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  1. Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    Why would you ask for trashier version of StG44 ?
  2. US pistol ammo is .45 ACP (11.43x23mm).Axis pistol ammo is 9mm (7.65xx21mm) STG bullet is 7.92x33mm .30 Carbine bullet is 7.62x33mm They are both basically shortened rifle bullets to ironicaly same lenght of 33mm and with some different designing from basic rifle bullets.But both got much higher muzzle velocity and so also penetration than pistol bullets.And if you would want to know that .30 carbine was developed before STG bullet If you would want to know velocity .45 ACP = 251 m/s or 835 ft/s 9mm = 380 - 400 m/s or 1250+ ft/s (the huge one is .45 ACP) 7.92x33mm Kurz = 685m/s or 2250 ft/s .30 Carbine = 606m/s or 1990 ft/s So only difference between STG and M1/M1A1/M2 Carbines would be that .30 Carbine bullet would go to the ground a little bit faster,but it's nearly unnoticable difference for a shooter at such high numbers.
  3. German and Soviet need a single-seat heavy fighter

    I am not sure if these were actually prototypes at that time. These are some Vietnam era camos and soviets got camos from 1990s.Just RETO logic combined with BS.
  4. Yeah I still got my stickies.But i am using them only when i leave my burning plane and randomly meets some tank on the way.
  5. Helmet can only stop pistol caliber bullets from some longer distance (at least 75m+).But bullets like .30 cal can penetate it from basically any distance from which it is possible to snipe.Bullets from guns like STG and M1 Carbine should be able to penetrate from 300m+ (if not even more,but this is their max effective range) and bullets like .50 cal would blow off half of the head like if the helmet wouldnt even exist.
  6. another discussion thats not mine

    I would say pretty in the line with Bf 109,but Yak is OP compared to these 2.
  7. Limit Planes

    Everything needs some limits,not just planes.Well except basic infantry.
  8. Reto, get a giant lawn mower and...

    I dont like forests very much.And literally hate mountains. If i would decide to visit some forest it would have to be something like this. (these are actually abadoned American cars in Ardeness)
  9. Reto, get a giant lawn mower and...

    I dont have problem with seeing these campers.I just dont like that unrealistic look of maps.Forests are like jungles...
  10. Reto, get a giant lawn mower and...

    Honestly have you ever seen forest like this somewhere in the Europe or even the USA (it basically doesnt matter) ? Because this looks like Jungle during Autumn and we havent got anything like that here (because it doesnt even exist).
  11. German and Soviet need a single-seat heavy fighter

    37 built....Well at least more than 10
  12. I sometimes jumps on the tank and places mines on it's turret or engine block.Then he cant just run away from them.
  13. US flag all over the tank like this.So the tank can survive by 400% more shots. And for soviets Vodka overlay which turns steel into stronk stalinium.
  14. German and Soviet need a single-seat heavy fighter

    4 of them are prototypes or with less than 10 ever built and I couldnt find anything about Ta3.Probably also a prototype. There is no need of more planes for ballance.And Nazi germany and USSR havent been using single seater Heavy Fighter. Simply give all of them same manouverability. Make P-38 have by 10% and Pe-3 by 5% higher top speed than Me 410.As compensation for amount of ammo since P-38 has 150,Pe-3 has 250 and Me-410 has 350.
  15. My SU ribbon mixed with pilot and tanker

    It happens randomly with any badges.You still have the same badge.Just the image of badge is not correct.