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  1. Has Germany even won a single war this year? I noticed a pattern with Germany: Early in the war, the small stockpile of infantry we have allows us to push, but once that stockpile runs dry... It's all downhill from there.
  2. Show me one example of a tank downing an aircraft IRL. Otto Carius's potshot DOES NOT COUNT!
  3. Not you, you peanut, guys that can't see an enemy RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!
  4. Banned for possibly the worst Darth Vader picture ever.
  5. Is "Stand still and let me heal you you f*cking peanut!" kind enough?
  6. It was a good step forward to allow us to lock our gunner seats to "Squad" only, but it's still not enough. Even in your squad, you often have gunners with the thinking capability and situational awareness of a rock, so for the love of every 222 driver, allow us to lock the gunner seat so that only the OWNER can use it.
  7. Allied Poland for Allies, Communist Poland for Comintern.
  8. The T-28 can be buffed/reworked, it's not the end of the bloody world, jeez...
  9. Keep your distance is the best tip. Staying at range makes your weakspots even harder to hit for the enemy, and your high-velocity shells will still hit consistently at this range, not to mention that rambos (or salty tankers that can't git gud) will waste more time driving to the edge of the map to kill you.
  10. More like ten decades.
  11. Looks Czech...
  12. Strange, the pistol grip in this picture is straight, while the MG in the other picture has an angled grip...
  13. This. A Pacific theater without ships is like a meal without a plate, crude.
  14. Looks like the Gebauer they used for anti-aircraft purposes (it was stored away when not needed), although another potential theory is that they're performing maintenance on the coaxial MG.
  15. The sources about the Maus are conflicting as hell. Some say it was just kept stationary in its facility, some say it performed tests, some say it participated in the defense of the facility, etc... We will never know.