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  1. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    Ja som si bol schopny zahrat s M36 ale aj po tom cakani to vzdy naslo iba potycku.
  2. killer553

    !!!!! Potřebuji pomoc !!!!!

    Pokial ani ina verzia nejde,tak uz ti mozem poradit obratit sa len na support. Pripadne si este predtym skontroluj ci mas vsetky Ovladace GPU aktualne
  3. killer553

    !!!!! Potřebuji pomoc !!!!!

    Davnejsie som mal problem dost podobny ale hra sa aj nacitala ale po neuveritelne dlhej dobe a s nehratelnymi FPS. Vyriesil som to tym,ze som skusil druhu verziu hry. Ak mas Steam verziu skus Standalone a vice versa
  4. killer553

    !!!!! Potřebuji pomoc !!!!!

    A hral si uz vobec nieco alebo si uplny novacek ? No vseobecne to moze byt tvojim PC alebo internetovym pripojenim. Ale v poslednej dobe dost blbnu serveri cize aj to moze byt pricina.
  5. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    M36 je paradni Jagdpanther je vraj tiez dobry SU-100 je pry srot
  6. killer553

    Tier 2 SPAA

    Why in the hell would you suggest that 88mm halftrack as an AA when there are 37mm ones that are much better for AA and also closer to what other faction have. M15 Bofors can be added aswell. It's the same thing,but has 40mm gun and no MGs instead
  7. killer553

    Tank secondary gunner seat hatches

    I get a notification for every reply to this topic.
  8. killer553

    Tank secondary gunner seat hatches

    It's my thread,but i had same words in my mind when i saw this in my notifications.....
  9. Yeah i agree. Also just like Soviets and their LMG crisis. Game shouldnt be limiting factions only because the other faction hasnt got any actual counter.Well not unless it would be a total overkill situation. US will get less TDs,but can have a ton of Sherman variants.Just like short barrel M4A2 or A3 and M4A3 with a 105mm howitzer . Perhaps Super Pershing could be considered when RETO has already gone further from the actual history than that ? And it also applies to guns.For example when soviets cant have more LMGs they can have an Auto-rifle line-up like Fedorov Avtomat,AVT-40,AVS-36. US can have more SMGs like Thompson M1928/A1,maybe M50 reising. GE might get more LMGs or maybe pistols
  10. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    Podla toho co viem M1/M2 ani oficialne neexistovala. Bola len M1,M2 a neskor M3 Ona prakticky tou modifikaciu sa M1 stala plnohodnotnou M2. Co sa tyce presnosti,tak ta zbran bola taka lahka,ze ten maly recoil mohol ovplyvnit strelbu ale na to sa dalo zvyknut po nejakom tom strielani.
  11. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    Karabiny ale nemali 1000+ RPM Nechapem co ich to vlastne popadlo.Dat zbrani s 30 ranovym zasobnikom 1000+ RPM ked ich ani nemala. Mali jej radsej dat 750-850 RPM,lepsi DMG a presnost. Ked sa tak teraz pozeram na M36 oni si ani nedali praci krapet zmenit ten podvozek z uplne totozny aj s napisom
  12. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    Ja to zmiernenie recoilu berem aj celkom pozitivne. Hoci je pravda,ze skoro nic nema recoil ale aspon sa to da nejako uzit a nelezu mi vkuze na nervy random headshoty. Mozno sa RETO snazi podkopat veci co za posledne roky posrali a zacat odznova.
  13. killer553

    Amour Update 1.12 ....

    Limit amount of players per class. Create some way to limit explosives and AT weapons,be it limits or sub-classes. More balance between tanks and At weapons Add crew members or change the damage model so tank wont die like nothing,but wont take forever to die. Voiala,we got a lot more enjoyable game when it comes to tank to tank/infantry combat.
  14. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    Necht uz maju ake problemy maju mozu si za to sami spatnymi krokmi ktere spravili za posledne 3 roky.
  15. killer553

    i am amazed

    I guess only actually good thing about this update is that when you destroy a vehicle the wreck remains there for a few moments and can be used as cover. I also have to admit after all these years my disappointment with updates ever since beginning of 2016 has grown into some sort of amazement.