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  1. Never did too much reading on this topic, but did anyone trew an idea that defense in AR should have much bigger percentage to go on the side of the defenders no matter the resources thrown in? That could lead to longer and more fun wars. In general, all locations that were faction owned for more then 24 hours should get defensive bonus so it would take more player run battles to conquer that part of the map, and it would stop generals from trying to AR. I guess that would require more faction teamwork, but with minor tweaks to the game, that also would not be a problem.
  2. We had that. And people complained alot on those recons, if they were half as good as some veterans of this game. It was somewhat OP cause there was no sway in those days, but a single solid recon was able to be a great thing in defense. Just like a CQ guy with a maxed ROF gun, medic pouch and HSG camping a house in these days. In general, recon vs recon used to be great before. Now people make fun out of you if you send recon units without recon cars to war battle.
  3. It would be an issue if one could not fix that. Buying one or two ribbon boosters and playing solves the issue. 1903 used to have better stock damage and one point of damage more when modded if i am not wrong. Now, is that still the case, i dont know so i cant say is it at least better in closer ranges, but its not a game breaking issue. Its a mildly annoying issue thats fixed after a few well played battles.
  4. Future of infantry scopes?

    Why on earth would they not? After all, it is not close to their counterparts (as reto people point out when in need of a reason to nerf something) and we could expect LMG issue beeing fixed after BA department gets some fixing. In my opinion, old ironsight zoom was awesome. Scopes just messed up the whole thing.
  5. Future of infantry scopes?

    Wait, is that a confirmed thing that it will all be X2.5?
  6. New Weather Settings in Update 1.10

    Nice looking weather, but i have a question. Is day foggy not a bit messed up? Seems like shadows thrown in day fog make shadowed parts way too dark when compared to dusk and night fog. I would really prefer to have night fog more darker places then day, cause it kinda makes no sense this way.
  7. New Anti Recoil Hack in Town ?!?

    I would first ask, how much did you get killed by HS? I used to have insane big numbers of beeing killed by a single HS in a row. Against all factions, and mostly by SMGs. And when you start to count those, you quit the game for a few days cause it makes no sense to flank your unsuspecting enemy 10 times and die 10 times in a row by a short to med range HS shot from the hip . Since the luck cone, consider fudged up luck issue first.
  8. Update 1.09.1 – Player Level Adjustments

    Since big number of points also has impact on salary (3 000 credits per 1 000 points if i recall correctly) i was all for infantry getting back bigger defense and raiding bonuses. But all we got was just pilots points nerfed.
  9. Five tips on LMG-Infantry

    All MGs are great for that, even RPM upgraded SMGs. So...thats basically nothing special.
  10. Five tips on LMG-Infantry

    All valid points. Just the fact that 42 is the only MG you cant be competitive without tight grip is plain sheety game balancing. 1. All factions have MGs 2. Only one faction has it much more difficult with the one MG that should be much better then its counterparts. 3. Most biased players still spam about 34 and how 42 is still awesome, But the fact is that you made axis MGs suffer the fate of soviet SMGs. 42 is basically axis PPSh, With the latest "buff" perhaps a bit more better then PPSh, but still too bad if compared with its counterparts. 4. Making a weapon that needs a badge to be competitive is not so big nerf for its user. Its actually a big buff for both other factions that dont have that problem. Non veteran players that are facing MG42 in the game are either balanced with them (a must have heavy set gold that both of them should be using as a first choice for any infantry player), or have the upper hand if the MG42 user is not a veteran and cant equip tight grip gold. I personally tried to use only TGG and it was a very short run. BAs still make HSG a must have as a first badge. 5. With the latest update and brightened scopes, i think that 42 just got one more reason not to be seen in the battlefield. At least for the non veteran players.
  11. Update 1.09.1 – Player Level Adjustments

    Bad. Just bad. Like lots of other ideas you guys implemented...this one is, again, "hey, lets go nerf that because people are using it!". Like previously mentioned, old +60 def rewards were amazing and great for getting experience. Instead of making attacking cap point kills around some 50 exp, and defense some less, you still failed at people not choosing planes over infantry. And that thing kills the game. Just went out of a war match where 10 people took planes. 10. In case the number is not clear enough, more then half of the people took the planes. And i did not see any of em quit. They all racked up points fast enough. Why? Why does any idea you guys have for balancing includes nerf? When will we see buffs? Oh, and limits for those darn thing back. We need that back. Obviously.
  12. Why are you hating the German faction Reto ?

    And that means... Overall, axis weaponry is fine but the fact that only one MG needs TGG to be competitive (not the best as it should be, its an iconic weapon) is stupid. Oh, and perhaps the x4 sights, they kill the game for axis. Almost all players are hunting 200m+ kills leaving CQB and capping to opponents.
  13. Remove the headshot multiplier now.

    Few years ago there was a few pictures in news, including x ray, i will never forget. Man walked a mile to the hospital to say that he belives he got shot in the head. Two bullets stopped roughly in the middle of his brain. Later on i heard couple more, seems like it is not that uncommon if its a small caliber. So bringing back the multiplier to 4 would be more realistic and give more space for stronger sidearms. But i guess it would take out certain fun in the gameplay. One more funky thing about headshots, they get easily detected. Hitbox is big, i even had some yesterday when my aim was way off but i was just spraying or quickscoping. But body hits are not detected as easily. I had quite a few encounters with players in cq hiding in corners Seems like bullets start to get detected after you throw first 10 in your opponent. It happens often enough to start to look like a problem. And the silly part is that the wall behind him detected all those bullets, just the player did not. Static target, under 5 meters distance, dead on aim.
  14. I am fully aware why axis is losing, and im just trying to have fun. I will not try hard to relax after a hard day of work, that makes no sense.
  15. Or the autoresolve issue combined with underdog making losses of wf even greater. I will not work on allied or soviet army cause my few last tries in war resulted in greal wf losses. Once deployed in berlin on the start of the war just to come back an hour later (cause i had stuff to do and units were deploying slowly) just to see last breaths of my units. Im low on those darn wf and i refuse to play in bad matches cause i mostly have no one to play with anymore. So i play mostly staged and a few war matches as axis cause thats where my biggest collection of toys is. Staged randoms, us and soviet ones, make me avoid upgrading my toons and so it makes a big nice closed circle. And thats how you stay axis.