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  1. The speed difference seems to be minimal or even on par to me since P-38s will usually keep the same distance from me (that or they get further at a VERY slow rate).
  2. You forgot... BrandonSolo10's girlfriend: Viking
  3. Exactly, which is why I am not expecting much of Armor 2.0/3.0 UNLESS they listen to the community.
  4. Removing the reticle would definitely aid in ending this hipfire RNGesus BS. MP40 with Pointer Quickfire don't even need to ADS at all!
  5. Chaffee is underpowered.
  6. Hell, I even managed to make profit with it!
  7. Combined arms should remain, but there should many more gamemodes (Protect the Payload, Interdiction, etc...)
  8. Me, @Sjf0212 and @JMstealthy gave them a run for their money for a few battles. We definitely got bruised, but it was definitely at the cost of having a few of their teeth punched out.
  9. Tank-only battles without a modular system will be stale as f*ck, but definitely a great idea to add tank-only battles (and more gamemodes) after Armor 2.0/3.0 to relieve the tanker overpopulation.
  10. Get some H3s, a motorbike, drive to KT, plant dem H3s, boom, profit!
  11. Armor-piercing bullets were effective at disabling engines, so that would be neat, yeah.
  12. Speaking from personal experience, the P-40 is nowhere as bad as the Me410 or the Pe3 bis because they have more numbers in the air and despite the subpar armament, the maneuverability remains the same as the other medium fighters, unlike the Me410 and Pe3 bis that have significantly worse maneuverability compared to the P-38. Also, I'm 100% convinced that the Me410's superior speed is nowhere to be seen, the P-38 flies as fast as the Me410 after countless B&Zs. @Sjf0212's "fly fast and low" strategy works half-decently when flying with other pilots (works best with TS), but even three skilled pilots coordinating through TS struggles against 4 P-38s of average skill and no communication at best.
  13. >pretends to be best tanker in the game >H3s your Lee >"oh yah skillz"
  14. Not really, just came out of a threeway where it was me and a Soviet Pe3 bis. I had a narrow window of opportunity to, you know, actually bomb and do what I do best, which is infantry support. Whenever the Pe3 bis began tailing me, I just kicked the throttle to maximum and flew to the edge of the map until he got bored, rinse and repeat. Decent match for a few minutes... Then MM decided "You know what? F*ck you!" and dumped three P-38s into the match. The Pe3 bis actually gave up after a couple of deaths, but I spent ten bloody planes trying to fly against one, two and then finally three P-38s, which is when I gave up my own damn self. They out turn you, they are on par speed wise (yes, they actually STAYED on my tail even at 100% throttle), and they refuse to give up (one guy spent ten bloody minutes wasting his ammo at the edge of the map where shots disappear). Needless to say, I shot them down a coupla times when they were after the Pe3 bis. You know, me and that Soviet pilot were having a nice FAIR time fighting eachother until MM screeched at us.
  15. It doesn't even give XP anymore and they still chase them...