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  1. Looks like we reached under 3k players average gentleman which is even smaller number when player population was at its lowest back in old days. When new Armor 2.0 update comes out we can expect game to die completely with new frustrating vehicle mechanics that punishes flanking (which is already punished with stupid spawn point locations) by slowing your vehicle speed and forcing you to use roads like complete noob, playstyle police token system that will reward spawnkilling even more because you will eventually be forced to spawn on foot with tier 1 smgs and lovely new wreckage system that will make river defenses even more broken, because dead vehicles will block the freaking way for APCs and other cars used for fast attacks for whole 45 seconds. Did I also mention tanks which RETO still refuses to put player number restriction on (Or should I say player number restriction for specialized classes in general)? Because everyone in this game loves games with 15 tankers in one team right? And when whole thing will reach critical point, RETO will start listening to some guys on forums who have no clue about game at all repeating whole cycle over and over. Its no secret that guys at RETO-MOTO cant take negative criticism made by most loyal players of this game that would improve the game greatly and instead listen to some butt kissers like certain SA rifle player (Old players know who I'm talking about) who only knew how to play with his little palka and complained about automatic weapon sniping. We all see results of that now with shirty Adams conefire, inaccurate first shots and RNG headshots. Maybe RETO should stop noob pandering and start listening to most skilled playerbase in this game like in other successful games instead of guys that only play tank 24/7 and complain when some infantry guy comes after him with Bazooka? I mean "Noob" is transition stage and when game is made only for casual players... Why should anyone take it seriously and stay with it?
  2. Ok RETO don't take the following as attack on you of any kind, but as an actual feedback to do something RIGHT NOW (YES START DOING RIGHT FACKING NOW!!!) about current RTS until RTS 2.0 gets released. The fact that you fixed several RTS problems on war map for SU in 3 DAYS when faction was released, while you are incapable of doing basic stuff such as rotating map layout so GER doesnt always get stupid bridge attacks and removing all those borderline useless amount of towns which just increase waiting time on towns you want to play along with amount of AR says a lot how many fcks you give about your more loyal playerbase. Just today I "played" your lovely game from 14:00-18:00 before quitting out of sheer boredom. You know why? Because I played only 5 matches that lasted 6 minutes, the rest was watching fcking RTS map and waiting battle to pop up. Today was first time that my clan got 18 members on at once and all plans to clear Budapest area from Soviets went to shirt cause of all 1 hour waiting per battle (And this is weekend which is EVEN worse!). Meanwhile SU "clans" (Hard to say that word since most of them are just p-u-s-s-i-e-s afraid to face GER clans on equal ground excluding ORB and RA) were just popping battles instantly in 10 sec and game filling up before we could react to face them. I just DONT understand why is to so fcking hard to remove towns on RTS map to make less battles so we can actually play the god damn game and have less dumb AR. I still remember how we went to Scandinavia and shirt was actually being played within 5 seconds the moment you queued on it... Good times. Now you just wait doing nothing, its fcking pathetic. In the end I suggest nobody on GER side joins another one of those "Crusade events". It just makes Reto lazy thinking they don't need to do anything since theyre just talk and no action. Just remember how some RETO guy told @AxeHeadSlam how theyre "concerned" about GER faction situation yet they don't do quick RTS tweaks that would improve gameplay until RTS 2.0 that will come in next 20 years... Pfffff what a gigantic joke!
  3. -[Houndz]-

    The Illuminati Order

    The Illuminati Order is inviting all good axis players into their ranks. We are multi-national clan that is more interested in our members quality than quantity. Our group consists of players from all branches (Infantry, Recons, Tankers, Pilots, Generals), allowing us to respond to anything with all resources that we have in battle. Besides offering camaraderie and teammates that work with you, we also provide new players that show promise tips and tricks when it comes to combating other factions, as well as usage of terrain to your advantage. Requirements & rules: -At least above average performance (To give some idea that means consistent KDR above 1 and decent score/capture count/tanks destroyed/...) -Exception to above rule can be made if player is a general that can field at least 50+ ATs. -Minimum age: 16+ -We offer our members lots of freedom, but during operations in war you are expected to follow orders/plan of the leader/officers. -We are axis clan. That means playing some other faction for 1-2 wars is ok, but if you have habit of switching faction every war then this is NOT group for you (Although we still welcome anyone playing GER that war, be it vet from other factions clan or not). -Working mic not needed but highly recommended. We communicate in english language. -All new members go through trial period by playing with other clan members in war. If you are interested in joining then PM me on forums or fill the following... Username: Highest Rank: Acitivity: (Hours per day/days per week...) Your Soldiers: Current members (Last Update: 29 DEC 2016) - -[Houndz]- (Leader) - Fegaris (Officer) - Kyrie626 (Inactive until autoresolve system is changed/removed) - AfonsoQQ - GermanSoldier - _Finnish_Gamemaster_ - RedSoldier - eeVittu
  4. -[Houndz]-


    But I didn't do anything of what you said. Please dont abuse your admin powers on helpless people like me.
  5. -[Houndz]-

    Alt accounts abusing

    Calling @GaiusBaltar to collect emergency salt.
  6. -[Houndz]-

    Translations for voice commands!

    butt comments aside; whats the point of asking these kinds of stuff from community which you dont plan to implant/use feedback anyway? We saw this with whole AR situation where you had claimed you had "internal" data collected aka surveyed, yet everyone screams to turn off AR until you improve system you plan to add. With CEOs new comment about relying even more on data collection and analysis there is no point anymore having a feedback section of forums. @Reto.Hades
  7. -[Houndz]-

    Translations for voice commands!

    So are those commands coming soon?
  8. -[Houndz]-

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    You think thats good? This is song I play in background whenever I browse these forums:
  9. -[Houndz]-


    LOL firing half of company before new year... Couldnt you wait a little more before doing this? I mean sure there were lots of guys that were doing seriously bad job and would deserve to be fired, but firing them before Christmas is just cruel and this is coming from guy that trashtalks you most of the time.
  10. -[Houndz]-

    First City Map "City-River"

    Guys please be patient; those maps are currently in sketch mode after which they gonna delete it and go rebuild it from ground up again like with Krepost. And I think then they need approval from RedBjarne and QA to be put forth which must be discussed for few weeks. Patience guys, remember small dev team!
  11. -[Houndz]-

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    No need to write anything other than video link. Every player with standards has left this game and now Reto is getting something worse than negative feedback... Theyre getting no feedback at all because everyone quitted this crappy "Die 3 times in row, wait 1 min in spawn screen" simulator shiet.
  12. -[Houndz]-

    Asset burn off will begin.

    We have reached the part where captain RedBjarne and others failed to isolate water in bottom levels of Titanic and the ship will now surely sink 100%. There is still place in the lifeboat its not too late. Sooner or later we'll reach the part where Titanic will break in half and full shutdown will commence. If I find you after few years in underwater expedition to inspect old relic that was HnG as a skeleton that is holding violin close to the chest I'm gonna shed some tears.
  13. Its pointless to have these 2 forum sections which was proven by actions Reto has taken over and over again. Why make people waste their time writing here when Reto has "internal feedback" which was shown most recently when RedBjarne said that most of us want AR turned on? No please this is serious suggestion so don't delete this thread like its usually done around here.
  14. -[Houndz]-

    A Great Solution!

    Reto.RedBjarne said MAIN COMMUNITY™ wants AR turned ON. PROOF:
  15. -[Houndz]-

    Where are the Auto Resolve results?

    Same statistics said AVS was best gun in the game when in truth it was total horseshit back in the day... just saying.
  16. -[Houndz]-

    Why play Infantry

    Why play this game at all?
  17. -[Houndz]-

    STG 5HK confirmed

    Learn to play StG pleb. Fully modded StG shows you have no idea how to mod your gun. Also StG is played by going after head since TTK on the gun is so low compared to Johnson and AVS. BUT MUH AVS ONLY HAS 15 BULLETS! You play PPsH on single fire and prone?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!
  18. -[Houndz]-

    Immersive as Hell... Wow!!

    Probably when Enlisted comes out I'll pull forum suicide. Besides whats wrong Gaius, you said this update was perfect since all tryhards were leaving have you forgot? I told you that day that this will also kill you off since youll starve out of salt didnt I?
  19. -[Houndz]-

    Immersive as Hell... Wow!!

    Its not even Beta. This game is in fcking Alpha since they keep changing core stuff and its broken as hell. And thank you sfscriv for telling me what you guys that are on bottom of the scoreboard do during the game with kds like 5/5, while rest of us guys that go 80/10 per match wonder how can some do so little in 30 min game, while we kill 5 guys already in first contested cap point.
  20. -[Houndz]-

    So whats the boycott for this time

    There is no boycott on either side as far as I know. SU and GER clans quitted the game because the new update is so god damn broken.
  21. -[Houndz]-

    RTS AT organization by type

    Talking about RTS when all clans from GER and SU factions already quitted the game because of broken 1.12 update lmao! Just check ATs deployed by GER and SU if you dont believe me. Theres only one thing left to discuss guys and that is if you gonna go to the lifeboat or continue playing as the ship sinks and finally last US clans die in the final days of Veterancaust.
  22. I don't have mood to make walls of text that will be ignored by RETO like ALWAYS and they will instead listen to random total noob that plays heavy spring SMG and has 0 clue about the game, so I'll show my feedback with points: -Takes forever to get from one point to another because offroad speed is total shiet! -Tank killed car on bridge which made roadblock that made it impossible to continue rushing and attack. Everyone on the bridge proceeded to be HE clicked afterwards. -Instant deploy is totally loving broken mechanic. -After deploying for 3rd time with my scoped StG I got sniped in head by scoped SA after which I quitted the game the moment I saw 40 second deploy timer -All of above happened within 3 minutes of match before I left because of deploy time -Attacking really IS IMPOSSIBLE now vs clans. Also things that bug me the most: Why do SA rifles which are the most loving broken overpowered piece of shiet gun type in this game, have lowest deploy time? Why does Johnson have lower deploy time and lower equipment points than StG/AVS when its clearly way better than both?
  23. -[Houndz]-

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    Gaius, I'm sorry but we're back in cap freak action scene:
  24. -[Houndz]-

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    Whenever I see deploy time over 20 seconds I instantly leave the game and go random queue again. Same with battles that take place between B4 and O2 on town map. Flanking and moving forward was already boring due to distance and now with offroad slow speeds I dont even bother playing it anymore. I just exit B-Line town matches. If you dont get sniped by SA rifle noob while driving your slow butt car youll need like 2 minutes to reach church now. Walking simulator car edition. Broken sounds. broken offroad speeds, broken spawning... Everything is more broken than before! And think for a second... They used up 1 year for this broken update. 1 YEAR!
  25. -[Houndz]-

    Issues With New Update

    I wont even bother replying to guy like you who was never in a high level skill clan game which is pretty obvious from your post. AVS/StG Gun Mods: All give +15 sec deploy time Johnson Mods: All give +2 sec deploy time I guess GER/SU players must now play unmodded AVS/StG since Johnson users with full RoF with sights&3 HK barrel need more crutches against those OP guns! #TTKdoesntMatter @Mobster01 Play the game before writing me back because you clearly havent.