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  1. The only way to win RTS is to not play it. GG Reto.
  2. juv95hrn

    Golden Days: Up to 50% discount on Gold!

    How about organizing a buy back of gold, now that you removed war bonds? Haha, as if that would happen. Lol.
  3. juv95hrn

    Assault Team Optimizations - Update 1.11.1 is here!

    Is the AT xp bug fixed yet?
  4. juv95hrn

    War Bonds - Are they dead?

    I bought lots of gold to buy war bonds, for my year subscriptions, and to support the game. Thanks again Reto for regretting my decision to do any of this. Is there any part of the game you will not totally ruin the gamers experience in?
  5. juv95hrn

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    This thread leaves me speechless. I knew RTS was broken. I have +100 AT points to deploy but I only use foot infantry defensively. With premium account. Only 1-2 per location. Only with minimal chance of being surrounded. You know what. I still have no WF left!!! Now at least I know why. I thought it only had to do with the totally broken design of the RTS in general, like not being able to choose retreat direction, or retreating into doomed pockets like 75% of the time. But this on top of that!?!?!? Also the game isn´t fun these days, RTS as well as FPS, even if it wasn´t broken as frack. H&G is the only game I sincerely regret putting so much money and time into.
  6. juv95hrn

    Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    Unless you can decide what direction you want your troops to retreat and also set a unit to retreat directly when a battle ends, the system is always going to be shite (along with about 100 other features that needs to be fixed).
  7. juv95hrn

    Easter sale – 30 % off all bundles

    This is a hilarous april´s fools joke!
  8. Dont forget not being able to retreat troops when a battle you finally are in ends, before it is attacked again (no wait time before you can lock down), auto retreat into doomed pockets with WAY more than average number of units (at least for me) and then not being able to retreat out because lines are bugged. I cant even begin to describe how infuriating and broken the pos-RTS is.
  9. juv95hrn

    RETO - stop it finaly

    FUBAR like so many other RTS "features". No one is suprised or amused.
  10. juv95hrn

    Warlentine sale and a gift from RETO MOTO

    If I buy upgrades for a weapon, then promotes the owning soldier to General, transfering the weapon to the available equipment pool, what happens to the upgrades? I have heard different answer in the forums, (they disappear, they become available again once the new owning soldier reaches the required ribbon level to use it). Could a dev weigh in on this and confirm how it is? If you cant use upgrades after re-distiburing a weapon to a new soldier, you should consider having another sale instead, since veterans already own all neccessary upgrades for their soldiers (except for Generals in being) and get no use of the sale.
  11. juv95hrn

    Fixing the Retreat Mechanic.

    Dream on boy. Dream on. Lol. Lost ATs = Lost WFs = gold sales. Random retreat direction (99% into death traps) is "FUN" according to devs. Lol. Beyond broken if you ask me.
  12. juv95hrn

    Paint your Panther - and more!

    Hey Reto. I will tell you this again. The numbers you have on your German vehicles are wrong. "808" means the eight tank in the zero platoon in the eight company. This never existed. You could have done some basic research and gotten at least that right. I´m sure the panther camo will get Germany up to a 2% war win rate in 2018! Game balance for the win!
  13. juv95hrn

    Get More Gold for Less Cash

    Can people that bought gold earlier get some kind of compensation for this intentional "deflation" from the developers? I doubt it, but its highly immoral what you have done to previous investors.
  14. juv95hrn

    RTS Tips for new & old players

    Can you mark what battles are active and which are not somehow?
  15. I bet 2017 managed to sink this below 17%, gg balance!