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  1. Gun names!

    My FG-42 is named "Airshipman's Rifle", because why not?
  2. Silencer

    I also believe paratroopers might find some uses for suppressors, for example dispatching recons and other support troops in silence.
  3. G-43 with Kurz ammo (need info)

    There is the Volkssturmgewehr for that though (it was far from being an ideal weapon, but at least it was produced).
  4. Silencer

    Good points, although I am rather wary of silencers on submachine guns, it sound rather bullsh*t.
  5. G-43 with Kurz ammo (need info)

    I fail to see the potential role of such a rifle, though.
  6. Dont remove para skirmishes

    The FG-42 is worth being a gimped infantryman for.
  7. Silencer

    With that muzzle velocity of 220 m/s, don't expect it to be fantastic.
  8. H&G blocked in entire Russia?

    I am conflicted as to whether these are good news or bad news... ... Sarcasm aside though, Russia's been acting very shifty lately. Then again, the world has recently turned upside down with fantasmagorical sh*t like North Korea actually wanting an end to the Korean War, so... *raises shoulders* Who bloody knows?
  9. MP40 mods

    Wulf Faust on the MP40? -10 respect for that disgusting build.
  10. Your overall K/D

    I currently stand at 1.8, although it means little to me.
  11. anyone know how to get double zookas on 1 character???

    With the Hoarder badge, you can even sneak in either a pocket pistol or normal pistol (by having it with no pouches) into the dual rocket launcher loadouts by removing one of the launchers' pouch.
  12. New level of low

    I at least have the decency of switching to a character I am currently grinding whenever playing Encounter or Skirmish (that's if there isn't some high-rank c*nt that forces me to switch back to a high-rank character to whoop his sorry arse).
  13. I made this

    tbh kinda ghey fam
  14. Tanks are getting realistic values!!!

    Friendly reminder to everybody that your opinion is effectively biased and incomplete if you have not seen both sides of the medal. So to all tanker mains and full-time AT rambos complaining about the other, get into their shoes first before formulating a proper opinion.
  15. IS2 and T34-85 tank optic

    The Tiger I, Tiger II and M26 Pershing have two zoom options, the first being 2.5x magnification and the second being 5.0x magnification. In comparison, the IS-2 has a single zoom option, but it is 4x (which is pretty damn respectable). Besides, tanks are going to be given their historical optics, so there is little point arguing about it now.