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  1. Havokk_9


    THEME: Suppression Is My Profession OBJECTIVES: Achieve 150 kills with a tier 3 machine gun of any faction or 75 kills with a tier 1 machine gun for any faction. DURATION: 2 weeks AFFECTED PLAYERS: Newcomers / Experienced / Veterans AFFECTED GAME AREA: Staged / War POTENTIAL REWARD(S): Custom battleworn skins for tier 3 machine guns for completing the first objective. Custom tally-mark/battleworn helmet for any player who completes the second objective.
  2. Havokk_9

    New fortress map confirm (what did you expect ?)

    Same. Thanks to @BrackDiesel for taking the screencaps.
  3. Havokk_9

    Map ideas.

    Yeah I'm pretty sure that got scrapped a while back. Like a while while back. IIRC it was because the maps were too crowded for vehicles. Which if that was the case they could be recreated to act as encounter style maps.
  4. Havokk_9

    New fortress map confirm (what did you expect ?)

    If it's gonna be based on Brest Fortress like the encounter map (Which it probably will be based on preexisting assets). It will be interesting for sure. As historically the citadel was surrounded by water on several sides. In game that would cause massive chokepoints for any ground forces attacking the fortress. As for once you cross those chokepoints it will be a great CQC area to fight over. Tight corridors, long hallways, and large courtyards would be interesting to see. Most likely it will feel similar to the Krepost map but expanded upon. Flanking and/or paratrooper squads will likely be the meta.
  5. Havokk_9

    Woof Woof

    I for one welcome the addition of animals to H&G. I can now use my credits to purchase kibble, collars, and green pea camouflage for my pets.
  6. Fine suggestions these would definitely improve quality of life for a lot of players. I think for game tips they should pop up near the bottom of the screen when your in queue or loading a match. That way you see them right before you get into combat. They could create like some "military issued" pamphlets as well that show controls and the like for new players. Something that you can access on the menu screen and read through at your own leisure. If I could add one other option it would be to turn off ingame popups. This is mostly for veterans who already know all the keys and buttons and don't need to be reminded again. They can be especially annoying when I'm flying and I'm being told for the millionth time that holding ctrl lets me use debug controls. Or when I'm tanking and I already know I need to scroll for double zoom.
  7. Havokk_9

    New Daily Bonus: 50 % extra experience

    Will the daily bonus only ever be 50% xp gain or could we see other types of bonuses like 75% xp gain for tank ribbons or 25% credit boost?
  8. Something positive on the forums? Impossible. Quickly! Somebody get salty about something! But seriously thanks to both Hades and Milan for putting up with our shenanigans. Both inside and outside the forums. 🙂
  9. Havokk_9

    The Official H&G meme thread *Post yours here!*

    Breathing some life into this thread with some memes.
  10. From what I recall they didn't add the .50 cal on the M10 because they saw it as unnecessary at the time. Wasn't so much an issue of not being able to do it, just not wanting to do it so they could push the M10 out with the other tanks for the update. Of course they could add it now if they have the spare time. But it would be like the MG's on the M3A1 or the M18. Just a free kill for any person with a bolt action or semi-auto. As for the MG on the Hetzer. Historically the MG was and could be controlled/fired from the inside of the tank.
  11. This is a good idea if you're trying to maximize your credit gain but do be careful when trying to min-max the system. From personal experience if you're constantly putting effort into find the best methods for xp gain, best loadouts, and best stats. You're gonna burn yourself out pretty fast. For example with this setup you're constantly keeping in the back of your mind that fact that you can only shoot a certain amount of shots. And this can suck the fun you could be having just goofing around with your guns. Now if you find this kind of thing fun, by all means go ahead. However, if you are new to it, do be careful.
  12. Havokk_9

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    So here's my feedback for this iteration of the map. I like the new flow of battle as you have to travel throughout the fortress to capture several points. Instead of camping on one side and staying put. There isn't a lot of incentive to travel across the center of the fort. You can easily travel to each point via the outer ring and never have to worry about crossing through the center. Unless maybe you want to hug the wall and sprint. A possible solution would be to have one point on opposite corners of the fort and a third point in the center. Cover overall is greatly improved. Also love the new flanking options we have with the open windows. In the corner rooms with the fancy architecture the textures are still all funky and glitchy. Love the aesthetic that you have going on within the more barracks-y parts of the map. If you have the time some assets like propaganda posters, books, ammo boxes, etc, would really drive home the atmosphere. There are some problems with camping still but most of it I can chalk up to being able to drive on the water to get around the spawn.
  13. Perhaps this just me not being used to the spawn menu or perhaps more people have this issue. But I keep forgetting to change what I have selected when I spawn in. And so when I die and want to spawn on foot I click and accidentally spawn a jeep or halftrack because of the way the old spawn system worked. So I thought a quick and easy fix to this would be to have number keys that correspond to each option. Like so... And so you can quickly change between your available options using the number keys or the numpad and have your mouse cursor already over the spawn point ready to get stuck in.
  14. Havokk_9

    new assault map

    To my knowledge there are two maps in development right now. The first we've seen is the Krepost map which is the soviet encounter. And the other we know of is the soviet citadel map. Which will be an assault map based on a soviet bastion style fortress.