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  1. Said player gets voucher for one more character to make 31.... breaks entire system. Someone get them a code for this!
  2. Here is the accurate information.... Getting banned for teamkilling takes quite some time. The first step is 2 'green warnings' per battle. These warnings disappear at the end of each battle. The second step is 3 yellow warnings. At the end of every battle, one yellow warning is removed. Then you get your first red warning, which will kick you from the battle. And then comes the 2nd red warning, which will indeed ban you from the game. This means that in every battle you can make 2 teamkills without it having any impact on your account. It is impossible to get banned in a single battle, as you will get kicked out with your first red warning. This means that divided over 2 battles, you need to make 9 teamkills to get banned. The more battles you spread it over, the more teamkills you can make without getting banned. It is important to note that deliberate teamkilling can also be reported to support, and might result into a ban as well.
  3. SirHeresy

    Resupply Challenge CHANGELOG 1.15 ...

    Personally I would prefer it be reverted to the previous way. It only takes a moment to figure it out when trying to get in a vehicle, you didn't have to look a the crate, and it was simple. I just really don't get this mode of making things harder. This goes along with removing roof and top of bridge access.
  4. SirHeresy

    Nerf Light Tanks

    Insert Twitch link to boost ego and gain lulz...
  5. SirHeresy

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    I am glad to see that they are doing this again. It is a step in the right direction to improve communication. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  6. SirHeresy

    Nerf Wrench

    As long as they add camo paint for the wrench too. I want to be hidden when I am sitting in a bush and leap out on someone to twist their nut.
  7. SirHeresy

    ammo reload

    I know that is the reason Reto changed it. They are basically pandering to these fools who can't figure out something basic like this. If they can't learn a basic thing like that then they just shouldn't play for everyone's sake.
  8. SirHeresy

    ammo reload

    Honestly though it is over complicating it. One or maybe two times and you should figure out how it works. It was not hard at all before.
  9. SirHeresy

    ammo reload

    If people couldn't get I would most often drive off especially in a firefight. If they get killed because they are dumb, I am fine with that. Now instead we have crates that are harder to use. I am just hoping that all the fun gets sucked out of the game eventually.
  10. SirHeresy

    ammo reload

    Just what everyone wanted...
  11. SirHeresy

    The 1.15 game update effect

    "Friends" be like...
  12. I wouldn't worry too much. With Reto history and the last "limited" skins that were produced, they will just make them available again at a later time. Christmas/Holiday SMG skins anyone?
  13. SirHeresy


    From the preview of the scope placement it looks like I am going to be aiming for the sky though! 😅
  14. SirHeresy


    FYI, I asked some people in-game and SentientOne said that he hit Cancel to find the character he wanted, restarted the came, and then was able to choose the character he wanted. This worked for me as well. Glad someone was able to confirm this at least.