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  1. reddeffect

    Golden Days: Up to 50% discount on Gold!

    30k gold is 540 days of veteran with a bit of gold left over.
  2. reddeffect

    About GE Faction

    SU - no good players, constantly loses, somehow wins war ok
  3. reddeffect

    Competitive German gun?

    the only option for ge
  4. reddeffect

    What makes you avoid War Mode?

    lucky man. that pow looks delicious. on topic, staged is massively boring to play. war is the only thing about this game that really makes it unique and fun. Seems like you see a lot of familiar people on all factions if you only play war mode too.
  5. reddeffect

    Merry Xmas and Happy New War – Contest

    do you think the soviet grenade is the best? I never really use grenades because they are expensive
  6. reddeffect

    Merry Xmas and Happy New War – Contest

    awesome h&g swag
  7. reddeffect

    Best German Army Weapon, modified or not?

    lol stg is in the lead by so much right now t hat's hilarious. it's terrible. 2shot scoped g43 with no rpm change is best wep and most cost efficient at the same time
  8. reddeffect

    [4UM GAME] Am i known on the forums?

    known for long time player and not noob
  9. reddeffect

    German tanker, worth it?

    well tanker is a hell of a lot more useful than para and recon...
  10. reddeffect

    Gaijun's New WWII MMO FPS Game?

    I don't like Day of Infamy that much, it just doesn't have enough content in my opinion.
  11. reddeffect

    Sturmgewehr 44 MP44/StG44 fun ...

    omg if we had this and it was made to be just like the avs i would be so happy. it should fill the spot where US gets the johnson and we get nothing.
  12. reddeffect

    Königs tiger, need advise

    It's a panther with bad front armor and better max speed
  13. reddeffect

    Need more pilots

    talking about war only, staged is terrible game mode
  14. reddeffect

    PTRD Range Excessive??

    how about make it not one shot vehicles anymore
  15. reddeffect


    WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE? no. i want to be ignorant