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  1. BA rifle is basically a predecesseor of SA rifle. Since it's just Bolt-action it's not suitable for CQC,but only Camping,trench warfare or some hiding in a building.Since in WW2 they becomes more of obsolete and gets replaced by SA rifles their main purpose is Sniping (In the US army) and other countries also wanted to replace BA rifles by SA rifles,but they were not able to do that during the war and so their main Infantry rifles were still BA rifles. I have been also thinking about some changes to SA rifles. Like they would be 1HK too.But they would get quite a big recoil so the barrel of the gun would go up and it would be harder to shoot 2 targets in a row very fast(maybe add some smoke after the shot).Also the Rate of Fire would get reduced.
  2. Most of those hours are massacring with Thompson
  3. Lol reminds me this
  4. The reason why i suggested such slow rate of Fire and high DMG is to make BA rifles more of a camper guns. Making those guns 2HK is a bad idea because of their rate of fire.There are not only snipers using them,but there are also non-scoped BA rifles.By giving them such a slow Rate of fire you would make users of these guns keep more away from CQC situations,but they would still have kind of advantage in other way and that's the DMG. Another reason why i want slow Rate of fire are Snipers.Give them accuracy,remove/reduce the Bullshirt sway in the prone and crouch positions. A Sniper or a infantry guy with this rifle may camp somewhere,but when you find him he has smaller chance of surviving in CQ.
  5. And what would be bad on that when the DMG would be increased ? BA rifles are not weapons for CQC.
  6. BA rifles are a nightmare to use before 1HK build and with 1Hk build becomes one of the most cancerous things in the game.And since battle may contain loads of campers it may be even worse or unplayable without Heavy Set. So what about making Stock BA rifle having DMG 100,but Rate of Fire would get much much more closer to the reality.BA rfiles would begin with 10 RPM and top ROF would be 15.Reload speed of scoped rifles could be MAYBE decreased a bit. I think modifications like Bolt/Spring and Barrel should be concentrated on changing Accuracy and Range stats and maybe just a minor DMG increase if any.Ammo would basically stay how it is,but would increase the DMG from the stock of 100 instead of the current. Even with such changes i am still for Heavy set staying in the game.Removal of heavyset should be considered once when there will be a limit for Recon class and infantry scopes in battles.
  7. Actually price of AT grenades got reduced.But from some reason Sticky grenades are the only that stood at the original price.Cost of H3 is about 260 and of RPG-43 and Panzerwulf mine 180,while Sticky is still 380 per grenade...
  8. Yea,it would be probably really useless.Just thought it could make the game a little bit more interesting,but there are better options that can be choosen as a vehicle modification.
  9. I am not talking about Johnson or FG42. I am talking about MGs that got around 50 round belts/magazines.US paratroopers were also using Browning M1919.The problem of these guns is what you can see when you meet them in-game. Paratroopers are already a cancer and giving them such guns is just another way to destroy gameplay for the infantry class even more.Not even talking about that in the game paratroopers got only 6 points,while those Mgs requests 7 if you dont want to have a single magazine.
  10. What about adding this one day ? This could be attached to tanks that were able to use such device. It would blow up anti-tank mines that would come to it's way and so the tank would take no damage.It would slow down the tank and also would be very loud.Also it would have damaging effect on lightly armored vehicles and would kill infantry if would come to it's way. I think player should be able to turn it on/off.When would be turned off the speed would be just a bit less than normal speed of the tank,because of added weight.
  11. Cough But i think vehicles with rocket launchers are a bad idea.Maybe one day when the game will be better ballanced,but not now. Also Hellcat should be a Light TD and Jumbo should be a Medium tank. But PZ III was a Medium.
  12. It would be like DP and M1919.People already cries about it all over there. I have already enough of those kids that opens parachute 3m above the ground and jumps at infantry's head,why to give them even better guns ?
  13. And then US paras can get M1919 and Axis probably Mg34 or 42 and paras become even bigger cancer with those MGs.Do you also have some other ideas to destroy the gameplay even more ?
  14. Aha you mean when you are on a bike and some donut with a car with crush you and TK? Yea then i agree. I misunderstood.I though you meant when a guy with bicycle run over you in a "high-speed" and team kill you.Funny on this thing is TK with it is easier than killing the enemy.