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  1. BrandonSolo10

    Armor tweaks feedback

    I’d certainly be nice for RETO to provide us with reference sheets for the locations of the internals of every single tank in the game instead of us having to do loving homework by flipping through actual tank manuals.
  2. BrandonSolo10

    Tankas & Tankes

    >7 H3s >easy Even the loving Ampulomet takes less hits to kill than that.
  3. The pirate cannon is actually alright for an anti-tank weapon, but of course, it has the velocity of a thrown rock and it cannot serve as portable arty despite having the LARGEST EXPLOSIVE ROUND IN AN AT GUN!
  4. BrandonSolo10

    Prototype test: Tank versus Tank

    And I will bet my loving hat that it still won't solve tanker overpopulation.
  5. BrandonSolo10


    I’m gonna bloody love the PTRS...
  6. BrandonSolo10

    Thoughts/use for PzB 39?

    It’s fun and "effective" (against infantry, and only if you are adept with iron sights bolties that is), but against its intended targets, it’s utterly loving pathetic. Takes 6-8 shots to destroy a loving car, and that’s if every single shot hits the appropriate modules...and don’t even get me started on tanks.
  7. BrandonSolo10

    Thoughts/use for PzB 39?

    A PzB 39 with Fast Reload Gold is completely unbeatable in CQC because of its TTK of 0 (i.e. it instantly kills your target, and that is regardless of their Heavy Set tier or body part struck), and I have dominated games against automatic warriors... However, you get a single shot, and if you miss (which is more frequent than I’d like it to be because of that stupid conefire), you either have to retreat like a little b*tch to reload, pull out your pistol...or die if you were in a confrontation you couldn’t get out of. It’s also pretty bad if you have hordes of enemies chasing you since they’ll know that you only have a single shot.
  8. BrandonSolo10

    Thoughts/use for PzB 39?

    I use it like it’s the Martini-Henry from BF1.
  9. BrandonSolo10

    Tank spam

    You’re already lucky if there ISN’T 8+ tanks in the match. Literally nobody even bothers with ramboing anymore, the tanks just fire at eachother using Napoleonic line tactics.
  10. BrandonSolo10

    Great Map Design

    I don’t know what the love RETO did to the maps, but now they’re absolutely horrid to drive in! There’s gigantic terrain fissures, invisible bumps everywhere, broken assets (i.e. floating loving sandbags), and the colours are loving disgusting.
  11. BrandonSolo10

    So, Uuh...Yeah, I’m Back...Ish

    The new armor system is actually giving me AIDS. Even in the absolute best of scenarios (i.e. constantly raping their important modules), it takes 4-6 shots to destroy them. Oh, and US tanks? If you don’t bust their track instantly (barely works two thirds of the time because of those amazing hitboxes), they’ll zoom away at lightning loving speeds faster than you can blink.
  12. BrandonSolo10

    M4A3E8 skin bug?

    If you think the tank models are loved up, look literally anywhere on the map and watch the FPS get gangraped by half. Also deep terrain fissures and invisible bumps everywhere.
  13. BrandonSolo10

    Racism and toxic behaviour

    The many grossly unbalanced matches and hopelessly broken mechanics eventually take a toll on people’s sanity.
  14. It’s alright-ish, but the resolution is atrocious and the green is far too loving bright.