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  1. lol Tak to je novinka. BTW ked si pozres to video uvidis na Dislikoch ako to primaju ine frakcie.Ani ne to video ako ten tank
  2. Well
  3. Do you realize choppers were not used in WWII.Just the US Army was testing some at the end of the war and i think there werent any weapons mounted on it.MASH is not from a WWII. And i really dont believe they even knew word Defibrillator at that time.
  4. What a tactic ? Only tactics i remember was that always when we were capturing the last point like for example current O1 at forward airfield.Just the room in the mid was a cap zone.So axis always spammed 2-20 grenades into there....
  5. Well thats my problem with M1A1 carbine.I can massacre ppl with it very easy,but ping makes me fail and thats because i have to keep away from it
  6. According to logic lighter vehicles like Jumbo Sherman,Hellcat and Hetzer are moved to heavier categories.Is chaffee in mediums more possible.
  7. If is PZ 3 bad what is T-28 then ? That ugly thing somehow tagged as a tank needs a 2nd guy to use coaxial Mg lol. I think the whole system of these vehicles is bad. Tier 1s and some of 2s cant compete with top tier tanks.How can a guy with PZ 3 compete with a E8 or even better T-28 or M3 Lee aganist a Panther. These tanks needs to be separated at least in staged battles and Tier 1 light shouldnt be able to enter the war.
  8. Ah again M2A2 guy.I say it again and again.You can take it away,but then dont cry when US gets as starter tank M3A1 Stuart with 37mm cannon. E8 actually can kill panther in 2 Shots thats right.But there is one more important factor than armor and thats shell velocity.While with US and Soviet tanks you have to aim highter to hit panther at better distances.For panther its much easier since it has better velocity.Same as Chaffee's DMG its Panther's big advantage. Actually when i compare Soviet and US top tier mediums to Panther and then Luchs to Chaffee and T-70. US and Soviet tanks needs to be closer to the target to be sure to hit the hitbox.Luchs needs to shoot at the tank from the side or the rear.So both needs some equal conditions to perform at their best in the combat.And when they dont have them they need a cover,some house or a hill. Tiger II really isnt so hard to destroy.But for me and other skilled tankers.For less skilled ones its harder.Same as you said upper about Luchs Thats you who is good and not the tank.And the answer is just "Git gud".So why shouldnt be answer to every complaint about Axis lights "Git gud" ? Actually i wouldnt use terms like crybabies on forums since most of the cry topics is started by axis players.
  9. And same we can say about US and SU Heavy and Medium top tiers. After all the complaints of ppl of all factions i have seen in all the tank categories i can say just "Git gud" as many ppl here does. You cryies about Chaffee.Someone may about Panther or Tiger II. or planes.The problem is that vehicles were different.Different armor,guns,ammo. Axis cryies about the single tank category where they got the worst tanks.Should i start Tens of topics about addon of Super Pershing or moval of Jumbo to mediums ?No i accepts the game how it is. What about accepting the game ? And another problem are soviets.Actually for the US and Axis there are solutions.Add Jumbo to Mediums and add limited produced Super Pershing and 50mm Luchs.But what to do with Soviets ?But who cares about them .
  10. Uz som si to dlho nevsimal ale v podobnej vzdialenosti na tankoch ani nevidis pasy ak to tak stale je.
  11. No ja som si uzil srandy aj proti strednym tankom.Ale na to musi byt US alebo SU vozitko vzhladom na kanon.
  12. Ah yea so that was other guy.Because in same house i found a soviet with a same pistol and i was playing with these 2 guys you killed.But i forgot that it wasnt foggy weather in that battle .
  13. I think medic wouldnt be bad. While infantry can have med kit and med pouch medic would have medic bags.And lets say something for reviving.Revive would be possible only if wouldn't a guy get shot into a Head,maybe hearth and balls .If the player would get revived it could waste lives of the team.And the reviving thing would also need to get resupplied and some of the current badges could apply on that. There were bigger and smaller medic vehicles.APCs,Trucks and vans.To make them any more useful than a jeep.Players sitting inside would be automatically healed.If they would get hurt it would start to heal them again,but after few seconds.
  14. Yea i wanted this longer time ago. Hopefully it will get added.But dont forget tank needs to have engine turned on to move with a turret.Just saying.
  15. Jo,najhorsie su tie rusacke.