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  1. Lol soviets complaining about alts ?This is good. Anyway Axis are actually not wining war because of alts,but because many Allied clans went retart and went to play axis.
  2. In reality strenght of P-40 was also that it was manouvering and diving faster than Bf 109s until 4600m.P-51 was able to manouver better also in much higher altitudes. Only advantage of Bf 109 was climbing rate. In planes you cant have it like each plane got advantage in something else.In tanks or guns it may work.Like for example hellcat got no armor,but is fast and got powerful gun. But in planes every single thing matters.In tanks you may be alone against 4-6 tanks and you can camp and still have a good gameplay. In the air just one pilot may make difference (depends on skill). Overall problem of those 3 planes.P-40,Me 410 and Pe-3 is that they are not attractive enough.Most of players are like they want everything "easy peazy".So while in tanks numbers doesnt matter any much,in the air you are fucke.d when you got outnumbered.So here it is important to make planes attractive for players and nothing is better than make them more identical to avoid situations like the current one is.
  3. Reason why i want them all to shoot at same time and then get some equal DMG to Bf 109.By this way Mgs would be losing ammo faster than currently.Now always fires just 1 MG.So then 6 Mgs would lose ammo 6x faster than currently.All of the Mgs hit the target just rarely so same as for Bf 109 there would be DMG loss. I have been also thinking about the ammo and if even with 6 Mgs all shooting at same time ammo loss would be unfair,lets say there would be some one more belt in the back of Bf 109.Not in the Yak since nose mounted cannon got much less ammo and DMG loss than wing mounted guns in this game and yak got enough ammo (120 shells ?). Velocity is not important if will be good enough for both guns.In the worst case.We got many unreal things here...
  4. All sounds in the game are muted when you are just a little bit away from them.Just DT-29 on soviet tanks is loudy af and you can hear it everywhere,but is so confusing you can just guess the direction it comes from.
  5. Lol. Every single weapon in this game is broken.
  6. PTRD is simply a retarded gun. Almost useless against ground targets and more useful as a AA gun...
  7. .50 cal in HnG is broken and does probably same DMG as .30 cal It should have 750-850 RPM unlike current 600.And penetration is also broken. Those Bf 109's MGs with AP ammo should have as much penetration as .50 cal with basic and .50 cal should do at least 60% more DMG than .30 cal. Actually i dont have any much problems with velocity,but since we are in HnG i believe it's broken. 1x 20mm cannon should=2-3x .50 cal Mgs
  8. We dont need more of these vehicles. Last thing i need to see is load of these things around my spawn as it would 100% end if would Axis get such vehicle in position of "terrain vehicle" Those things needs to be moved to APC's or some separated class of vehicles.
  9. As if all 6 Mgs would hit at same time.
  10. Remove cannon? wtf ? That makes no sence lol. I suggested how to ballance P-40 more times. Make all 6 Mgs shoot at same time.Make combined DMG of all 6 MGs equal to combined DMG of Bf 109's 2 cannons and MGs Buff the penetration to real values.Basic 15mm and AP 25-30mm Make it drop 3 pairs of bombs instead of 6x1 bomb or change the bomb type. And problem solved.
  11. Because people like tractors.
  12. This RETO system always makes no sence. When they finally can have something ballanced,they anyway do it by other way. I really dont understand why should Luger get more DMG and RPM than Colt 1919 when both are probably BS,well RPM depends on shooter.And why they makes those soviet pistols faster,but lowest DMGing. Why can't Luger,TT-33 and Colt 1911 have same stats ?Also i have noticed in those pocket pistols soviet one got more RPM,but less DMG.Again it could be ballanced,but RETO logic comes to action. Then we got Johnson and FG42,Panther and Jumbo on the list.
  13. I think best would be if every single mag (would depend on type) would get some % of total space it will take and so you would exactly choose how many mags of that kind or that kind you want.
  14. They want to add more planes.Well probably not more recon planes since there would be no US counter,since Owl is the only US recon plane that got MGs and those planes are not any needed. But now will be priority probably Armor 2.0.So tank system tweaks.
  15. To the current system. I think as the first.Why should players be limited to just 2 pouches when they got space for ammo ?That makes no sence.So if the guy want to have for example just SMG and inventory full of ammo for it let him have it. Also i would like to see before suggested Half-equipment points that would be also good for some weapons aswell for ammo. For example.Now you may have 70 rounds for M1 Garand.But what if i would need just 40 or 50 and would want to use the space for something else. But the best ammo system would be if it would get reworked. For vehicles we need system that allow you to choose how many of total shells/bullets got to be of that and that kind.Instead of current unlogical system when in tanks you magically get doubled ammo. For infantry i would like it to be like there would be also some total capacity.Each magazine would request some space and so you could choose to have for example 5 stick SMG magazines+4 pistol magazines. Also instead of some addon of Ammo crates and ribbon.Give us ability to give team mate (who got gun chambered in the same cartridge and using same magazines) some of our magazines. So i could give team mate for example Thompson magazines for Thompson or Grease gun. This could also make some people equip magazines that dont fit their guns,but they can resupply others with them.