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  1. -[Houndz]-


    But I didn't do anything of what you said. Please dont abuse your admin powers on helpless people like me.
  2. -[Houndz]-

    Alt accounts abusing

    Calling @GaiusBaltar to collect emergency salt.
  3. -[Houndz]-

    Translations for voice commands!

    butt comments aside; whats the point of asking these kinds of stuff from community which you dont plan to implant/use feedback anyway? We saw this with whole AR situation where you had claimed you had "internal" data collected aka surveyed, yet everyone screams to turn off AR until you improve system you plan to add. With CEOs new comment about relying even more on data collection and analysis there is no point anymore having a feedback section of forums. @Reto.Hades
  4. -[Houndz]-

    Translations for voice commands!

    So are those commands coming soon?
  5. -[Houndz]-

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    You think thats good? This is song I play in background whenever I browse these forums:
  6. -[Houndz]-


    LOL firing half of company before new year... Couldnt you wait a little more before doing this? I mean sure there were lots of guys that were doing seriously bad job and would deserve to be fired, but firing them before Christmas is just cruel and this is coming from guy that trashtalks you most of the time.
  7. -[Houndz]-

    First City Map "City-River"

    Guys please be patient; those maps are currently in sketch mode after which they gonna delete it and go rebuild it from ground up again like with Krepost. And I think then they need approval from RedBjarne and QA to be put forth which must be discussed for few weeks. Patience guys, remember small dev team!
  8. -[Houndz]-

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    No need to write anything other than video link. Every player with standards has left this game and now Reto is getting something worse than negative feedback... Theyre getting no feedback at all because everyone quitted this crappy "Die 3 times in row, wait 1 min in spawn screen" simulator shiet.
  9. -[Houndz]-

    Asset burn off will begin.

    We have reached the part where captain RedBjarne and others failed to isolate water in bottom levels of Titanic and the ship will now surely sink 100%. There is still place in the lifeboat its not too late. Sooner or later we'll reach the part where Titanic will break in half and full shutdown will commence. If I find you after few years in underwater expedition to inspect old relic that was HnG as a skeleton that is holding violin close to the chest I'm gonna shed some tears.
  10. -[Houndz]-

    A Great Solution!

    Reto.RedBjarne said MAIN COMMUNITY™ wants AR turned ON. PROOF:
  11. Its pointless to have these 2 forum sections which was proven by actions Reto has taken over and over again. Why make people waste their time writing here when Reto has "internal feedback" which was shown most recently when RedBjarne said that most of us want AR turned on? No please this is serious suggestion so don't delete this thread like its usually done around here.
  12. -[Houndz]-

    Where are the Auto Resolve results?

    Same statistics said AVS was best gun in the game when in truth it was total horseshit back in the day... just saying.
  13. -[Houndz]-

    Why play Infantry

    Why play this game at all?
  14. -[Houndz]-

    STG 5HK confirmed

    Learn to play StG pleb. Fully modded StG shows you have no idea how to mod your gun. Also StG is played by going after head since TTK on the gun is so low compared to Johnson and AVS. BUT MUH AVS ONLY HAS 15 BULLETS! You play PPsH on single fire and prone?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!
  15. -[Houndz]-

    Immersive as Hell... Wow!!

    Probably when Enlisted comes out I'll pull forum suicide. Besides whats wrong Gaius, you said this update was perfect since all tryhards were leaving have you forgot? I told you that day that this will also kill you off since youll starve out of salt didnt I?