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  1. Tak kolik nás zbylo?

    Jo ten pocit znam. Ja uz hram iba obcas a aj to iba s DB a pokial hram neprejde den kedy by som nespominal na stare dobre casy este pred pridanim rusaku. Aj ked dostanem chut si zahrat,tak bud to sa vzdy zaseknem v menu a odidem alebo sa dostanem do bitvy a tam si uz velmi lahko najdu duvod preco odist.
  2. Would most likely get camped by MGs and AP mines
  3. Electromagnetic railgun suggestion

    Well i dont think getting bombed by the airforce because you were using one of the dumbest weapons ever invented is like getting some kind of a trophy lol
  4. Electromagnetic railgun suggestion

    They actually really tried to use it against USAAF/USAAC during WW2. Of course they did zero damage and died.
  5. I'm being offended

    I thought it were 40-60 millions of civilians
  6. Electromagnetic railgun suggestion

    Pff that is nothing compared to the wind cannon It can break 1 inch thick wooden plank at 200 yards
  7. SU76I Soviet TD:

    I dont think soviets need another tracked trashcan being put in between 2 current trashcans
  8. Otázka - FPS

    No tak potom bohuzel netusim. S touto hrou sa deju casto fakt divne veci
  9. Otázka - FPS

    Hra ma 2 verzie alebo platformi. Bud to standalone co je verzia,ktoru si stiahnes z oficialnej stranky hry alebo Steam,ktoru ziskas proste na Steame. Uz davno sa mi stalo,ze z nicoho nic mi hra zacala blbnut and nedostal som sa nad 38 FPS pricom predchadzajuci den hra bezala normalne.Ale ked som nainstaloval druhu versiu hry tak ta isla normalne a casom sa ten moj problem so Steam verziou vyriesil a tak som zase spat na Steame.
  10. Idea for the Panzer II Ausf. Luchs

    I think some area of the engine plate on the top of the tank is weak enough
  11. Otázka - FPS

    skus inu verziu hry Ak mas Steam skus standalone a opacne
  12. A Realistic AVS-36...

  13. A Realistic AVS-36...

    The round type and construction of the gun are 2 different things. AVS and AVT rifles are quite obviously compensating recoil worse than M14 and AVS was also very unreliable. If better construction wouldnt be affecting behavior of the gun then only reason for making new guns or variations of existing ones would be decrease of the manufacturing cost.
  14. More ruined buildings and destroyed vehicles on maps?

    They could at least start using more 2nd out of 2 assets of this kind they got. They mostly uses M3A1,but crashed Bf 109 is used only on Airfield map near O1 and nowhere else.