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  1. SirHeresy

    Game is disappointing

    With all the characters Reto is giving away I would think it would be a good thing to help new players by giving them a first tier SMG character along with the SA character they get by default for each faction at the very creation of a new account. This has been suggested before, but with the new team leadership this might be seen as viable now. I know people have their personal preferences on their favorite style of weapon, but let the player decide.
  2. SirHeresy

    Game is disappointing

    I play as German purely for the swag Hugo Boss camos that I can wear.
  3. SirHeresy

    Casual War

    I mean I know that "clans" infiltrate Staged often, but isn't Staged the casual war area already? I do not think H&G with the current playerbase could handle further segmentation.
  4. SirHeresy

    captured vehicles

    I say only allow the US to buy the top tier SU APC and allow the SU to buy the top tier US APC only.
  5. The awesome ALT bots
  6. SirHeresy


    MP-40 be like yes, I know it is a Thompson, but still funny 😂
  7. SirHeresy

    Devolution of a once great game

    I miss this as well. It would be nice to have a list to choose from again instead of trying to hunt out battles in the war map. Honestly they feel somewhat more balanced than they have been so less of an issue for me since I like some variations between the factions. LMGs maybe to still some degree, but the SMGs have been toned down reasonably at this point. This was a nice feature, but I guess it was confusing to players was the logic? It is interesting that the legacy players still have the options to switch classes. Now they give players all the classes for free when they reach a certain level and on top of that they get lieutenants for each class after playing for so many days as well. So a mixed bag on this for me. Still the legacy of Squad 2.0 remains albeit smoothed over a little. The Squad XP can add up to a reasonable amount especially for the completion of captures and defense. So those points here and there do add up. Maybe they could increase it more but I would not say too much. Personally the big thing that has hurt H&G is the lack of new maps especially not having a new assault map in 5+years, which makes me sad even to think about. This along with the lack of communication with the players to understand what they really want or don't has been an issue ongoing. That being said I will say that recent changes have been generally been on the more positive note with the new leadership of the team. I still hold out hope that more positive changes will come.
  8. SirHeresy

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    Yes, was a mistake from the outset since they are more deadly than even AA. Even only having the AT rifles for one faction for years was a mistake.
  9. SirHeresy

    Snow Uniforms

    You will hear my balls clanking around running about with my white here I am sign! 🤣
  10. SirHeresy

    Snow Uniforms

    I have bought several and it looks like we can use them if we want after the snow maps end my dude. I will just use them for luls if no snow 😀
  11. SirHeresy

    Chauffeur ribbon

    I like the idea of the person spawning in or riding a vehicle getting a small amount of experience reward for saving on vehicles. That makes sense to me to entice people to conserve resources and help out the team. I am not as keen on the bot riding with people as I think that players would just end up exploiting this and driving bots around. Good thoughts overall though.
  12. SirHeresy

    Feedback from a veteran returning

    I am glad that you bring this up again and I agree. Players have suggested this several times in the past and it seems like a basic change that adds a lot of value to dynamic game play. Just editing the map so that the terrain is above the water in that area would suffice. Honestly it does not have to be even perfect and maybe if it is still a little harder to navigate across I think a lot of people would welcome it. Mainly I want new maps, but if we can make simple logical changes like this, I am all for them.
  13. SirHeresy

    Faction balancing

    For me it is such a shame that US and SU were not combined from the beginning, merged after the fact, or at the very least allied toward a common war effort. Likely at this point making the US and SU factions as allies with a common war victory goal would be the more achievable at this point. Making them allies only would still allow for the possibility of separating them in the future if there is more equality achieved between the factions (personally I believe that GE will always have more players). I think that all sides would have more fun with there being more equality of players, battles played more often, singular focus on an enemy rather than 2 separate ones, and not feel bad about picking the faction you want because you are worried about population imbalance. Certainly there will still be some imbalance, but I do not think it would be to the degree that we have today.
  14. Had a good laugh on this one 🤣