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  1. dummi1

    US free war wins

    Well do it matter with this capital placements can they not win...RETO biased 100% confirmed
  2. dummi1

    bias 100% confirmed

    WOW can Re..to screw us over more please ..New starting caps are biased as F.U:C.K .. Russians get one uncontested cap (more or less Moscow) we get Minsk and probly Belgrade /Budapest but they are contested right away ..so last 2 wars we start with 4-5 caps rest is devided among the other two. Also what consider safe caps for a faction and distance to caps here is not balanced at all ..guess that what re..to call balance they have to be Biased as hell or just realy bad at there work .take a pick
  3. dummi1

    Best GE-SU Players?

    swing and a miss Satirejohn ...there is few that play as diverce as black he is allso one of the better players the faction has and if you do meet him at E3 as you say then i guess you are the predictabel one and he is the one at the right place.....
  4. dummi1

    AVS-36 names

    After the last patch : Finally useful
  5. dummi1

    Red Star Union

    Yes it is ..but i am not much for petty details
  6. dummi1

    Red Star Union

    Was a good fight
  7. dummi1

    Re: Churchill afterpatch quiz

    ORB is following the other clans and undeploying ..this nerfs have gone to far we need a lvl playing field atm it isent .....
  8. dummi1

    Re: Churchill afterpatch quiz

    Bocaz you wine like a "beach" all the time and sound like a broken record if you think your side is ALT free you are as dumb and blind as you sound. We have encounter lots of alts even from US clans but i dont pop on the forum evrytime and whine like a pig. What you do with your post is just contributing to the problem beacuse then other feal they can do the same and the problem will just escalate. Do as we do report them and leave the problem to Reto and stop that whine just makes you sound like a whineing *****
  9. dummi1

    DP-28 Vs..

    DP-28 is a 3 hit kill i belive max with amo is 49 dammage
  10. dummi1

    My MotorCycle is NOT spawning... why not?

    As i said get on TS and let the veterans help .Thats the tip i would give to all new players will save you lots of mistakes and enjoy the game much faster.
  11. dummi1

    My MotorCycle is NOT spawning... why not?

    If thats your first vehicle you cant use it you need to unlock the ribbon,to drive a motorbike you need lvl 9 driver. http://heroesandgenerals.gamepedia.com/ ... ons#Soviet Union. drive the free truck or steal cars/bikes until you have driver lvl 3 then get the Gaz jeep and drive that until lvl 9 then you can unlock the motor bike. should get TS this game is hard for new players without learning from others. best of luck to you dummi1
  12. dummi1

    My MotorCycle is NOT spawning... why not?

    HI! New to the game ? Go to russian teamspeak ts3server://ts.soviets.red Order of the redbanner is englishspeaking(ORB) we can help you if you have any questions.
  13. dummi1

    My MotorCycle is NOT spawning... why not?

    Have you unlocked the ribbon to drive it ? have you equiped it ?
  14. dummi1

    And the ALT faction continues

    yeha so i heard hope reto takes action beacuse that just ruin the fun of the game for evryone