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  1. Network Catching up Issue

    Welcome to Moscow
  2. I might be mistaken but i think chat has its own ip and port. Mabye your firewall is preventing it?
  3. Spend Your Christmas Vacation with us!

    I thought today but don't know now...
  4. Spend Your Christmas Vacation with us!

    Its not about being soft, you've turned this post into a STOP TRYING TO CIRCUMVENT THE WORD FILTER show. Nothing can be said without the same guys from GE trolling it. Merry Christmas you filthy animals
  5. Spend Your Christmas Vacation with us!

    I like how this is in soviet army chat and salty GE players come and Ruin it.
  6. Spend Your Christmas Vacation with us!

    GE go away Santa Russki is watching
  7. My setup last 2 days have been pointerquickfire gold with pps43. I must unlearn everything i know about fps games and allow for the Rngeezuschrist to take over. 2 conditions. Hipfire whenever possible 25M or less. Aggressive gameplay rewards you. This set up will work only with the most accurate smgs of your faction. Mp40, Thompson and pps43. The reason I'm telling you guys how to do this is because although i spent hours grinding for pointerquickfire gold, the lack of skill required for this set up is incredible. Now go break the game with your new knowledge so this can go away. (I really hope hipfire does get changed to have significantly more recoil)
  8. I just want some usa servers to open even on RU/EU primetime. Just some. Maybe like 25% you know
  9. EU primetime is the whole day. US primetime isnt until like after 7pm
  10. So I'm writing this article to address concerns as to how the Servers choose which region it will play in; From the perspective of a Soviet player that lives USA east. Very rarely will the servers choose a USA server when I play. As it currently stands, Whenever I connect to a European server my ping is 150+. The servers choose European THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME. Now I understand this game has a large european playerbase and it catering to that playerbase. But Can you at least force some USA servers to play to make it fair. My performance is greatly affected by server choice. On american ping Its very common for me to come out on top with a awesome KD vs German Claners who have to fight against me on my own ping turf. But since the majority of the time i'm playing on European ping, they get the home field advantage. What I'm trying to say it Ping has too much of an impact on my performance as a player, when it should have only a minor impact. It has nothing to do with my skill, but if my ping is pushing 200 my KD suffers much too greatly. On War Map, You have 3 primetimes, Russian, European, and USA. USA primetime doesn't start until 8pm-ish and that is the time I receive the most benefit from playing. Is it hard to blur the primetimes and make the severs choose a random server region as to make the game more fair to those in regions other than Europe?
  11. This will make German Q's longer. By trying to screw over SU you will screw over yourselfs. 1 week q's hex on GE every war.