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  1. Here are my theories... A. He was lynched by an angry community mob. B. He was proving to be too pro-German/Soviets and was promptly "taken care of".
  2. I think it was Vietnam.
  3. Lemme guess, matchmaker brainfarted yet again stuffing an entire German team of tankers and recons?
  4. "Battle with nearly 50k infantry? Might as well throw in my ATs so I can hope for that 0.01% chance that one gets used!"
  5. I agree. We need to purge some of the redundant, whiny, or badly asked questions.
  6. The Bren Carrier, destroyer of worlds.
  7. The 122mm does not have very great penetration, but the damage it would deal would be enormous.
  8. What's even saltier is when the very last bullet hits my head.
  9. Why you would use a recon car to try to kill medium tanks is beyond me.
  10. How about a mechanic like PUBG where the first shot is always the most accurate and extended fire will increase your conefire gradually?
  11. How about a Hail Mary?
  12. Until that headshot epidemic is over, I refuse to believe so.
  13. IMO, the Stuart's repair cost should be brought on par with the 38(t). Why does it have the maintenance costs of a Tier 2 when it's clearly a Tier 3?
  14. The M1919, the Thompson, the M1 Garand...all are very potent choice. I'll even go one step further and say that the M1/M2 with Tight Grip Gold and the BAR is pretty competitive.
  15. Was it the US or Soviet AA gun?