staged fights than in war due to the length of the fights without veteran... thats the main reason i fight in staged. I make more exp and credit than i ever would in war. ping is also and issue with moscow server not being on cloud (when will you delete that server or bring it to par with the global population?) In regards to the map it wont matter where germany is.... in model #3 germany will have no natural defences such as the alps in italy or the natural water defences of scandi and england. US and soviets use alot of para and those defences are what keep germany the ability to survive (barely) german para is non existent now due to the queue . I can already see a mad rush for sweden which i cant see Germany holding because we lose 20 cities in a matter of a couple hours and with wide open big pockets in russia will be even a bigger problem when the whole pocket is surrounded with no way to retreat out. so again i respect your attempt to make the game fun for us..but you shouldve listened to us years ago... you reto know ive been on you for years to address this and now last night we had 250 people playing...thats the lowest ive ever seen on our side... ever. (From over 1500 players on german 5 yrs ago to 250 now...theres a problem) good luck last option... get rid of the german faction and let the US and sov go at it... because in due time thats all thats gonna be left longer fights = longer wars = more exp = more fun= more money for reto ...because if people feel good playing they will spend money keep me happy ill give you another 10 grand over time...atm not a dime..... i do like the 180 day vet coming...but the yearly will get people to commit more to spend time here
  13. GeneralDecker

    fix rotten tiger 2

    there was no whining on my part... thanks for giving such a detailed which no one really cares how you see my comment on whining. it was a statement and a rhetorical question.... take the tigers away ..rob him of potential exp ..i could care less
  14. GeneralDecker

    Prototype test: AI changes

    180 day vet ...thx
  15. GeneralDecker

    fix rotten tiger 2

    lol tiger 2 was the most famous tank in yes it should be "entered" ....or you want us to fight you with sticks and stones only....thats what you want yes?? easy enemy to kill with no challenge... smh.... keep wanting us to have nothing you will have NO ONE to fight be a big boy and go destroy a tank and make money and exp....git gud... stop crying about op
  16. cheating is now promoted by some players in game due to lack of reto enforcement ...battleye does nothing...if it had, i wouldnt see the same people cheating everyday... reto needs the cheaters to play so there is a population left...with 300 people per side in prime time US hours...they cant afford to ban anyone...from "reports" of people on soviet voice comms "exploiting" is quite the norm these days to cheat and exploit retos flaws especially ping exploits... russians are notorious for that since they have their own server off the cloud... so they have a huge advantage compared to the rest of the world (they werent upgrade to cloud like the rest of the world) instead of getting rid of the server reto left it the rest of the world gets a 300 moon ping while they get a nice cushy 60 ping or less.... no one wants to fight on that ping you will lose your AT quite quickly if you bring them up against russian and chinese clans... communists never play fair... if they did play fair this game would be thriving with happy customers. just do the best you can and when its not fun anymore leave like the 11 million other users note for reto.....when other people see others cheat and get away with it...monkey see monkey do... and now its out of control. good luck fixing that
  17. GeneralDecker

    Game being unfair for the US players.

    so whats the bug? this is bug hunters section... post in suggestions or gameplay feedback the war is determined by the prominent clans... not the faction the game is rigged by the clans moving from one faction to another (thx to reto) if you want to win every war you have to be in the loop with the clans...or guess which faction will win has nothing to do with weapons or resources also russians have their own server ..the rest are on russian get home turf advantage when they get a clan grabbing the ping. last thing...there are always two losers in the wars
  18. GeneralDecker

    We Are Here For You!

    thanks for caring
  19. GeneralDecker


    when you put down your carbine
  20. 5+ years of lightning ruling the skys.... payback time maybe get a mustang to fight the 190 ....the game changes and balance changes alot if you havent notice... if we have nothing to fight you with will have no one to fight. good luck up there
  21. generals usually dont put them in its the randoms ...if gens do...usually to get it started, win or loss... the problem is the players lack self discipline and situational awareness and the urgency of some battles... but in the state of the game is in now, who really cares as for the asian comments....they are new and dont know how to play...they need to level up recon too ...they will always do noobish moves ... over a year later they still dont get it... russians havent gotten the concept for 4 yrs i dont expect the asians to get any better.... long fight = fun and growth...5 min fights no one makes anything...their loss even though they win lol i guess when you have a bonus you take it for granted ... gg reto smh
  22. look at all the crying... and you girls ridicule me? lol germany isnt to have anything to fight back with? enjoy your strikes girls ... when you girls know how not to abuse your own weapons and game mechanics FORCING reto to make changes like this.... this is why the game is such a mess.... everyone one wants an advantage maybe if you didnt roll over and use the exploits and took things slow like i said years ago you fools wouldnt have to resort to a petty strike this is all your doing, soviets.... i have no empathy ...enjoy your break you be fed by a silver spoon and you still complain ....ungrateful shmucks rot in hell russia
  23. GeneralDecker


    another biased set up event so US and soviet get no queue ...and germans get clogged again and stuck in the middle can tell you now the german objective is a fail nice fantasy though...or roleplay or whatever you want to call it
  24. GeneralDecker

    RETO: DO smth about the Chinese RTS abuse!

    its the only people that pay for the game now..its their income