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  1. British Commonwealth

    But by that logic can be added basically any tank which was fully built,but never saw combat. I think the biggest extremes we should have in this way is Super Pershing and 50mm PZ II.These saw very limited combat,but saw.But i am still kind of against this too.
  2. Soviet Cavalry Pl0X

    Me neither. Honestly,sometimes I think japs deserves another nuke for such shirt.
  3. DPM for SU para

    All you need is at least a Grease gun.It can easily outperform Ppsh even in CQC.
  4. US faction rework.

    I think M3 Scour car should be a tier 1 APC for the US and SU. Axis already have that small Sdkfz 250 and we have a big M3A1 Halftrack.So M3A1 Scout car would be Tier 1 and axis would get Sdkfz 251. For TOP tier mobile AA maybe could be more suitable M15 MGMC Bofors.It has 40mm auto-cannon,but no MGs so i guess it would be more ballancd with counter like Sdkfz 7/2. M19 MGMC is simply an armored SPAAG.Not a light tank and it's a category about itself.It should be in same category as Ostwind lets say. About Johnson.RETO says they dont want to remove stuff.So i guess more probable would be some changes than removal.
  5. Soviet Cavalry Pl0X

    Maybe if you would watch that japanese animated BS for few days you would get autism and then you would not care if the horse is live or dead
  6. Panter

    I think it could bounce just shots from Tiger I. Anyway Jumbo should be a medium tank,not a heavy.It's lighter than the Panther.
  7. Planes too powerful

    Increasing time they needs to resupply bombs is not a solution. In my opinion they should make some airfields away from the map,where ground forces will not be allowed to go and here they will have to land and resupply. Also there would be needed a modular DMG like you can shoot off a wing,tail or destroy it's engine.
  8. Buff Panzerfaust

    Panzerfaust can kill.But you have to hit the enemy directly.When you miss and hit a object behind him he will mostly take just a little DMG from that explosion. But i am against a buff to it.Maybe just a penetration buff to be able to destroy heavy tanks sometime in the future. Currently I have enough of these assholes who i calls Panzerfaust runners.
  9. why cant i get out RU server games ?

    You can avoid joining Moscow server by blocking it in the firewall.Suprisingly joining Staged battles takes longer than War battles when you have blocked it. Also you can see pretty many russians on Amsterdam server.Even they says that server is horrible.
  10. Plane's Bombs

    I can see how i would be shooting down Bf 109s and these Axis recon planes by shooting into that huge bomb and basically any heavy fighter with a Garand.
  11. Soviet Cavalry Pl0X

    Horses.Probably the only thing that could not be of low quality in their army. But if you want to ride a horse you can sit on one of our famous dead horses.
  12. New Infantry Terrain Vehicles Suggestion

    It's called a recoilless rifle from some reason.
  13. New Motorcycles suggestion

    Wel,if i am not mistaken basically every European army that participated in WW2 was at least at the begining of the war using horses.
  14. New Motorcycles suggestion

    That was probably another crazy guy who had to meet with Mad Jack churchill.
  15. SU Autoresolves?

    Everyone autoresolves when got a chance. And this is not AR.It's overstacking of battles.