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  1. fatal-is

    using resources in battle

    You need to have at least lvl12 soldier to get assault teams (resources) what you can move on the map. In the battles squad leaders can change the line for their squad.
  2. fatal-is

    Ways to Fix Town Assault (images and notes included)

    Looks like maybe 10 of those people is the overpaid management. They decreased the staff from 22 to 12 and staff expenses changed from 9m dkk to 7m dkk, keeping a bunch of board members instead of devs.
  3. fatal-is

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Well, discord is not a straightforward replacement for the forums im sure. it would need a lot more subsections and whatnot. However considering the amount of feedback reto is using its not going to be a big change in that regard. Any ways I just wanted to say thanks for the funny conversations i had here with some folks, I will barely post anything on discord.
  4. fatal-is

    Petition for debuffing the Fw190

  5. fatal-is

    Petition for debuffing the Fw190

    Sure, can we have some more 30 mins old accounts crying for some nerf instead of l2p?
  6. They even could have got away with less work, just keep hitting the DEL until all that shirt rocks are gone. No one asked for new rocks, no rocks are good enough. They make the game unfun on purpose then stare with huge eyes at the end year meeting seeing the shrinking player base.... Remove rocks, smoke, stupid exit vehicle acrobatics, gun getting stuck in the enemies stomach and crap like that.
  7. fatal-is

    US having German Guns

    I would love to see reto putting at least this much effort to ban alts and their main accounts, but obviously shooting in the air is a bigger problem...
  8. fatal-is

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Thanks for actually addressing the issue, but Ive just rage quit some battle because u cant see shirt without some stupid scope which i hate by default. Its maybe not the smoke but these dark grfx, whatnot.
  9. Dont be mean, it is part of their job description at least for the last 2 of them. Its indeed useful that they can ban someone for their buddies based on some discord messages, instead of you know waiting 2 months until someone reads a ticket.
  10. fatal-is

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    You dont have to overthink things, smoke is ****ing annoying on most guns as u can see jackshit. Ever heard of smokeless gunpowder? Been used for centuries.
  11. I just simply love how it keeps bouncing for half and hour once you have came to a "stop"... I hope reto staff has the same kind of suspension in their cars.
  12. fatal-is

    Changing server location manually

    Sounds like a connection issue. Try to mess with the firewall or router...
  13. fatal-is

    How to grind armor assault

    Use the pz1, the very first tank and kill bots/soldiers. You can unlock all tanks with this (and only this) tank killing infantry.
  14. fatal-is

    Deploying teams

    You have to attach your teams to a soldier (min lvl 12) or general before you can deploy them. You can do this at the screen where you equip weapons under a different tab. https://imgur.com/a/Xo8uJZG
  15. fatal-is

    buff german pls

    Can you win a battle yet against randoms without 18 tryhards? Or are you only op when you bully randoms with premades of 18?