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  1. Thanks for the feedback, enjoy your gameplays
  2. Yeah you should do the same thing but instead of naming it as TdrDelay, name it as Timeout, otherwise it will not work.
  3. Don't be worried it isn't something dangerous (if you be careful and do exactly what I did). Tell me your results though.
  4. _Yank

    Render Engine Feedback thread!

    You guys should consider the directx 12 move as an improvement even though the game seemed to perform worse. While your FPS may have decreased, the game is now more future proof. With time, the game will start to take the full advantage of using the new API and be able to squeeze all the performance your GPU can give (resulting in a better FPS rate and less overhead than with the previous API). Think of it as switching from windows XP to 7, at first, you'll be quite confused about the things and you'll think the overall OS experience had decrease but once you start learning things, getting used to it and enjoying the new features, it starts being better and better. The game isn't just fully adapted to directx12, as it is a quite long process, so the performance haven't increased in some systems, YET. But yeah, for now, if you just want to play with the best performance, keep using the forcedx11 option, otherwise, help the developers and report errors, bugs and leaks of the directx12 mode, I'm sure that will speed up the adaption process and overall game development. For the players that can't join any game and get stuck forever in the briefing/game loading menu (with or without a gpu driver crash message), I found a solution, viewtopic.php?f=65&t=78221, check if that works for you and be free to tell me about the results. BTW, you should also confirm that it is your actual GPU and not your integrated graphics that is being used (this often happens on laptops, even/specially the "gaming" or high-end ones).
  5. [SOLUTION] STUCK IN GAME LOADING AND/OR DISPLAY DRIVER CRASH Follow the steps below. Press the windows and R key (it pops out the Run dialog) and type regedit (to open the Registry Editor). Then you go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers directory, right click on the right panel, Go to New and then Dword (to create a new value). Named it TdrDelay then right click it, press on Modify, write 30 and hit Ok. Then go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers\DCI directory (just inside the previous one) and do the same thing you did in the previous directory but this time name the value it as Timeout. Then, reboot the machine and BOOM, you can play this game again! The game is now loading and working just fine, no more 10 FPS shizzle, 60FPS out of the box! Why does this happen ? Well it is quite hard to explain, will try to give a soft, not-so-accurate explanation… Since Vista, Windows implemented a "system" to automatically restart the GPU driver in case of failure to avoid BSODs and similar errors that may need the computer to restart to get the GPU completly working again (in this case, it would automatically restart the GPU driver if the GPU took more than 2 seconds to render 1 frame.). As this game is still in beta, there’s some things still need to be optimized and the game loading is probably one of these things, it probably tries to load too much things at once or there’s a code leak and it makes your GPU hang, passing the 2 seconds mark. What does the fix do ? It increases the timeout of the automatic gpu restart that is mentioned above from 2 seconds to 48. Anyway you should consider this as a workarround and as soon as this is fixed in the game you should delete that 2 values you created on the registry editor. ~Astrolite