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  1. MdotWilson


    What's not satisfying? You said it's not satisfying and left it there. Can you elaborate on why you feel that way?
  2. MdotWilson

    Is staged meant to be stupid?

    Had a Staged match last night which lasted 85 minutes! Wish they were all like that... Staged bots really do make it less fun, though. If they added them to fill games, then shame on them for taking such a way out of the mess they got themselves into. If they added them to ruin Staged and drive ppl to War, then it might be working but it's nonetheless just as shameful. The bots are just awful, and Staged still has a place in this game.
  3. MdotWilson

    Can you guess it?

    Needs slightly more RPM imo, but nothing else should change besides that. Bring its RoF closer to the M1G and SVT and it'd be lovely. No sneaky changes to other values.... like spread, reload time, etc.
  4. MdotWilson


    Played some of those battles recently, though I'm not sure they're faulty. Seems intended that all the resources are available in the same match. I hope it's not faulty, because those are great fun, especially when you spawn a heavy TD and get to work.
  5. MdotWilson

    Nowday War is Ruin (I had Suggestion)

    Forcing people to do anything is usually met with resentment at best, open hostility at worst. I'm not in favor of forcing anything on HnG players. What would your plan be when players decide they don't want to be forced into a faction and instead choose to stay out of War until they can select the faction they want? What if you had a buddy who got into the US or GE but you were stuck with SU? Doesn't sound like a solution at all.
  6. MdotWilson

    Decrease the warmap in size

    Too bad the old system of 10 ATs per account isn't still in place. Maybe then we wouldn't have so many overstacked battles and they could decrease the size of the map without making that issue even worse. Something needs to happen, because battles that aren't near a capital or part of some organized push just sit idle until AR takes over. And those that sit for a while act like a magnet and draw in even bigger overstacks. The reasons why ppl fight in Staged rather than War are mentioned time and time again in topics like this one, but for some reason they seem to go unnoticed and the issue just persists.
  7. MdotWilson

    Never Joining US faction again.. Probably

    US usually has long queues for armor. Can't blame ppl for keeping their ATs from being wasted, not when it can take a couple real-world days to get a TD unit respawned. Mediums are often just as bad, at least for the first week of a war. Not saying that it doesn't suck when you're facing tanks and friendly armor sits just a town or two away -- it definitely does get frustrating. But to blame only the players is unfair. Remove or reduce the queues and there would be more tanks about. I'm not buying the risk of losing WFs on armor, because they're totally affordable these days. Just playing a few FPS games gets you enough to respawn any armor TD. To keep armor out of battle bc you might lose WFs is stupid. Why'd you spawn them in the first place if you're worried about losing the WFs? Just don't spawn them in that case; let those of us who have plenty of WFs actually use them for the faction's benefit.
  8. MdotWilson


    This I can totally agree with. Battle filters should not apply to War any longer. I'm even slowly starting to change my stance on having a Staged mode in the game. Been playing a few staged matches recently and they don't even fill up with 18 players on each side -- more like 9 v 9 or up to 12 v 12. Maybe it is time to have War as the only mode in the game. Would be another way to help skirmishes pop in War.
  9. MdotWilson

    Nowday War is Ruin (I had Suggestion)

    SU needs to stop complaining about perceived imbalances and just play the game for what it is. This is, what, the third or fourth time SU has protested by taking their toys and going home? It's lost its effect on the playerbase; we can only hope Reto feels the same way.
  10. MdotWilson


    Yes, some change is definitely needed. They need to ensure that skirmishes are played or there is no reason to even have them in the game any longer. You even see paras getting used in the worst ways these days, just to avoid skirmishes. People will parablock in hopes they can win the preceding town and have an open line to attack, which of course causes paras to have a whole new purpose in the RTS game. It's a shame to see the game meta shaping up this way when it's totally avoidable.
  11. Can we do something about the state of skirmish battles on the War map? They don't get played! It's to the point where you feel like you need to wait and see if the enemy will attack before you send anything down a line these days, because if both sides send units they just sit in an unpopulated skirmish battle until AR takes over. People once complained about having to win a skirmish before attacking a town, but was that really worse than what we have now? Is it even possible to revert back to the old way after all this time and the many updates Reto has made to their RTS system? If so, then please consider going back to that setup. Make Skirmishes Great Again!
  12. MdotWilson

    Fallen H&G Friends

    Not sure if anyone mentioned BridgerCrags yet. That dude was good at the game and had a great stream on Twitch. Really miss him in HnG.
  13. MdotWilson

    Fallen H&G Friends

    RIP Bad Lobster clan! Best group of dudes I ever played with in HnG. Add these fellas to the list: thickenergy oneflewover mjpatterson _Wat whitehall1212 2014-15, those were the golden days of HnG. Great memories!
  14. MdotWilson

    What have you done RETO-MOTO

    I've fired the M249(SAW, .556) and M240 (.762) on bipod, neither behave like the LMGs do right now. A trained user will dig the arms into the dirt, lean into the shoulder stock and let her sing those sweet short notes of 3-7 rounds -- they'll fly straight home to your target. It's only when you hold the trigger down too long that they start to get unstable. Here's the trouble with an arcade shooter that dips its toes into realism: You either nail it or you look foolish. Post Scriptum nailed bipods, but this is ..... nowhere near as good. EDIT: I just remembered they've been saying how the bipods were almost complete and they had received lost of useful feedback from folks using them on the test server. What?!?!?! People testing these said positive things about this? Anybody who tested care to talk about that? I can't believe veteran players used this feature and said "yeah, guys, these bipods are looking good."
  15. Seems like it. Nicked one off a dead Joe last night and it handled way better than either German LMG does atm. And I don’t use crazy mods on automatics, in case anybody thinks that made the difference.