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  1. MFW AVS-36 is better
  2. How about yes? It's the American heavy machine gun, so?
  3. The MG-26(t) would fall under the "automatic rifle" category simply because of how similar it behaves to the true automatic rifles. The MG42 on tripod would fire faster, and have optics available. The T3 are meant to be heavy or water-cooled machine guns, so nope...
  4. SU is the faction to go for grinding WFs.
  5. We just needs the Brits to be all Indians, the Canadians to be Natives, the Soviets to be Mongolians...
  6. Owning a scoped M1 Carbine would probably make me the most unique paratrooper ingame... Challenge accepted!
  7. @RadicalEdward2 should be the #1 intern.
  8. There is one thing I have never seen ingame though, and that is the M1 Carbine with the scope equipped (No, not the M1/M2, the M1).
  9. You feel like God when you pick up a terrible weapon like the M1A1 Carbine and still dominate the enemy team with it
  10. Having the bipod deployed should result in: ~ Substantially less recoil ~ Practically no passive sway ~ Increased accuracy ~ Much slower conefire expansion ~ An OPTIMAL field of fire of nearly 180 degrees (this number is reduced when obstacles or obstructions are in the way) Its disadvantages would be: ~ You are stationary when deployed, and a short animation is required to deploy or undeploy your bipods, rendering you vulnerable to snipers or rear enemies ~ T2 MGs will particularly suffer major penalties for firing with an undeployed bipod, while T1 MGs wouldn't have that great of a deployment buff
  11. Bipods should not be optional, they should be mandatory. The T1 and T2 MGs differ since the former is more user-friendly and less bipod-dependent, but offers less firepower while the latter would be less user-friendly, more bipod-dependent, but offering a high volume of firepower and suppression.
  12. That asset is completely ignored because it serves no purpose at all.
  13. Or when a guy you've killed earlier with the Kar98 kills you only for you to drop the MP34. (It has happened before I switched to the MP40)
  14. The only silenced weapons that I know were used in WW2 are the Welrod and the De Lisle.
  15. Please do not resort to insults or personal lashouts, thank you. I did not call you a troll, I simply stated that you are known for very unpopular opinions such as "the game is fine". Anyways, I will not perpetrate this argument any further, I don't want to get shot down by the mods again.