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  1. Do you guys believe ?

    yes, i am. as forum posts have absolutely nothing to do with being a veteran. or do you disagree?
  2. Do you guys believe ?

    If you were an actual H&G Veteran, you would know how many shady business practices has Reto developer done. Countless. starting from leaking to devils brigade, upcoming game breaking updates, to one faction sided ninja nerfs and "bugs".
  3. LMG Leaderboards

    yeah.. no.
  4. Are all Axis vets banned

    are questioning counterstrike longevity? going stronk since 1999... birch,
  5. Update 1.08 ‘Planes & Ladders’ is here!

    Oh that "working as intended" meme. I remember the days when queuing for 1 hr, with a full clan team, to get half in and then be crushed by m1/m2's in 5 mins was "working as intended." Oh wait, that stuff is still now and is working as intended, intent to make ONLY GE faction unplayable for clan groups. Germany sitting so long in battle queues to open cities, to the point they hate playing the game - working as intended. German clans not being able to fully join the fights as SU and US, therefor losing majority of clan-fights - working as intended.. remember that SU AT discount thing? "forgetting" that they did not take off the discount on ATs, that had the unmentioned tweak that not only SU can deploy cheaper by 25%, but GE earns 25% less of beating it, GE responded by not fighting SU, RETO promised to take down this discount in the next update, update happened and changelog had this change written in, but factually it wasn't. By lying to the community that it was taken off, but still keeping it for a week in secret, you made me lose around 200k warfunds alone. after that week Seittu and other bughunters finally started to make fuss about it on forums and ONLY after that, it was ninja tweaked and hush-hushed.. Working as intended right? FU reto and your scamming practices. Or that time when you ninja boosted SU troop spawn times? And denied it until the point that bug hunters made parallel videos and again made it publical - posted them on boards, to expose another set of lies? Working as intended, as in it was the intention of Reto to make me and my clan members game unplayable. Or better yet, today, bugged out battles, where mid game all infantry can just randomly disappear.... If infantry disappears its an instant loss, that means all the ATs fall back, to possibly para-blocked line. therefor every single war-fund of those ATs is lost. If not the case of losing Ats to the abuse of para-nukes, again a broken mechanic, the morale loss and heavy equipment, that is being farmed, loss is enough of a problem. Today personally experienced this in 6 out of 8 battles. Is that working as intended too? Or will you compensate the war-funds that I lost do to YOUR incompetence as game developers. If it is not incompetence, then it is an outright scam. Scam because the timed boosts of playing with veteran membership, that i bought with my money, are being wasted on bugs you created. Where the war is almost unplayable, therefor i can not enjoy it and i leave, while vet membership ticker is still going. ..................... I am in no way claiming that game development is easy, the complexity is way above me, but this would be the first non-scam developer with so many "accidents", and the rhetoric of developers that GE faction are trolls, or that outright broken game concepts are just imagination, even when proven with facts by Bug-hunters is infuriating. But thank god we got RedBjarn, who can make a concerned face expression and answer 2-3 year old concepts, ideas and questions, with "oh what a good question."
  6. STG 44 scope. Yes or No?

    definitely no scope. its awful, mod it for full RPM, and you have a solid 600 RPM medium range weapon with decent stability.
  7. Bug in the RTS map path

    this time its from Döge to Satu Mare, the line is broken.
  8. Five tips on getting started in Heroes & Generals

    Reto I feel tempted on writing 5 tips on how to not treat your player community (clients) like trash. Should I?
  9. Bug in the RTS map path

    KROSNO - SANOK - Rzeszów triangle you cannot send troops from Sanok to Rzeszów, troops automatically choose path first from Sanok to Krosno and then to Rzeszów.
  10. Any active GE clans recruiting soldiers?

    1st Jagers have pretty big central/north european memberbase, but if you are spanish/south-american, then Div. Azul is where to go Both are located on Axis TS.
  11. Seven Days – 135,278 battles later

    Excited, proud? You should feel ashamed of what kind of buggy unbalanced clipping, FPS dropping, shady mess of an FPS, and what a clunky, laggy and often buggy RTS game you have created, how about the fraudulent actions in regard of ATs in the last half a year (doubling the price for lieutenants, increasing caps, decreasing troop amounts in the ATs, also locking away equipment from faction soldiers (like stickies), without refunds), in ninja patches, without any warning or explanation, that the players have bought for in-game currency and real life currency and then you had the audacity to release it in such state? All the issues we have with the game right now, have been from the get-go, from the day 1 of open beta. You did not listen then, you are not listening now, you just have hired some public-image consultant and maybe a new sales manager, one is making these empty claims of "listening" "caring" and "complying", with the sorry excuse of the new youtube community (you already had youtubers before, you ignored them and they left), to the needs of the players. The other one is making new sales pitches and item bundle ideas, while locking away old equipment, admit it. Admit that tier 1 heavy and medium tanks where only implemented to make a tanker bundle, that stickies where locked away only to create new grinding at the same time money making mechanisms. Oh we know what can be improved, check the suggestion boards, anything that could be suggested has been suggested for years! I am pretty sure last year, above the "suggestion" posts, it was clearly written that developers are not reading both the suggestion and feedback boards, now its hidden and claimed the opposite in news section. About the constructive criticism, what about it? Real constructive criticism is impossible as you and the company are not showing the data in order to make constructive arguments. All the points that could be made - have been made for years, all the new complaints and suggestions are the same as old, but by a new generation of players. If I assume, that you guys are honest humble game developers, the face you are trying to wear at least - I do understand why you have implemented this new "we care what you think" facade, why you have locked off equipment we already grinded for, why you increased the cost for troops both on RTS and FPS multiple times, why you add equipment that is cosmetic, why you cherry pick where to implement asymmetrical balance and where to implement hard (red and blue team) balance, while claiming that one absolute exists. Really it is all about money, you are milking your game to the last cent, that is why the increase in in costs, I bet you have reached or are closing in to the limits of your game engine. Getting patches and fixes in that pyramid of bugs and glitches is becoming impossible to handle, you do not wish to invest any resources (including new servers) in to reworking the game, because you know it has very little steam left. That is why you also left the Beta, to get that last wave of new players, decorate the facade in order to create an illusion of this game being more then it is, to get as much money as fast as possible, while still on the wave of new players. Due to these lies, borderline fraudulent actions, shady business and other issues, I shall not financially support your company, I will not buy ingame currency any more. As I see it, god knows i might be delusional to the bone, Reto will slowly release their staff and stop implementing any new mechanics or engines for the game, they will just slowly finish up their started projects and that is it, maybe even sell the game to a different publisher, like oh so many online games do. My hope is that they will have learned their lessons for a new and bigger project on a completely new engine and maybe one day we shall receive a game that we deserve, by a company that respects their clientele.
  12. Seven Days – 135,278 battles later

    Then there is no point. One could make a MSpaint drawing of a person waving around a stick with piece of cr*p on it, even that can and will have positive reviews. -.-
  13. Red Army Amphibious! Light Tank and a car!

    fixed for you :3 now it does not sound so bad to be at SU side
  14. New Class... i hope

    Dude, it took RETO 3 years to make copy/pasteable city names.