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  1. Would the STG be OP like this?

    4x zoom.
  2. Give This Clan A Name

    So I've returned from my gaming break after planning my wedding. I would like to start new with new and old players and build a new micro-community within H&G. This clan does not have a name yet, which means if you join the discord sever you will take part in the naming ceremony of this clan. Joining early does not mean you'll become an instant admin or moderator but it will help in the future. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to join and help build a wonderful community.Currently looking for players from all factions. Below are the current rules: Rule #1: Have Fun! Having fun is the most important rule, as long as you don't break any of the other rules. In case you are not having fun, we kindly ask you to leave and not ruin everyone else's fun. Rule #2: Be respectful. Don't have fun at the expense of someone else. Also, Try to be respectful over other peoples religions, race and gender(Identity) . Rule #3: Age requirement does not exist but persons considered to be too young will be removed Rule #4: There will be no sharing of explicit content, that includes porn of all types, and other various forms of erotica. There may be minors playing among us and we must be vigilant about that. Rule #5: Any person breaking any rules will be dealt with accordingly. Subject to change as of May 31, 2018

    There's only 1 pistol that's 2hk. Losers.
  4. Tankhunting needs to be removed

    Guys. 1 tank per 6 people in a game. Make the shells deviate more on the x and y axis, because the shells fly too straight. And this is an old argument. Goodbye
  5. In the battle score card kill assists are counted as kills. This gives a really inflated view of K.D ratios. Can we make a better distinction between the 2 via the scorecard? Thanks and 💘
  6. How to balance each faction equally

    Why is this so biased for USA? Avs gets nerf lol. How about 9 hit kill with 2 bullets in magazine. Rofl bait someone else
  7. Is H&G Dying?

    Lets be honest. Heroes and generals could do much better if it re-released the app that allows players to control units on rts. With more exposure to the game via play store more people might actually download the game. You could give app users queue priority in resources as an incentive to play.
  8. The delays in development have really hurt this community. Things that should have been in the game a long time ago... Bipods. Better Tank physics. Updating anti tank mechanics Adding more maps(Not skirmishes) Fixing the spawn points Rebalacing weapons on a wholistic view RTS improvements... And the list goes on. Even this past Christmas was a bit disappointing... You made old members feel cheated as you re-realeased old exclusive xmas skins. Like come on. You couldn't have made new ones? There are so many good things about this game...its just hard to look past so many flaws. Every game has flaws, but get rid of them rather than adding useless content(I'm looking at you pocket pistols) P.S mobile command needs to return?
  9. Scope balance

  10. Actually this isn't bait I'm really serious
  11. A system of deploy tokens

    If you want more pts. play in war
  12. I'm leaving...

  13. Saves you money Reto needs money
  14. Yeh but no, that doesn't happen. You want to use different weapons? Make different characters like the rest us
  15. Why do you want it unlocked?