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  1. Now, after a quick analysis of Carcano models and variants, I have settled on two I personally believe are the best suited for H&G needs: The Carcano 91/41, with its adjustable sights and longer barrel... And the Carcano 91/38, with fixed sights, a shorter barrel and a bent bolt, ideal for a potential paratrooper weapon.
  2. I can agree that weapon switch delays ought to be a thing in H&G, but pistols and melee weapons should have the smallest weapon switch delay.
  3. In the Year 2525...

    You mean those videos that pretend to be aimed at children, but are totally obscene?
  4. BIAS.... This Moscow Server

    >unique qualities >whatarethose.jpeg
  5. The incompetence of Mussolini and his cronies also play a pretty hefty role in the Axis defeat. I'm not dissing Italy itself, rather their abysmally garbage command structure.
  6. BIAS.... This Moscow Server

    No clue, but said members once got pissed at me for no apparent reason, so yeah.
  7. Rifle Grenades

    Most of the rifle-mounted grenade launchers are of the conventional type, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement it... That said, that Tromboncino grenade launcher I showed is far from conventional.
  8. New vehicle paint jobs in 1.10

    That BA-64B paintjob sure looks nice, but... >no SdKfz 222 camo
  9. Y'know, the more I analyze Italian and Hungarian weapons, the more I realize how oddly alike they can be... Their love for impact grenades, their (retardedly OP) SMGs, their tanks, etc...
  10. how much credits do you guys make in a day

    Unless your games regularly lasts two hours, I don't believe it.
  11. Future of infantry scopes?

    Frankly, the more I play, the more I want scopes to be severely stunted (even low-zoom ones) and iron sights gameplay rewarded. Right now, there is literally no actual disadvantage aside from a slightly (and I mean barely noticeable) increased maintenance cost to scopes, making them superior to iron sights in every goddamn way. On some weapons (I'm looking at you, Kar98), the iron sights are so unbelievably garbage that you're FORCED into using a scope, which is just outright dumb. Lower zooms on scopes is a good beginning, but I believe it's not going to be enough.
  12. M84 t-post+2x; expensive

    Hell no, you pay the price for having what is basically an ACOG sight.
  13. Rifle Grenades

    Muh Carcano grenade launcher:
  14. Game is so biased

    Yep, because whenever I am inspecting the war map, most of the active battles are US/SU attacking the Germans and rarely vice-versa (and even then, when Germany launches an assault, they are poorly supplied in infantry and vehicles or oversatured with specialist ATs which causes the MM to go haywire).
  15. They are taking away our warfunds bonus in War

    Seemingly the Soviets are furious at the thought that RETO might be unplugging their precious life support/welfare paychecks after all those years, so here is an idea to calm you poor sods... In exchange for removing the WF bonus from the UD bonus, I will gladly support a Soviet SMG buff (well, technically a rework in my eyes, but you get the message), a revision of Soviet tanks (because goddamn, quite a few are the wrong bloody models anyways), and...uhm, a pat on the back? Or a slap to the face, if you're into that.