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  1. Rihardo456

    The hardest person to be honest with is yourself

    Honest Feedback = Toxicity
  2. When everyone playing Enlisted then they start to think.
  3. Rihardo456

    Reward Players For Spotting

    Enlisted now improved there spotting since now you can remove spotting Dorito where you place it.
  4. Rihardo456

    Reward Players For Spotting

    would make spotting system like enlisted or battlefield where have press key to spot and remove spotting badge.
  5. Rihardo456


    Forums so dead that everyone necropost.
  6. Rihardo456

    The new weather

    Then play it? free pass lol
  7. Rihardo456

    The new weather

    just download the game?
  8. Rihardo456

    The new weather

    Battle of Berlin is live
  9. Rihardo456

    The new weather

    also capping 1 capture point, playing 1 game killing x amount people is huurd. at main task oh forgot spending x amount of minutes
  10. Rihardo456

    The new weather

    like they are easy destroy/dismantle? bomb from different angles? looks like your tactic going str8 from spawn and bomb also you can counter planes with engineers who can build AA guns EVERYWHERE. like in real life? where weaker tank is destroyed by stronger. use dynamite? also not throw it at it, just place it at right time and place.
  11. Rihardo456

    The new weather

    blows up by dynamite and radioman artillery strike also few shots from tanks main cannon.
  12. Rihardo456

    Message to Tacotim or TacoMex

    at this point they should disable TK or just crank TK dmg low and requirement which it can be reported.
  13. Rihardo456

    The new weather

    no grenade indicators which hurt more then improved.
  14. Rihardo456

    The new weather

    separate servers which means no pairing up with Chinese ping.
  15. Rihardo456

    The new weather

    also seeing only enemy head pop and not his gun he still can shoot you meanwhile in enlisted you can see enemy gun and body. #BringBackIronSightZoom