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    Flash player

    It is how it works. The Adobe runtime is not just sitting out there on your system waiting for something to connect to it. It has to be executed by a program like H&G. The Adobe AIR files are directly in the game folder used specifically by the game. It is not going to be called by anything except the game unless you have something malicious directly on the system, and in this case like I said you would have bigger problems. The reason Adobe Flash is insecure is because a system can be compromised because people connect to untrusted sources especially via browsers. That is why you should never go to trash Flash sites say to play games now or even in the past. Since the Reto servers are a known and trusted source you are connecting to the risk is very limited. Nothing is 100% but as long as the Reto servers are secure the connection is relatively safe.
  2. SirHeresy

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    I would love it if focus could be made on more impactful things for a while like new maps, instead of constant weapon and vehicle value tweaks. Not saying we never look at the weapon values, but can the content side of the game be addressed for a while so that it will help keep players interested in H&G?
  3. SirHeresy

    Can we have this back?

    It makes me sad that after all the GUI changes that were made that the specific numerical values for damage were never included with the old graphic or the new line chart. We have always had to rely on external tools/methods to determine what damage value is actually is for a particular configuration. Thankfully there have been various players over the years willing to make tools for us and I appreciate their efforts.
  4. SirHeresy

    Flash player

    Interesting concerning extended support for Flash/AIR. This company is taking over extended support. So at least there is some avenue if there is a major need/issue:
  5. SirHeresy

    Change the Soldier who has the Veteran Helmet

    Imagine buying extra Vet helmets if you want... Not sure what problem it would be to offer them for sale.
  6. SirHeresy

    Flash player

    If a attacker has access to the DLLs directly on your system, you are F***ED anyway. So this point is kind of overshadowed that the overall system would be compromised.
  7. SirHeresy

    Fallen H&G Friends

    This is a thread to honor the friends we have lost that no longer play the game. Please only post one person at a time. A site like can be used or memorial message can just type your message in. CAPTBRODY I brought him in the game after I started playing. We had fun but there were too many detrimental changes in the end (Adams).
  8. SirHeresy

    OBSESSED with TABs

    You forgot with friendly D line to spawn and flank the enemy randos from.
  9. SirHeresy

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    If I see Soviets, Germans, or US as an enemy I just leave the match right away. So much happier when I do this.
  10. SirHeresy

    Hoarder Badge not working in specific config

    SVT --> Rifle DT --> Machine Gun The cartridge is not the determining factor here. Hoarder works because H&G sees the SVT and DT as two different weapon types. Where as a rifle, semi-auto rifle, and assault rifle are all considered the same weapon type (rifle). If you use the same weapon type (SVT+SVT), only one of the weapons gets the benefit of Hoarder.
  11. I present the face of Scotland. Is this disgruntled look because there are no towns deemed worthy to fight over in this area? Is there some buff or nerf that was overlooked? Did it get wrecked by some spawn campers? Did some HE ragdoll its body into the air or an AT rambo put a rocket in its arse? Who knows, but feel free to supply your own explanation as to why Scotland is in such a foul mood.
  12. SirHeresy

    Hoarder Badge not working in specific config

    I have not had a problem with. I suggest posting a screenshot of your setup.
  13. SirHeresy

    Smoke back on gun?

    What it looks like when you are trying to shoot Germans
  14. SirHeresy

    Should War be pay-to-play?

    Not sure I like the idea of a pay-to-play for war model because I do not think war has enough players as it is. Even if it is PTP you are still going to have a good percentage of mindless drones that don't care what they are doing or have no clue even if they are spending money to get into war battles. There could be some other methods to entice players to be more responsible with resources. I do on the surface like the generals staking battles as new dynamic to make the game interesting. Maybe even the players could put in a stake so that you could have more vet/clan battles versus other vet/clans instead of pitting randoms against the generally better players. I think that would actually clear up a lot of issues because the better players would gravitate to high risk/high reward matches and the lower end of the spectrum would other battles together.
  15. SirHeresy

    shirt game.

    Yes, I generally like the mix of realism and arcade. Of course we could discuss endlessly the things we would want to push to either side 😁
  16. SirHeresy

    Hoarder Badge not working in specific config

    Hmm, seems to be working fine for my characters. Are you following the rules described by me before?
  17. SirHeresy

    Flash player

    H&G uses an older version of AIR anyway. The security risks are limited since you initiate the connection to a specific server. It is an issue when you have Flash as a browser plugin and it can be triggered by malicious sites, hence why the major browsers are have or are disabling Flash.
  18. SirHeresy

    Suspicious kill

    Brutal.... forums are getting saltier and more bitter all the time. Lauri I am impressed that you only have 11 posts since 2014 🙂
  19. SirHeresy

    Flash player

    The game uses Adobe AIR to run the GUI as a standalone Flash application. This is the same whether people are using the H&G Standalone, Steam, or Epic clients. The AIR runtime is actually a part of your H&G install and is used irrespective of if you have AIR/Flash installed on your system or not. The risk is limited since you are accessing a known system (H&G servers) and nothing else, but there is no further support from Adobe if development issues arise. H&G can stay at this version of AIR indefinitely, but the functionality will be capped. This being said there is a lot of functionality of Flash that is not touched yet by the GUI, so there is plenty of headroom (not that I advocate dedicating resources to work on GUI functionality other than RTS requests). For example the AIR install is in this location for the H&G Standalone client and is using version 24 of AIR: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes & Generals\live\Adobe AIR
  20. SirHeresy

    Hoarder Badge not working in specific config

    This will not work because the M1/M2 is considered a rifle (assault rifle) and hoarder will only work with one weapon for each weapon type that you have in your load out. For example you can run a SMG with your M1903 rifle or the Garand. Rifle + rifle only will give ammo to one of the weapons. Rifle + SMG will give ammo to both with Hoarder.
  21. SirHeresy

    Game is disappointing

    With all the characters Reto is giving away I would think it would be a good thing to help new players by giving them a first tier SMG character along with the SA character they get by default for each faction at the very creation of a new account. This has been suggested before, but with the new team leadership this might be seen as viable now. I know people have their personal preferences on their favorite style of weapon, but let the player decide.
  22. SirHeresy

    Game is disappointing

    I play as German purely for the swag Hugo Boss camos that I can wear.
  23. SirHeresy

    Casual War

    I mean I know that "clans" infiltrate Staged often, but isn't Staged the casual war area already? I do not think H&G with the current playerbase could handle further segmentation.
  24. SirHeresy

    captured vehicles

    I say only allow the US to buy the top tier SU APC and allow the SU to buy the top tier US APC only.
  25. The awesome ALT bots