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  1. SirHeresy

    Cheating problem

    Interesting. Looks like the Vienna Times is breaking the law in Austria then by naming the individual in the tragedy that occurred New Zealand. I will refrain from posting the link but I am sure you will see it if you look on the Vienna Times website. I find no such law when searching online either. I would be curious to see that documentation of said law for my better understanding.
  2. SirHeresy

    Cheating problem

    Not sure what your source is. Watch any newscast, read any newspaper, browse any news site, listen to the radio news, and you will hear the names of many who are not convicted but charged with crimes.
  3. SirHeresy

    maybe add firstperson to tanks

    First person is perspective where you stare down at your frank and beans instead of looking out.
  4. You guys have it all wrong. Individual people have already spent thousands and they still do not listen to them. You need to reach higher into the $10K range.
  5. I would love a badge called "Listen to Us" that would increase the percentage chance that Reto would take reasonable requests from the players, implement, and give feedback on them. I would put this badge on all my characters.
  6. SirHeresy

    Cheating problem

    If someone is well known they will not be recognized by a name alone. Yes you are not going to know everyone. More likely the reason is that there is some embarrassment by not catching someone sooner and it is realised that they were banned rather than leaving on their own. I guess I am more of the mindset that I want information and understanding of what happened to a player, rather than being in the dark and not knowing like some people.
  7. SirHeresy

    Americans LMGs OP

  8. SirHeresy

    Cheating problem

    All you have to do is open a public newspaper and see that people are named and shamed all the time. I am not sure what laws you would be referring to because the evidence that it is allowed is in all media types. Equating not publishing wrongdoers as some sort of moral principle seems backwards from the general consensus of what would be considered "moral". Publishing shows the statistics of effectiveness as well as confirming players that may have been suspected of cheating so that other can be identified more easily. It also makes it harder for someone to come back if they are well known and say it was for some other lesser offence or they just wanted to start anew.
  9. SirHeresy

    Cheating problem

    Valve sees no legal issue with this and freely posts user names that have been banned. Some significant games use VAC through Steam so this idea of a legal issue does not hold water with me.
  10. SirHeresy

    Bipod Test on Prototype

    This must be documented with pictures/video! That would be pure gold!
  11. SirHeresy

    Fix the sound!!!

    It is because all the forums are is a giant black hole that players yell into. 1% of the stuff good or bad gets feedback, and that is being generous. The forum is just a dumping grounds for players dump their tears and hopes into. Prove me wrong Reto....
  12. A large amount of the saltiness stems from the lack of communication from the Reto team on issues and forward progress. Yes, there are times that we get info on some things, but it is spotty at best and has been that way for years. Part of it I believe is the failure to organize issues and update them in a central location where players can look and see what is being worked on or finalized. Blaming the customer base for a state of product or service because it is not doing well is completely out of touch with reality on how a good business functions and prospers.
  13. SirHeresy

    holy jesus christ mother of GOD

    @LucîdDreams 1. Uninstall the game 2. Rename or delete the following folders: %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Heroes and Generals %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\HeroesAndGeneralsDesktop If installed via Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Heroes & Generals If installed via standalone client: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes & Generals 3. Reinstall