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  1. BrandonSolo10

    Effect of Updates on some players

    Sticky bombs still pocket antimatter bombs, by the seems of it.
  2. BrandonSolo10

    How To Christmas

    Thanks dude btw, Székely Land rightful borsch clay
  3. BrandonSolo10

    How To Christmas

    Goddamn website... There ya go, should work now!
  4. BrandonSolo10

    How To Christmas

    You pay good money ($20 to be more precise) for this cute Christmas-y sh*t: Cue the hate!
  5. BrandonSolo10


    At this point, H&G is effectively is like a man who has been hanged, but his neck failed to snap and is just dangling there slowly being asphyxiated to death.
  6. BrandonSolo10

    Press E to pay respect ...

    Yep, @Reto.McFly has indeed dived off the ship. F
  7. BrandonSolo10


    How 'bout a RETO Christmas GoFundMe?
  8. BrandonSolo10


    This might explain why there was no Insider Summit this year...
  9. BrandonSolo10

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    Battlefield 5 just came out, and RETO conveniently decided to introduce hitmarkers despite virtually non-existant player suggestion threads about it?
  10. BrandonSolo10

    Seems everyone hates them but i love em.

    It ain't much of an insult if it's a fact, buddy. Try again.
  11. BrandonSolo10

    Amount of tanks are ruining the FPS

    The armoured cars are effectively confined to engagements of 500 meters or less because of how odd the weapons act beyond that (the Greyhound's MG is just the goddamn worst), so I almost never was sitting ten kilometers away on a hill.
  12. BrandonSolo10

    Seems everyone hates them but i love em.

    Another Fortnite kiddie who can't figure out that he hit or killed somebody without obnoxious hitmarkers and sounds. I bet you want trumpets to blare as well when you kill somebody?
  13. BrandonSolo10

    Panzer1 c & T40

    The Panzer I Ausf. C's EW141 is not a machine gun, it is a semi-automatic (i.e. one shot per trigger pull) anti-tank rifle.
  14. BrandonSolo10

    Amount of tanks are ruining the FPS

    Specialist maps will be nothing but an overly hyped scratch at the terrifying numbers of specialist classes since most tankers want to shell infantry, not fight tanks, from four kilometers away while furiously wanking about how amazing they are as wannabe artillery pieces anyways. It's hard limits or it's going to forever plague the game.
  15. BrandonSolo10

    Hit Markers

    Clearly we were all religiously clamouring for f*cking hitmarkers even though I could probably count the number of threads proposing hitmarkers ever made on a single hand.