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  1. Now thats some nice news. Thank you.
  2. So, about the possible camping issue. Will there be some AI tanks or at least AI APC? Considering how people like free kills, that could make locating of camping tanks easier. And AI APCs could actually be a must kill thing so enemy infantry does not spawn closer to objective. That could throw in some more action to fighting in my opinion.
  3. Im not a big fan of it, but it seems that it is a great support plane, mostly bad for dog fight - you will not get easy plane kills and big score cause you dont have the cannon BUT it seems when used with he ammo, it takes out enemy pilots easily just as the groud infantry.
  4. I used to have weird messages when using game client. Then i switched to steam version. Now im back on client, it works better then steam for some reason. My best guess, try changing that. perhaps it help.
  5. And just because someone uses shovel better then someone else uses LMG does not make shovel a better option to take to battle. I feel tempted to say that M2 is still the best gun in the game just to make you mad. 1. Most planes/pilots and any other soldier are over the main battlefield. 410 has no chance there since it really turns slower. 2. Its hard as hell to provide cover for your flying teammate that runs to the edge of the map, then run back just to drop a bomb and run away again. The ones that keep close are hard as hell to take out 3. Most bombing or strafing is not made in full/high speed cause you are not accurate enough like that and have much less time to aim. 4. Its also hard to keep the speed on 410. It seems it slows down fast when making any turns. 5. P38 is accurate enough to hunt 410 even on long ranges. If reload time would be much longer, pilots would not spam cannons that much. And i can tell you that the best P38 pilots take out 410 in his first atempt to bomb something. Cluster of planes always beats one runner. And thats what most people see. Bottom line is that soviets can compete in all categories while ge and us can compete in 2. Considering the fact that PTRD still shoots down planes, i dont understand logic behind that decision from the devs.
  6. This could be considered as a mild derailing from ranting, but i just had a game on town map where i had nearly 60 fps again. I avoid that map most of the time cause of the bad fps, but i cant avoid it while looking for war matches. But after some 20-ish minutes it dropped to 5 fps. Just like that. So its all back to normal.
  7. True. My vet membership is almost gone, and i cant play most of maps. Used to have up to 60 fps. Now im calling it good if i reach 30.
  8. I tried runnig with em, and tried chasing them. Speed difference is not big enough and the fact that you cant run straight long enough to get rid of your pursuer makes the speed irrelevant. You can always cut them off and take them out. Perhaps if acceleration would also be a thing, it could be something for the 410.
  9. If you are willing to sacrifice a badge slot, you can take nimble and a shovel. And you can also make great kills and have a good time. But you cant have a big impact on the game cause the gun/weapon you use is not as versatile as others and your gameplay cannot be agressive enough. Is it fun? Yes. Does it help your team? No.
  10. Is this going to get better any time soon? Any information?
  11. Sadly, he was quite right about the game and the way devs often change directions. Not only did they change AT stuff again, they also lost some frames per second while tweaking.
  12. Heh, i joined one recently, not to even see 99%, i only got the "rate the battle" thing
  13. I will be short and say - not a good update. FPS lost, not able to play no more in most maps. From 40-60 fps to 20ish. And certain lags that hit even when the fps counter says that there is no problem with those.
  14. As much as i like the fact that gewehr got a new sound, issues with fps drops make me quite unhappy. Like this, my vet membership is running out and i have a hard time with my games. So i mostly quit after i encounter quite a few issues. Whatever you do guys, i hope its fast. And some vet membership to cover for the lost time would not hurt.
  15. Could be, im not spending lots of bullets and the ones i shoot, land quite nicely. ROF seems slower to me, so it could be the coffee