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  1. Breaking news from North Korea

    Well servers back up i guess until it crashes agian...then you can just watch the meme
  3. Servers down again?

  4. ArmySovietEN

    In order to combat Cyrillic nonsense in our channel i've made a new channel called ArmySovietEN (SovietArmyEN was not an allowed channel name) THIS IS AN UN-OFFICIAL FILTER AGAINST... step one: Step two: And now no more cyrillic nonsense! Thank you guys and hopefully this works out.
  5. Offer training with soviet players

    Lol i sincerely mean it, we have a high rejection rate in our clan(main reason inactivity). If i can train up just 1 soviet player maybe he'll pass his knowledge to another...and another
  6. Hey guys so I'd like to offer my experience tto the community of soviet players by training in any field you would like to train in. I may not be the best in a particular field but ive tried every weapon and every class for soviets. This is not a clan recruitment thread. This is just training and teaching you what I know and maybe you can teach me new too. GRINGOJS in game You can also find me in teamspeak
  7. Where are the Smoke Grenades Reto?

    To implement smoke nades you have to repolarize the plasma conduit running from the transductor coil to the quantum flow capacitor. After you re-allign the dilithium matrix, you want to use the deflector dish to jump start the antimatter to matter reaction. The warp core will be fixed and smoke nades bingo
  8. Looking for an Clan

    If you play soviets ill totally invite you
  9. No deploy token system please
  10. General thoughts on Tankers

    All great and all just know armor 2.0 is coming. What does it mean? Idk.
  11. Yak-9

    Git gud?
  12. Game still crashing