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  1. The delays in development have really hurt this community. Things that should have been in the game a long time ago... Bipods. Better Tank physics. Updating anti tank mechanics Adding more maps(Not skirmishes) Fixing the spawn points Rebalacing weapons on a wholistic view RTS improvements... And the list goes on. Even this past Christmas was a bit disappointing... You made old members feel cheated as you re-realeased old exclusive xmas skins. Like come on. You couldn't have made new ones? There are so many good things about this game...its just hard to look past so many flaws. Every game has flaws, but get rid of them rather than adding useless content(I'm looking at you pocket pistols) P.S mobile command needs to return?
  2. Scope balance

  3. Actually this isn't bait I'm really serious
  4. A system of deploy tokens

    If you want more pts. play in war
  5. I'm leaving...

  6. Germans need a buff

    GE has most wins in battles
  7. Saves you money Reto needs money
  8. Yeh but no, that doesn't happen. You want to use different weapons? Make different characters like the rest us
  9. Why do you want it unlocked?
  10. Yak-9 Pe-3 Dp-28 Pps-43 H3 anti tank Svt-40 T-20 commi Don't worry about getting anything else
  11. A system of deploy tokens

    You have to fight the other faction and your Y?
  12. A system of deploy tokens

    I hate to say it but the amount of At's a person deploys on an individual level is ruining the fun for the person with only a few. The higher percentage of troops that are yours, the more xp and warfunds you earn. Thats why you see severe over stacking in towns because everyone is trying to grab the largest piece of the warfund/xp pie That is not a system that favors or protects new players. It just makes the whales get fatter and fatter Besides as the war progresses they will be able to deploy everything. Just not at the start...
  13. The current system of warfunds and command points is a hole for warfunds making and is much too time consuming to move troops... Introducing Deploy Tokens! Deploy tokens is a revolutionary new system that cuts deploy times and keeps rts fun! Here's how it'll work. Each unit is worth 1 deploy token. (Heavy tanks, Heavy planes...ect considered one unit) You earn 1 deploy token by completing certain achievements in game... Example achievements can be: Reaching 100 hrs in War Reaching 500 hrs in War Reaching 1000 hrs in War Reaching level 12 Reaching level 15 Reaching General (level 18-22 each earns a token. And whatever else the developers think might be cool Here's the catch. No matter who you are, at the start of each war, a cap of 20 tokens can be used per player, with each 12 hour cycle allowing for that cap to be raised by 5. So by the end of the 2nd day everyone's cap is 40. This system will limit the amount of AT's whales can deploy at the beginning of a war to allow non-whales a chance to get in on the action because this system will remove warfunds and keep the troop supply intact. Furthermore the numbers can be adjusted if the developers see fit. Current moral system will remain intact( but must be fixed due to unchecking and rechecking the box to be able to deploy again). This system will hopefully allow new players a incentive to play war rts without the need of warfunds. This idea isn't perfect but I think its tweakable to the games need. And it treats us players as volunteers too keep the war effort going rather than milking those vulernable for warfunds. (Convert one 1/3 of warfunds to credits to compensate getting rid of warfund system)
  14. Soviet tanks unbalanced!

    Soviet medium tanks had poor gun depression in real life. I think something like -3degrees which is pretty much nothing
  15. Sway and weapon mods

    Go to a doctor to see if he can give us medicine for Parkinson's