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  1. A lot of these macros include random variances in the time that the macros execute, while within a time range. That is how insidious they are.
  2. SirHeresy

    Soviets vs US in NA timezone gameplay

    It is sad when people can't read but try to write stuff.
  3. I would like it if specialist classes were not allowed to queue on war battles or use matchmaker to find them as that specialist class. People would have to join as infantry first and then switch over to that class that is available. Then also make sure that there are specialist only battles that they can join directly if they want.
  4. SirHeresy

    Are Mines Useable Anymore?

    Personally I like the ability to kill the tank in one fell swoop with the mines in a lot of cases. I also have the option to lay them down in the road or in the water. Only if the tank is particularly hard to kill then I will go over to H3s.
  5. SirHeresy

    Are Mines Useable Anymore?

    Without badges that increase damage I find the following works: Light tanks - 3 mines Medium tanks and Medium TD - 4 mines Heavy tanks and Heavy TD - 5 mines Granted different tanks may take 1 less in each class, but this will yield consistent results.
  6. SirHeresy

    Are Mines Useable Anymore?

    Most people don't know how OP mines were in the past. Complaints about 5 mines taking out a Tiger 2 now when before it took just one. Damn those were the days LUZ.
  7. SirHeresy

    I haven't played in months but now have unbearable lag

    A good test would be to try a wired connection temporarily and see if you still have the same issues.
  8. @dummysolid320 Have you looked at the player-live.log?
  9. SirHeresy

    Soviets vs US in NA timezone gameplay

    @pegger was clearly talking about the possible reasons for ALTing. At this point I think you should move on before trying to troll further.
  10. SirHeresy

    new gpu and fps problem

    This will clear your graphics settings in your game. Go to the following directory: %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Heroes and Generals Rename localsettings.ini to something else. Also make sure you are not running on the on-board video from the motherboard. Restart H&G and try to join a match and let us know.
  11. SirHeresy


    Go as deep as you want in your mind. You are not going to get it.
  12. SirHeresy


    ROFL troll on there. You don't even know what the yes or no question was for anymore. As for the bipods just keep on commenting there and showing your vast understanding. You must think that lessons learned from one coding language or game engine do not carry over to others. Since you can't see the relevance of something being coded successfully 20 years ago there is nothing I can do for you under your bridge. Yep I am glad they are getting some success on this.
  13. SirHeresy


    You can't even answer a simple yes or no question because you know your responses are foolish. Yes, it is coding that is the barrier since it is their engine. Fascinating how you think that a valid example of how bipods work from a 20 year old game is not relevant. Guess it is just your troll self coming out again as usual.
  14. SirHeresy

    Game Freeze at "Battle starts in 1"

    So renaming the localsettings.ini file was the fix?