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  1. If you buy that thing, get one booster for the ribbon and there you have it. After all, ts not expensive. I used to get 20-30k per match without some problems, i dont belive they nerfed ribbons lately so you can do that in a few matches easily.
  2. You know what would be fun? Random AA spawns! No one knows wich one will be on wich place! And there you have it! No one complains about AA balance!
  3. Well thanks to kotton, who i see as a non biased player (always liked his rewiews), we can see here one portion of allies biased game. At least in infantry gameplay. Only thing they dont have is 4x optics, and PTRD is just bad these days. So, since allies are the new axis (winning wars, killing lots of resources and spending little) we can expect yet another nerf somewhere in their department. And thats going to bring yet another sheetstorm cause no one likes nerfs as bad as we get them in this game. Hell, even if we dont see any nerfs soon, at least we are going to know for sure is reto biased or no.
  4. Well i belive soviets in general dont have alot of good weaponry. Paras are really fudged after both PPSh and PPS got their nerfs. And i rarely play soviets and mostly hate to play them due to bad staged population on their side. And as much as i hate them, i feel good portion of their pain. Its not cool that a whole class of troops has that much problems because of "balance". Squad 2.0 messed that up so you cant always respond to issues on the field fast enough. From line switching to aux seats, something must be done to get them closer to their conterparts.
  5. Shoot with guns, any kind of them. If they are not yours (picked up) you dont pay for repairs. If you shoot yours, use little to no mods so you can make more money. Do not use explosives, they are expensive. If you want to kill something with explosives, pick up free panzerfausts that are all over the maps. Try playing hill skirmish with your MP34 guy. Its a fast map where you can often get over 10 captures, and those pay well. With that said, go for captures, dont camp. Capturing points give you more credits. Whatever you do, dont buy multiple guns on one man. Have one with SA rifle, one with some automatic and like that for any other purpose. The grind is painful, but eventually you will have all the guns that you want to choose from in a single battle.
  6. Teabagging would become even more often. And weird. So its a no.
  7. I think someone made a good point here on this forum recently. This is a F2P game and it seems like there is no point in expecting anything. Development takes some wild direction turns and adds lots of stuff no one, or at least not alot of people asked for. I saw somewhere that this was supposed to be year of the maps. Almost half of the years has passed, and i saw no new one come in. So thats the bottom line, you cant expect. Only thing that you can expect is the unexpected. After a few years around here, even a complete removal of a map would not surprise me.
  8. I actually liked th X1 in the old version. It was the only map that took ages to complete it, if both sides were filled with decent players. Old ironsight zoom took care of snipers, only tanks had it easy there with alot of open places to pick on infantry. Thats why it was great for tanks vs tanks in staged. Only map that was often finished when one side lost all of its infantry - if your side had good balance of BAs and automatics, you had that win. I really miss that. Now its a win if you have good rushers. Too much focus on speed of the gameplay for me.
  9. That actually was discussed before, how coordinated people seem to strong in this game when put against randoms. But if reto would really hate abusing of their game/mechanics paratroopers would be much different. But then again, its just my opinion. I just fail to see issue with giving a certain faction thats a real underdog in some battle a certain bonus. Even if they get more stuff later on, it requires lots of coordination that would get this game some more depth and some more rewards. And i belive its the right way to go, cause nerfs just make people mad.
  10. As far as i can see, autoresolve and alts also abuse game mechanichs. And even f it is beeing abused, current version of the game does not help get people in the war so i guess there is no big problem in that sugestion. It kinda makes things more complicated for people who want to abuse the game. So its like a win-win if you ask me. Also infantry still beats other classes, so its not such a big deal if there is not more then 6-8 coordinated people in "abusing" team. if there would be such a situation, they would win against randoms anyway so...if they put in that extra effort, i guess they earned some extra stuff.
  11. What on earth are you babbling about? What pictures of what and where? My profile pic here is Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove and it has nothing to do with the topic.
  12. Huh, thats weird. I do exactly that, sometimes even enter the queue, but then close the game before i find one cause i remember what can i expect.
  13. So leave the bonus to those that entered while the situation was bad. It will provide some benefits for the players to look for harder battles. Now, i am one of those that stopped playing war for couple of reasons. And i like the idea. Most of my games are for fun or for credits, since its hard to develop a full army on all sides if you dont play alot. Credits are in dire need on all sides, so that would be awesome. Staged would be left only for kd farmers,players that really prefer specialised units play or just some randoms that need to develop a new toon before bringing him to war. And because of the fact that training is the point of staged, it should have more exp then war. War should have more wf and credits. But for that to be a thing, wf should also make a comeback to staged. Its just my opinion that it would be better that way cause it would make sense for both staged and war.
  14. You know what people say for nerfed MG42? Take tight grip gold and get good. And now im going to be mean and say take flack jacket gold and get good. If nothing else, we can be fair. And mean.
  15. Thanks for the answer, but its fixed. Half of it was steam and its verification of files while other half was service host issues on windows. For both i presumed that they should not make problems cause it was fresh instalation of both. The worst part is that i need to verify files often for some reason, so its like 10 minutes before i can start the game. But at least i can play it now.