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  1. pepeNS

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Find the enemy hiding in plain view: HINT: He's less than 5-6 meters away...
  2. pepeNS

    AVS 36 Not playable

    The really funny part is that when he made this statement AVS was really a steamy pile, probably the worst ever version to appear in H&G. This damn thing was shooting everywhere but the place you were aiming 😂
  3. pepeNS

    AVS 36 Not playable

    I'd rather characterize it "non competitive". You can still use it vs randoms but not vs full vet teams, you need to stick with DPs for such matches
  4. pepeNS

    Flash player

    No updates means it will still function but at own risk since it will become a liability for anyone using it
  5. pepeNS

    AVS in new patch

    Tried it yesterday, configs with scope are useless, best config I found is trigger+spring, won most 1vs1 TTK duels I got into. Still difficult for the average player to use and limited in CQC due to 15 rounds. It's not bad but I'm afraid DTs are a better way to go making it a weapon for players that have everything and are looking for variety.
  6. pepeNS

    Faction balancing

    The RTS mechanics as well as the battle joining interface are detrimental to all organised game play so the whole conversation about who's avoiding what is pointless
  7. Use a UDP traffic filter, it will be rather easy to trace the action server while in game.
  8. And sent away many players from US that were playing on EU servers in the past
  9. pepeNS

    Grenades range nerf

    @raptorjesus1st I was actually referring to the throwing distance nerf as well as the broken trajectory marker. I found myself trying to nade the balcony from the wooden fence at samree depot, it's no more than 5 meters distance and 3.5 meters height but nade didn't reach that far! It is almost as lame as a wrench guy erasing incoming AP rounds on a tank is seconds... I mean how the phuck they come with these ideas
  10. pepeNS

    Grenades range nerf

    Dear Reto devs, Can you please stop breaking the game? Can you do anything productive aside constantly breaking stuff that work?
  11. pepeNS

    New tanks

    All the WOT dropouts wet dreaming about making H&G an ez mode HE clickfest shooting gallery...
  12. pepeNS

    fix hitdetection

    Got plenty of 60fps recordings with fail headshots and "lost" shots in general. I started using recording buffer when it became very frequent, just for the sake of doubt, since some times action is so fast you might get fooled by the speed. After examining every video around 50% of the cases are legit complains of not registered shots or misplaced "x" hit markers.
  13. Same shirt, different faction... At least it took 10' more this time so we all "enjoyed" the HE clickfest longer
  14. Almost fifty tanks spawned in 36 minutes... Do you have the slightest idea how lame is playing this kind of game? I would really like some official response, explaining what is the rational behind this horrific game feature.