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  1. Some medium plane suggestions

    Ju87 ? It is a ground support plane.Would have zero chance to be as manouverable as regular fighter plane. For the US interesting would be P-47.
  2. Weapon Reworks, Buffs and Nerfs

    I dont know about Johnson. But BAR had Slow and Rapid fire switch.Operator of the gun could choose between 300 or 600 RPM. 300 RPM was mainly used when a soldier was walking with the gun to make it more controlable. In current state of HnG quite useless maybe.But it can be nicely used in Day of Infamy.
  3. Diskuze - obecná

    Problem je,ze na ciel co je asi pul mile daleko asi nebudes strielat kulakom. Ja ani nepouzivam HE strely.Mam iba AP s explozivnym filtrom a zopar APCR na niektorych tankoch.
  4. VIDEA - z H&G nebo zajímavá videa z WW2

    Tu hru by som si chcel zahrat akurat mam krapet problem s tym,ze by som hral za UK kedze ich zbrane nesu nic moc.
  5. IS4 tank possible?

    UK/Commonwealth pretty much not. They lack useful heavy tank since Churchil however has armor even stronger or on par with Tiger I in some aspects it's gun is very similar to M3 75mm cannon on M4A1 Sherman.
  6. IS4 tank possible?

    I personally wouldnt like to have these in this game and many others aswell i guess. Since RETO is adding just stuff that has seen combat (however sometimes just in very limited scale)Only tanks on border that could get added are T26E4 Super Pershing and VK-something aka 50mm Luchs. Only way I would welcome such tanks like from Korean and Vietnam war era is adding also maps,factions and stuff for these wars and giving them own server.Basically as when currently war ends and you are choosing that single server.But there would be more of them containing different war or theatre.But you could switch a server anytime.
  7. IS4 tank possible?

    You can also go play War Thunder.
  8. Diskuze - obecná

    Hmm mne sa ten system vo Warthunder celkom paci.Osobne to preferujem viac ako WoT.Ten HP system za moc nestoji a samotna politika hry je dost nepriatelska pre grinderov a action hracov. WoT je prakticky hra,kteru by som zaradil pod znacku Camp 'n' Gain. Co by som kritizoval je akurat zly matchmaking niektorych tankov co ich robi v bitkach celkom OP. To,ze tank ako napr Hellcat alebo Marder znicite ked na neho date kamikaze alebo kanony na nakladakoch,ktere su spatne spravene a tak aj ked nakladak nema skoro zadny armor dokaze jeho nicenie byt tazsie ako nicenie tanku kedze je velmi tazke pozabijat vsetkych clenov posadky z urcitych uhlov a je ich tazke Ammo racknut. A tiez by si mohli odpustit ten niekedy badatelny russian bias v hre.
  9. IS4 tank possible?

    Eh nope. And Panther II has never been finished as far as i know.Only body has been finished,but turret not so Americans mounted a turret from Panther G on it and now it is in one of their tank museums.
  10. Offline friends on the list

    Offline friends are at the bottom of friend list.So even when a player who's battle you want to join would have a nickname begining with letter W or Z .... he will be shown above Offline friends if he is online.
  11. Sturmpanzer VI Sturmmörser Tiger

    It would be probably reloading for 20 minutes i guess
  12. The Johnson . . . Why?

  13. Diskuze - obecná

    Horsie ako CoD Engine to byt nemoze
  14. Diskuze - obecná

    V HnG snad Armor 2.0 a celkovo to vypada,ze pocas zacatku 2018 vyjdu 2 nove F2P hry z WW2 ktere su na Zapadnom fronte a bezia na Unreal Engine 4