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  1. British Commonwealth

    It is interesting and APDS aswell,but they will probably be weak against sloped armor.
  2. British Commonwealth

    Not really. Some guns got some special ammo available. But US guns with same kind of ammo did pretty much the same job.
  3. British Commonwealth

    Well and they dont use explosive filter AP shells so they are pretty screwed in this way.
  4. British Commonwealth

    and tea canteens instead of med kits for healing like in Post Scriptum lol
  5. Why was the sdfkz 250 added?

    Well before .50 cal nerf i remember i blew up several enemy APCs with it. Also if they wanna make that armor update realistic when it comes to armor and penetration M3 is going to become terror for all infantry vehicles,IFVs and more than a half of Light tanks
  6. Yeah i dont get it neither. It is basically a SVT with power of M1 Carbine or STG.....
  7. Take an idea from Battlefeild 5 Reto

    Yeah But i can already see extreme FPS drops and players building them around enemy spawns...
  8. Surrender Vote Feature

    Wouldnt that actually be opposite ?
  9. Hmmm Something like Hiroshima after the nuke fell ?
  10. help

    V HnG ta na najdenie bitvy upozorni zvuk z ktereho cast komunity asi dostala infarkt
  11. help

    Mne HnG pada vzdy ked volam cez TS. Poslednou dobou menej ale zezacatku to bolo celkom brutalne.
  12. Diskuze - obecná

    Toto video je plne pravdy o dnesnom svete....
  13. Diskuze - obecná

    Jo dneska sa uz Politika sere aj do her,ktere s nou nemaju vobec co robit.
  14. Diskuze - obecná

    Tiez rozmyslam nad HLL a PS. HLL ma ale laka viac. Taktiez sa mi v poslednej dobe zase dostal do hlavy Rising Storm 2 Jo to je pre mna uz nepochopitelne. Ked chcu ukazat zenu v WWII,tak nech tam daju kampan povstalcov vo Francii alebo Polsku. A zajimave ako vsade pchaju cernochov ale nejako ich nenapadne sa proste zamerat na jednu z Cernosskych jednotiek US armady.Dokonca aj Aziatov bolo v US armade celkom dost.