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  1. killer553


    That shield is there to protect the user. Without it you would have to wear a gasmask and some sort of poncho just like this guy who is using Panzerscheck 43
  2. killer553

    STG sound

    Sounds a bit like when you are trying to kick start a chainsaw to me.
  3. killer553


    One day Rocket launchers should be more realistic. Although i am not sure what are they gonna make reloading like. Since Bazooka and Panzerscheck are using different calibers it would most likely be like Panzerscheck would do more damage while Bazookas would reload faster. It is a bit harder to find about penetration values But i am feeling a bit uncomfortable when thinking about the fact they used HEAT rockets that would have similar effect to HE shells used by tanks. At 30 degrees According to sources Panzerscheck can penetrate 95mm According to a source i have found M1/A1 Bazooka: with M6 rocket could penetrate 75-80mm with M6A1/A2 rocket about 100mm M9/A1 bazooka could penetrate about 120-125mm with M6A3/A4 rocket I couldnt find source about penetration of Bazookas at 60 and 90 degrees But since 60 degrees is flatter armor and 90 is completelly flat numbers are most likely increasing just like in case of Panzerscheck.
  4. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

  5. killer553


    Why M9A1 Bazooka and not M18 Recoilless rifle ? I mean it is basically a weapon which offers same gameplay as M1A1,but with better penetration and so it is gonna make M1A1 pretty much pointless to keep in the end. M18 is closer to AT rifles and offers fairly different gameplay.
  6. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    Vedel sem,ze Studebaker delal nejlepsi nakladaky,ale nevedel sem ze kapacita byla doslova nekonecna 😆
  7. Yeah. I live in the middle Europe and i got better gameplay experience on West Coast US server than on moscow junkyard server.
  8. killer553


    I have experienced higher ping and mainly way less stable servers than before.
  9. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    Ja uz som s tymito AAA titulmi skoncil nadobro. Maximalne ich upiratim.Aj ked nato mam nervy i ked za to nedam ani penny. Pravdepodobne si kupim uz iba Hell Let Lose.Pripadne mozno Post Scriptum ak by vydali US frakci a spravili by ich dobre aj s mapami. Asi jedina hra,ze starych serii ve kteru sa da este dufat je Brothers in Arms.Teda ak na nej vobec pracuju.Udajne hej,ale to sa nikdy nevie.... Nicmene sem rad,ze ma Battlefield V take mizerne pre-order statistiky.
  10. I really dont like idea of Me 262 being added. It is too different.It wasnt even a fighter plane,it was used for ground support and for attacking bombers. It would get easily outmanouvered by propeller fighters. Only way i see players playing with it is using speed to escape from the enemy and attacking enemy planes or ground vehicles from nowhere and then again escape after getting shot at. It just feels pathetic to me. Perhaps only way to make it more ballanced would be giving it low amount of HP. Well GE got some AT rifles and US were putting .50 cal MG on nearly anything that moves.If armor 2.0 is gonna be realistic .50 cal guns are gonna make emental of pretty much all infantry vehicles and half of light tanks tho. There are actually quite a lot of unique vehicles,but it would end up like giving one faction upper hand in one way and the other one in another way.Just Willys jeep would be overkill if it would get all the possible modifications.That thing had pretty much everything,.30 cal,.50 cal MGs,some even had armor plates at the front,some had 8 tubes of Calliope rocket launcher in the rear and also there was a modification of armored jeep with 2 bazookas.It could even tow 37 and 57mm guns.And Brits also mounted 40 or 57mm on it.
  11. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    Nuz je skoda,ze asi nikdy neuvidime historicky presnu hru s WWI alebo WWII od AAA vyvojarov. Ja by som bol vdacny keby ta presnost bola aspon na urovni Medal of Honor alebo starych CoD.
  12. killer553

    AA truck tier 2 idea

  13. killer553

    Diskuze - obecná

    Ak myslis FPS,tak skus inu verziu hry. Skus stanalone ak ti blbne Steam a opacne.
  14. killer553

    Reto please remove the sidecar on the R75

    It would be the best if they would make it optional for all the motorcycles. But honestly.I dont believe i will live long enough to see vehicle modifications added.
  15. killer553


    They should start adding things that will make them money,please the community and wont screw up the game at the same time.As ability to switch character,weapon and vehicle camouflages during the battle for example. And fixing problems people are complaining about for very long time already.Unfortunatelly when they decide to fix something it often takes ages and the result is often not very pleasant.Especially when that something is a weapon or a vehicle. And No. 1 priority in my opinion should be updating to better engine.