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  1. 4000 posts!

    lol noob I'm over 9000!
  2. No Scope? No Problem.

    If only the Kar98 weren't a literal eyesore, I'd be doing 10% better.
  3. Snow Update List

    ***NEW UPDATE!*** ~ H3s can now be attached on helmets
  4. Many GE clans in Staged today

    If we're lucky, they might add the Lee-Enfield right after we land on Mars.
  5. "More diverse" is just a deceiving term for "team is composed solely of tankers, pilots, recons and that one infantry guy who regrets joining that match".
  6. SU needs a buff

    None of the disadvantages you have described would matter in H&G. I consider it one of the best because it offered a high amount of firepower, was easy to use, and was dirt cheap.
  7. Dreams...

    Is there even such a thing as a KFC in Moscow?
  8. Unlike what people think, the Semovente da 105/25 isn't a tank destroyer, it's a self-propelled howitzer. The 105mm howitzer has decent penetration, but it's not even close to the levels of "WTF that 90mm is bullsh*t!" penetration that the 90mm cannon has. The 105/25 would fit quite neatly as a self-propelled howitzer however.
  9. Recon is that one class that nobody is sure what its purpose actually is... Its name suggest spotting and reconnaissance, the 8x scope points towards sniper, and the armored car points towards mechanized cavalry...
  10. How about giving them a role that doesn't involve bush wanking?
  11. Dreams...

    Still better than the dream where I was being chased by my ex-girlfriend's brother through a school hallway... Wat
  12. new ww2 game: hell let loose

    It looks like a Normandy 44: Steel Division-esque tactical/logistics gameplay instead of H&G's more global strategy.
  13. new ww2 game: hell let loose

    I was watching a Battlefield 2 weapon demonstration and noticed that there were American, British, German, Italian, Finnish and Soviet their respective hands. It is possible to have such a complex system of alliances and factions.
  14. new ww2 game: hell let loose

    Somebody said about $30, or maybe even $40. Worth the price if it isn't overhyped. An Italian vehicle I'd love to drive is the AB 41...literally an SdKfz 222, but Italian.
  15. A good changelog for HnG *imo*

    ~ Added SdKfz 234/2 "Puma"