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  1. Mechanized Infantry

    This. Leave the armored self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to the tankers. The infantry will get a panoply of truck-mounted anti-aircraft guns soon enough, which means that their anti-aircraft capabilities will be sufficiently fulfilled for now. Tankers need to also receive some anti-aircraft vehicles in order to cull the aerial scourge.
  2. Recon Problem of H&G

    I regularly (well, in theory) play armored car recon because I find it more suited for my aggressive playstyle.
  3. I find the current "Press Ctrl to enter 1PV and close your hatches" to be just fine, although I wish that I didn't need to break my pinky finger holding the Ctrl button all the time. The US APC needs its side windows to go up though.
  4. T-Post sight

    All these night vision systems look horribly uncomfortable to carry.
  5. Fix the M1903

    Y'know, these bullet velocities are bloody insane. What the hell are they using? Modern-day ammunition?
  6. Scope magnification reduction, when?

    Frankly, if it depended on me and only me, I'd remove all scopes from infantry, give them refunds and toss a sale or free veteran membership on top for good measure. But since RETO does not want to go down that route, we have to compromise, but we can balance compromise heavily in our favour. Infantry would keep their scopes, but their zoom is limited to 3x and below (I'd go a step further and make it 2.5x maximum), their prices would also increase and the scope FoV should be changed to what a scope ACTUALLY looks like (and trust me, you can't do the sidestep shuffle with realistic scope vision).
  7. I can't grind my Soviet soldier in goddamn peace without Germany going full eSports Tryhard in STAGED. These Staged Warriors are getting out of hand.
  8. Scope magnification reduction, when?

    You guys have it all wrong. Recons will become actual recons, with sniping being more of a secondary/opportunistic duty.
  9. m1/m2 + m1919 setup

    I use it regardless, because Tight Grip laughs in the face of instability.
  10. Iron sight kar

    Yet I insist on using an unscoped Kar98 in War against clannies, and nobody sees me cry.
  11. At 3x headshot multiplier, BAs, SAs, and LMGs will still be able to OHK HS HSG. At 3x headshot multiplier, SMGs will need a second shot to the head or one to the torso (two shots to the torso in some cases, even) to kill his opponent, thus inherently putting him at a complete TTK disadvantage.
  12. The secret parachanges?

    >be me >90 years old, on my death bed >playing H&G on that same bed >lookingatgrandson.jpeg >"You must defend X1 on Mountain Town, it is an endless task" >dies, both ingame and irl > >grandson takes over >5 mins later >USA has capped the last objective, Germany lost the game >my ghost floating above my grandson >"you have failed us noob!" >true story
  13. France faction idea (Reworked & Updated!)

    He was hailed as a war hero before 1940, the total irony...
  14. Because SAs and LMGs, which already overpower SMGs substantially, will be deprived of their only means of levelling the field against guns that shouldn't be that good in CQC to begin with.
  15. Heavy Spring

    A lot of mods are redundant or useless (the first damage ammunition, Heavy Spring on any gun that isn't the G43 or SVT-40, Stainless Steel Barrel on most guns, etc...) Frankly, I believe that the whole modification system (which is a mechanic almost unique to H&G) needs an overhaul, and I don't just mean overhauling the weapon modification system, I mean adding a modification system for vehicles as well. There is untapped value in such a mechanic, I say.