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  1. SpeedmeisterGeneral


    This event has shown that the population gap between all 3 factions has become extremely large. I would strongly recommend that in the very near future reto should merge US and SU forces to attempt to even out the population issue. The game would then become Axis V's Allies. This could possibly/easily lead to new soldiers (factions Ie. Brits, Italians etc.) being added to the game simply under Axis or Allies. This way forward would help to keep the game alive and bring new players. Whether or not players are deploying or not, switching factions etc is not really a factor in the population gap. The gap has been here for years and as we can all see it has become extremely large. The GE queues must be huge with the amount of players that they have, this will only get worse . Basically merge the US and SU together, At the beginning of the wars there would be only two stockpiles. One for Axis and one for the Allies. Any new characters would just slot into either one of the two sides. This way would be easily applied and would help to solve the population gap.
  2. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Faction resources

    I would be happy with an increase in infantry production and a decrease in recon, tank/tankers and plane/pilot production. The decrease in the the three noob magnet classes would hopefully mean less of these fielded over the whole map for all 3 factions (helping to solve the annoying noob problem).
  3. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    GaiusBaltar won the game

    Yup I laugh so much I cry
  4. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    GaiusBaltar won the game

    Tbh Gaius has led the mighty Ge to more victories (in recent weeks) than that Axe guy managed in 4-5 years ha ha (the old self proclaimed Ge leader that no one listened to)
  5. I often queue for empty battles to attempt to start them, when they start I rarely get a place even though I was the first to queue
  6. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Why don't more vets use the SVT?

    The svt is a great weapon (I mainly use the starter weapons cos they are cheap to run with, i only use bullet mod also). Mainly because I am always grinding chars to Lt lvl then onto the next I find that I have no choice but to use the starter weapons (which I honestly do not mind). I find that I get a lot more headshots when hip firing with the svt over the g43 or garand (maybe it has more recoil?). All in all the starter weapons are great for me.
  7. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Addition of seasons

    Yes great ideas, I think additions like those would defo make the game look and feel much better
  8. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Addition of seasons

    I believe that the additions of seasons ie. spring, summer. autumn and winter would be a great addition to this game. We already have different stages of the day but I feel the additions of seasons would be great. Would this be possible? What are your views? Any other ideas maybe?
  9. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Stop deploying

    Unfortunately all three factions use alt accounts to do this sad but true......
  10. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Stop deploying

    The AR problem is not the SU faction's players fault or any of the other two factions players faults. When numbers drop at certain times in the day then we all know that AR's are much more common but if a faction has low numbers then it is impossible to play a high percentage of battles created. Trust me I would love to see AR removed but they would need to add a fair system to replace it ie. as a battle is created it enters a queue, every battle must be played in order of creation (this would help to stop easy encirclement). The current system is awful with so many battles never actually being played. It's like a mad rush to add AT's near the end of the timer just to win by AR! This in my eyes along with probably loads of other players is defo not fun! The current system is boring the s### out of me and I believe it needs looking at asap by reto.
  11. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Your gaming experience

    I am quite surprised with the poll so far hmm, I understand and clearly can see why players are losing/have lost the fun factor but hey we all know Reto are slow movers so to speak. Give them some more time and maybe they will realise
  12. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Your gaming experience

    Hi all (to new and old players of this game), As many of you know I have played this game for quite some time now. I am curious to know if the game has the same "Fun factor" as it used to have? Players have come and gone, changes have been added and removed over time. The game still stands as a great game in my eyes but it seems to be losing forward motion in my eyes hmm. The game has some great characters/players and has quite a competitive community but is the game still fun for you? Or are you losing interest? What are the main 3 additions that this game would need to draw in new players, retain players and keep them interested in a fun competitive game? My three are new maps (snow/desert etc), new factions/sub factions, and lastly probably make the game axis v allies
  13. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Hows it going?

    Tbh the only issue I see with SU is that it is not as populated as the other two factions. Oh sorry the 240 HK ppd as well Everything else seems fine in my eyes.
  14. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Hows it going?

    Ah ok reto changing/tinkering again, well players simply need to be more careful methinks.
  15. SpeedmeisterGeneral

    Hows it going?

    A valid point you have there.