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  1. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    I can't even get any bloody matches going to begin with, it's just virtually dead in my timezone.
  2. Assault Team Battle Report

    gib muniz
  3. Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

    I mean, the Suomi WAS a good gun, although it's overrated as hell and kind of overshadows the real god guns like the MAB 38A and Danuvia 39M.
  4. A German music store's WWII-themed ad

    Well, even in the most violent of times, we still hold some humanity.
  5. Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    There has been no changes to any weapons whatsoever for this update, bud. The M1 Garand is still the exact same weapon as before, and the Kar98 has always OHK'd with the appropriate mods.
  6. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    I occasionally join the HAX guys for some War matches, but otherwise, I'm back to my humble beginnings: Endlessly grinding in Staged.
  7. Suggestions for the new map maker

    You forgot the prologue, credits, and the in-production exclusive.
  8. Is RETO developing a new game?

    Heroes & Generals 2!
  9. so i just got the panther

    Tiger III, 'cause we need a cannon that can pierce through half a dozen IS-3s and destroy that apartment block behind 'em, and armor that could probably resist a goddamn meteor strike.
  10. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    I mean, the 5th Guards isn't faring any better. Most of its members, including @Sjf0212, are on and off at irregular spaced intervals, and I'm virtually the only one who still plays H&G somewhat regularly without uninstalling it every fifteen minutes.
  11. Teach me how to use the M8 Greyhound?

    Oh bollocks, I might as well just show you how to use it in person since writing long paragraphs is usually a "I did it out of boredom" thing for me.
  12. Unpleasent gun names?

    I'd argue that my most "offensive" gun name is on my Panzerschreck, and even then, it's really just passive-aggressive. I named it "Go Play Infantry".
  13. T34 or T34-85?

    Let's hope the IS-2 can actually OHK tanks.
  14. Any tips on getting PTRD quicker?

    You seem to have forgotten the Korovin TK -> TT-33/Nagant (I prefer Nagant, it's harder-hitting) grind, Austin.
  15. US meta gameplay

    Clearly y'all are terrible at driving the damn things.