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  1. BrandonSolo10

    Test release candidate of update 1.12 and win prizes NOW!

    Then in that case, instead of whining and crying... Actually propose ideas and solutions! Pressure RETO! Don't just go "lol hg ded k bi"!
  2. BrandonSolo10

    Test release candidate of update 1.12 and win prizes NOW!

    I understood the beef with Squad 2.0 since that was a genuine trainwreck (even @Reto.Circinus basically admitted it), but the Vehicle Update riling up the vets is something I cannot comprehend. Now, I understand some of their concerns, but their reaction might come across as...hostile.
  3. BrandonSolo10

    Let's talk about Battlefield V

    I'm sorry, but people still use consoles? lol, PC master race, just sayin'.
  4. BrandonSolo10

    France faction (Reworked & Updated!)

    France's army weren't the cowards, it was the government (who basically threw in the towel after Dunkirk instead of reforming further south or in Brittany and Normandy). The sheer incompetency of some military commanders didn't exactly help.
  5. BrandonSolo10

    Test release candidate of update 1.12 and win prizes NOW!

    It is guaranteed that the old guard veterans will arguably be the whiniest about this new update since it frustrates their long-established metas... That said, while the Vehicle Update seems far from perfection (it still has a lot of unsolved issues concerning certain mechanics)... It'll be nice to see my fellow veterans whine about how their comfort has been shattered and they basically have to redraw their whole metas.
  6. BrandonSolo10

    Test release candidate of update 1.12 and win prizes NOW!

    Attracting testers with shiny goodies. I see RETO has finally read the "How To Human" book! Also, considering I am not only in the middle of moving (and they JUST cut my damn Internet), but already decked out in cool exclusive stuff from the Summit...My participation is very unlikely.
  7. BrandonSolo10

    Soviet cartoon, 1987.

    Clearly Russians lack the love and affection of anime in their lives... Or the American MLP, but we do not dare speak of them.
  8. Wow, you'll be waitin' a while then boi
  9. That Semovente da 75/18 optical sight looks like a simplified Russian optical sight, but it's relatively straightforward at first glance. Got anymore information about it (like the zoom level or the types of shell it is calibrated to)? And are there other Italian optical sights available? By the way, @PrivateMarkosL, your Greek patriotism is so intense that I can almost smell the souvlaki emanating from you.
  10. BrandonSolo10

    Soviet cartoon, 1987.

    Russian animations are just a league of its own.
  11. BrandonSolo10

    Submachinegun Tiers

    The MP-3008 might have a last attempt at being a relevant gun if we ever see some sort of partisan/rebel gameplay or if we had a class of SMGs solely dedicated to being piss-cheap C- "It's gonna do the job" guns.
  12. BrandonSolo10

    Field Marshall Montgomery

    The moment UK admits they were defeated by Italians on more than one occasion, Hell will not only freeze over, but Satan will reconciliate with God.
  13. BrandonSolo10

    Soviets still fight..

    As elitist as I can be, I still must give credit to the few distinguished randoms that actually perform their jobs or even exceed expectations. Clan material, yet they chose the solitary path...gotta respect their choices.
  14. He must've been very surprised when he heard 'em speak Italian instead of English.
  15. BrandonSolo10

    there never was a good war,or a bad peace

    Hungary got fisted hard in Trianon, Austria was not even allowed to do a last-ditch unification with Germany ("sElF-DeTeRmInAtIoN...but only if it serves us!") because Vienna had effectively become a "monstrous head without a body" (i.e. an imperial capital without its empire). Bad peaces certainly exist.