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  1. I don't get this one... Guess you ain't no smarty pants nerdy computer boy eh? Coding is something very hard to explain, but imma do the best for you, have you ever imagined the idea of writing 3000 words of pure gold and later it gets loved up by a little typo? Well thats coding
  2. Hey guys TC here, I saw the 50% off email from H&G today (at work atm) so am wanting to take advantage of it and build a new soldier (doesn't matter the faction except I've reached the max 32 FPS action char limit for GE so I'd need to repurpose a char). My question to you is, what is the best killing machine of a soldier I can create with 29k gold? Post your suggestions and I'll pick the best one! The crazier the combination (but that still works effectively as a good build)!
  3. Terminally_Chill

    50% off sale, time to build a new killing machine!

    Sale is over, finished just in time! haha Headed to bed but will post link when it's done
  4. Terminally_Chill

    50% off sale, time to build a new killing machine!

    I like it! You think fast reload would be better than the medic badge?
  5. Terminally_Chill

    50% off sale, time to build a new killing machine!

    lol Bud you know me I already got that loadout fantastic but I feel so cheesy at times, haha More effective than you'd guess, I still need to put up my videos on it lol. Maybe do something similar with SMGs with no mags?
  6. Terminally_Chill

    Multi-Echelon Command Teams

    hey @sfscriv! Late to the party but it's great! Look forward to it
  7. Terminally_Chill

    50% off sale, time to build a new killing machine!

    That sounds so tempting lol Got both of those loadouts already, which mods do you use for MG tho? I normally use trigger + the chrome barrel (for ROF) but even with hoarder you blow through MG ammo like that fast ha,. I think I'll do that for my paras, are the captured weapons -50% the same? If it's not too much I'll do it for all my faction paras lol Which badges? When I'm a tanker I'd be pretty scared of some guy riding a bike at me fast, he's either a brand new player or he knows something I don't, lol Seittu which badges bro?
  8. Terminally_Chill

    10v10 encounter

  9. Terminally_Chill

    Cant play the game

    Sounds good Bud, let us know what happens.
  10. Terminally_Chill

    Cant play the game

    Just imagine a router being a bouncer of a popular club with gaming consoles inside, and you, inside the club, use your cellphone to invite your friends over to the club for a gaming session. When your friends arrive, they are stopped by the bouncer: "Stop! You are not on my guest list, and with these pants you don't get inside here." Your friend: "But I am invited! See? My friend sent me that message, that he's playing Halo here!" Bouncer: "I don't know you, and I don't know of any Halo match. So beat it, before I beat you!" Your friend: "Okay, calm down! I'm going already..." Inside you're wondering why your friends don't show up. Had you told the bouncer that you are doing a Halo match and awaiting your friends, he could write your friends on the guest list, let them inside and direct them to the gaming area where you're waiting for your buddies to arrive. In router language this "guest list" would be forwarded ports. So in natural language you would tell the router: "If there is incoming traffic on port 27015, this is data for a Heroes and Generals match/game on the PC, and if data arrives on port 3074, it's meant for the Xbox One, so please forward it that way." The router will then do exactly that, and your console won't know a router is there, which results in an open NAT. Having/using UPNP enabled at the same time as manual port forwarding will also cause issues. I hope this clears up a bit about the confusion what NAT is, and why it's not in anyone's hands to "get rid" of NAT. Maybe in the (not so distant) future, the use of IPv6 gets more popular. With IPv6 any IPv6 capable device has its own unique publicly accessible IP address, so NAT isn't necessary. Until then you need to rely on UPnP or manual port forwarding to resolve your NAT issues. Pardon the copy / paste. Personally I'd say get in touch with your ISP for having them reset your modem/router correctly. Sad thing is so many ISPs these days don't seem to know or support basic stuff or the helpdesk people they have are all overseas (talking about my American ISPs mostly). But yeah I'm curious what the Reto Devs think/say about this too when they do, also really interesting @QuarX and don't forgett @MaxTunnerX to try using H&G on a network beside's your home network incase that worked right away (in which case you'd know it was just the ports/router.modem/ ISP settings or such). Flash is so wonky lol, never use it much just because of how it likes to act up sometimes. Be sure to reinstall flash for this too lol.
  11. Terminally_Chill

    Cant play the game

    Haha yeah, 7k for each side. Have you tried running H&G in a VM just to test around with this, yet? Like if you installed a copy of the exact same OS version you're running and it worked then you'd know it is more of a PC issue rather than a connection type issue which is what my first guess would be. Totally try that first if you don't want to mess anything up with your network since I'm not your ISP haha (I have to tell the same thing to so many people each day at work lol). Hope that helps man and report back to let us know how it goes, @MaxTunnerX Router settings*
  12. Terminally_Chill

    Cant play the game

    Hey @MaxTunnerX, TC here. Just been working a lot (full time) the past few months to help make up for my surgery I had back in december (just wisdom teeth nothing too scary). Just saw your post now but I'm really curious; when you say you forwarded all the H&G ports manually did you use a static IP for that? What about UPNP? Enabled with port forwarding? Yikes! What is your router/modem brand & model numbers? I'm at work atm so on mobile (got a new phone too lol) but I signed in just to ask that and also to say if you have not already try resetting BOTH your modem and router by pressing the reset button (if your devices have one; if not then you'll need to leave them unplugged for 5-10 minutes so the - on the newer model - emergency battery back up ones, they actually reset) and also contacting your ISP to send a reset signal to your modem. Cheers, TC In Max's case it could also be caused by over doing it with the network changes (using both port forwarding and UPNP), more likely than not unless it's account related (which I'd hope it's not but that would be a matter for @Reto Support. I'd also say to run CCleaner afterwards to clean your registry, even more so if a regular reinstall didn't work. Yeeep, meanwhile us in the US have to worrk X_x You never want to use UPNP if you have ports manually forwarded and odds are I'd bet your router has UPNP enabled by default (and if not you'd just need to refresh the UPNP table).
  13. Status Update January 21st, 2017, surgery stuff and what do I need to do know that I'm playing H&G again!? Hi Guys, TC here. As I'm sure most of you know I've not been playing H&G at ALL for 37 days (yes, I counted lol). Here is my recent status update and I've requested everyone who watches to post any kind of new tips/tricks/general info/what do I need to buy stuff below! Cheers, ~~TC Hey guys! Please leave any suggestions on what type of new Soviet/American/German infantry character you'd like me to buy and build up next! I'm open to suggestions! Also let me know what/if how the meta has been changed since I've been gone, I heard that the M2 carbine and Mg42 have been changed?
  14. Agreed, headed home from work in a minute and I'm hoping to get into a match with some, might have to stoop to playing staged matches even, haha.
  15. It's not camping, it's TactiCool sitting!
  16. Terminally_Chill

    RBS Challenge XI - Rifles

    Good job guys!
  17. Terminally_Chill

    Unbalanced tanks

    Nice, yeah it's great because then you can use one for when the enemy has no tanks (SMG/Wrench) and one for when they do (Ghile gold, Camo badge against good players, and Gold reload and Camo for noobs who don't spot).
  18. Terminally_Chill

    Unbalanced tanks

    You gotta buy (they're cheap) one of those dedicated tanker chars and just use him for the low tier tanks.
  19. GE and US need their tier 3 SMGs as soon as the Soviets get their tier two and tier three LMGs.
  20. Terminally_Chill

    Anti Tank Guns!

    If they could implement a bonus to being near another gunner as a "machine gun boost buff" to speed up reloading, that'd be even better.
  21. Terminally_Chill

    Unbalanced tanks

    The PZ1/T38/M2A2 are fantastic against infantry to, if at all possible use a light tank instead unless you'd do worse as infantry. EDIT: Or there's no light tanks or infantry... or it's staged.
  22. Terminally_Chill

    100% CPU

    Try updating your mobo, https://downloadcenter.intel.com/ Like that but you have to do your research on the correct/safe one to use. ^