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  1. thanks for putting words into my mouth, and yeah thats a given buddy as it has been for the entire lifetime of the game. theres reason Reto-Moto is out of money, and out of time......
  2. do you not realize... you can take the mods off any SMG and swap them between all other SMGs, no matter the tier. And youre comparing a T1 SMG to a T2 smg buddy, no logic in that argument. Ofc the better guns are going to be better. And if you dont kill on headshot? Guess what you have 60+ more shots to try. Just because it doesnt work for your playstyle doesnt mean it doesnt work. A bolt action doesnt do well at spray 'n pray. And contrary to popular belief, MGs aren't good in the sniper rifle role.
  3. Modifying weapons is a core mechanic of the game, shown in almost every single video about the game. If you get to the point where you have an SMG and still dont know that you can, or how to modify your weapons, it's your own fault. Also note. Stock ppd40 is one of if not THE MOST stable SMG in the current state of the game. If you can aim worth anything, you can get plenty of headshots and beat down just about anyone you'll find ingame.
  4. PPD40 is actually quite usable once modded. On par with the other starter SMGs imho. To say its 'useless' is a drastic exagerration and you might want to rethink your life for a minute or two. If you cant use a full auto 5hk weapon with 71 rds in the mag, there's an issue.
  5. If a more balanced game is the objective, why not make the entire game Red vs Blue where every comparable weapon across the factions is identical? ... No. Also, depending on when people play one fac will become 'larger' than others and force the 'underdog' bonus on the other factions. There's no way to guarantee people will play each fac til both RTS and FPS are balanced, which isn't going to happen before Reto-Moto runs out of funds. Sorry for the truth bomb.
  6. Thorondil

    What will happen to stuff ''ON HOLD'' ?

    Lets not make this into Battlefocked 5. Thanks. No to armor plates. Welrod as T4 pistol, recon only, sounds fine to me. Bolt action, near 100% silent, short range, pocket pistol damage. Silent SMGs? Sure? I guess? But why..? Funny how AI are infiltrating all the sheit with aimbot, soo thats a thing. >_>
  7. Thorondil


  8. There are work arounds and solutions to every "problem". In this case, the "300m trick" some friends and I came up with AGES ago. It's simple. Set your sights to 300m, and act like the front sight hood is a red dot sight, there's just no dot. Or, you know, get glasses. Even one pixel is enough, hell I've hit people with less than one pixel seen.
  9. Thorondil

    Generally speaking

    I wouldn't mind a public list of banned names and reasons behind the bans, HOWEVER, public name and shaming without any accountability for those naming and shaming is a silly idea that would simply perpetuate mass scale flaming on the forums, and just general toxicity across the board.
  10. Thank you so much for saying this, so true.
  11. Excellent OP, well thought out and clearly stated. Reto should take notes. Also, bump. First off, no. Second off, no. Allow me to explain. The point of bolt action rifles in the current state of the game is NOT to have more accuracy, is NOT to have better scopes, and is NOT to be quicker less accurate, that would literally just be a semi auto rifle. Bolt action rifles are made in the current state of the game to be slow, hard hitting (one hit kill most of the time, depending on heavyset) accurate rifles for mid to long range dominance above and beyond the lethality rate of semi automatic rifles. If, for whatever God awful reason bolt action rifles were made to be 2hk or second-hit kill at best, they would be near instantaneously obsolete. Why would I take a slow 2 shot kill rifle at around 80rpm at max, over a fast, similarly accurate 2hk rifle at nearing 400 rpm?? Here's a thought- I never would. Your suggestion obviously was not thought out, maybe at all, at best it looks like either a knee-jerk reaction or an uninformed, illogical, unfounded but unfortunately genuine suggestion.
  12. Heavyset, as well as modifications will affect it. To be sure just double tap.
  13. Thorondil

    You broke the T-20! stop it!

    Smh Brandon. Not quite. Arms are too low, but you're close in that it's a default character position and many other games use T pose as it has been named for their default character position
  14. Thorondil

    Unnecessary blood

    maybe keep the current blood splatter effect but limited only to the edge, of your screen, and more clear as you get close to cross hair? Like the picture but black = blood spot can go here
  15. Thorondil


    Sounds like desync between client and server. E.g. client tells you that you hit, asks server if you hit, server says no, no dmg done. If I'm desperate enough to melee I almost always get in hugging range. Seems to work out.