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  1. Rihardo456

    Veteran reward

    your pick will stay forever.
  2. Rihardo456

    fix hitdetection

    i got hoke for you...you unload mag to enemy and he turns around headshots you.
  3. Rihardo456

    Must need

    can we have option lock stolen tanks and armored cars? Since everyone likes shoot at everything and alerting AT rambos.
  4. Rihardo456

    Solve the captured weapons dilemma now!

    if this happens then this game is dead.
  5. Rihardo456

    Rifle sight problems

    its nothing new its gonna get ignored.
  6. Rihardo456

    GE vs GE gamemode

    shh dont use logic or he gonna come up with something else.
  7. Rihardo456

    GE vs GE gamemode

    can i have what you having? smoke? drink? anything to get cracked out of the wazoo?
  8. Rihardo456

    LMG for cars Rework

    good idea but they won't add it in 100 years.
  9. Rihardo456

    Line of sight should be fixed

    And proximity sounds is a mess
  10. since i only see little bit of his head and he stills sees me and can shoot me dead. huge problem in this game.
  11. Rihardo456

    New updates and rebalance of game, Feedback!

    Another Germany OP thread...dully noted and IGNORED.
  12. Rihardo456


    not seen clay before?
  13. Rihardo456

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    AVS is automatic SA rifle it should be nerfed.
  14. Rihardo456

    Friendly Fire

    you serious?
  15. back stab like wolfenstein enemy territory?